Family Love Ch. 01

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“You have got to be kidding me!!!”

Those were the first words Sameer heard as he entered the house. Recognized his mother’s voice and tone, after all he had been on the receiving end enough times in his life. His mother was angry.

Really angry.

But thankfully not at him.

“Try to understand, this is a very delicate…” he heard a man try to speak. His father.

“It’s always a delicate time. I have been planning this for over 3 months and you knew all about it. It’s not acceptable for you to try to cancel at the last minute.” replied his mother.

“Look this deal is really important. It would be really good for the business.” his father tried to explain.

“I am well aware of this deal, don’t forget that it was partly my idea and nothing pending right now needs your personal presence, you can easily handle it remotely.”

“It’s not that easy, I can’t just up and leave. I am needed here incase anything goes wrong, or if there are any last-minute problems.” his father continued to defend himself.

Standing in the lobby, Sameer tried to figure out what to do. His parents had obviously not heard him come in, but they may hear him trying to sneak out. Going back to the main door he made a show of opening it loudly and slamming it shut, pretending to just enter the house.

Hearing the door his parents stopped their argument as he entered the sitting room. His father was sitting on his favorite sofa was while his mother was standing, clearly agitated but holding back, not wanting to argue in front of him.

“Hi, I am back.” said Sameer.

“Hello, son. Why don’t you get washed up and changed? I will have the maid prepare breakfast for us.” said his mother, smiling.

Nodding in agreement, Sameer headed upstairs to his room, leaving his parents to continue the argument. Having heard part of it, he already knew what it was about. With him turning eighteen recently and his older sister off to college, his mother had planned a road trip from Karachi to Kashmir with his father, sort of a second honeymoon. But it would appear as always, his father was trying to wiggle out of it.

His mother did not seem to be in the mood to accept his usual excuses, which was refreshing. His mother had planned the vacation with a lot of detail, she had even agreed to attend the wedding of one of his father’s business partners daughter in Lahore.

Sameer took of his sweaty work-out clothes, he had been working out diligently the last six months, and the effort had paid off. He took after his mother side of the family, standing six-foot 2 inches, the workout plan he had been following had put on muscles on his broad build and added definition to them. He flexed his muscles in front of the mirror.

Heading into the attached bath he showered and opting to skip the shave he put on a pair of comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. Heading down he made sure to make lot of noise to warn his parents in case they were still arguing.

Coming down he saw that the sitting room was empty, heading into the dining room he found the table set for three, taking his customary seat he waited. Soon the maid brought in his post work out meal. Laying it out before him she went back to the kitchen.

Sameer waited for his parents to join; the family breakfast was a big deal for his mom. With the erratic time his father kept along with his own study and extra-curricular activities, breakfast was the only time they were all guaranteed to have a meal together. It had been that way ever since he and his sister started growing up.

Thinking of his sister he reminded himself to call her, she was studying in Lahore at one of the top universities in the country and his mother was looking forward to spending time with her on this trip, he better inform her of the current status, perhaps she could guilt their father into sticking with the original plan.

As he thought about what to do about his parent’s plan, his mother joined him. Taking her seat, she started to serve herself, looking around for his father, he waited a few seconds.

“Isn’t dad joining us?” he asked.

“No, he has already left for the office.” replied his mother.

Wow, the argument must have been serious, thought Sameer. He couldn’t recall the last time his father had not joined them for breakfast. Not intending to become the target of his mother’s wrath he ate his breakfast in silence. Once they were done his mother stood up and went to her room, while he took his cup of tea and headed to the home office, taking seat in his favorite sofa he opened a book.

“Reading already.”

Looking over Sameer saw his mother, Veena, standing by the door, dressed in her workout clothes. At thirty-eight years of age, Veena was still in incredible shape, easily able to put women ten years younger to shame. Retaining her youthful curves and perky breasts. Her daily fitness and diet regime ensured that she could still pass for twenty-five if she so chose. Her youthful skin was not out of place in any advertising by top brands.

