Falling for Emma

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Big Tits

‘You never know. You might like her. Just give it a chance.’

I loved Leila, she had been my best friend since we were kids, but sometimes she frustrated the hell out of me. This was one definitely those times.

My first year at Uni had been good. I was acing my classes and had finally settled into a routine that suited me. Every morning I got up at six and did a five-kilometre run. Then I spent my day either in lectures or in the library. I’d never been much of a going out person, so I was happy going to the gym and then heading back to the library till late. I was in the best physical shape I’d ever been, and my studies and reading kept my mind active.

I’d been looking forward to Leila starting at the same university as me, but ever since she had arrived, she had been chastising me for having no social life. Of course, she had taken to the whole student socialising part like a duck to water. Within weeks she had made loads of friends and was out nearly every night at some party or student night.

I loved that about her. That she could enter a room full of strangers and within minutes be chatting with people like she had known them for years. That wasn’t me, though. I was never good in a crowded room or even any room with people I didn’t know.

I sat in the bar, wondering how I had let Leila cajole me into this. The truth was, I knew the moment she first mentioned setting me up with one of her new friends she would eventually wear me down.

The only thing that prevented me from bolting was how excited Leila was. The thought of a blind date horrified me, but it was too late to back out now.

When Leila’s phone pinged, she excitedly jumped up and said:

‘She’s outside. Remember, be nice.’

Then she hurried towards the door as my nerves began to grow.

A minute or so later, she returned with my date, and that was when I received my first shock of the evening…I knew her.

When I say I knew her, I didn’t really. I’d probably said hi to her a hundred times, but I didn’t know her. To me, she was just the girl who worked in the library.

I’d always thought she was pretty, but as they walked toward me, I realised how different the library girl looked. She looked hot. She never wore anything I would describe as sexy in the library. However, what she was wearing tonight definitely stirred something in me.

Her long blond hair, usually in a ponytail, was in bunches, and although she wore her usual glasses, her red lipstick made her look incredibly sexy. She looked so tall in her six-inch heels, and her long legs looked incredible, covered in either black tights or stockings. Her outfit was super cute. The short plaid skirt and a white blouse were sexy enough to turn me on but not so outrageous she was drawing too much attention.

When I stood up to greet her, she kissed me softly on the cheek and said:

‘Hi, Harry. You look great.’

I blushed at her compliment and glanced at Leila to see the smug smile I knew she would have, as, despite my earlier protests, I was wearing the suit she had made me buy for the date.

Leila then, guessing correctly that I didn’t know the library girl’s name, said:

‘Ok, Harry, I’ll leave you and Emma to get acquainted and have fun.’

As Emma sat down, her skirt hiked up a little, and I saw her stocking tops. But, of course, when I looked up, she was smiling, having caught me perving over her. My cheeks blushed again.

After a somewhat nervous start to the evening, we actually got on well, really well. We both had similar tastes in music and movies and loved reading. She was smart, really smart, but she was also cute and funny. I’d only read about people having that instant connection and spark before, but I had never felt it before until my date with Emma.

Before I knew it, the bell for the last orders was ringing. While I went to the bar, Emma headed to the toilet. Returning to the empty table, I put the drinks down and started working on plucking up the courage to ask her for a second date.

When she returned, though, I received my second shock of the night. Emma sat down and then told me to hold out my hand. When I did, she reached over and placed something in it. She had put her panties in my hand.

There was also a scrap of paper on which she had written:

‘Thank you for a wonderful date, Harry. I’d love to continue it at my place if you want.’

When she saw my smile, she asked me if that was a ‘yes’ and I told her I would love that.

As we made our way out of the bar, Emma took my hand into hers. Then the second we got outside, she kissed me. It was perfect.

Then as he pulled away, and said:

‘Wait. Leila did tell you about me, didn’t she?’

Confused, I asked her what she meant, and she said:

‘About me…you know, in the bedroom.’

My look of confusion deepened then, thinking she wanted to take things slowly in that department, I replied:

‘It’s ok. I think you are awesome, but we don’t have to do anything. I’m just happy spending Sıhhiye Escort time with you.’

Emma then smiled and said:

‘Ooh, that girl drives me crazy. She promised she would tell you.’

