Fair Game Ch. 4

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Pt. IV – “Teacher’s Pet”

The story so far: Armed with an incriminating video tape, David Finch has forced his beautiful but evil English teacher, and her transsexual lover, to be his sex slaves, fulfilling his every sordid adolescent fantasy. As if that weren’t enough, news of David’s exploits have caught the attention of Angela Kelly, a local cheerleader, who proved herself as skillful on a bed as she is on the sidelines. Young David is truly on top of the world, too giddy with satiated lust to realize that pride cometh before the fall.

The Cheshire cat grin never left my face as I drove home from Angie’s house. I simply could not believe my good fortune. Not only did I have the delectable Miss Becky Beakman and her bizarre but fascinating lover as my own personal sex slaves, but now I had a gorgeous cheerleader making up elaborate schemes to get me in bed with her! Maybe there was a God after all. And if so, he’s a huge David Finch fan!

I hadn’t planned on visiting Becky and Marty tonight. But after my episode with Angie, I was feeling hornier than ever. When I got home, I called Becky’s number. Marty answered. “Hello, slave.” I said haughtily. “Master David has decided to grace you with his presence tonight. I will arrive at eight. I expect you to be suitable dressed… the leather, I think. I’m feeling rather kinky tonight.”

“Don’t worry, ‘Master David'”, came the sarcastic reply, “We’ll be ready for you.” As I hung up the receiver, it occurred to me that Martha, who had always been the more defiant of the two, was getting out of hand. I would have to discipline her; remind her who was in charge. As I undressed and headed for the shower, I contemplated various ways to show my belligerent slave how to behave. Perhaps the whip was in order, I thought, as I adjusted the water temperature to the way I liked it; just a shade below scalding. Lathering up in the steaming spray, I entertained visions of reddening Marty’s androgynous ass with her own leather whip. My cock began to swell in anticipation. Down Boy! There will be time for that later.

I arrived at “The Love Shack”, as I had begun to think of Becky’s house, precisely at eight. The door opened even before I knocked. Very good. I strode in, master of my domain. As I had instructed, both Becky and Martha were dressed in leather. Becky wore a shiny black leather mini skirt atop spike-heeled pumps that accentuated her long, slender legs. The matching bustier top was laced tightly up the center, barely able to contain her bountiful breasts. Martha’s white leather skirt was longer, but slit up both sides to the hip, showing an abundance of shapely leg. Her top, also white, was similar to Becky’s, though not as challenged by her more modest bosom. “Well done, ladies”, I congratulated them, “Master David is very pleased. You may now greet me with a kiss.” Becky strode confidently forward, stopping inches in front of me. I was so engrossed in her incredible cleavage that I didn’t notice her right hand until it crashed into the side of my face in a jaw-rattling right cross! I staggered a couple of steps, as much from shock as the impact.

“Are you mad?!?” I asked incredulously once my head cleared.

“Shut up, Finch!” Becky snapped, picking up the TV remote. “The game’s over.” With that, she clicked on the TV. At first I thought it was just some porn flick. Some guy was fucking this cute blonde from bingöl escort behind. Then I looked closer. Holy shit! That’s not some guy! That’s ME! Fucking Angela!!!

“Where the hell did you get this?” I demanded. In response, Becky called out “Come on in, dear”. The bedroom door opened, and in walked Angela! My jaw dropped. My brain was spinning. “Yes, Aunt Becky?” Angela said, innocently. “But…. Wha…. I…. Aunt Becky?!?!” I stammered.

“That’s right, asshole”, Marty said. “You’ve got your video, and now we have ours.”

I slowly began to collect my thoughts. “Wait a minute” I said at last, “You don’t have dick! Angela’s over 18. What are you going to do, show everyone that I screwed a cheerleader? Oh, horrors!” I exclaimed in mock dismay, “I wouldn’t want that to get around!”

“No, idiot”, Becky explained, “We’re not going to show your pals that you screwed Angela. We’re going to show the police that you raped Angela!”

I looked at the three women, each with an expression as smug as the others. “You’ll never get them to believe that. It will be her word against mine.”

