Family Cabin Ch. 03

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=== Friendly warning: Parts of this series include incest between a man and his father ===


The guilt washed over me like a bucket of icy water right as I opened my eyes in the morning. I still felt Mr. Cooper’s hands on my hips. He was sound asleep and his grip on me loosened up over the night. The sunlight coming through the window suggested it was pretty late already. We must have overslept!

Careful not to wake him up, I started getting off the bed. I managed to do it silently and I was also able to put on my shorts and get out of the room, leaving Hunter’s naked dad snoring on the bed. I closed the door behind me carefully and leaned against it, whining softly to myself about the events of last night.

What the fuck was I thinking?! I fooled around with my boyfriend’s dad, behind his back! This was bad, really bad! I was thinking with my dick and now I’ll have to pay the price! There is no way I’ll be able to keep this secret away from Hunter. I’m gonna have to tell him, ruin our relationship and presumably the relationship between him and his father as well. Dear god… I almost teared up on the spot.

I composed myself and started walking down the hallway. No sense in delaying the inevitable. I would have to find Hunter and tell him everything. I wondered if he was up already-

“SURPRISE!” somebody shouted at me, jumping onto my unprotected back. I yelled and lost my balance, falling to the floor. Shocked, I turned around and saw the grinning face of my boyfriend, holding me in a headlock. He looked like he was in a great mood. And I was about to ruin it…

“Guess who’s feeling better!” he cheered, as he let me go and helped me up, “Dad was totally right, it was just an overnight thing as always. I’m absolutely ready for the fishing trip we were planning for today, isn’t that great?”

“Yeah,” I said, unable to look into his eyes, straightening my underwear, “Yeah, I’m really glad for you, that’s… great.”

He noticed immediately that something is wrong. Of course. He knew me too well.

“What’s going on, Gary?” he asked, concerned, “Did something happen?”

I forced myself to meet his gaze, unable to believe that I was able to hold back the tears.

“I… There’s no easy way to say this, Hunter, but… Last night, your dad and I were talking, and… things got weird, and… inappropriate. Physically. I am so, SO sorry.”

His face looked absolutely perplexed. I can’t say I was surprised…

“Wait, what? What do you mean by ‘inappropriate’?”

“I mean… sexually inappropriate. Your dad and me. I… can’t imagine how it feels to hear this. I’m really, really sorry. I blame myself entirely.”

He chuckled – he was probably not really grasping what I was telling him yet?

“Are you saying you had sex with my dad?”

“No! I mean… not full-on sex, but we did… stuff. We did enough. I can only imagine how horrible that makes you feel.”

Hunter scratched his head, probably figuring out himself how to process these feelings before he looked back at me. To my surprise, he didn’t seem neither angry nor sad.

“Well… it’s kinda weird. For starters, I had no idea that my dad was into dudes!”

“He… what?”

Hunter shrugged with an amused grin on his face.

“He didn’t have a girlfriend in years, that’s true. And he was married to mom for a pretty long time. But I have never heard him say a word about another man. That is… interesting…”

It was my time to be confused. I gently grabbed his wrist and looked him deep into his eyes.

“Hunter, sorry but I think you’re missing the point,” I said gently, “I’m saying I had something with another man. With your dad. Doesn’t that bother you at all?”

Hunter gave me a smirk and his hand went to pinch my cheek.

“What? Were you hoping I would throw a jealous fit?”


“Yeah, I definitely wasn’t expecting it. But for some reason, it doesn’t bother me at all. If it was any other man, yeah. But this way… it kinda feels like things are staying in the family, you know? No harm done.”

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this kind of outcome! At first, I was suspicious that he really still wasn’t grasping what just happened, but his expression looked one-hundred percent sure. Was he really okay with this?!

“Well…” I started, still puzzled, “No matter how you feel about it, I feel really guilty. I can promise you that it will never, EVER happen aga-“

“How was he?” he interrupted me.

“I’m sorry?”

“How was he?” Hunter repeated the question. His eyes were… burning with curiosity for some reason.

“Umm…” I said, wondering how much detail should I go into. I mean, what was the appropriate level of describing the amount of sex you’ve had with your boyfriend’s dad to your boyfriend?! “He didn’t hurt me, you don’t need to worry about that. And he was very… passionate. And also very… um… “

“He initiated it, didn’t he? Of İzmir Travesti course, he did…” Hunter said, coming closer to me. His voice sounded different, but he wasn’t angry… No, he was intrigued! “How big is he? I’ve never seen his dick fully hard before…”

“I… actually didn’t see. He was… behind me.”

