Failed Surprise

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Su turned up at Paul’s place unannounced to see if she could catch him putting on some porn and settling in for a nice slow, long masturbation session. She snuck in with her key and was only mildly surprised to see she’d guessed right. Although he was still clothed, on his TV a petite brunette was being forced to her knees in front of a man who looked like he was enjoying dominating her.

She watched him as he watched the couple on TV and her excitement was matching his by the moment. Paul was rubbing his cock through his jeans as his bulge grew, watching the guy on the screen pulling the girl’s hair, forcing his cock into her mouth. The girl was struggling with the cock in the back of her throat, but seemed to be getting off on the domination. As Paul released his belt and undid his button fly Su squeezed her pert tits, gripping down on the circles of metal through each nipple and suppressing the urge to moan aloud. Watching her boyfriend stroke his cock without his knowledge was turning her on more than the porn was turning him on. Unable to resist the ultimate temptation any more, she slid a hand down the inside of her skirt and touched her clit. The electricity was sublime and she let out a deep moan.

Paul could see Su in the reflection of his television and had long since given up on illegal bahis the porn, which was now destined to be more than background images and noises. When he heard her moan the illusion of ignorance had to be over. He turned and looked into her eyes. She was busted and laughed at him, wanting to know what her punishment would be. Paul stood up from the sofa, walked over to her and reached for her hand before pulling her to the sofa and bending her over the back of it. She was told to watch the porn as he flipped up her skirt to reveal her pantie-less arse.

“You’re a naughty little girl… I don’t know what your game is but you’re about to be punished for it” he said as he firmly swatted her right arse cheek with his hand 3 times.

“You don’t have the guts to punish me properly!”

Without any way to tie her down he was going to have to trust her to stay in place, but his plans were probably right up her alley and she had porn so he doubted she’d be going anywhere. Paul dropped to his knees and gently traced his tongue from her pierced clit all the way to her puckered rosebud. This time the moan from Su’s lips were more intense than before. Using his fingers to stroke her clit and pull at the piercing, Paul drove his tongue deep into Su’s pussy, savouring her fragrant smells and taste illegal bahis siteleri before poking his tongue out as far as he could and tonguefucking her deeply and slowly. She was in raw ecstasy, clawing at the sofa and pushing her cunt back onto her boyfriend’s face as he made her cum, screaming, twice in quick succession. As she recovered Su felt him lick and suck the last of her cum from deep within her before standing up and spanking her, hard, yet again.

His cock slid into her tight wet cunt in the same way it usually did, lubed enough to go easy, but not too easily. When he was all the way in Paul stopped to let her get used to his presence before pounding her hard again and again. She was screaming now, the sofa almost tearing under her nails as orgasms washed through her repeatedly. His cock filled her completely and every time he penetrated her fully she was unable to take any more. After her biggest orgasm yet today she told him to stop for a moment to allow her to recover.

Paul dropped to his knees again and, ignoring her protests, licked and sucked at her juicy pussy. This time he had a different agenda and worked his way to her arse, licking her delicate hole and lubing it up with a combination of her juices and his saliva. He poked his tongue inside her arse, pushing the canlı bahis siteleri spit in there and tongued her hole until he thought it was ready to be fucked.

Su was waiting for it. As she felt him stand up she relaxed her arse and waited for the invasion. When it came it was his usual gentle approach that, while sometimes wanting it rough from the start, she really did appreciate. He had spat on his cock as well to ease entry and was already at least 4 inches inside her before he started thrusting harder. The poor girl couldn’t reach her clit from where she was and had a cock deep in her arse so she just held on and enjoyed the ride as much as she dared, knowing that he’d be cumming any time now. Su tried to force herself down onto the sofa cushions to get some clit action and it worked… another orgasm arrived just as he pulled out of her arse and pushed her to his knees in front of him.

Stroking his rigid cock furiously, Paul told Su to get ready for a load of cum on her face and tits. His breathing became shallow and she knew it wouldn’t be long now so she pushed his hands away and took his meat deep into the back of her throat, forcing it past her gag reflex. That was all it took. Moments later the first shot filled her mouth before Paul pulled her off his cock by the hair and aimed the rest at her tits and face, scooping any near her mouth into it so she could taste more.

They both lay down on the carpet and rubbed Paul’s cum into her face, all over Su’s tits and he even scooped what he could into her pussy and arse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32