“Oh, they’ll believe it.” Angela said, “Because the first officer we’re going to tell is Sargent Kelly, or should I say, ‘Daddy’.”

My heart sank. I had met Sargent Kelly only once. He stopped me for a running a stop sign. The rumor was that he had a promising career as a defensive lineman, but he had injured so many players that none of the major teams would touch him. I remembered the blistering lecture he had given me, ranting about how punks who disregarded the law should be horse-whipped! And that was for running a stop sign!

“OK,” I sighed, “You win. I guess this makes us even. I’ll give you my tape, and you give me yours. Well, it was nice while it lasted.”

“Even?” Becky asked. “Oh I hardly think we’re even, David. You see, if you show your tape, Martha and I will suffer some humiliation. I may even lose my job. But if I show this tape, you’re looking at ten to fifteen years in jail. And that’s if you live long enough to go to trial. You see, my brother-in-law is quite sure his little girl is a virgin.” I stared at Becky in disbelief. Then I looked again at the tape. I was fucking Angela in the ass, and the look of pain and degradation on her face was Oscar-worthy. She had even squeezed out a couple of tears. There was no doubt; anyone who saw this tape without knowing the truth would see a rape. She had me by the balls.

“You bitch!” I hissed.

“Count on it!” she spat back.

So, what do you want?” I asked, not wanting to hear the answer.

“What do you think I want?” she sneered, “Now, STRIP!” I looked around at my tormentors. Martha, particularly, seemed to be enjoying herself. The tables had turned. The slaves were now the masters; the master now a slave, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. With trembling hands, I began to remove my clothes. Soon, I was standing naked before them. I clasped my hands in front of my fear-shriveled cock. “Hands at your sides!” Martha barked. I quickly complied.

“So, Angela,” Becky asked, “do you want first crack at him? You’ve earned it.”

“Thank you, Aunt Becky. That’s very sweet of you.” Angela replied, “But I have to get home and study. Finals, you know. And besides,” she stood before me and gave my withered cock a playful squeeze, “I’ve already had him. bitlis escort And to be honest, it wasn’t that great.” Becky and Martha roared with laughter. Then, with many thanks, they bid Angela farewell, and turned their attention back to me.

“You know, Martha, I hardly know where to begin” Becky said.

“Well I do!” Martha replied. She walked behind me, and almost instantly I felt the sharp sting of the whip on my bare ass. “On your knees, slave!” Martha barked. I clumsily did as I was told. There were sounds of rustling material, then Martha came around in front of me. She had removed her skirt. Her semi-erect but growing cock swung before me. “Suck it!” she commanded. I just knelt there, dumbstruck, watching as her member grew longer and thicker. Grabbing a handful of my hair, she pulled me to her crotch. “I said Suck It!” she barked.

I opened my mouth, allowing the bulbous, swollen head past my lips. I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I just moved my head back and forth. “You’re going to have to do better than that, slave,” Martha taunted, “or the next cock you suck will be your cell mate’s!” I knew she meant it, so I started doing the things I liked done to me. I drew the throbbing member as far into my mouth as I could without gagging, sliding my tongue around the underside. Then I pulled back and concentrated on the head, licking the sensitive glans and probing the slit with my tongue. Martha began to moan softly and rotate her hips, fucking my face. Still holding onto my hair, she thrust her cock deep into my mouth, causing me to gag as it entered my throat.

Martha released me, coughing and retching. “Well, that was pathetic!” she complained. “I can see you’re going to need a lot more practice.”

“Let’s see if he does any better with pussy.” Becky suggested. I looked up to see that Becky had moved to an overstuffed armchair. She was slouched back with one leg thrown over each arm, fully exposing her snatch and asshole. It was clear from her swollen and glistening pussy lips that she had been playing with herself while watching me give her lover head. “Come here, slave,” Becky commanded, “and eat me.” I started to rise, but Martha grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down.

“Not like that! Crawl to your mistress like the dog you are!”

“Yes, mistress.” I replied obediently. I knew the rules. After all, I had written them. I crawled on my hands and knees to where Becky lay waiting, lazily pulling on her outer lips, opening her pussy wide.