Now, I was baffled:

‘I don’t understand. What was she supposed to tell me?’

For the first time that evening, Emma was the one who looked nervous. Then she took my hand and said:

‘Ok, so I honestly thought you knew. I only met Leila a few weeks ago at a party, and when I told her what I was into, she said she knew someone who would be into the same things. I feel like a fool now. God, I’m going to kill her when I see her.’

She looked like she was about to leave, so I stepped forward and kissed her again, then asked her again to tell me what Leila had been supposed to say to me.

It was clear Emma was embarrassed and reluctant to tell me, so I said:

‘Look, I really like you, and I’d love to see you again. Of course, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want, but whatever it is, it will not stop me from thinking how amazing you are.

For a few seconds, I could see her weighing up in her mind whether to tell me or not, then she said:

‘I like you too, Harry. Tonight has been better than I could have hoped for. I feel that there could be something between us. But…god, I really wish Leila had told you….’

She paused for a few seconds, then continued:

‘…I like some things in the bedroom that are a bit out there. I really want someone who can enjoy those things with me, which is why I was so excited about our date. I honestly thought you knew. I’m so pissed, Leila hasn’t told you.’

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her into me, then asked her what things. She then whispered in my ear:

‘I like to be in control. I’m not a dominatrix or anything; outside of the bedroom, I’m just me. But in bed, I want to be in charge. Leila said you might be into that.’

Bloody Leila. I had never said anything of the sort to her. I imagined her pissing herself with laughter at the situation she had got me into.

The funny thing was, though, the thought of being dominated by Emma was turning me on. I don’t know if it was my arousal or that I had just had such a perfect evening with her, but I lowered my hands to the back of her thighs, then moved them under her skirt to her knickerless bottom and began kissing her passionately.

When we broke the kiss, I told her I had told Leila no such thing, but the thought of her dominating me was a massive turn-on.

I felt Emma’s body relax. I think it was more relief that I hadn’t run a mile than anything. Then she kissed me again, then whispered in my ear mischievously:

.’Good. Now let’s get back to mine so I can have my wicked way with you.’

We held hands on the way to her place and tried to chat normally, but the sexual tension was too thick, and for most of the way, we walked in silence.

Outside of her flat, Emma stopped and turned to me and said:

‘Are you sure about this? You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.’

I kissed her and told her I wouldn’t have come home with her if I wasn’t excited. Then she opened the door and smiled as she said:

‘Last chance to back out. Once we close that door behind us, I will be your Mistress for the night.’

Hearing her say Mistress both excited me and made me feel nervous. I realised that I had no idea what I was letting myself into.

I had imagined that her demeanour would change the minute we entered her flat. But instead of being all stern and strict, she was just herself.

When we reached her bedroom door, she took me by the hand and kissed me softly, then said:

‘Apologies in advance. Because Leila had said you’d be into this, I prepared the room before I came out tonight. So please don’t freak out when you see all the stuff.’

Although her last statement made my mind race, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I entered the room.

I could imagine her room looked like a typical student room most of the time. A few band posters on the wall and a stack of CDs next to the stereo system. It was all the other stuff that shook me. At the bottom of the bed was a wooden chest and an array of kinky items on it.

I first noticed the red ball-gag and then the nipple clamps next to it. Beside the clamps was a wooden paddle and, then bizarrely, a silver tray with five or six candles on it.

On the bed was an assortment of ropes and lingerie, which I presumed she would change into.

Emma laughed as she reached down and felt my hard cock through my trousers and said:

‘Your face looks like you want to run a mile, but your cock seems to want to stay.’

I stood there transfixed as she slowly started undoing the buttons on her shirt. Once she had removed it, she took off her bra, exposing her gorgeously pert breasts. God, she was beautiful.

Still smiling, she said:

‘So, Harry. As you can see I have put a lot of thought Tandoğan Escort into what we would do if you came back with me tonight. Although, obviously when I planned this evening I thought you were into this kind of thing. It is completely up to you if you want to stay or not. You just have to tell me what you want to do.’

I liked that she wasn’t trying to pressure me into anything but was also fully aware that if I the conscious decision to stay, I would be admitting something to not just to Emma but also to myself. That I was turned on by the thought of submitting to her.

