Fantastic Francine

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A night out that became the best night out.

Hal had been waiting for this night for some time. The tickets were purchased months ago with the hope that she would go with him. Though he knew it wasn’t her preferred music it was something they both knew from their past. Music that they could both relate to and enjoy in one way or another.

When Francine agreed to go, things were a little different between the two of them. They were just starting to get to know each other in more intimate and physical ways. Hal was enjoying every minute of it, and starting to wonder about the limits or possibilities to this new relationship.

However in the months between the decision to go and the date of the show, life threw some bumps in the road. Work and family and stress and all those things that people get bogged down in. The things that you have to do, that just drain the energy from you and really cut into your desires and thoughts. None of these things were necessarily good or bad, just part of the flow of life.

As the date of the show neared Hal and Francine were still enjoying conversations of the text variety and the occasional in person visit that included great long hugs and tasty foods. Tasty foods always help bring people together.

Though unsure of what the answer might be, and prepared for a request for a rain check. Hal, with just a week or two to go before the show, asked Francine again. Would you still like to go to the concert?…….as he waited for the text to return, he thought through his response of what he believed would come back.

Only moments passed before the response but the mind works quickly and all the overthinking happens fast. Thankfully Hal’s phone vibrated with the answer, “Yes! I’ll go :)”. This is where it’s tough to show in text form how relieved and excited Hal became from those three words and symbols.

Now the tough part, waiting until the night of the event.

The two weeks leading up to the concert passed quickly. Mostly because Hal and Francine were still living the busy life with work and family. This concert will give a nice break from the regular schedule and for Hal it will be an opportunity to see the lovely Francine.

Always beautiful, either dressed to impress or dressed to relax she has a strength about her that Hal enjoys and is impressed with. It also doesn’t hurt that she is sexy as hell and likes to explore different stunning looks with her clothes and the addition of wigs.

Excited to see her look for the evening Hal killed time hanging out with his cats Milo and Otis. This was more to help relax himself before the evening. Though the two have spent time together Hal still has a few nerves when it comes to an evening out with Francine. He thinks that’s a good thing because it means he still wants to impress her.

Before long she arrives at Hal’s house. The plan is to take his truck, Hal prefers to be the driver. There is a feeling of control that comes with being the driver, and being in control can have its benefits.

Francine went with sexy casual this evening, which makes sense for a rock concert. The addition of a dark bob cut wig with streaks of color gives her a new look. Completing the look she has on a zip up sweatshirt for the chill in the May New England air. Plus perfectly fit jeans that hug her legs and ass just right. Finished off by a pair of black boots with a chunky high heel. Overall it’s a look that works. If Hal didn’t already know her he would want to if he saw her out.

Hal and Francine walk to the truck, Hal excited to show off the new cap he had put on the bed. Telling Francine of his plan to turn it into a small space for camping. Though right now it is just an open space with carpet floor to ceiling and fabric window shades. Once the tour was done Hal escorted Francine to the passenger side and opened the door as a gentleman should and then it was off to the show.

With a relatively short ride Hal and Francine catch each other up on what has most recently been going on with their lives. The face time giving them the chance to fill in some of the things they have been texting about. Hal getting comfortable with his new management roll and Francine feeling awkward about her new living arraignment. Along with a variety of other topics until they arrive close to the venue.

Now the trick being to find parking to go in and enjoy the show. With a few laps around the immediate area of the venue it is determined they are out of luck. A bigger circle is needed to fine a spot a bit more of a distance away. On the surface this seems to be a negative, but for Hal it just adds to the time he gets to spend admiring the many different angles of the beautiful woman with him. They park a couple blocks from the venue. This allows Hal to take in the perfection of her ass in the tight jeans accentuated by the healed shoes each time she walked ahead of him. Not to mention the strong shoulders and lovely round breasts he knows are hiding under the sweatshirt. All the while wondering what kind of shirt she has on under there.

At Anadolu Yakası Escort this point in their relationship they are taking a break from the physical pleasures they have had in the past. Mutually deciding that it’s good to take a break and that sometimes one or both of them will have other things in life that are going to need more attention. Hal is content with this and wants to take the opportunity to spend time together, because life is better sharing it with good people. Francine is good people.

