Falling in Love with Savannah Pt. 02

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This is the second story in the Falling in Love with Savannah series. Enjoy!


I think I’m starting to fall in love with Savannah. I know it seems odd to say, especially since I’m married. But there is something about Savannah that just makes me feel like a better person (again, this seems odd since I’m sort of cheating on my wife, but it’s true. FYI…I say sort of because it’s not like we’ve done anything physical – at least not yet).

Overall, I feel better about myself since that night. As a man. As a human. As a life in this thing we call earth. I feel like I’m living the life I always wanted. The life I always dreamt of. More importantly, I feel happy. Not because I got to jack off with Savannah via texting, but because I feel like I’m creating a new chapter in my life with someone I really care about – someone just like me.

I tried to handle the day after our sexting experience as if it were any other day. I woke up with the kids, got them ready and dropped them off at school. The wife went to work before I woke up, so that helped me try to avoid any possible vocal slip ups with her. I cleaned the house a bit, watched a movie, and read a book. Well, I tried to watch a movie and read a book. But it was extremely difficult to focus.

I kept thinking about Savannah and the previous night. At one point during the day, shortly before lunch, I actually touched myself again, thinking about the pictures Savannah sent the night before. As you would expect, prior to masturbating, I searched the internet for almost an hour trying to find a way to get the deleted images of Savannah back. I tried to get the pic of Savannah’s perfectly shaped breasts, ready for me to lightly lick. Or the pic of her beautiful smile, her perfect face, those green eyes. Damn those green eyes. The way they innocently looked at me, but with the naughtiest inner purpose.

It’s sad, I suppose, of the words I am writing now. Why, after all, do I not write these things about my wife’s face? Do I no longer see her as beautiful? Is it because we don’t have sex? Is that because she had our two wonderful children? It can’t be because of the kids; after all, we didn’t have much of a life sex before them. I don’t know, and I don’t really care. Not now. Not with Savannah in my life.

After masturbating, I thought about contacting Savannah. Either by text, voice, or even in real life. I didn’t really care how, I just wanted to be with her. For example, I dreamt about running away with her. Possibly renting a hotel on the beach. Spending a night on the balcony, with her in my lap as I sat on a chair. Running my fingers along her cheek, whispering those three wonderful words. Savannah softly nuzzling her face into my neck, lightly kissing it every few moments.

Of course, I masturbated again. Maybe I have a problem? I began to worry a bit. Do I masturbate too much? Is this normal? Well, of course, cheating isn’t normal, but falling in love is. Right? It’s not like I had sex with her. Or got her pregnant. Or fucked her at our house (damn, that kind of turns me on). Maybe I am in the wrong here…but I choose to listen to what the dick wants instead.

After masturbating a third time (yeah, I know it seems a lot, but it was in the course of about 2 hours), I ran about four miles and finished a set of 50 or so lunges. I took a shower, cleaned up, and decided to pick up the kids. The rest of the day pretty much went on as any normal day. No more masturbating for me that evening. I think three was my limit that day (though I didn’t stop thinking about Savannah).

I went to work the next day, no new thoughts were running through my mind as Savannah had the day off. But every now and then I would glance around to see if maybe she would just magically appear. At one point I wished that another co-worker would get sick or fall of a cliff or maybe die in a horrible traffic accident so that Savannah would get called in. The gods weren’t on my side, however, which, I suppose, is a good thing. But before I left, I checked the new schedule for the next week. A ray from the clouds above seemed to shine on the paper I was holding. Savannah and I had three shifts together during the mamak escort next week. Tomorrow would be the first time I would see her since the night we kissed. I felt like a giddy school child, the same feeling I had when I wrote a love poem to Theresa in Sixth Grade (though, unfortunately, she didn’t feel the same way about me).

When I went to bed that evening, it took me hours to fall asleep. I tried everything: I counted sheep, I watched a boring Adam Sandler movie (I suppose you could just assume I watched any one of his movies), and I tried reading the original Count of Monte Cristo on my Kindle (hey, it was free). Nothing worked. I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing Savannah at work when I woke up. What would happen? Would she pretend I didn’t exist? Would she feel guilty because I’m married and completely shut down? Or, hopefully, would we embrace one another? Admit we love each other and hug, kiss, move in together? My mind didn’t make any sense after a few hours and I finally fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up prepared to make it the best day that I could. The wife watched the kids while I got ready for work and, after giving a quick goodbye wave to the wife (she wasn’t a fan of hugs or kisses) and a kiss or two to the kids, I went to what seemed to be my second life at work.