“Did you make him cum?”

“Yeah… yeah, I did.”

“Inside of you?”

“No, he didn’t fuck me. But he nutted all over my back.”

“Fuck…” Hunter whispered, now close enough for me for our bodies to be touching. Confused, I looked down and saw a huge tent in his grey sweatpants! Was the thought of his dad and me actually turning him on? Again, I thought about that scene yesterday, with the hunting gear…

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that this is actually making you horny,” I noted. Hunter looked down and went a little red in the face when he saw his own tenting crotch.

“Yeah…” he said, “I guess I’ve always felt… strange about my dad. He was the man of the house, my role model. I looked up to him a lot, I always wanted to be like him. I adored him. At first, I thought it’s just being proud of your dad, you know. But then the thoughts started taking a turn… Started being more explicit.”

He grabbed his dick over the cloth of his pants and tugged on it a little bit. Our eyes met once again.

“Hunter, do you have a crush on your dad?”

It took him a while before he answered.

“I suppose…” he answered softly, “I guess I always did, it’s just something that feels really uncommon to put into words…”

Wow. This trip has certainly taken a turn. I could not believe the conversation I was having. Or the ideas that started popping into my head… The images of Hunter and his dad, together… Maybe me as a part of it?

No. No, that was too far. This was an actual family. No matter how Hunter felt about his dad, it wasn’t my job to intervene in it.

“Well, I guess this is a good day for confessions,” I said, with a slight smile. Hunter smiled back and stroked my hair. He grabbed my hand and we both left the hallway, so we wouldn’t wake up Mr. Cooper. Against all odds, the discussion ended there, much more successful than I could ever have hoped.

“Isn’t that beautiful, boys?” Mr. Cooper sighed, turning his head to gaze at the mountains in the distance. He was wearing a colorful shirt and a pair of shorts today, together with a fisherman’s hat and a pair of sunglasses. He looked absolutely relaxed, despite the events of last night. Apparently, he was going to pretend as nothing happened at all.

We were all sitting in a boat in the middle of the lake – our fisherman rods hung from the edges, the waves lightly splashing against the wood of our watercraft. There was not a soul around – this lake was apparently undiscovered by everyone except Hunter’s family. That’s why it was a perfect candidate for our fishing trip. Just the sun, the fish and the water – absolutely nothing to bother us.

The weather and the view sure were beautiful, but I couldn’t help but feel that the atmosphere felt a little heavy and awkward. Hunter knew about everything that had happened, but his dad had no idea that he knew. Even though Hunter seemed okay with what happened – more than okay – I sensed weird energy from him. Like he was thinking about something. I barely saw him smile ever since we left the house and he kept looking at me and back on his dad. Has the impact of it all finally hit him? What was going on?

“Sure is,” Hunter finally spoke, “What I like the best is the privacy. Just the three of us… We could do whatever we wanted out here and no one would see.”

His dad chuckled at that, putting his hands behind his head to lean at the edge of the boat to get even more comfortable, showing off his hairy armpits.

“I mean sure, privacy is nice. But what would you need it for? No need to worry about the fish, my boy – they’re not gonna go around telling everyone we’re catching them.”

Mr. Cooper put away his sunglasses and gave me a proud nod.

“I have to be honest Gary, I was a little afraid you’d feel like a third wheel around here. But you seem to be handling all of this pretty well! This is your first time fishing, right?”

“Yeah,” I said, smiling awkwardly – it felt so weird having a normal conversation with him after what happened last night! “My dad taught me some basics when I was little. It was never my passion, but I remember some of it.”

“I should say so,” Mr. Cooper said, with a wink, “You’re pretty good with a rod, son.”

I noticed that Hunter grinned at that. He flashed me a devilish look and his hand reached for mine. He put it on his thigh as he turned to his dad.

“Yeah, dad. He is pretty good at handling a rod all right…”

His dad chuckled nervously, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He was starting to suspect something was weird about Hunter too…

“Heh… be careful there, son,” Konya Travesti he said, his eyes following my hand, “It’s still a family trip, so let’s keep things appropriate.”