Just so happens that she is also a sexy, strong, smart, irresistible, dick hardening, dirty thought encouraging, walking embodiment of temptation person.

Hal tries to focus on the show. We are here for a concert to see a band he has never seen and has always been interested in. Hopefully they are still good it’s been a while since they were in their prime. Hal and Francine make their way to their seats and get ready for the band.

Now in their seats Francine finally takes off her sweatshirt. She stands unzips her sweatshirt and pulls it off the get comfortable. Revealing the snug black mesh shirt over a black bra creating a look that puts Hal’s dirty thoughts into overdrive.

The effects on Hal are immediate, blood rushing to his cock, tightening his pants. Will she notice, is that what she wants? These are the different things running through his mind. Suddenly the crowd cheers breaking Hal of his thoughts and helping him gain control and focus back on the show.

The cheer was for the end of the opening act and the welcoming of the main act.This is just the distraction that was needed. The band stars to rock the hits, a number of songs that were part of their high school years. Memories past that were both good and bad and character building.

For a bit this works Hal isn’t thinking only of the beauty beside him but of some of the songs filling the air and the meanings and history the songs have for him. He shares some thoughts with Francine about that history. The fact that he is amazed the singer can still hit the notes he once did almost 30 years prior. At least it seems he can to Hal’s untrained ear.

As the night continues Hal’s thoughts make their way back to Francine and the temptation that sits beside him. The thoughts that she brings out in him and the things he wants to do with her. Soon Hal leans in and asks if she wants to go, the show isn’t quite over but he has had enough and so to it seems has she.

They make their way for the stairs and the exit, Francine stops for the lady’s room. Saying she will meet Hal down stairs. In agreement he patiently waits for her. Watching the stairway so as to not miss her, not that anyone could miss her. Hal recognizes her figure as she descends the stairs like a slow reveal. His eyes follow her down the stairs, slowly with each step more of her is revealed from her boots to her bob. As she approaches she zips up her sweatshirt in preparation for the chilly walk back to the truck. A small bit of sadness hits Hal as that lovely site gets hidden.

The walk back to the truck is similar to the walk to the venue. Hal steals looks at Francine’s back side and full package and his mind is racing. She has an undeniable effect on him and he is turned on and aching for relief. As the get close to the truck Hal uses the remote to unlock the doors and they head to the passenger side.

Hal looks up and down the street to see if anyone is around, with it being so late the street is quiet. Francine steps in front of Hal as he reaches for the door handle preparing to get in, and Hal changes his mind. He wraps his right arm around her waist and his left arm around her shoulders cupping her right breast and pulls her in tight hugging her from behind. With this hug though he makes it a point to press his hard cock into her backside and squeeze her tit to make it clear how hot he is for her.

Hal lowers his head to her neck and ear and takes a long deep breath before whispering in her ear, “you are incredible and I am so hot for you right now. You smell amazing, you look amazing and I’m so hard because of you. Will you be a good girl and help me get rid of this aching throbbing hard on?”

Francine smiles, though Hal can’t see it from his current position. She was hoping to push him over the edge tonight but wanted him to make the first move. This is a more direct response than she thought she would get but it is hot. She is warming up fast and enjoying the feeling of Hal’s strong embrace. To show him she is into the idea she grinds her ass into his crotch encouraging the throbbing cock more. Moaning back to Hal “I do want to be your good girl. Please let me help you”. She reaches her hand back and gets them involved in rubbing and grabbing his bulge through his jeans.

Hal unzips her sweatshirt and grabs both tits and starts massaging and kneading them as he kisses her neck and cheek. They are both in it now ready to take it a step further, when a car speeds by on the street reminding them of where they are. Hal pulls Kartal Escort back slightly, and leads Francine to the tailgate of the truck. “Will you be a good girl for me right here right now?” As he opens the window to the cap and the tailgate to the truck revealing the open carpets space of the truck bed.

