Family Frolic

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Everyone presented is 18 and over.


Emily panted as Kyle pulled out of her, feeling his cum swishing around her insides. It was definitely a fantastic fuck. She was dressed as Cleopatra and her husband as Julius Caesar.

“God, that was great!” Emily said, kissing him passionately and feeling his loving hands all over.

“Um guys…” Wendall said as he walked up, “the scene is over.”

“We know,” Kyle retorted with a smile, giving Emily a final kiss before going back to change out of his uniform. Victoria shoved a plug into her pussy, only adding to her pleasure.

“Did it feel good honey?” Victoria asked Emily.

“Of course,” she replied, “it was amazing. Good thing that pervert guy from your club recommended Cleopatra.”

“He’ll definitely get a kick out this one,” Victoria laughed, “all the naked barely legal teens laughing and splashing in the pool. Especially when you invited the new boy to wash your pussy.”

Emily giggled, seeing some of the barely legal girls choking on the large cocks surrounding them. One redhead teen with pink nippled 38E breasts was in the middle of 5 laughing men, already covered in cum and sucking a thick cock as one man shoved his dick up her virgin ass.

She at first screamed as he popped her anal cherry but soon began to throw herself back at him, sucking the other cocks with more gusto. Emily smiled at the making of a fine slut.

Marie meanwhile was sucking on a thick and big black cock, her massive jiggling breasts covered in precum and slobber. Emily was getting wet, tugging at her stiff nipples.

“Oh Simeon,” she called to her son, standing a few feet away talking with some other boys.

“Yes Mommy?” he asked.

“I could use a really good fucking right now sweetheart,” she said in an innocent little voice, “do you know a good and hard little boy for me…?”

She watched with joy as his cock swelled to full size, his baseball sized balls filling to maximum capacity. His knob, big and wide as a fresh strawberry, and almost just as red, glistened with a glob of creamy precum.

Soon her smooth hand reached out and went between his legs, palm up. She gently rubbed her hand back and forth while Simeon spread his legs further apart. Then her hand grabbed his balls and massaged them as she cooed softly. Simeon watched as her hand slid away from his balls and upwards, gently brushing the underside of his throbbing cock.

“Aahhhh!!” Simeon moaned when he felt her fingers on his sensitive organ. Emily toyed with his hard cock for a while and then gripped it in her fist. Her precum slippery hand began moving back and forth, soon causing Simeon to hump his hips. She just sat calmly and watched the expression on his face as her fist glided back and forth.

“Oh Mommy, I love that feeling,” Simeon announced breathlessly.

Emily smiled and stared at his hard-on, dripping cum from its tip. She leaned forward and opened her mouth, swallowed his cock and sucked softly on it. Then her head began moving back and forth, dragging her lips on his hard shaft. She reveled in the feel of his velvety flesh in her mouth.

Simeon’s hips began moving back and forth faster and his hands grabbed the back of her head. Emily knew what was coming and lifted her hands to his still slick back. When her palms were lubed, she cupped his buttocks and squeezed the soft spongy flesh. When a finger slipped into his asshole and began to finger-fuck it, Simeon let out a groan and shot his hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, sucking it out of his spurting cock.

“Will you fuck Mommy now?” she asked, licking his delicious sperm from her lips.

Simeon got onto his knees and spread her legs. He then rubbed all over her large breasts. He then kissed her rubbery nipples and rubbed his small gentle hands on her tits, squeezing them as much as he rubbed them.

Simeon spent a great deal of time playing her nipples, rubbing and pinching them with his fingers. Emily’s purring told him she liked it. She loved seeing him like this, still learning about how to pleasure a woman. It was one of her favorite things about being a mother.

Simeon could have kept rubbing her tits all night, but she pushed him away and got up on her hands and knees, turning away from him. She wiggled her backside at him and Simeon knew what to do. He lubed up his hands and rubbed the warm scented oil all over her buttocks. When they were very lathered, he turned his hand to the side and pressed it into her crack, moving it up and down like a saw.

But he knew she expected more and held her ass-cheeks open with one hand while locating her puckered hole. He rubbed two fingertips against it, pleasuring it very thoroughly before pushing them inside. His slick fingers moved in and out of her asshole all the way to his third knuckle. Emily moaned and pushed back onto his intruding fingers.

“Oh yeah baby…” she moaned, leaning her head down and keeping her ass up.