When I told her I wanted to stay, she gave me one of her beautiful smiles, then said:

‘In that case I think it’s time for your first lesson. I think you will enjoy it. Are you ready to start?’

When I said ‘yes’, she quickly said:

‘Call me Mistress, sweetie. Remember in this room, I am your Mistress.’

Although I blushed, I could feel my cock stiffen as I replied:

‘Yes, Mistress.’

Then she stepped towards me and said:

‘Good boy. Now I am going to teach you how to worship my breasts. Just listen to what I tell you, and you’ll be fine.’

The first thing she told me to do was put my hands on her hips, telling me to keep them there. Then she said:

‘You may kiss them now.’

I immediately lowered my head and kissed her nipple, but she told me to stop and said I was to sensuously kiss her breast but not move to the nipple until she told me.

As I started softly kissing her breasts, she said:

‘That’s perfect. Nice and gentle, kiss them all over.’

After a while, she told me to move to her other breast, still not allowing me to kiss her nipples. Finally, she said:

‘Ok. Now I want you to suck my nipple gently and listen to my instructions.’

I eagerly wrapped my lips around her nipple and began licking and sucking. Gently at first, then she said:

‘A little harder, sweetie.’

I did as she said, and after a few seconds, she said:

‘Just a little harder. You are almost there.’

I was actually sucking them quite hard when she moaned:

‘Yes. That’s perfect. Don’t stop…Oh, that feels so good.’

After a couple of minutes, she told me to move to her other nipple and to try and keep the same pressure. Then, finally, she told me to go back to sensuously kissing her breasts and stroked my hair as she said:

‘Good boy. You are a swift learner. I hope you can learn to worship the rest of me so quickly.’

The funny thing was, I loved it. It felt so intimate kissing her breasts and learning how she liked to be pleasured. I remember thinking how much easier things would be if all women taught their men how they liked being pleasured.

When she told me to take off my clothes, she admitted that she had often fantasised about what I would look like naked while she was behind her desk in the library.

Once I was naked, she told me to slowly stroke my cock, then grabbed something from her dresser and held it up in front of me. It was a black leather collar with a silver leash. As I looked at her in shock, she said:

‘Keep stroking, sweetie, while I tell you what this collar means.’

I continued stroking myself as she said:

‘When I put this collar on you, it will represent two things. The first is your submission, and the second is my ownership of you, for tonight at least. Do you understand?’

The excited, nervous, embarrassed emotions reared their heads again as I replied:

‘Yes, Mistress.’

Then she said:

‘You need to ask me, sweetie.’

Seeing the confused look on my face once more, she clarified:

‘You need to ask me to put the collar on you, sweetie. It has to be completely your choice to be collared.’

Probably feeling more embarrassed than I had felt in my entire life, I meekly said:

‘Please will you collar me, Mistress.’

As she wrapped it around my neck and fastened it, she told me that I was her submissive now, and I was hers to do with as she pleased. Then she added:

‘Don’t worry. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. Your safe word is ‘Hogwarts’. Just say it if you don’t like something and want me to stop. This is about both of us enjoying the experience. Repeat your safe word back to me.’

I said the word Hogwarts, and she made me promise to use it if I wasn’t enjoying myself. Adding that, she will presume I am enjoying myself if I don’t use it.

Then she said:

‘Let’s test how obedient you are going to be. You see the lingerie on the bed. That is for you. You can say your safe word, and we will stop here, or you can put it on for your Mistress like a good little sub.’

Shit! I had imagined only using the safe word if she was spanking me too hard or something like that. Now, I had to choose between saying it now and ending the evening or putting on women’s lingerie.

I was sure she knew exactly what was going on in my head. I almost wish she hadn’t given me a choice. If Tunalı Escort she had just ordered me to do it, it would have been far less humiliating than me choosing to wear it myself.

Deep down, though, I knew I wouldn’t say no. After worshipping her breasts, I wanted more.

As if reading my mind, Emma asked me if I would like her to dress me, to which I agreed, telling myself it was less humiliating if she dressed me in the lingerie than if I put it on myself.