Francine smiles big again, this time Hal can see it and smiles back. She finished taking off her sweatshirt she and climbs into the bed, stopping just for a quick second for Hal to be able to kiss and squeeze her jean covered ass. Then he follows her in. Pulls the gate up and the window down to close it.

It’s dark in the bed and it takes a minute for their eyes to adjust but that doesn’t slow them down for running their hand over each other and kissing any part that they can. Francine moans loud as Hal licks and bites on her neck and shoulder. Hal realizes they should be quieter they are on the side of the street and these noises could draw attention for any passers by, even with it being so late getting caught might not be a good idea.

Hal pulls Francine in close and whispers in her ear again “we should be quiet we don’t want anyone getting curious about the truck. Can you be good and be quiet?” Challenging her as he asks by firmly rubbing her pussy through her pants. She jumps a little looks him in the eye and nods just before leaning in. “Can you?”

With that question Francine kisses Hal long and hard on the lips as she encourages him to lay on his back. Working his belt and zipper open as they go. Once loose she moves down and tugs just enough to get his pants and underwear to his thighs exposing that hard cock he was grinding into her a minute ago. Lowering down she licks just the tip and he twitches. Hal let’s out a sound of approval, and Francine whispers “quiet”. Making Hal smile. He pulls her up to him so he can whisper to back to her. “show me how good you can be. Suck my cock until I can’t hold back. Don’t you dare let any cum get on my nice new carpet. Can you do that for me?”

Another nod and smile from Francine and she moves into a 69 position, since it is the best option for the small space of the truck bed. And there are no complaints from Hal having her beautiful back side so close he can kiss it.

Francine rims the top of his cock with her tongue tasting the pre cum that’s been leaking from Hal’s cock since they left the concert. The taste and feel of hard shaft and soft skin has her excited and hungry. She runs her tongue and lips up and down the length on both sides preparing to take the whole thing in her mouth. Hal pushing his hips and cock up to her encouraging her to take it all in. All of a sudden she just goes for it, wrapping her warm wet mouth around his ready cock. Hal hips buck with the excitement causing Francine to gag and back of a little. Then she dive back in with even more energy and excitement. She likes when he can’t help himself and tries to fuck her mouth.

Hal’s enjoying every bit of it and is fighting not to make any loud sounds though he wants to. Thence has an idea. What if he used the firm sexy ass in front of him to muffle his sounds of excitement. He lifted his head slightly and tested his theory moaning into Francine’s ass and pussy through her jeans. She stopped and lifted her head and ass not sure what just happened. Then realized that the vibration of Hal voice through her jeans into her now hot wet pussy was just what she needed. Lowering herself back down on his face making sure he could moan and yell and send his deep voice directly to her excited parts, she attacked his cock not only for him but for her.

With this new found excitement it didn’t take long. Francine working Hal’s shaft up and down as he writhed and bucked and pushed towards her mouth. Francine grinding on Hal’s face as his deep vibrating moans excited her. Hal exhaled I’m cuming into his new sound catcher as he tensed up and shot his first hard stream into Francine’s throat, then another and another filling her mouth. True to her word she was a good girl and didn’t let one drop get on the rug.

After Hal came, unlike anytime before, he let out a long slow breath as he relaxed feeling like he was melting into the floor of the truck bed. Francine also went limp and draped herself over Hal as if she were a 69 blanket. Hal tried to whisper his thanks and thoughts but his voice wasn’t quite working yet. So he just pat and rubbed Francine on the butt in an encouraging and thankful manner.

The only real sounds were of them catching their breath and the occasional vehicle driving by as a reminder they were on the side of a road not far from the concert venue. Neither of them were focused on that though, in fact it made it all a lot more exciting knowing they were in a place where they were not supposed to be doing this.

As they were regaining their composure Hal remembered the small cooler of water he had put in the back seat the day before. Finding his voice again he whispered to Francine to let him up. As she did he spun himself around to be face to Maltepe Escort face with this amazing woman. Telling her ” I’m not done with you. I want to reward you for being such a good girl. You stay here and get those clothes off. I’m going to get some drinks out of the truck and make sure the cost is clear.”

