Family Battle Ch. 03

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Ch. 03: Battle Continues

After two intense battles that included each of us using sex as a weapon, it was clear there was no turning back. Even an attempt to apologize after the first fight between us failed miserably and saw us rolling around on the floor again locked in a physical confrontation. I knew mom worked out regularly and kept in tremendous shape, but this was insane. I was overcome with confusion as to what was happening between us, but the more I thought about it the more certain I became that I was not going to give in to her. This had escalated to a completely different level between us now and we were both determined to assert complete domination over each other by any means necessary, even if that included sexual tactics.

I was able to defeat her the first time, but I guess you could say the second match ended in a draw. When I left her house we agreed to meet the very next night. I would tell the wife that I had to help mom with some work she was doing around the house after work. That would afford us plenty of time.

I even left work a little early that afternoon. When I got to my mom’s house, the front door was open so I walked right in. I started taking off my suit as soon as I closed the front door as I heard mom say she was downstairs in the basement waiting for me. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I was stripped from the waist up. I saw mom waiting for me, stripped naked already with hands on hips. I quickly finished undressing and stood up. Mom glanced down at the raging hard-on I was already sporting and flashed an evil grin. We didn’t need to ask if the other was ready, we just closed the gap between us immediately and reached out to lock up…

…when mom stunned me by smacking me in the face. We said no blows to the face since that would be difficult to explain, so I wasn’t expecting that. Then she grabbed me by the hair and got me against one of the walls before she brought her knee into my erect dick that was sticking up against my stomach. Then she released one hand, measured my dick and landed a solid punch to it, bringing me to my knees. Already I was staggered as she was turning up the heat and intensity of the fight. I was grimacing in pain but determined to meet her blow for blow if that’s what she wanted, so I gathered my senses tekirdağ escort long enough to launch a short jab into her waiting pussy which was right in front of my face. She let out a scream and fell to her knees in front of me. Still holding my cock with one hand I was able to land a solid blow of my own to her fleshy but relatively firm tit, contorting her face in pain. That allowed me to reach out with both hands, grabbing her tits and pushing her onto her back as I twisted and squeezed them hard. I was now sitting on her stomach wrenching her tits in my hands as she hammered away at my arms trying to free herself. Not able to, she grabbed my dick and starting pulling on itn hard. It hurt but I thought I was doing more damage to her until she released my dick and grabbed my balls and squeezed…

…I cursed her as I let go of her tits and fell backwards in an attempt to free my balls from her grip. As I fell off her I finally managed to break free but I was in a lot of pain as I was balled up on my side. Mom managed to slowly get to her feet and started kicking me, 4, 5, 6 times while I tried to cover up. I was able to leg sweep her when she went to kick me again, knocking her onto the carpeted basement floor hard. My balls still ached but I climbed on top of her and slapped on a full nelson. Then I started to rub her face first into the carpet as my erection filled the crack of her ass. I even bounced her head off the carpet a few times before I decided to enter her pussy from behind. I deftly manuevered myself until I was able to enter her, still with the full nelson hold on her, and started pounding her hard. Her pussy was invitingly wet with her juices so there was no difficulty sticking my dick in. My mistake was releasing the full nelson hold, but I was feeling cocky so to speak. I yanked her head up by her hair and grabbed her chin with my other hand, squeezing her mouth as I tried to make her say she gave up. I was taunting her a little and it was too early in the fight to do that. I thought it was safe because she was returning my thrusts…I thought I had her close to cumming but she was just fighting me back, trying to weaken me too. Releasing the ful nelson freed her arms and hands and allowed her to grab a good handful of my hair and pull me off her, yanking my trabzon escort dick out of her pussy in the process.

I rolled over onto my back and she was on me quickly. She sat on my stomach and started choking me with both hands, sliding down until her pussy engulfed my dick again. Our lower bodies were again battling for control over each other as she squeezed my neck with her hands, cutting off my air supply. From underneath her I reach up and grabbed her throat, choking her back. The chokes were not that effective considering the thrusting back and forth our lower bodies were doing, but we were still weakening each other none-the-less. I managed to roll her over as we continued to choke each other face to face but now I was on top of her and able to pound her pussy harder as well. She was losing some steam until her legs tightened around my waist in a vice like grip, making me release her throat as I reached for her legs to ease the pressure on my waist. Our thrusting stopped as well as we focused more on the fight we were in, but my dick was still lodged in her pussy.

I wasn’t going to be able to release her legs with my hands so I just started punching her tits. She tried to cover up but couldn’t and was finally forced to release her leg scissor hold. By now my dick came out of her pussy but she was still on her back in front of me as I was kneeling between her legs. When her legs fell to the floor I lowered my aim with one punch and landed a blow to her pussy which made her yelp in pain and roll over, clutching herself down below. I dropped down on top of her again and this time got her in a choke hold from behind, wrapping my arm around her throat. She thrashed violently underneath me and rolled us around a little before coming to rest on our sides. She had wiggled herself free a little but I still had a good hold on her and was weakening her further. She was able to reach down and grab my dick and start jerking me off. There was no way I was going to put her out before she made me cum so I reached down and started fingering her as she jerked me off. I think I was doing more damage to her again since I felt her hand weakening around my shaft.

I used the opportunity to flip her onto her back and pin her arms over her head as I lowered my crotch onto her face and sivas escort started grinding my erection on her face too. I felt I had her again and wanted to hammer home my victory as I told her to give up. She was still fighting underneath me and before I knew it she had taken my dick into her mouth. A minute ago I thought I was close to beating her and now, even though I still had her pinned she clearly had the upper hand because I was coming close to blowing my load again. I had to back off of her which let her reach up and grab my hair, pulling my head down. I stretched my legs out and fell on top of her in a full body pin. I reached down and grabbed her hair too as our bodies came together again from head to toes. My dick was not in but grinding against her pussy as the sweat built between our bodies, chests rubbing chests, stomachs mashed together, legs tangled in a mutual grapevine hold with feet braced against each other. I started to choke her again and she moved her hands from my hair to around my throat again too as our lower bodies continued to grind against each other. It wasn’t long before we both came to orgasm considering the heightened state of arousal we were both in and inflicted upon each other. My jizz shot straight up between our stomachs as her body tensed up underneath me and her juices spilled out of her onto my lower cock and balls.

We were still choking each other but had eased up a lot due to the orgasms. I was able to land some quick rabbit punches to her tit which dropped her hands to her side. I used the chance to pin both wrists above her head with one hand, slid up a little and continue to punch her in the tit and stomach too. The stomach shots left my hand full of the cum I shot up between us that was now smeared all over our upper bodies. A few tit shots and two good punches to her gut left her winded and beaten. She didn’t have to say she gave up, she was done fighting, but I wanted to make her say it after what we’d been through. I stood over her and stomped on her stomach for good measure, and getting a footful of cum on the heel of my foot, before smearing it all over her face in a victory pose all the time telling her to say that she gives up. I stuck my toes all around her nose and mouth, rubbing the cum all over until she finally admitted her defeat to me.

I quickly cleaned up and got dressed to leave. As I was heading out the door I heard her say I would have some more work to do around the house on Thursday so I better be there early. I yelled back no problem, I would be happy to do some more repars…

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