“Make me come, slave.” Becky sneered. “That’s an order.” I stuck out my tongue and licked her juicy pussy from bottom to top, swirling around her clit. Becky sucked air through her teeth. “Oooh yeah, “she hissed “That’s it. Suck that pussy. And my ass…. Kiss my ass, you blackmailing son of a bitch! Lick it! Stick our tongue in it!”.

Less enthusiastically, I did as I was commanded, placing a tentative kiss on her puckered rear hole. I alternated between licking her luscious pussy, and rimming her bung-hole. Just as I was starting to think this slave gig might not be so bad after all, I felt a strange sensation on my ass. Something cool and wet was being smeared between my cheeks. I started to turn to see what Martha was up to, but Becky grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me back into her crotch.

“I didn’t tell you to stop!” she said, smacking me on the head for emphasis. bolu escort I could scarcely breathe as she ground her pussy into my mouth and nose. Suddenly, I felt something soft, yet firm nudging against my asshole

“Oh my God!” I realized, “Marty’s going to fuck me up the ass!” I tried to pull away. But Becky had wrapped her legs around my head, and was holding me in a suffocating vice grip. With Becky’s thighs pressed against my ears, Martha’s voice was muffled as she said “Don’t fight it, stud. It’ll just make it hurt more!”. There was a moment of searing fire as Marty forced the first few inches past my reluctant sphincter.

The first thrusts brought white-hot pain and pressure, which eased slowly as she began to pump slowly, fucking my virgin ass. I was shocked to realize that, despite the pain and humiliation, my own cock was now rock hard! As I sucked feverishly at Becky’s dripping cunt, Martha pumped in and out of my ass with increasing urgency, massaging my prostate, and bringing me to the brink of my own orgasm. My tongue was hammering on Becky’s clit, and she began panting “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!!!!” Just then, Martha let out a groan, and I could feel hot spunk flowing where hot spunk had never gone before! My brain was so overloaded with these new sensations that I almost didn’t realize that I was cumming too! Without so much as touching my dick, I had shot my load onto the carpet!

Becky released her death grip on my head, and I gulped for air. Just then, Marty withdrew from my butt. I could feel the hot cum dripping slowly down over my balls. I raised myself up on my haunches. Becky was staring at me with a look of victorious contempt. But when her gaze fell to my dripping cock, and then to the soiled carpet, her expression changed to pure rage. “Who told you you could cum?!” She shreiked, “And on my carpet! Clean that up immediately!” I started to rise, to look for a towel, but was stopped cold by Martha, who said, “Not like that! Lick it up, dog!” I shot a pleading look at Becky, but her vicious smile told me I was looking for mercy where none existed. Fighting a wave of nausea, I bent down, and began to lick my salty semen from the rug, stopping occasionally to scrape bits of carpet fiber off my tongue.

With their sexual needs satisfied, for the moment anyway, my mistresses’ domination took a more pragmatic turn. Becky brought out a frilly lace apron, which she tied around my waist. It did little to hide my nakedness; just made me look like a fool. They then set me to work, washing dishes, vacuuming scrubbing the bathroom. Frequently, they would walk by, slap me sharply on the ass, and point out a spot I had missed. It was after eleven before they tired of abusing me, and I was permitted to dress.

As I was putting on my clothes, Becky and Martha traded ideas on how they would abuse me the next time I was ordered to come by. “I have several friends who would love to have a crack at that tight little ass of yours!” Marty said gleefully. “Hmmm,” Becky mused “We could even charge them for it. Might as well make a little extra cash while we’re at it.

Once I had finished dressing, I respectfully requested permission to go. Sounding bored, Becky replied, “I suppose so. How about you, Martha? Any further degradation you wish to inflict on young David here?”

“No,” Martha said haughtily, “Let the slave get his beauty sleep. He’ll need it for tomorrow night.”

“Thank you, Mistresses”, I said icily, and walked quickly toward the door. As I opened it, Becky called out “Oh, and by the way Master David, you just flunked English. See you in Summer school!”

The End

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