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Big Dick

This is what you want. Me, blindfolded and waiting for your attention and I am happy to give it to you. You know how much I like to be in control so you take even more pleasure from this experience and vow to make it worth my wile. Per your instructions I wait for you on the bed, blindfolded with only my animal print panties on. I hear you in the bathroom getting ready for me, having just gotten home from work, and my pulse quickens as I begin to think about all of the possible ways you will pleasure me. The longer it takes for you to join me the more turned on I become. My mind is in chaos remembering the many things you told me you wanted to do to me.

My breath catches and my pulse races when I hear the door rub against the carpet signaling your entrance. I turn my head in the direction of the sound but your approach is muffled and I jump when I feel your hands caress my ankles. You slowly rake your nails along my inner thigh on a direct path to my core. You let out an appreciative moan as you brush your knuckles across my panties and find that I have soaked through them while waiting for you. You tell me how hard for you are for me knowing that I am so wet for you. Without preamble you pull my legs toward you causing me to fall to my back as you position my legs over your shoulders. Moving my panties to the side you thrust your tongue inside me lapping up my juices as if they were manna from heaven. I grip the sheets as I feel xslot my orgasm building very quickly and just as I am ready to explode you stop what you are doing and put my legs back on the bed.

I am trembling from the need to come and reach down to finish what you started but you quickly admonish me and tell me that I am here for your pleasure and I must wait until you allow me to climax. My hands return to gripping the sheets, waiting for your next move. I contemplate disobeying your order just to see what kind of punishment you would meet out but dismiss that option and wait for you. I don’t have to wait very long as I feel the bed dip under your weight and you settle between my thighs. Your cock is positioned perfectly against my clit and I begin to move my hips in an attempt to alleviate this ache but you grip my hips to keep me still.

That is when you kiss me. Not our normal every day kisses but you eat at my mouth. I reach up to thread my hands through your hair but just as I touch your hair I remember your orders to keep my hands to myself and return my hands to the sheets. I put all of my desire into this kiss. I suckle your tongue as if it were your cock. I bite at your lips as if they were more tender parts of you. With the weight of you and the pressure of your member pressed against my clit another orgasm begins to build and my breathing becomes more labored. You notice this and move your hips xslot Giriş so that we are no longer touching below the waist, never once breaking our kiss.

At this point I am so turned on that I don’t care about my pride and I break the kiss and beg for release. It seems that this is what you have been waiting for and with a growl you kneel between my legs and rip the panties from my body. I cry out at the ferocity of your desire and you raise my hips in the air and feast upon my body. You devour me as only a man who truly loves the taste of a woman can and after a few moments I come with your name on my lips, but that is not enough for you. You forge ahead and bring me again with your tongue, teeth and lips.

You order me to remove the blindfold and watch what you are doing to me. I gladly remove the binding and look down my body to find you looking back at me with eyes filled with hunger and possession. Unbelievably I feel another orgasm building very quickly and I close my eyes against the pleasure. You tell me to open my eyes and keep them open. Just as my eyes meet yours again you thrust two fingers inside me and find the spot that takes me over the edge. The force of this orgasm threatens to close my eyes but I keep them open and watch you watching me as I ride your hand and your face into oblivion. When you have wrung every bit of pleasure from my body you remove your fingers and rub my juices across xslot Güncel Giriş my lips and lean in to lick them off sending delicious aftershocks through my body.

Then you whisper that it is your turn and slip on a condom and flip me over onto my knees. I plead that I don’t think I have any more to give but you assure me in a voice gone rough with need that I have more than enough left. I balance on legs gone rubbery and brace myself for your entry. With my hips gripped firmly in your hands you surprise me by entering me slowly. My body grips yours in welcome as you slide yourself in inch by slow inch until you are nestled against my womb. There you wait while the aftershocks of my previous orgasms convulse around your cock. I try to take control and rotate my hips which earns me a stinging slap on my backside and shaking I still my movements and wait for you to set the pace.

When you have decided that I have been good enough you begin to pump into me. This is no gentle lovemaking but a good old fashion fuck. You wrap one hand around my throat and the other hand grips my hip and you take your pleasure. The beginning was for me but this is all for you. The sound of flesh slapping flesh is loud but not nearly as loud as my moans. Knowing that you are taking such pleasure from my body sends me over the edge and I scream your name as I splinter into a million pieces. With a growl bordering on inhuman you squeeze my throat and follow me into oblivion. We stay locked together, me on my knees and you with your sweaty brow on my back, as we try to regulate our breathing until our legs finally give out. We fall to the bed laughing, limbs entangled and bask in the glow of a fantasy fulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32