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As they drove home from karaoke the usual banter and teasing went through the usual subject changes – jobs, hobbies, friends and the oh so common innuendos. Size and shape, favourite positions, pornos, who would you like to do – all of the familiar corners were visited. But tonight was different – for some reason the banter seemed slightly more intense, inviting.

As the ride home progressed through the usual litany of suburbs, the atmosphere became tingly. Then she put her hand on his leg – something she had done a few times before, but again a difference. More pressure, electric, he couldn’t really tell, but he knew it was definitely different. Her fingers started to slowly move, almost like she was drumming on his leg – a most enjoyable sensation – then the hand moved slowly up, the drumming continuing. It abruptly came to a halt about 3/4of the way up his leg for just a couple of seconds, her hand resting there and then a gentle squeeze, and another.

He began to wonder if perhaps this might be the start of something – he certainly HOPED it would but she had never indicated an interest. In fact, for so very long, just the opposite. “I don’t want to go that route, it would ruin our friendship.”

He had always agreed externally, realizing that it was a death knell for his advanced desires, but better to stay in her company and enjoy all of the wonderful time they spent together than walk away. She was truly a good friend.

The hand jumped to his crotch and gently started kneading the already stiffening cock inside his pants. Wonderfully surprised, he looked over at her to see a huge grin on her face.

“This had better not be a tease!”

“Not unless you make it one”, was the reply coupled with a little laugh. “I think tonight, we move to the next level, the place you have wanted to go for quite some time, if I am not mistaken.”

“Really, I had no idea you would even consider it”

“Actually, I hadn’t until a few days ago. I dropped a couple of hints but you were too much of a gentleman to pick up on them.”

“Oh, I got the hints, just not the intent. I thought you were continuing our usual bravado.”

“I know, that’s why I decided I had better make the first move.”

During the exchange the zipper on his pants had been undone and his engorged member was in her hand, slowly being massaged up and down its length.

“Good thing we’re almost home. I can’t drive very far this way.”

And with that, the car turned into the drive. She reluctantly released the cock, he redid his zipper and he sat there for a moment.

“Are you alright? What’s the matter? Hey!!”

He was jolted back to reality – another of his many fantasies interrupted by reality. Damn. Oh well, another night of satisfying himself once she had gone to bed in her own room, the door shut.

They walked to the door, he opened it and stepped back allowing her to go first. The usual routine again – doff the shoes, head for the refrigerator for a drink, chat for a few minutes, ablutions, then off to bed. As always, he allowed her to use the washroom first. The water running, the tooth brushing, comforting in its tedium. He was sitting at the computer in his kimono when the door opened, she walked in, in t shirt and panties to let him know she was done in the bathroom. It was his turn. They traded places and he quickly finished what he had to do and went back to his room. Again the trading places dance, she leaned over to kiss him lightly on the cheek goodnight and turned to walk away. She turned around, turned his chair towards her and sat in his lap.

“This probably isn’t a good thing, right now” especially considering the fantasy of earlier this evening, he smiled lovingly at her.

“But it certainly could be…” and as she kissed him full on the lips she tasted him with her tongue. He hesitated, not quite sure what to make of it, but very quickly decided to live out his fantasies and in less than a second was tasting her too. Mint from the toothpaste, a little booze from the cosmos she had been drinking at the bar, and something that seemed very much HER.

She was much younger than he, firm, smooth, so sensuous, he had always hoped something would happen, but never thought there was a chance. Her drive was strong, and she had confided many times that she wanted more and more experience. Fantasies had abounded but now things Malatya Escort were moving in a totally different direction to anything he had ever hoped. “Enough thinking! Get back to the task at hand. Pleasure the young woman”, his inner voices were shouting.

He left all thoughts behind and plunged in, slipping a hand to her nipples now protruding through her t shirt. He gently pinched and twirled them between his thumb and forefinger, first one then the other, then back around again. She closed her eyes, tipped back her head slightly, then leaned forward and then kissed him again – this time their lips parted and tongues were lashing each other like snakes entwining themselves around a stick. He drew his lips back, sucking on her tongue – slowly until he had slipped of the end of it and then back to her mouth again. She did the same for him and they kissed again.

She was electric, he could feel the tension vibrating through her entire body – this was going to be one fantastic fuck if he could just control his excitement.

She had his head in her hands, exploring every crevice of his mouth with her tongue so he slipped both hands up her t shirt to gently squeeze the small tits. As he did, she released his head, reached down and pulled the shirt over her head, naked except for the tiny patch of fabric covering her sex.

He leaned in quickly towards her arched back and wrapped his wet lips around one of the hard nipples, licking and sucking and even lightly nibbling. First one, then the other and the first again. She continued to arch her back so her small tits would push deeper into his face.