Sameer eryaman orospu numaraları knew his mother was a MILF, he would have to be dead to miss her attraction. Friendships had ended because a friend had passed a less than respectful comment about his mother. Which was one of the reasons he had few male friends and those that he did have, he did not invite home often. His female friends were in awe of his mother and a little jealous, except for his best friend Mina.

She and Sameer had been in the same class since kindergarten, while a lot of people assumed that they were dating, neither one of them had a romantic interest in the other. Sameer suspected that Mina was gay, bi-sexual at the least, and her tomboy demeanor did not help. Not to mention the way he had caught her eyeing other girls, even his mother.

Not that he could blame her or anyone else, a disturbingly large number of his own sexual fantasies involved his mother, but still it was not right for his friends to pass any comments about her.

“Yeah, I just want to finish this off, Mina will be here in a little while and we are going to play games or watch TV.” replied Sameer.

“That’s nice. Ask her to stick around till lunch.” said Veena, as she headed out.

Sameer found himself staring at his mother’s retreating ass, on full display in her tight yoga pants. The very little jiggle attested to just how tight her ass was and their round consistency was something women spent millions to achieve and rarely succeed at. Realizing what he had been fantasizing about his mother’s ass, Sameer shook his head to clear out the thoughts and turned back to his book.

She is your mother, get your thoughts out of the gutter, he scolded himself, but despite the admonishment it took a few minutes before he could push thoughts of his mother’s incredible body to the back of his mind.


A couple of hours later Veena was on her way back home. The workout had been especially brutal today, she had pushed herself to the limit in an unsuccessful attempt to rid herself of her frustration with her husband, Akhtar’s, decision to call off the trip.

Veena had married Akhtar when she was just seventeen, and he was twenty-two, she had just given her final school exams. Their families were distant relatives. While she came from a small town, not much different than a village, Akhtar was born and raised in Karachi, the business hub of the country. His family had a small business in the port city, not much to talk about when compared to others, but for a family from the back waters they looked like the richest people in the world.

With her father dead and no brothers of her own, her mother and uncles had decided that getting her married off to a wealthy family was the best thing for her. She had not protested; she had been brought up to believe that this is what good women did and had married Akhtar without complaint.

Their marriage had not been of love, and the years had not been able to turn it into one. Her husband was not a bad man, but their backgrounds made it very difficult for them to connect on a personal or emotional level. Then she had given birth to her daughter a little after nine months from their marriage day, with her son following a little under a year later. Sameer’s birth had been especially hard, resulting in her having to have her tubes tied and ending any hope of more children.

With two young children at home, the years had been a blur, she kept home and looked after the children while Akhtar focused on his business. But once the kids started school, she had found herself at a loss, with maids there was very little she needed to do and the empty hours started to get to her.

With no social network of her own, except for her in-laws, Akhtar’s friends, and the other parents at the kids’ school, all of whom she didn’t fit in with, she decided to focus on herself. She had gone back to college, gotten her undergrad and then Master’s degree. She had also discovered the gym. The combination had been spectacular.

Gone was the unsophisticated and uneducated small-town girl. She had exceled at her studies, quickly becoming the top student in her class, graduating with honor she had started taking more interest in her husband’s business and had been instrumental in identifying multiple opportunities for expansion that had helped the business grow aggressively over the last decade.

While she had been blessed with good genes the hours in the gym had helped her shed unwanted weight and trim her body into something any model would be proud of, she was aware of the lustful stares she got from men and the jealous ones from women.

She has also started her own online business that catered to young women looking for the latest fashion at an affordable price. Akhtar’s connections had come in handy, when it came to finding vendors. The result, she now had a small but thriving business of her own, making her financially independent for the first time in her life, she had gölbaşı orospu numaraları a small but very good team that managed 90% of the day to day, leaving her free to focus on strategy and new trends.

Yet despite having re-invented herself into someone who would be a better partner for her husband, the marriage remained stale. Akhtar appreciated her business acumen and was proud to show off his sexy wife, but none of that translated into a more loving union. Their sex life had been vanilla but with two young kids they had never really connected sexually, even after her transformation the sex remained infrequent and perfunctory.