“How’s this for ‘appropriate?'” Hunter asked and, to everyone’s shock, whipped out his cock out of his shorts. I gasped audibly and saw that Mr. Cooper’s face froze in total surprise. Hunter let out a laugh and then turned to me, his palm on the back of my head.

“Hey, Gary,” he said, loud enough for his father to hear, “Let’s show my dad how well you can work with a rod, what do you say?”

“Hunter,” I whispered, trying to ignore the growing tension in my shorts, “Are you crazy?”

“What?” he shrugged, “Are we gonna pretend like last night didn’t happen? The boundaries of this ‘family trip’ have been broken already… Why not see how far we can take it?”

He turned to his dad, who sat there like a statue.

“What do you say, dad?”

“I… I…”

“He loves the idea,” Hunter said as he turned back to me, “Swallow my cock, slut. I know that you want it.”

He was right… I wanted it badly, and the thought about doing it in front of his father was… exhilarating. We’ve done kinky stuff here and there, sure – bondage, sex in public, threesomes – but this was something else. Me, sucking my boyfriend off in front of his father…

I licked my lips.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered as I slowly sank down, my knees hitting the wooden bottom of the boat. As I turned to Hunter’s crotch, I saw the growing bulge in Mr. Cooper’s shorts. His mind may have still been taking in the situation, but his dick knew what its stance was on this all. The man was just about as nasty as his son.

Hunter opened his legs for me and gave me access to his beautiful, fat cock that I was so familiar with… It was semi-hard already and I knew I could make it rock hard in an instant. I couldn’t wait until I showed off my skills in front of Mr. Cooper.

“That’s it, dad… Don’t be afraid to stare,” Hunter said shamelessly as he pushed my head into his crotch without showing much patience. I allowed him to push my face into his manhood and closed my eyes as I inhaled his smell. I sank a little deeper and swallowed his balls, working them with my hungry tongue, as Hunter’s powerful cock started growing right above my face.

“Damn…” Hunter’s dad, said behind my back, “Hunter, you little devil, I sure hope you know what you’re getting us all into.”

“Relax, old man,” Hunter teased him, as he grabbed his dick by the base and guided it to my mouth. I accepted it eagerly and started sucking on the sticky tip, sending the musky taste of my boyfriend’s sweat and precum down my throat. Hunter grunted and pushed my head further. I obliged and opened my mouth a little wider, letting his bloated tip deeper into my eager mouth.

Hunter sat back and made himself comfortable. He was throbbing – the whole scene of getting a blowjob in front of his father made his dick restless. And I have to admit – the shame I was feeling started receding and was gradually getting replaced by lust. By how fucking dirty this all was.

I felt the hand on the back of my head loosen and I took advantage of that to worship Hunter’s cock properly on my own. I let the cock out and started running my lips over the whole shaft from the side. That got me an opportunity to look back at Mr. Cooper. His face still looked a little bit uncertain, but his hand was resting on his crotch, getting into it.

“Looks like those shorts are getting a little tight, dad,” Hunter sneered at him, his eyes hungrily following his father’s palm, running up and down the growing dad dick imprint on the khaki shorts, “Why not just take them off?”

“You’re pushing the envelope, son,” Mr. Cooper growled – a little frustrated by the situation. He was obviously torn between the taboo nature of watching his own son get blown and getting really, really aroused. I saw a big drop of sweat running down his face and a small pool of precum on the top of his raging bulge. Things were getting hotter and heavier by the second.

“Well, if we’re pushing it already, we might as well go all the way,” Hunter smirked as he pulled me back from his cock and looked me in the eyes.

“Gary, I want you to move over and suck my dad’s cock.”

Okay, that was a hell of a step up. I stared back for a while before turning to Mr. Cooper, still sitting there in silence. His gaze kept switching from me to Hunter and then finally landed on his own rock hard erection.

That was enough of a green light for me.

I shifted on my knees and leaned onto Mr. Cooper’s knees. His huge bulge was just inches away from my mouth, which was still sticky from Hunter’s precum. I looked into his eyes. No sign of protest. Excited as hell, I put my hand on his bulging crotch and started pulling down the zipper.

Seemed like Hunter’s dad decided to go commando today… As soon as I opened his pants, his dick Antalya Travesti sprung up right into the daylight. I had to say – it did not disappoint. A thick hunk of man meat, not shaven at the root and with big, low hanging pair of hairy balls on the bottom to make the whole image perfect. Uncut, and with a fat vein running down from the middle of the shaft.