His hands sliding down from her shoulder blades to the small of her back to slip inside the back of her panties so he could squeeze that luscious ass he had wanted to squeeze, and more, for so long. She responded by pushing her tits further into his face, filling his mouth with one and pushing back into his hands.

Then, without losing his lips around her tit, she abruptly reached down and released the throbbing hard cock from the kimono. Christ, it feels so good in her hand. Her hand wrapped around it like a tennis racket, she gently began to squeeze and stroke, oh sooo slowly. Her fingers strong, from so many hours practicing on the piano, the pressure just right. She jumped off his lap and the fleeting thought of “damn, you tease!” ran through his mind, but before the thought could even finish, she had removed her panties revealing a beautifully shaved sex, with just a touch of well trimmed hair in an elongated triangle on her mound. So fucking hot! Her slender form, almost trembling with desire standing so very briefly in front of him. Her panties tossed aside, she grasped the cock again, pulling him out of his chair, and he immediately shrugged out of the kimono. She pulled him away from the desk stroking his cock as she backed up towards the bed. She reached the bed, turned him as if she was going to sit him down on it but kept him upright. She grabbed a pillow from the bed, threw it on the floor, knelt and looked him straight in the eye and smiled. “No more fantasies from here on in my friend.” And she started licking the shaft of his cock. FUCK! If she only knew how many times he had dreamed of this. She licked up and down the entire shaft several times, pulling his balls into her mouth one at a time, tonguing them too, kneading them after releasing them as she worked her way up the shaft. She was good, he had no idea where she had learned this as she always claimed she had virtually no experience. A finger suddenly began gentle pressure just behind his ball sack and simultaneously she popped her mouth over the engorged head of his cock. “Mmmmmmmm”, as she slowly impaled her face, sliding down the length and then back a little. Further down and back a little, and again and again until she had his entire shaft in her mouth right down to the balls, then she pushed her tongue out just a little further and flicked his balls too. He arched his pelvis forward with surprise but she took it all and just held him there. “God, she really doesn’t have a gag reflex, I know I’m not overly big, but still. Her mouth is so warm and wet, I could cum right now.”

She sensed his extreme pleasure and began to move her mouth up and down on his cock, alternately sucking and releasing then driving his cock down her throat once more.

“Are you Malatya Escort Bayan just going to stand there and get a blowjob or are you going to FACE FUCK me?”

“God, darling, if I do, I won’t be long cumming!”

“So what, there’s plenty more where this is coming from and we don’t have anything to do tomorrow! FACE FUCK ME, just let me know when you are going to cum.”

“I will sweetheart, you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, on your tits or something?”

“Nope, don’t worry, just let me know”

And with that she stopped stroking with her hand and went back to work in earnest on his cock, sliding her wet lips all the way down his shaft once again. He grabbed her soft hair and began to slowly work his cock in and out of her mouth, so wet and warm. He didn’t need to tell her when he was ready. She sensed it, pulled off and squeezed in just the right place. The orgasm was cut off, he groaned. She kept the pressure on but slowly stroked his cock again. He looked down at her questioningly, she smiled back with that wicked little smile of hers and in about 15 seconds was back impaling herself again. She moved his hands back to her hair and they began again, he driving his cock down her throat, she sucking and releasing. They kept it up for about 15 minutes or so, she, putting pressure on him at just the right moment, then releasing and starting again. This would be the biggest load he had ever shot.

He felt it building to release, she once again pulled back, but didn’t stop it this time.

“Face or mouth? I would like mouth, but there will be plenty more and you get first choice.” Tough call, she would look so beautiful with the pearls on her face but just thinking about her swallowing almost blew him early.

“Mouth” – she smiled, popped him back in to bring him just a little closer. She held him all the way down her throat, he started to pulsate, she pulled him out, opened her mouth wide and stroked his cock. He spurted, and spurted and spurted, almost all of it went into her mouth, just a little finding its way up onto her cheeks, but most in her mouth. He was right, this was the biggest load ever, and she took it all. It seemed like he would fill her mouth with his jizz. When it was all in and he was spent, she wrapped her lips around his softening cock and started another blowjob – cum and all. “Coolest sensation ever!” All that hot cum and her hot wet mouth working to revive him and it did very quickly. She pushed him back on the bed and leaned over him, slowly dribbling out all of the cum back down the length of his cock into puddles at its base.

He was getting hard again and she was adding to the excitement as she licked up all the cum again then dribbled it back out and licked it up again. He wasn’t sure if he had ever been this hard before. Then she swallowed it, one gulp, then kissed him so he could taste his seed. The faint trace was not unpleasant and they French kissed a little more.

He took her hands and pulled her down on top of him, then rolled her over, spread her legs and knelt beside the bed between them. She was WET! She had cum too.

“Did you cum already?”

