Fair Play

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Standing in the pale moonlight cast from the four open windows in the middle of my bedroom, my skin shines alabaster, taking on an unearthly shimmer as I slowly turn in front of the mirror. Flaws hidden in the soft glow, the curves accentuated by the gentle light, my eyes roam everywhere over the vision in the mirror. Taking in the line of my jaw as it sweeps into the graceful arch of my neck, my collarbone hardly visible beneath the soft skin. Flowing into my round shoulders, their soft presence adding strength and stature to the ultra feminine pose. Gliding my eyes over my breasts, taking in their gentle weight as they rest on my chest, the nipples pebbled in the soft night air. Down my torso to my soft rounded belly, cupping it gently in the palm of my hand, taking in my hips whose curvy sweetness shows my mound to perfection. Sliding my hands down through my curls at the apex of my thighs, I frown slightly in the mirror, tugging and twisting my fingers over them.

“I can remove them for you.” Startled, I turned around to find him standing there. Leaning against the doorframe, his pajama bottoms riding low on his hips, his chest bare and gleaming in the moonlight. My roommate for just over 6 months, we’ve never invaded the privacy of each other’s rooms, this being the first. Hardly ever speaking except to throw a dry comment, or a flippant remark, I was startled to hear his deep whisper.

Shocked, embarrassed to have his experienced eyes on my virginal body, I quickly grab my comforter, wrapping it around me. “What did you say?” I demand.

Straightening from the door, and moving into my bedroom, he stops in front of me, his hand lightly toying with end of the blanket. “I said, ‘I can remove these for you.'”

“Remove what?” I ask. My eyes wide staring into his shadowed ones.

He grins, his teeth flashing white in the moonlight, leaning forward, he whispers, “Your soft little curls.” Opening the blanket slightly, he continues, “I saw you frown when you tugged on them, let me take care of them for you.”

Slipping his hand down my tummy, his palm flat and warm against my skin, he lightly slips his fingers through my curls, tugging gently. Helplessly, I lean into his soft touch, spreading my legs apart as his thumb finds my clit, gently circling. “Don’t you want to see it, bare and smooth? The tiny pink flesh peeking out, your pouty lips fully exposed showing satiny flesh?” he whispers into my ear.

Taking gaziantep escortları my hand, he leads me, pink comforter and all, out of my room and across the hall to his. Taking in the interior, the dark tans and browns giving the room a purely masculine feel, the king size bed dominating the room. With its four posts, and mounds of pillows and blankets, the satin sheets reflecting in the soft light, it was clearly an example of total self-indulgence. Grabbing four silk ties as we walk by his wardrobe, he leads me to the massive bed. Scooping me up in his arms, comforter and all, he gently places me in the center of the huge bed.

Holding my hand in his, he begins to wrap one of the ties around it. “Why are you doing that?” I ask. Gently tying my arm to the bedpost, he says, “Because I don’t want you to squirm and cut yourself while I’m shaving you.”

Placing a light kiss on my startled mouth, he quickly finishes securing me to the bed. Making sure that I stayed warm and snug in the soft comforter, using the pillows to prop me slightly up so my view wouldn’t be obstructed.

Disappearing into his bathroom, he shortly returns with an old fashion cup filled with frothy lather, warm towels, a bowl of steaming water, and a leather pouch. Lighting a few small lamps, casting a warm glow onto the bed, he climbs into the center, settling himself between my far spread legs. Lifting my hips off the bed with a few small pillows, he places one of the warm wet towels on my nest of curls. Whispering “Shhhhhhhhh” at my startled reaction to the heat, he gently runs his fingertips idly up and down my inner thighs, teasingly. Leaning forward, he places a small sucking kiss on my lower belly, right above the towel, leaving a tiny love mark in its place.

Removing the towel, my damp steamy curls lightly stand on end as he fluffs his fingers through them. Working the brush through the thick lather, he begins to sooth it onto my curls, spreading it in every tiny little nook, easing my lips apart to reach every hidden little piece. The brush fuzzy and feathery, making me squirm at the pleasure. From its resting place inside the leather pouch, he pulls a tiny straightedge razor, perfect for this delicate task. Urging me to be still, he makes the first swipe, a strip of pure white skin showing through. Moving his lips closer, he slowly drags his tongue up that newly exposed flesh, looking into my eyes, and whispering, “Yummy.”