Francine just nodded and with a smile said “thank you”. Hal pulled up his pants and took a careful look out the windows before opening the back window enough to climb out. As he did he looked up and down the dark street hoping not to see anyone. So far so good, with it being so late things were still quiet. Hal grabbed the small cooler from the back seat closed the door and started back to the bed of the truck in hopes of seeing a beautiful naked woman in the back.

Opening the tailgate hatchback style window he is welcomed by the sight of the most stunning naked woman. Francine was continuing to follow directions and it was making Hal more bold.

He put the cooler in, climbed in and shut the window. Taking a bottle of water out for both of them he handed Francine hers and said “so far so good, there is still no one around outside. We should still try to be quiet though”. Again Francine nodded while taking a long drink of her water.

“Good, now show me how turned on you are, start playing with yourself and give me a show” With that Francine put the bottle down and began to run her hands up and down her body. Causing Hal’s eyes to follow them as they ran over the curves and muscles of her strong physique. Francine with her eyes closed was now starting to emanate a low humming almost purring sound as she enjoyed her hands on her skin. She was now giving extra attention to her hard nipples standing out from her perfect breasts.

The show was making Hal rise right back to attention, but this was time to focus on Francine and to make sure she got off. Hal leaned over to Francine, “keep your eyes closed, focus on my voice and your touch. I want to thank you, you have been The Best Girl tonight. I’m going to help you come, would you like that?”

Francine replies with a soft moaning “Oh yes please help me cum”

With that Hal run his hands down her naked body now lightly beaded with sweat. Still close to her neck and ear Hal takes in a deep breath filling his nose with her sweet sexy scent. Then kissing and licking her neck and shoulder.

His right hand now finding that most coveted of warm wet sweet and mysterious places, he rubs his middle finger between her labia. Francine’s purring is getting louder and more constant signaling Hal that he is doing a good job. Francine is wet but a little more wouldn’t hurt. Hal pulls his and away, making her whimper in disappointment. “Open your mouth” says Hal. He puts his middle and ring finger in her mouth and she gets the hint. Taking his fingers in her mouth she licks and sucks and wets his fingers.

Now he returns to play with her pussy this time waisting little time before working his fingers inside her. Working in and out and curling up looking for that most sensitive of spots.

He increases his speed and energy she grinds her hips on his hand purring louder and louder. Hal now starts licking and sucking her nipples taking as much of her breasts in his mouth as he can. Francine is moving and grinding and purring. She moans out “I’m so close, keep going” and shortly after her whole body tenses, and she lets out a loud “OH MY GOOOOOOD” Hal tries to cover up her mouth with his free hand but doesn’t quite get there in time. Hal’s not so free hand warm and wet is just waiting for Francine to come down from her moment. When he can Hal removes his hand and raises it to his mouth and taste her delicious juices.

“Did you enjoy your reward for being such a good girl?”

Francine still coming back to her senses after such an amazing orgasm looks at Hal “thank you for my reward it was fantastic, what can I do to earn another?” Hal smiles and says “first I think we should start heading home” She replies with a slightly disappointing “ok” as she starts to gather her clothes and goes to put on her bra. Hal stops her “I didn’t say get dressed I said we should head home. I’ll check if it’s clear and I want you to get in the passenger side naked. You are going to show off for me and keep me hard the whole ride home. Then you get another reward.”

Francine looks back at Hal a bit in shock and a bit turned on. She’s not sure if this is too much. Hal seeing the hesitation leans in and kisses her while sliding his hand to her still sensitive clit, ” you wanted to earn another reward” he says into her ear with long slow words. His voice and his touch sends a shiver through her body and he knows he has her. “Yes ok yes, check and make sure no one is around.”

Hal opens up the back slowly and checks the surrounding area. He moves to the passenger side of the truck and opens the door. All the while looking around trying to see if anyone is on the street. Not seeing anyone and not seeing any cars coming Hal pats on the cap of the truck. Francine pops out of the back completely naked, clothes folded and held to her tight little tummy she quickly moves to the passenger side. Just as she hops in a shout comes from the balcony of the house behind them. Hal jumps and quickly closes the door as Francine ducks down in the seat.

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