Hunter had the exact same vein on his. Like father, like son, I guess.

The sticky, delicious-looking visible part of his bare tip was too tempting for me to fuck around. I yanked his shorts down and revealed a pair of hairy, meaty thighs, finishing the scenery. I heard Hunter sigh behind me, obviously as excited about this as I was. Who knows how many of his jerk-off fantasies were coming true right at that point. My hand reached for the beautiful dick and pulled the foreskin back, revealing a huge, bloated purple tip coated in precum.

Mr. Cooper sighed heavily. He was pent up and he needed my mouth on his dick as much as I did. There was no time to waste – I just wanted that beautiful cock deep in my throat, so I went for it. I leaned down and wrapped my dick around the shaft, immediately tasting a strong scent of man. Without hesitation, I started giving Hunter’s dad the best blowjob my overexcited mouth was capable of.

“Goddammit…” Hunter let out behind me, as he was audibly jerking his cock. I felt Mr. Cooper’s body recovering from the tension as he started relaxing too. He wanted this badly, the only thing holding him back was the wrongness of it all – but that was also fueling his arousal in a way.

His huge, bearish paw landed on the back of my head and he started feeding me his cock, just like his son did a few seconds ago. I loved that both of them were such dominant, alpha studs. I felt my body growing soft and my throat relaxing to take in all that huge dad dick, letting it all into my flexible throat.

“All on the first try,” Mr. Cooper reacted in appreciation, “You trained him well, son.”

“Right?” Hunter said, his voice full of excitement, “He never gets tired of dick, only gets hungrier for it. The first load he swallows only turns him into even more of a slut.”

“I guess I’ll have to see for myself. Eat that dick, boy. Make daddy feed you his load,” I heard Mr. Cooper say and felt all the inhibitions fade away. His dirty words made me moan around his fat shaft and a big drop of drool and precum dripped down my chin. It felt so dirty and so goddamn satisfying!

The lake was empty and peaceful and the only noise I could hear were the grunts of Mr. Cooper and the sounds of my boyfriend jerking off behind me. I felt my own shorts getting wet and sticky from my own hardon, pumping out tons of precum – I was already horny enough to shoot. The only thought that was on my mind was how exactly Mr. Cooper’s cum would taste. How would it compare to his son’s? My mouth decided to find out and decided to send the man over the edge.

I pulled the foreskin all the way back and let my tongue go crazy on the naked tip. Mr. Cooper moaned hard and arched his back. His other hand joined the party and he grabbed my head from the sides, as he started full-on skullfucking me. I heard him groan and huff, he went absolutely wild – just like his son did right before his orgasms. I submitted completely and let him have his way with my throat, eagerly awaiting the creamy reward any second now.

“Oh, fuck! Eat it all, you little slut!” I finally heard him shout and prepared myself. He didn’t stop fucking me, he just started shooting – with his hard dick still ramming my throat. I felt the hot liquid being brutally fucked deep into my throat as well as the inside of my mouth. The taste was perfect – a little bitter, very musky and – GOD – the amounts of it! I moaned like a little bitch as I started slurping it all up, sending it straight down my hungry throat as he kept shooting more and more.

Just as he was done and finally started slowing down, I felt a hand on the back of my t-shirt, tugging forcefully and turning me around. Hunter was holding me with one hand and jerking off furiously with the other, his eyes full of lust. I knew he was incredibly close to cumming.

“Get your mouth over here now!” he commanded me and pushed me between his legs. As soon as I looked on his cock, I got a huge splash of his hot cum in my face! He was so horny he couldn’t hold on until I got my mouth on it and his first shot blasted all over me! Luckily, I was able to wrap my lips around his dick before he shot the second load. He groaned and started feeding me the rest of his creamy cum. The taste of him and his father were mixing up in my dirty, used mouth and I made sure I swallowed every single drop.

I finally let go and gave some rest to my used, chapped lips. Both men were panting and quiet, looking alternately at me and then at themselves. Their dicks were still hanging out, sticky, soft and properly satisfied. It was likely they were both a little bit shocked by themselves in the afterglow, but it was too late to undo anything. I was worried that the situation might grow really awkward at that point. It took a while until Hunter’s dad spoke up.

“We should probably get back to the cabin,” he said, his voice all raspy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32