Easing his fingers around, tugging on the lather-covered flesh, his thumb purposely making contact with my clit, he continues shaving me. My pussy, enjoying the touch, the feeling of the thick lather, and the smooth sensation of the blade removing the curls, helplessly begins to grow moist. My hips, unable to control the roll of pleasure running through them, sway slightly on the pillows. Fingers stopping in place, his eyes meet mine as he sternly whispers, “If you don’t stop moving, I’m going to stop.”

“But…..” I whisper, my voice coming out like a sigh, “it feels so good.”

“What does?” he asks, his finger idly making circles around my tiny clit.

“Your fingers on my clit…” I gasp, loving the sensation his fingertips were causing.

“You better hold still, or I’m going to stop,” he reminds, firmly placing my thrusting hips back on the bed.

Taking a deep calming breath, I try my hardest to hold still as he continues the shave, his fingers still lightly toying with my clit, his eyes glancing up to make sure I was keeping my end of the bargain.

Finishing the last stroke with a flourish, using the warm towel, he gently wipes away any remaining thick lather. Sitting back on his heels, warming baby oil in his palms, he sooths it onto my newly exposed flesh, his eyes eating my pussy alive with their heated gaze. My juices mixing with the warm oil as he tenderly strokes his fingertips over me.

Reaching down, he quickly unties my feet from the bed. Sliding his body up mine, he straddles my waist, reaching up to untie my hands from the bedposts, before leaning over, looking intently into my softly dilated aroused eyes. Licking his lips, he heads for my neck, gently placing sweet, soft kisses, and long slow licks up the sides. Nibbling lightly on my earlobe, causing my hips to wiggle again against the pillows, my exposed pussy bare to the night air. Easing back down my body, placing kisses along the way, his lips sucking my nipples as they pout and form hard little peeks for him.

Working his way down my tummy, tonguing me the whole way, nudging my belly button with his nose, before nibbling with his teeth. Gently cupping my pussy in his hands, opening it with his fingertips, then softly, slowly, gently, giving it a long dragging lick, ending at the top, wrapping his tongue around my clit. Sucking the hard little bud into his mouth, gently grazing his teeth over the little ridge. Holding it firmly between his lips, the tip of his tongue fluttering, making tiny waves of pleasure slip up my thighs.

Kneeling between my wide spread legs, he slowly starts sliding his pajama pants down his hips, the tip of his cock peeking through the waistband. Sliding them down his thighs, exposing his hard and heavy cock to my virgin eyes. I lick my lips as I watch a bead of cum form a perfect little drop on his tip. Watching my reaction the whole time, he takes his finger and gently wipes at the drop, before moving his finger to my lips. Wordlessly my mouth opens as I slowly suck his finger inside. Gently strumming my clit with his thumb, he watches as I suck his finger clean, my tongue giving it long and loving strokes, seeking every last taste.

Easing myself into a sitting position, I lean forward, watching his reaction as I gingerly lick the tip, sucking another bead of cum onto my tongue. Sitting down, resting back on his elbows, he watches to see how far my next step would go. Opening my soft pink lips, I gently take the head into my mouth, looking up into his eyes as I do so. Gently cupping his balls in my hand, I give the tip one firm suck before swirling my tongue, dipping into the little hole, licking around the ridge. Licking down the underside, teasing the little patch of nerves at the base, sucking on that soft spot gently, before placing light tiny kisses around his balls. Gently, I stroke the soft flesh leading my finger down towards his puckered asshole, teasing lightly with my finger, as I slide my mouth down on his cock, my eyes meeting his, before his head falls back, moaning in pleasure. Taking him deeper into my mouth, I slip my finger down deep into my pussy, getting my finger very wet, then gently soothing that wetness onto his asshole, allowing my finger to gain entry. One finger buried in his ass, my other hand cupping his balls, and my mouth taking another inch as I suck firmly, I continue as his hips start thrusting, his body lightly spasming as he works towards his orgasm. Feeling the tension build, I suck harder, as with one final groan he explodes in my mouth. Sucking as wave after wave shakes his body, taking every last drop of cum into my mouth, a little dribbles onto my chin as I sit up, meeting his eyes again. Like a cat with her bowl of cream, I scoop up the last little bit onto my finger, licking it completely clean.

With a deep growl, he reaches for me, our naked bodies tangling in my pink comforter, as he whispers, “Turn about, is only fair play.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32