When I show up at work, I immediately notice Savannah standing in the computer section. She is talking to a customer, selling what looks like the newest iMac. Her hands are moving all over the place and her face – as radiant as ever – shines with a permanent glow as she explains the computer’s specifications. I can’t hear her from so far away, but I know the full routine and I stand silently watching her lips move apart and come together. I think about putting my tongue back in her mouth. Our spit swapping from mouth to mouth as our tongues dance in circles. Suddenly, a hand taps me on my shoulder. It’s my supervisor; I guess I was in some sort of daze.

I put my things in my locker and go to work. I help a kid find the newest Skylander game and help an older woman find Grand Theft Auto 5 for her 8 year old (I listen to her go on and on about how kids are so horrible these days, playing violent games like these. I wanted to tell her to just not buy the game, but didn’t want her to angry at me thinking I was calling her stupid – which I would be by the way).

A few moments later, Savannah walked up to me. She startled me when she came up to me and gave me a hug. I didn’t know what that meant. I mean, are we together? Or was it just a fling? What was this thing between us? She seemed to read my mind this time, standing in her white capris and her blue work shirt, she put her pinky finger up to her lips as if she was a naughty girl. I smiled and did the same thing. She laughed, a real laugh out loud sort of laugh. I said hi. She said hi. We both stood there like two grade school kids falling in love for the first time. My supervisor interrupted us and asked me to help him move some of the new PS4s down to the display level. As we turned away, Savannah kissed the air while looking intently at me. I, once again, smiled in return.

The rest of the day was pretty busy so we didn’t talk much. A new game just came out and everyone had to have it. But, like what usually happens, the ten copies we had sold out right away. So, I spent most of my time looking on the computer seeing if other stores had it (which, by the way, one can look up from his or her home). I was talking to a customer when Savannah’s shift ended. I noticed Savannah try to say by to me – her hand high in the air waiving as she jumped up and down. I laughed and the customer asked me what was so funny. Answering that question was very awkward.

I drove home, went through the nightly routine, and when night approached, laid down and read a book (in my own room, my wife and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for several years now). But, similar to the previous day, I couldn’t stop thinking about Savannah. Just to let you know (and remind you), my whole fascination with her wasn’t purely sexual – really, I mean it. After all, this is the girl I have ofise gelen escort working with for almost 3 months and whom I had lunch with every time we worked together. We would talk about computers, movies, and video games (all three subjects my wife had absolutely no knowledge or interest about – she barely could even fake interest when we tried to talk about those topics).

But with Savannah, we seemed to have an intra personal connection. We both seemed to know what the other was thinking without even saying it. A few times we laughed because we knew exactly what sarcastic response the other would have. This is the same girl who talked to me for thirty minutes after work a few weeks ago about what would happen if a zombie invasion really did happen. Would we become infected? Or would we survive? Due to her ability to talk herself out of any situation – and due to her beautiful looks – I absolutely knew she would survive (though what zombie wouldn’t want to take a bite out of her sexy little body?) We both actually worried more about the human response to such an invasion rather than the zombies themselves. I was in deep like, maybe even love, with Savannah, within moments of first speaking with her. My god, she even had a Ron Paul sticker on her car!

I was about to shut my eyes and go to sleep when I received a text.

Savannah: :0P

After noticing the bright light of my phone, I immediately picked it up and responded.

Me: :0O

Savannah: lol.

About half a minute passed.

Savannah: Are u touching yourself again?

Damn. Just come right out and say it. What if my wife had been around?

Me: Not yet…

Me: :0)

Yeah, I just took it to the next level. I guess any morality issues are gone at this point.

Savannah: lol.

Savannah: I was about to.

Savannah: I think I need help.

Me: What can I do?

Savannah: Tell me why u like me.

Me: Ok.

I took a few seconds to conjure up a few important reasons.

Me: You’re funny.

Me: Smart.

Me: Helpful.

Me: Understanding.

Me: Patient.

Me: Kind.

Me: Respectful.

Savannah: What about sexy?

I smiled.

Me: Just a little bit.

Me: jk.

Savannah: lol

See, my wife here would have gotten upset and defensive. But, Savannah, she had fun with it. I suppose I should add that as an additional reason.

Savannah: What else?

Me: A great kisser!

Savannah: It helps when the person I kiss is just as good.

Me: It was amazing wasn’t it?

Savannah: Best ever.

A few seconds passed and a pic appeared on the phone’s screen. It was a close-up pic of Savannah’s mouth. I could see her lips pressed together, but her tongue seemed like it wanted release. I could see the tip of her tongue slightly protruding from her moist lips. It was so sexy. Savannah was so sexy. I thought about kissing the phone but then thought that is something a pervert would do, so I decided against it.

Savannah: Where is my kiss?

