Fantasies Realized at the Bar

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She went to the bar alone that night. Things were getting confining at home. She needed a break, some time just to herself. Things weren’t bad, just hectic. She told her husband she was going out with some friends, only a little white lie since she was going alone. He was a bit nervous considering the way their relationship had begun, but she didn’t really leave him much of a choice.

She sat down at the bar, waiting for the bartender to notice her. Normally, it would not have been a problem, being as attractive as she was, but tonight the bartender was a woman and she seemed more interested in the long haired stranger at the end of the bar. For some reason he looked familiar but she could not place from where. She gave up trying, deciding that he simply had one of those faces that looked like someone else.

The bartender seemed to be getting nowhere with the stranger and finally headed her way. She ordered a beer, not really in the mood for anything stronger. The bartender returned with her beer and a shot. She looked up but the bartender had already walked off. The stranger had gotten up and walked over to the juke box, his baggy jeans stained from long traveling. He dumped in some change and pressed some buttons.

She sipped her beer and considered the shot. She didn’t really want to drink too much, needing to leave herself able to drive home that night. But the longer she looked at it, the more appealing it seemed to be. And, seeing as how no one in the bar was claiming responsibility for having bought her the shot, drinking it would not be a tacit acceptance of whatever offers he had.

She had just decided to drink the shot when a familiar song began to play. It was a song she hadn’t heard in a long time. As the opening strains of Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi filled the air, the sense of familiarity returned to her. She looked over at the stranger and he held up his own shot glass in salute to her. She gulped down the shot, feeling the tequila burn its way down her throat.

The combination of the tequila and the song took her back to a day long before her marriage, back to the days when she was in Basic Training, back over ten years. She remembered a man, the one who got away, remembered his soft smile and his charm, his slick way with words that should have sounded insincere but didn’t; his words to her had been sincere and somehow she had known.

She moon knight izle remembered the quickly scheduled rendezvous, plans that had been shattered by unexpected and ill-timed arrival of her fiancé of the time. With a sad farewell and a suppressed tear, she had bid him good bye, knowing full well that it may well be the last time she ever saw him again. Over the next year several more assignations were set and cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances.

They had fallen out of touch for over ten years and now she was thinking about him again, something she had tried very hard not to do. She shook herself out of her reverie and looked up but the stranger was gone. She rushed out the door, hoping to see him, to catch him and talk, hoping beyond hope it was him, praying for a miracle.

She saw him starting up a motorcycle, a Harley just as traveled stained and worn as he was. She rushed over just in time to see him pull away. She almost resigned herself to never knowing but as he pulled out of the parking lot, he turned to look at her and winked.

The bike stopped, just at the entrance to the street and he smiled at her. Rushing to him, she climbed on the back, wrapping her arms around him as he pulled away. Her loose skirt flipped up in the air as he tore through the night. She did not know what came over her.

They roared through the night, her arms wrapped tightly around him, feeling as if she never wanted to let him go. The vibrations from the bike began to resound in body parts that had little need of help. All it served to do was make her more anxious to get off, in more ways than one.

They finally pulled up to a quiet motel on the edge of town. It was not the best motel by far, but it was also not the worst. He drove around to the back and parked the bike. She climbed off, feeling an ache inside that had nothing to do with the ride and everything to do with him. Before she had a chance to catch her breath, he stood and smiled at her again.

She opened her mouth to speak, but the words would not come. What did you say to the man you had missed for a decade, had fantasized about in the dark recesses of the night? Still smiling, he pulled her close into his arms, softly kissing her lips. The soft, tender kiss soon turned more passionate as they both began to try to devour each other, trying to satisfy mrs fletcher izle a desire they had both thought long buried.

They broke apart, breathing heavily. He smiled again as he fished a key card out of his jacket. He took her by the hand and led her to his room. He quickly opened the door and she proceeded him in, her breath catching as fantasy was quickly becoming reality.

As soon as he closed the door she quickly turned and began to kiss him again, her hands roaming his body and through his hair. His hands quickly began to remove her clothing, pleased at her body as it became exposed to his eyes. He gently pushed her back so that he could remove the rest of her clothes and then led her to the bed.

Laying her down, he began to explore her body with his lips. He started at her lips, kissing her again. Slowly he moved down, trailing his tongue gently along her skin. When he reached her neck, at that spot where her neck met her shoulder, his tongue dug in, hitting a spot she did not even knew existed. The sensations shot down from her neck all the way down, adding to the heat that was quickly building to a raging inferno.

All too soon, he moved from her neck and began to explore her body once again. When he reached her breasts, he licked and kissed around the soft flesh, nearing but not quite touching her hard, enflamed nipples. A moan escaped her lips and a grin crossed his face. The grin never leaving his face, he then sucked a nipple into his mouth, sliding his tongue along the sensitive skin. Then his teeth gently bit down, causing yet another moan to escape, this one even louder.

As his tongue and teeth played with her nipples, moving from one to the other, his hand gently traced patterns along the skin of her inner thighs. Then his mouth resumed it southward exodus. Her breath caught as he neared her soft womanhood. But instead of going right to the object of his desires, he held off, tracing his tongue along her inner thigh. Her breathing, when it finally resumed, was fast and shallow. The excitement was getting to her, driving her closer and closer to the edge.

The moment his tongue finally touched her engorged clit, she exploded. The anticipation of ten years of waiting and the build-up he had just created had gone on too long. With a scream, she came. Her orgasm had barely subsided when murder in big horn izle his fingers slid inside her wetness and his tongue began to explore her inner lips, occasionally stoking her clit for added emphasis. She exploded again, screaming as he lashed her body with his tongue.

Finally, when she could take no more, she pulled him up, kissing him deeply, savoring the taste of her juices upon his lips. She reached down, grasping his hardness in her hand. She gave it a couple slow strokes, just to ensure he was hard, a fact she had never been in doubt of. With some slight maneuvering, she guided him into her, unable to wait any longer.

He began to stroke inside of her, slowly at first, savoring every moment as he glided in and out of her hot, wet, tightness. Now, a groan managed to escape his lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her with force. At her insistent urging, he began to speed up, going from long, slow, soft strokes to virtually pounding into her. The floodgates had been opened and she screamed again, her ecstasy unable to contained.

He continued until he was nearing explosion himself. He was torn, he truly wanted to unleash himself inside her but knew that it was not very wise. With a groan of mixed pleasure and disappointment, he pulled himself out. With a speed and strength he was not expecting, she spun herself around and wrapped her lips around his hardness, sucking and licking every inch of his skin. Unable to control himself, he exploded and she sucked down every single drop.

They collapsed next to each other. Exhausted but satisfied, if only for the moment. She glanced over at the clock and cursed. She had to get home before her husband became upset. She quickly dressed, unhappy at the short time they had had but knowing it was more than she had ever expected.

They were soon back at the bar, the lights having been turned out and everyone had departed. He parked next to her car, knowing no one could see them from the street. She climbed off, but he pulled her down in front of him to kiss her again. A few moments of this quickly enflamed the passion once more. With some judicious maneuvering and rearranging, their clothes were moved aside enough to let him slide into her from this position that was new to the both of them.

She hungrily kissed him as she ground herself against him. He wrapped his hands in her hair, pulling tightly as he felt himself building up again. Within moments she exploded. He tried to pull out but she wouldn’t let him, grinding into him until he exploded, filling her very depths with his warmth.

With legs shaky from exertion, she kissed him again and climbed in her car. Reluctantly, she drove home.

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