Familly Lessons 10 by Darklord

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Cindy opened the door to her cousin’s knock and looked her up and down. Julia was only a year older than her, and had been away on vacation for her nineteenth birthday last year, so this year they were sort of sharing the big event. Julia was wearing white shorts that clung to her tightly, and ended only inches below her crotch, which was outlined clearly by the tight-fitting, creased cotton. Her sleeveless top was a clingy peach color, and held up by thin straps across bronzed shoulders. Cindy could see the outline of her nipples through the flesh colored fabric and knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her dark, short hair was trimmed to fit around her face, and her lips shone red and wet. Her hazel eyes sparkled as Cindy met her gaze.

“Come on in,” she said, “the folks are away and Brad’s off doing some guy thing, I don’t know what, so we have the place to ourselves.” She turned to walk back in, kicking up her bare feet and spreading her short tennis skirt with her hands, showing off a tiny bit of her white panties under the twirling of the mini-skirt. Cindy was wearing a loose T-shirt of Brad’s, a habit she’d picked up lately, and she liked the bigness of his shirts, the way they played peek-a-boo with her boobs, and the man scent of him that was left on them.

The two cousins drifted to the couch and Cindy bounded out to the kitchen to get them drinks. When she returned, Julia was stretched out on one corner, one leg curled under her, the other dangling idly. “So what kind of surprise would you like for the big day?” she asked, “And what can we get for my darling Daddy?”

Cindy thought back to the wild sex she’d been having, first with father, then with Brad, and finally with her mother. Her pussy ached with the memories, and she felt a little wet patch starting in her crotch. “Well, Mom got me and her some matching negligees. She said they might be just the thing for the party. What do you think?” Cindy eyed her cousin to see what her reaction would be.

“Oh, sounds delightfully wicked. I’m sure Daddy would love to see you and Aunt Sara in your underwear. Probably Mom, too,” she added, remembering the feel of her mother’s hands in her own pussy.

“Well, what are you going to wear, then?”

“Hmm. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something,” she said, her hand casually going to stroke her breast through her top as the memories of her hot session with her parents came flooding back. “I bet you both look great in your negligees. You look pretty good now, as a matter of fact, and I know Mom wants to make this something special for Daddy. Something really special.”

Cindy watched as her cousin teased her nipple gaziantep escort kızlar into erection, feeling a stirring between her legs at the sight, and wondering what special treat to give her uncle besides a view of her nearly naked body.

“I think Mom and Aunt Sara have something they’re cooking up,” Julia said, “something extra sexy. You know they’ve always had a thing for each other, don’t you?”

“Only recently,” Cindy said, remembering what her mother had said about Aunt Josie liking to eat pussy. She blushed slightly at the thought of her mother and aunt having sex together, but it also sent the warm feeling shooting back up her spine. Her cousin’s erect nipple was also having an effect on her, and now she moved to tweak the other one. Cindy slowly started to slip her hand onto her own tits. She was feeling so turned on thinking about showing off in front of Uncle Mark and the whole family. Maybe she’d get to fuck somebody, maybe Uncle Mark. He was sexy enough to fuck, though Aunt Josie always seemed to lead him around by the dick.

“You know, I saw Mom and Dad fucking this week, and it was really something. They have quite a hot time in bed. Have you ever seen your parents fucking?”

“No, not exactly,” Cindy said, remembering fucking both of them separately, but not seeing them together.

“So, what does that mean? You did or you didn’t?”

“Well, I sort of saw them each fucking, but not each other.”

“Ohhh. Maybe even better. Who were they fucking?”

“Umm. Well, it was actually, umm………” Cindy didn’t feel quite ready to tell her cousin the news about how she had been fucking her whole family.

“Okay. I’ll tell you about mine, and then you tell me about yours. Deal?”


“Here’s the real scoop. When I said I’d seen my parents fucking, I meant I saw them close up. Really close up.”

“How close?”

“I was right there. I mean, I fucked them both. And at the same time. And, it was the most incredible fuck I’ve ever had. Well, now let’s hear yours.”

Cindy was flushed and excited when she heard Julia’s story. She couldn’t wait to get more details, but knew she had to share first. “As I said, I saw them both fucking somebody else. Me. I fucked them both, but not at the same time. I want to hear more about yours. It sounds incredibly exciting.”

“Umm hmm,” Julia said, leaning back a little and slipping her hand between her crotch. “It makes me wet just to think about it. And I’ll bet your panties aren’t exactly dry, either.”

Cindy reached a hand under her short skirt and felt the wetness creeping outward. She spread her legs a little and rubbed her clit through her soaking panties. “Ummm. Yeah, me too. Dad was a great fuck, but there was something about the way Mom did it, more like making love than just fucking. I loved it when she ate my pussy.” Her pussy grew even wetter as she remembered the warm feeling as she came in her mother’s mouth.