Savannah: U know how this works…

I took a quick picture of my lips. Trying to make it sexy but failing miserably. I sent it anyway;

I mean, she is right, isn’t she?

Savannah: lol.

Savannah: So cute.

Savannah: I want more!!

I sent another pic, this time with my tongue out. I looked silly, but what the hell, she said I was cute. I’ll take that over nothing at all any day.

Savannah: I want a real kiss from u.

Me: I can’t leave. Lol.

Savannah: U have FaceTime right?

Me: Um, what is that?

Savannah: Oh, you are married!

Me: Lol.

A few seconds passed and a call or something appeared on my phone. I answered it and immediately noticed Savannah’s angelic face. Her sexy green eyes, and those supple lips. How I longed for her tongue in my mouth!

Savannah: Hey.

The speaker’s volume was all the way up so her voice was amplified in the quiet night. Shit! I quickly turned the volume down, and put the phone down under the covers. I waited about a minute otele gelen escort and listened for any steps of children or of my wife. I heard nothing except for my heartbeat pumping violently under the covers. I whispered to Savannah, reminding her that I’m home. She smiled, laughing the whole incident off. She told me to put headphones on, that I would want to hear her voice.

I smiled, imagining the endless potentials of what could happen. I grabbed my headphones and plugged them in. I whispered softly, telling her that I couldn’t talk or I would wake my family up. She told me I wouldn’t have to talk, that she would do all the talking for me.

The camera moved and a black screen appeared. It sounded as if she was taking her clothes off. My theory proved right when the screen showed her small but perky breasts. They seemed to curve upwards, her nipples stood up as if they were excited to see me.

My penis responded by jerking up a bit. Slanting up the right side of my leg, my dick began to enlarge, stretching the fabric of my boxers. I looked towards the door, worried that someone would enter the room. After a few seconds, I removed my boxers and threw them on the floor. No, keep those close by hunny, she said, you will need them very soon. I moved over, reaching down to pick my boxers from off the floor. My cock was as its apex, and it jammed hard into the bed as I stretched downwards. I put the boxers on the nightstand, close by as Savannah demanded.

The camera was still aimed towards her breasts. I wanted to flick them so bad. As always, she read my mind and told me to imagine kissing her breasts. Kissing her hard nipples. Lightly moving my tongue up and down, left and right. Flicking the tip of her exposed breasts up and down, left and right. Just like I did when my tongue was in her mouth. My dick was so hard at this point. I felt pre-cum on my shaft when I reached towards it. I began to rub my penis up and down when Savannah told me not yet. That it would be my turn soon. She said it was her turn first.

I saw her hand move towards her right nipple. The tip of her pointer finger gracefully circled her nipple. Her breaths became deeper, heavier. Every now and then a soft moan would erupt from between her lips. It was a high pitch, soft but sexy as can be.

At this point, my dick was hurting. It pained to be touched. I slowly reached down to grab it, when her face appeared on the camera. I told you not yet, she said with a stern look with her two slightly wet fingers moving side by side. She looked mean, yet peaceful at the same time. She looked as if she wanted to help me become satisfied, but just wanted me to wait a few more minutes. I sighed, but then became excited as the camera moved down to her vagina. She pulled the white bed cover off her sexy semi-tanned body and she seemed to lean the camera on something (maybe a pillow) with it pointing towards her warm pussy.

In the background I could see her low tummy, soft hill-like breasts, and gorgeous smile. Her tongue was moving in and out of her mouth, licking her lips, as she moaned quietly. Her manicured fingers lightly touched her clitoris. Two fingers moved in circles, slowly at first but then picking up pace. Her breaths became deeper and heavier. Her moans louder and sexier. I felt my pre cum hit my pelvic area. My dick was ready to be pleased. Like a prisoner, it was begging to be released.

As if she knew, she said almost baby as she moved her fingers faster and faster. Her moans got louder and louder. She began to scream so loud, I had to turn the volume down. Now, she said, cum with me. I didn’t hesitate. I grabbed my cock with my right hand while holding the phone in my left. I looked at her pussy as I moved my hand up and down. I began to move my hand up and down as quickly as Savannah was moving her fingers on her clitoris. She began to scream like she was getting fucked by some guy with a 12 inch cock. Now, baby cum with me, she exclaimed just as I exploded on my sheets. Her breathing seemed to slow down, her fingers moving from her clit to her vagina. Three of her fingers entered inside her pussy as my cum continued to trickle down my right hand.

I shook my head, thinking that I was dumb for not using my boxers. She noticed and said it would be alright. Let’s just live in the moment, she said, let’s pretend we are together holding each other. It was a perfect answer to a perfect night. She gave me a kiss on the screen and I kissed her in return. It was my first virtual kiss. A moment I would never forget.

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