The first thing she put on me was the suspender belt, which didn’t seem so bad. Then she made me sit on the bed while she pulled the stockings up my legs and attached them to the suspenders’ straps.

Once again, it was like she could read my mind when she said:

‘They feel lovely on your legs, don’t they, sweetie. It’s such a special moment wearing stockings for the first time.’

Despite my ever-growing shame, I had to admit they felt amazing. Next were the satin panties that she held open by my feet and made me step into before pulling them up my legs. My embarrassment continued when she had to push my rock-hard cock to one side to pull the panties up.

She told me she would leave the bra till later as she wanted access to my nipples. Then she told me to lie on the bed.

Once I was on the bed, a flurry of activity left me no doubt she had done this before. First, she tied my wrists together with rope, then pushed my arms above my head and tied them to the top of the bed. Then she put the red ball gag on me.

When she started to wrap the rope around my ankle, it dawned on me what a vulnerable position I had put myself in.

I watched as Emma spread my legs and attached the ropes to the bed posts, leaving me completely restrained with only a tiny bit of movement.

Once she was finished, Emma climbed on the bed next to me and said:

‘God, you look so sexy like this. Are you ok?’

I nodded. Then she removed my gag and asked if I wanted to use my safe word. When I said, I was ok. She kissed me passionately, and then she said

‘Ok, I’m going to gag you again while I play with your nipples. I will ask you every so often if you are ok. Nod if you want me to continue. Shake your head if you want me to stop.’

Not certain at all if I was ready, I replied:

‘Yes, Mistress.’

After putting the gag back in my mouth, Emma repositioned herself, lowered her head and started sucking my right nipple. Oh god, it felt so lovely. Then, when she began gently squeezing my other nipple with her fingers, she looked up at me and said:

‘Ok, sweetie?’

I nodded my head then she started sucking and pinching harder, all the time looking up at me to see if I was going to shake my head.

The harder she sucked, the more my muffled moans filled the room. As she alternated from nipple to nipple, the mixture of pain and pleasure was like nothing I had ever felt. Finally, after a few minutes of this sweet torture, Emma looked up at me and said:

‘Ooh, you are a little pain slut. I love it. Let’s see how you handle the clamps.’

Then she turned and reached down to the box at the bottom of the bed and retrieved the scary-looking metal nipple clamps.

As she put the first one on me, I cried out into my gag as the cold metal pinched tightly on my nipple. Then, after she had clamped my other nipple, she looked at me and said:

‘Do you want me to remove your gag so you can say your safe word, sweetie?’

I shook my head. The pain was intense, but I liked it. Emma gave me a huge smile and then said:

‘Good girl. I knew you were going to be fun to play with.’

The fact that she had referred to me as a girl was not lost on me. I supposed I deserved that for letting her put the lingerie on me.

When she pulled on the chain between my clamps, they tightened, and I rolled my head back and let out a long moan.

Then she removed the gag and kissed me passionately, intermittently pulling on the chain and making me moan, to which she said:

‘God, the sound of you moaning is so sexy. Do you like it when I make you moan, slut?’

I moaned, ‘Yes, Mistress, ‘ not caring she was calling me slut now. Emma kissed my neck, then said:

‘I think my little slut has earned a reward. Would you like that?

Once again, I moaned, ‘Yes, Mistress.’ The pain in my nipples was becoming almost unbearable now. Emma climbed above me, facing the bottom of the bed and lowered her shaven pussy onto my face.

As she began moaning above me, I licked her pussy while she pulled on my nipple clamps. She was in complete control, grinding on my face over and over as her pleasure built and her moans filled the room.

When she shifts a little, I begin passionately licking and sucking her clitoris. Then, knowing she is close, feeling her body writhe, hearing the intensity of her moans, I brace myself for her orgasm.

As the massive wave of pleasure from climaxing takes hold, she aggressively holds me there and grinds on my face, her juices soaking me. It was the most intense and erotic sexual moment of my life, and I loved every second of it.

After she climbed off me, she removed my nipple clamps, causing me to cry out. Then, she kisses me passionately on the mouth, tasting herself. Honestly, the night could have ended right then, and it would still have been the best night of my life.

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