Simeon reached around her body and cupped her pussy from the other escort videoları side. While his fingers slid in and out of her asshole, his other hand began rubbing her pussy, making sure her pubic hairs got cleaned before slipping between her pussy lips. Emily was really moaning now and her body was moving so violently that the water was splashing.

Simeon looked at her juicy buttocks and spread her ass-cheeks apart, pushing his face between them. She let out a moan as his tongue found her puckered asshole and began licking it. When he pushed his tongue inside her, she thought she was going to cum immediately.

But Simeon pulled away and tugged on her body until she had turned around and was sitting in a reclined position facing him. He pushed her legs apart and stared at her hairy wet pussy. He leaned forward, pressing his mouth against it and began lapping it like a cat drinking milk.

Then he pressed his tongue into her pussy slit and began flicking it in and out. It was now her time to grab the back of Simeon’s head as he tongue-fucked her. When her hips began uncontrollably bucking, he slipped a finger into her ass and began sucking on her clit.

“OH MY GOD!!!” she called out as she orgasmed.

When she recovered, she grabbed the sides of Simeon’s face, pulling him towards her. She pressed her lips against his and shoved her tongue deeply into his mouth. It was a soul-searching and passionate French kiss. The tongues that had recently pleased each other were now sharing their flavored saliva.

Simeon continued to kiss as her warm caring hands caressed the globes of his ass. He then kissed down to her breasts and sucked her nipples, swallowing her rapidly flowing milk. She spread her legs and pulling Simeon between them. She noticed his cock was hard as she guided it into her pussy.

“Fuck me! Fuck Mommy!” she screamed.

Simeon didn’t hesitate and rammed his cock all the way into her waiting pussy. He pulled out and pushed back in… in and out… in and out. They fucked like it was the first and last ones of their lives. Both were screaming and grunting as he pumped his hard cock into her pussy and her hips thrust up to meet each of his stabs.

“Fuck me! Oh-my-god, fuck me hard! Fuck Mommy! Fuck me… fuck me… fuck Mommy!!”

The two bodies slammed against each other as they became a blur. Sweat poured off Simeon’s face as his ass-cheeks clenched while Simeon hammered his cock in and out of her juicy pussy.

Emily’s body strained as she used her feet for leverage as her ass lifted off the mattress, driving the cock deeper into her body. Finally, she couldn’t take any more and exploded in a powerful orgasm. That was Simeon’s signal and he filled her pussy with his incestuous sperm.

Simeon collapsed on top of her body and then rolled off to the side. They both lay there, breathing heavily, trying to catch their breaths. Then the heavy breathing was replaced with softer breathing and finally quiet.

“That… oh fuck… that was wonderful honey…” Emily panted, her sweaty breasts rapidly rising and falling as Simeon was still buried inside her.

“Mmmhmm…” Simeon replied, catching his breath as well.

He grunted in pain over the slight tightness as she thrust toward him, but her doing that made him thrust forward and at that very second his mother gasped and he had entered her womb. He was then fully imbedded inside her.

He felt Emily gaining momentum and she started to pummel him. He also felt his dick start to gain girth and pulsate as his dick was squeezed even further if that were at all possible.

It was a magical and mystical moment when her juices coated his cock to sent him into his own spasms of climax.

“Arrr!” Simeon screamed in pleasure as he came in his mother’s cunt. Emily was breathing heavy, having coated his dick and the fulcra underneath them.

Emily was crying and thrashing around and eventually after he was spent, he pulled out and she sucked gently on his cock.


By now, Marie was rapidly rubbing Ellie’s tight pussy while Elliot fucked her hand.

“Oh Mommy!” Elliot cried while holding tightly to his mother’s pendulous breasts.

“Yes honey,” she encouraged him, “doesn’t it feel wonderful?”

He nodded, beginning to suck Marie’s tits while she rubbed his balls. Marie moaned as she held his head close to her tits, his tiny hips slamming into Marie’s fist.

Elliot howled our around Marie’s breast and she stopped her stroking, pressing her thumb hard over his cock slit, holding his cum in. She held his throbbing cock in her hand as her daughter lay on her stomach on her lap her tiny smooth ass high and ready.

Elliot was standing close by, looking at his sister and mother’s body, his tiny cock hard now in his mom’s grip. His eyes were closed as he felt the familiar, soft and loving hands playing with his cock, rubbing, pulling and cupping his nuts. Ellie sighed when she felt her mother’s fingers sliding between gaziantep escort bayan videoları her tight little ass cheeks toying with her asshole and pussy lips.