Veena may have made peace with that also, but for the time she accidentally found herself on a porn site. The passion and pleasure that the women experienced showed her what she was missing. At an intellectual level she knew what she was watching was exaggerated, but she also knew that her sexual experience so far had been subpar. She wanted something more. She was too good a wife to cheat on her husband, and surreptitiously fulfilled her needs by masturbating to her own fantasies.

This vacation had been her idea of sparking some fire in her marriage. Except for their honeymoon, which had included several business meetings, that Akhtar’s father had setup for him. The two of them had never been anywhere alone, even the family vacations somehow always seemed to happen at locations where Akhtar had some business dealings. Hoping that a long trip with no distractions was going to help spark some romance was a long shot but she had run out of alternates.

Now his last-minute refusal had infuriated her.

Veena turned the car onto their street and honked the horn to signal the guard to open the gate. Stepping out of the car she saw that her son’s car was still there, and her husband was still not back from the quick meeting he had talked about.

As she entered the sitting room, she saw Sameer and Mina, sitting on the couch playing video games.

“You two still at it? Those games will rot your minds.” she said.

“Hi, Aunty Veena.” said Mina.

“Hi, Mom.” called out Sameer.

“How was the gym.” asked Mina, eyeing her best friend’s mom’s amazing body.

“It was fine, but I think I over did it today.” replied Veena, “I am going to take a shower and change. Then we will have lunch.”

Sameer had turned back to the screen, but Mina continued to stare at Veena, drinking in her body from the long lithe legs to her flat stomach and her mouthwatering breasts. She knew that Sameer thought of her as gay, but she considered herself bi with a preference for women and Veena had been a constant girl fantasy.

Not only did she have the hottest body she had ever seen, she was sexy without trying, her friendly personality and how she had transformed herself over the years, made Veena the most incredible woman she had ever encountered. For three years she had lusted after her, but never made a move, she knew how sensitive Sameer could be about his friends talking about his sexy mother and sister, God knows how he would react if he found out it wasn’t only the boys who lusted after her.

Mina had experimented with girls that she met on her trips to Europe or America, but none of those experiences had lived up to the fantasy she had in her mind of Veena. Now with her upcoming move to America for college, she feared that she may never get a chance. The desperation made her bold, as she continued to stare at Veena.

“Thank you, Aunty. I am sure the food will be delicious.” said Mina, her eyes glued to her.

“That is very kind of you Mina.” Veena said.

“By the way, I am also thinking to start going to the gym. Perhaps you can give me some tips?” she asked Veena.

“Gym? You? Since when? The most active I have ever seen you is when you make a run for more snacks.” asked a surprised Sameer.

“Shut up. I don’t tell you everything. Besides look at how incredible your mom looks, I want to look that good when I am her age.” said Mina, swatting Sameer.

“Thank you for the compliment, Mina. I will be happy to give you a few tips to start you off. It’s never too early to build the habit of staying fit and healthy. It has done wonders for me.” replied Veena.

“Wait is this going to be the like the time you wanted to be guitarist? or a violinist? or that time you wanted to join the Pakistan women’s cricket team?” teased Sameer.

“Hi, those were all legitimate interests, I just wasn’t good at any of that stuff.” shot back Mina.

“I don’t think anyone ever got better at those things by sitting on the couch.” said Sameer.

“I was planning, strategizing.” shot back Mina.

“First time someone would have strategized with a face full of potato chips.” replied Sameer.

Veena watched the two of them banter back and forth with a smile. Ignoring Sameer who was back into his game, Mina turned back to Veena, she saw the smile on her lips and felt her heart skip a beat.

God, she is so hot, she gölbaşı azeri escort thought.

Veena caught Mina staring at her, it wasn’t the first time she had seen the young girl staring but this time instead of averting her eyes she continued to stare, her eyes had the same murky look that she had seen in many men’s eyes, but this was the first time she noticed it in the young woman’s eyes.