“Oh yes, that was the hottest blowjob I have ever given! But I want to cum more”.

“No problem there,” and he applied his tongue to her slit, working up and down, in and out, flicking her clit with the strong tip of his tongue. She shuddered and moaned, so he added a finger and then another. How many times had he dreamed of this? His member was rock hard again, but he would eat her to at least two more orgasms before he slipped his cock into her warm juicy cunt! And orgasm for his tongue and fingers she did, once, twice, three times. Her long legs spread wide, then wrapped themselves around his head and squeezed – such a feeling for him too, to realize his every fantasy about her was likely going to be fulfilled tonight – and tomorrow.

Her juices were flowing. He dipped his fingers into her, tasted her juices and returned them for more. She reached down and took his wrist, for by now she had propped herself up on a pillow so she could see more of what was happening, and slipped his fingers into her mouth tasting her own juices. Then teasing him, she slowly licked all of her fingers clean, like there were five little cocks all attached to his palm. He took back his hand and continued to stimulate that pussy, Escort Malatya and with the juices that were flowing slipped a thumb down to her rosebud, already partially lubricated. He slowly swirled his thumb around the tight little asshole and then, after wetting his fingers in her cunt again, slowly slipped one finger into her ass, she arched to meet it, shoving her pussy further to his mouth and orgasmed violently for quite some time.

She was exhausted after that one, or so it seemed at first. He moved up between her legs to kiss her belly, her nipples and then her lips.

“Take me now!” “I want your cock inside me”.

So he slipped his huge throbbing shaft into her hot wet cunt, a little tight, but oh so good! They fucked missionary, doggy, spoon, standing, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and back to missionary. She came twice more and just before he was ready to come, she said, “On my face this time, please.” He stood. She sat up on the edge of the bed, and stroked and licked his cock. Any second now and sure enough, he blew another huge load and she took it all on her face. The cum was slowly running down from her forehead and cheekbones and nose where it had sprayed. She really was beautiful like this. He kissed her and she returned the kiss with lots of tongue. The cum began to run into his beard and when they separated, she licked it all off.

“Let’s go grab a shower”

“Not yet, I want to feel this running down me first” and she took him back in her mouth again to bring him back up again.

The site of his cock sliding in and out of that mouth with her eyes watching his every expression certainly brought him back quickly. She flipped onto her back with her head lifted by a pillow but hanging over the edge of the bed. “Throat fuck me,” she ordered.

This girl was phenomenal – face fuck, cunt eaten, throat fuck, what else… maybe an ass fuck too! “This could be the best day of my life!”

She was a canvas waiting to be painted on and he had certainly started that off well.

He throat fucked her for a while, shoving his cock right down her throat, she taking it all without gagging, the cum still running down her face, then she reached down and grabbed his legs and pulled him forward a bit so she could suck his balls, both of them enjoying it fully. Then she pushed him forward just a little further, lifted her head a touch and applied her tongue to HIS asshole. FUCK!! He had never thought of this, but man, it felt great. She kept it up for a bit and then actually stiffened her tongue and slipped it into his rosebud, he almost came immediately. But before he could, she pulled out from under him and rolled over. She pulled herself up onto all fours and moved directly in front of him.

“It’s time, take my ass!”

“Holy Fuck!, really?!”

“I told you there would be lots of opportunity for us last night and today”

They had been at it for over 8 hours now. He had cum 4 or 5 times, she about 8 or even 10 and she didn’t seem to be in any hurry to stop.

“Take my ass. If you want me to beg, I will. You know I have said, I like to be submissive. Well I am from here on in. We’ve had a lot of fun over the past few hours. Now it is time for you to be the boss, I am your servant to be used for whatever sexual favours you want. I am your slut, your whore.

From now on, whenever I am here, I will be naked in your house. You can use my collar if you wish and even a leash. I am yours for the taking whenever and however you please. There is a safeword – yellow for take it easy, red for stop. Basically other than that there are no rules. I am yours.”

And with that, he kissed her through the cum still on her face now slightly drying and slid his very hard cock into her mouth to wet it, wet his fingers in her cunt to loosen up her ass and then slid his cock into her ass. Ever so slowly at first, like she had done with the first blowjob, in a little, out a little, in a little more. He had her ass impaled to the hilt on his cock and she began to cry “fuck me, fuck my ass, shove it in, all the way, harder”

She came and came and came in very short order and he was about to blow another huge load when she said, “Please will you come in my mouth again?” Astounded he pulled out of her ass, she began sucking him like no tomorrow, in and out, all the way down, and then he blew his load into the depths of her throat and kissed her.

They had sex over the next 24 hours non-stop except to eat and the occasional shower, but even the shower had sex all over it, stroking, sucking, licking. It was the best day of his life – and hers. And the promise of many more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32