To Marie, this was heaven. She loved the feel of them. The hot young sex of them. So young and so innocent and yet so horny. Ellie moaned as her mommy slid a finger inside her pussy. She was already quite wet. She always was when she knew she was going to get fucked.

Elliot loved his mom and loved it when she pulled out his cock and touched it and sometimes put it in her mouth. The first time he began to cum hard. It was a new feeling then and now one that he looked so forward to. Her mouth was so hot and wet. It sucked him so nicely and she always drank his hot cum. She said she loved it. She even taught Ellie how to suck his cock and that really was so hot.

But like his big brother Kyle, whom he greatly looked up to said, no one can ever give a better blowjob than your mother. He often said that when Ellie was knocked up, her son would say the same.

Mothers knew what their sons needed and wanted. Just like a mother knew what her baby wanted with the tone of their cries, they knew just how to give sexual gratification to their children. Ellie then began to move to suck her brother’s dick.

Her wet mouth was licking and sucking his cock like a lollipop. His mom watched smiling when she did it holding her head and pushing it back and forth as his cock slipped in and out of her mouth. She taught her how to lick his balls and cockhead. How to get as much of his cock into her mouth.

Then she showed her by example. He always came hard when they did that and his mom always licked him clean. His sister did that too now liking the taste of him. Marie smiled, knowing soon she’d be sucking cocks into her belly.

As it was the twins’ 18th birthday, it was time for them to give their virginities to each other. Both had been ready for this since Marie had taught them their first word: ‘Fuck.’

Sometimes they would come home from school and see their mother on the couch with her legs wide playing with herself as she watched the special sex films of adults and teens slightly older than having sex. She would be fully naked and her fingers slipping wetly into her pussy.

They could hear the wet sticky sounds coming from her as she masturbated. It always made Elliot so hard and Ellie’s pussy would be soaking wet. Eventually, they would begin joining her on the couch, playing with themselves together.

But right now Marie was pulling on Elliot’s cock and making him begin humping her hand. She would always smile as he did this. Ellie loved it when her mom’s long fingers slid into her pussy. Loved the way she twisted them and moved them inside her making her cum often and so wetly.

Her clit was always bumping into her mommy’s legs and her small breasts mere bumps with hard little nipples rubbed so sweetly against the couch’s arms making her so horny. She was doing it now as her mommies got her ready.

Today Elliot was going to put his cock in her. She was so ready for that moment. Marie moved Elliot closer to his sister’s raised ass. He was so close to it that his cock was touching her pussy lips. She guided his hard cock to the open wet entrance of his sister’s sex. Then with her hand behind his ass, she pushed him gently forward making his cock slide into Ellie’s pussy. He groaned aloud as did Ellie feeling her wet pussy grip him.

“Oh fuck…” both moaned in unison.

Marie’s fingers slid up between his asscheeks rubbed his balls and asshole as she moved him back and forth. Ellie also felt his cock enter her and she moaned as it slid nicely inside her. His six inch cock fit perfectly inside her wetness and she began to move her ass back to capture all of it. Her mommy was rubbing her clit as she did so and this only increased her horniness.

Marie encouraged them on telling them how to move and how deep Elliot should go and how hard Ellie should fuck back. The hot wet smacking sound came from them both as Ellie began to cum in hot little squirts around her brother’s cock. Marie could feel the wetness seep out as she continued to rub her daughters clit. Elliot was about to cum too and Marie sensed this.

“That’s it baby,” she moaned in Elliot’s ear, “give her all that hot cum…”

He felt her finger creep into his tight asshole and that sent him over. He cried out and his sister screamed as his cock erupted. He came and came and she took all of it. Marie moved him back a bit as she now paid close attention to Ellie sliding her fingers into her cunt.

Ellie, her ass high in the air, groaned and pushed hard against her mommy’s fingers that wiggled and twisted inside her. She started to cum again and Marie felt her daughters cunt muscles tighten as her hot juices covered her hand. Using this she slid her fingers up to Ellie’s asshole and began to push them in. Ellie tightened up as they slid past her anal ring. But the cum gaziantep escort videoları served as a lubricant and they slipped nicely inside her.

Marie now had Elliot come close again as she started to fuck her daughter’s ass and took him inside her mouth sucking him and feeling him become hard again.

“Oh shit…” he groaned, “oh fuck Mom…”

She then removed him with a wet slurp and slapped his dick against her tits. As soon as he was ready, she guided him into his sister’s asshole. Ellie felt the tightness expand wider as his cock slid inside and he began to fuck her.