“Have you sucked your father off? That was an incredible feeling, his cum filling my mouth while Mom finger-fucked me, then I couldn’t stand it any longer and I just came all over both of them. God, it was too much. I ‘m getting so horny just thinking about it.”

“Hmm. Me too,” Cindy said, and the two girls rolled toward each other, locking in a tight embrace. Julia worked her hands under Cindy’s huge T-shirt and squeezed her tits through the soft material of her bra, twisting the nipples to arousal. Cindy returned the touch, sliding Julia’s straps off her shoulders and cupping the warm woman flesh of her cousin. They were both lost in family lust and needed a passionate release, right now. Cindy leaned down and gobbled one of her cousin’s tits deep into her mouth, slurping loudly as she slithered her tongue all over the delicious mammary.

Julia slid a hand up Cindy’s skirt, rubbing vigorously against her damp cunt slit, feeling the outline of the pussy lips just beneath the skimpy surface. Cindy let out a sigh, and Julia pushed her back onto the couch, bringing her hand up forcefully into her cousin’s cunt. She lifted Cindy’s hips to slide the soaked panties off, then began kissing up the inside of her thigh, smelling the scent of her pussy get stronger as she neared her goal. As she reached the golden honey pot, she spread the cunt lips apart, and dived in, feeling them close around her face, and the lovely cunt smell surround her completely.

Julia gulped Cindy’s love channel, drinking in all the wonderful juices that were flowing all around her. She reached up a hand to rub the engorged clit, and heard Cindy cry out with increased pleasure. She was loving eating pussy, and she thought of her mother and her sister eating each other, wondering if they liked it as much as she did right now. She moved her mouth up to encircle the throbbing clit and worked two fingers into the writhing cunt opening. Then, on impulse, she snaked her fingers along the crack of Cindy’s ass. What a kick, she thought. I’m going to fuck my cousin in the ass, and she’s gonna love it.

As her finger reached the tiny, puckered opening, she felt Cindy stiffen a little, but she eased the lubricated member into the outer opening, waiting for the sphincter to relax. When it did, she was ready, and plunged her finger deep into her cousin’s asshole, bringing an even louder shout of lustful pleasure. She fucked her finger in and out while she continued eating her cousin’s clit. Her own pussy was dripping wet now and aching for release of its own. She sat up enough to strip off her own clothes, then turned around, lowering her own cunt above her cousin’s lustful face. She saw Cindy reaching up for her ass, and pulling the pussy closer to her panting lips.

“Do you want that pussy?” Julia yelled through clenched teeth. “Do you really want to eat my pussy?”

“More than anything. Give it to me. Let me have it. I want to eat you and eat you until you cum in my mouth.:

That was all Julia needed to hear, and she slowly lowered herself over her cousin’s face, bringing the cunt she had been eating back into her delighted view. The two cousins began to eat each other, licking and sucking, sticking their fingers in and out, until Julia felt a shivering beginning low down in her belly.

“I’m gonna cum, ohhhhh it feels so good. I’m gonna cum right in your fucking mouth.:

Cindy gulped faster, and Julia felt a trembling in her cousin as well. The ass cheeks she was grabbing shook in her hands as her fingers kneaded their lovely curves, but the blonde wouldn’t pull her mouth away and gulped in Julia’s pussy as her own orgasm neared. With a sudden gushing, Julia flooded into Cindy’s mouth, renewing watching as her cousin dipped into her, lapping every bit of the moisture right out of her.

Cindy was draining her expertly, not letting a drop escape. As her orgasm took hold of her full force, Julia added an additional finger to Cindy’s boiling cunt, and glued her lips over the clit bouncing in her mouth. She felt Cindy begin to cum with her, and suddenly they were both pouring out cunt juices, and licking and sucking for all they were worth so they wouldn’t lose a bit of the precious sex fluid.

They licked softly until the spasms subsided, then Julia turned around to lie in Cindy’s arms, their breasts touching, the nipples rubbing together sensuously. She stuck her tongue into Cindy’s mouth, tasting the sweet taste of her own cunt juices there, and they mingled their tastes, reveling in the delicious woman taste of each other.

“Well, it’s bound to be one hot party,” Cindy said, “if this week is any indication.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait to see everyone when you and Aunt Sara parade out in your little outfits. I wonder who’ll fuck you first.”

“Birthday boy and birthday girl?” Cindy said, expectantly, and they collapsed against each other, giggling at the luxuriant possibilities.

[email protected]~~~Still 10 more to come….for the final Birthday Party

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