Mina knew she had been caught staring, as she started to avert her eyes a thought hit her, she would soon be gone and if she was ever going to have a shot, she had to take it now. She continued to stare at the older woman. Once she was sure Veena knew she was staring at her, Mina proceeded to run her eyes over her body, finally returning to her face she parted her lips and ran her tongue over her lips.

Veena felt a jolt through her body as she watched Mina run her tongue over her pouty lips, her face a mask of naked lust. She was aware of female-to-female sexual partnerships, but had never imagined seeing one in her life or being the object of desire for another woman. She found the sensation not unpleasant it was good to know that she could attract even young women, even if her husband could not be bothered.

Despite her upbringing, the idea of lesbianism was not repulsive to her, she found it strangely intriguing. She knew that quite a few of her son’s friends found her attractive and had been flattered by their interest, but had never considered that a girl, would be one of them. Now looking at the girl she felt a thrill and subtly changed her posture to put her body on display, wanting to see what the young woman was going to do.

Mina noticed the way Veena changed her posture. Feeling a little flutter in her stomach, she felt some small hope that her advances may not be completely unwelcome. Now or never, she thought and made a show of dropping her eyes to Veena’s crotch and stare at the junction of her legs, then slowly raised her eyes to her breasts and finally to her face. She could see a blush on Veena’s face and felt her own face get warm.

Veena saw Mina undressing her with her eyes and she felt warm all over, when the girl’s eyes locked on to her crotch, she felt herself get moist and her nipples harden, finally their eyes locked again, she felt her breathing get deeper even as the girl looked her in the eyes and licked her lips like she was looking at a particularly delicious meal that she was going to devour. She felt her own dry lips and used her tongue to wet them in a mirror to the girl’s action.

“Ah…shit.” screamed out Sameer, breaking the mood.

“Sameer, language!” said Veena.

“Sorry mom.” replied Sameer.

Nodding, Veena turned to leave making sure to put a little extra wiggle in her walk for Mina’s benefit, she glanced back and saw her staring at her ass, getting caught Mina gave her a smirk and a wink, which Veena returned, before heading off to her bedroom.

Mina turned towards the TV screen, her mind in turmoil. She had just made a pass at her dream woman and had not been rejected. Now she was unsure what to do next, while the signs were encouraging, she was at a complete loss.

Was she just tempting me? Does she really want to go further? Was it just some innocent flirtation? Should I make a move? a thousand questions were running through her head. Just thinking about the possibility of bedding Veena had made her hot and she felt her face get warm.

“What’s up with you? You are all red.” asked Sameer.

“What? It’s nothing for you to worry about.” replied Mina.

“Is it that time of the month?” asked Sameer.

“Damn it, Sameer! I know we are best friends and all, but that is not something you ask a girl.” scolded Mina, hitting her best friend with a throw pillow.

“All right, all right, jeez. You want to play another round?” he asked.

“Sure, might as well.” replied Mina, as the two of them turned back to the screen.


Veena stood before her mirror looking at herself and her thoughts on the little tableau, she had gone through with Mina. This was not the first time she had seen Mina staring at her, but had always assumed that it was admiration, and felt proud that she was someone Mina looked up to. But today it seemed that it also came from place of lust.

She was aware of the looks of admiration she drew from men of all ages, especially since her transformation, and it had taken her a while to get comfortable with it. The looks from women, mostly of jealousy, she had learned to ignore. But this was a completely new sensation for her, a woman who found her sexually attractive. She wasn’t even sure why she had played along with Mina. But now it was done, and she needed to figure out how to make sure the girl did not get the wrong idea.

As she took off her clothes Veena looked at herself in the mirror. Loosening her hair from the ponytail she had been wearing her thick black hair cascaded down to just below her shoulder blades, her breasts stood proud with only a little sag, the large sensitive nipples were slightly engorged, sitting between her small areolas, looking downwards her gaze swept over her flat stomach and down to her shaven pussy, whose slightly puffy lips glistened with a hint of arousal, turning she looked at her firm round ass, which she was proud of, and then down her long smooth legs.

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