Marie saw that Ellie was rubbing her nipples against the bed’s rough cloth arm her nipples hard and swollen in excitement and her ass was now vigorously banging hard against her brother. His cock was slipping in and out of her asshole making sticky sloppy sounds as she became more lubricated. His heavy balls were slapping against her as he fucked her hard.

“Oh fuck Ellie,” Elliot groaned, “you’re so fucking tight!”

“Give it to me hard bro!” Ellie cried, Elliot feeling up her tits.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he grunted, pistoning his hips into her ass, Ellie screaming again as she erupted on Marie’s fingers and her brother’s cock.

Soon he grunted and with eyes closed he unloaded his second cum for that morning into his sister’s asshole. She could feel his hot sperm splashing inside her and also began to cum drenching her mommies lap with girl cum.

Marie gestured to Kyle and Wendall to cut as Elliot and Ellie kissed passionately.

“Well, well, well,” Kyle said, walking up, “how’d it feel to finally fuck?”

“It was great!” Elliot said.

“Yeah,” Ellie replied, “his cock is made for my pussy.”

This made their brother smile.

“But don’t worry Kyle,” Ellie said, “I still want to fuck your huge cock one day.”

“Why not now?” Marie asked, “no time like the present…”

Ellie squealed happily, laying back and spreading her legs, letting Kyle crawl in between them and sink his cock into her pussy.

“Come on Elliot,” Marie said, turning her ass to him, “shove that meaty cock inside me.”

Elliot slid his cock in and groaned at the tightness of her pussy. Marie leaned back and kissed him, Elliot not losing speed in her pussy as he continued to build speed.

“We make good kids don’t we honey?” she asked Kyle.

“The best,” he replied, fucking Ellie harder.

Her moans mixed with those of her brother, all 4 cumming together as Marie felt her precious little boy fill her with sperm and Kyle flooded Ellie’s tiny womb with his spunk.

Kyle was really enjoying it after he got used to it. Then he started to gradually pick up the pace. He went faster, leaning over her. Faster. Faster. His sweat trickled down onto her face in tiny splatters and soon she felt his bouncing balls rapidly slapping against her asshole while the mattress squeaked in unison with their incestuous fuck.

“Now watch your brother closely Elliot,” Marie instructed him as he jerked off to the sight, “he really knows how to fuck a whore. Look at your slutty sister getting off on this. You can really learn a thing or two. You’ll have to step in while he is caring for his other duties.”

If Ellie was moaning with Elliot, she was virtually screaming out with her daddy. His flexing prick began to really punish her twat with pleasure, and while she did wish that Kyle’s cock was at least a little smaller, she instantly felt in love with it.

When he began to roughly lick, suck and bite at her puffy nipples as he

fucked her, she thought she was going to die from too much pleasure. He started sucking and licking along her neck and face too, and it felt so animalistic and primal.

She suddenly found herself mimicking things that she had heard her mother say while she got fucked by this virile buck. “Oh god, fuck me… yes… fuck my cunt… fuck my goddamn pussy… oh daddy, fuck my cunt with your huge cock…”

“You fucking cockslut,” shouted Kyle. “You tight little fuck-rag! I’m gonna cum in you, you goddamn bitch… you fucking whoooore… you hear me… I’m gonna blow my load up your little girl cunthole…”

As he talked dirty to her, Ellie screamed and came so hard that she lingered on the verge of passing out completely. Her moist pussy walls clenched and pulsated, finally exploding like some kind of grand finale. Her eyes rolled up and she threw her head back, somehow managing to lift her knees even higher, taking him as deeply as her young cunt would allow.

“Oh fuuuuuck!” she screamed out, “Fuck my cunt, daaaaddy…”

Then Kyle roared out like a maddened, wild beast as he blasted her tight pussy with his hot paternal juices, and for a time, she felt like she was just floating in and out of consciousness.

“Wow. Your sister’s a real little whore,” said Marie to Elliot, reaching down to jerk him off and he moaned louder. She reached in between them and toyed with Ellie’s clit, only heightening the girl’s pleasure.

“Let me see,” she felt around where Kyle’s cock was forcing her pussy open. “It feels like he’s in there pretty good. I sure don’t hear any complaints from your slut of a sister. What a little whore. Can you believe she’s getting off on her own father like this, son? I don’t know- it feels like he’s up her pussy, but maybe his cock slipped and went up her ass instead. Elliot, let me see your finger…”

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