F isn’t Always Bigger Pt. 02

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Just as before, all original credit goes to BlueBallGuzzy. I do have his permission to write this story, just to stave off anyone who thinks I’m stealing from him.


Last time: Justin ran into his mother having sex with his girlfriend. Beyond such a horrifying reality, he learned that his own mother had a cock easily over four times bigger than his 6 inches that he was once never embarrassed about. After a mix of shame, embarrassment, and resentment built up, Justin quickly ran from his home, taking his car and speaking of some “experimental drug.” How will he do now that he’s realized such a scary reality?


Justin took a few deep breaths as he drove towards his destination. He knew that driving angrily was stupid, despite his current situation. He stuffed his cock back into his pants, making sure it sat comfortably as his mind traveled back to his mother and girlfriend’s activities.

“Damn it, this is ridiculous. Does that mean I’m adopted? It’s not a huge surprise. She’s taken care of me since I was young, so I’ll look at her like she’s my mother no matter what. But… ” Vivid memories of his very own mother’s betrayal played in his mind. Her nonchalance at taking his girlfriend, a woman he believed he truly loved, and fucking her into a cum-filled mess was mortifying.

He wanted to ask why she would do such a thing, hoping that all of those years of being taught to be kind to others and to use his words rather would help him, but in the moment, all sense of reason left him.

He was ashamed to be aroused, shocked to be cheated on, and desperate for some kind of refuge while he realigned his thoughts. Normally that refuge would come in the form of his mother, but… that clearly wasn’t going to happen.

After his mother, his other friend to confide in was an odd person. They were a scientist, who certainly fit the role of a “mad-scientist.” Justin wasn’t particularly a fan of being a science experiment, so he rejected his dear friend’s suggestion.

“Don’t worry, I’ll promise you a penis that is easily 12 inches long!” Justin could almost hear the sound of his friend’s voice echoing throughout his head.

Justin denied such an offer, mainly because he was satisfied with his penis at the time, but also because he was convinced that zero women would get with him with such a monster in his pants. However…

After seeing his mother’s cock-which was still something he wished wasn’t real-he knew that in order to even have the possibility of keeping a relationship with Lisa, he’d have to forsake the chances Escort Bayan of a relationship with most other women.

“Why are you even trying to get back with her? She cheated on you, with your mother! If she did that, she’s clearly not loyal enough!” Justin could hear an angel on his shoulder, trying to steer him in some sort of sensible direction.

“Honestly, I’ve gotta agree. Getting back with her isn’t gonna magically make you happy all of the sudden. So uh… fuck your mother and make her your slut!” The demon on Justin’s other shoulder laughed, the indecent thought of such a thing pumping blood into Justin’s cock.

He didn’t entertain the idea for long though. With a sigh, he shook his head.

“Damn it, I must be going crazy. I guess being cheated on, offered incest with your own mother, finding out your own mother has a giant dick, and deciding to fight fire with fire will do that,” Justin retold the events that brought him to where he was as he pulled into a parking lot to a fairly large establishment. It looked like a generic building, if in somewhat new condition. There wasn’t even a large sign on the front, making it truly look like an unused building.

“So this is where the sicko has been all this time? Well, at least they’re doing well,” Justin unbuckled his seatbelt, but sat in the car for a moment. He sat there and contemplated if such a stupid and dangerous thing was worth it.

He knew that he’d see his mom’s cock again, eventually, but he didn’t want to feel so ashamed about it the next time it’d happen. With a deep breath to calm himself, Justin got out of his car and entered the fairly large establishment.

The parking lot was filled to the brim, so he expected some sort of line, but there was none at all. In the entrance, there wasn’t anything except for a kind looking woman sitting at a desk.

“Hello, do you have a reservation?” The kind woman asked, causing Justin to shake his head.

“Oh, no. Do I need to make one now and just come back later?” Justin asked, causing the woman to nod.

“Yes sir. Due to the state of this establishment, we prefer people to have full knowledge of what they’re walking into, to avoid any situations with misunderstandings,” The woman nodded, causing Justin to let out an understanding hum.

“Ah, and where do I make a reservation?” Justin asked, but before the woman could continue, he heard a voice he wasn’t particularly looking forward to hearing.

“Ah, my good friend Justin! Don’t worry Samantha, Justin knows exactly what he’s getting into. He’s actually Bayan Escort my personal client,” A woman with a seductive and commanding voice called out. Justin stopped in his tracks as he heard the all-too-familiar clicking of her heels on the tile.

“Ah, Miss Davis, I didn’t know you’d be back today! It’s a pleasure to see you!” Samantha greeted her boss, allowing for Justin to very quickly grasp the current situation.

In front of him was his best friend, and his ex-girlfriend.

Amy Davis, the scientist that was known as Miss Perfection. She could have men, money, and seemingly anything in the entire world. With all that power, she made something that most people wouldn’t ever find out about.

“Hey Justin, it’s been a while. Why don’t we catch up? It certainly couldn’t be a bad thing, hmm?” Amy cooed, sending a chill through Justin’s spine.

“I… I….” Justin’s voice was caught in his throat. He felt foolish for having thought this would be easy. He thought he’d be able to avoid running into Amy at all costs, that he’d get an “upgrade” and move on.

But he had to push through. He wouldn’t let his mother embarrass him just because he’d have to talk to his once ex-girlfriend about his inept cock size.

Amy had gotten even closer to Justin while he was deep in thought, silently looking deep into his eyes. She had a focused, yet excited look on her face.

“You don’t even have to say it, you’re embarrassed!” Amy grinned, causing Justin to pull his head back, creating a little more space between himself and Amy.

Amy turned back to Samantha, lightly tapping her fingers on the front desk.

“I’ll help Justin personally, okay?” Amy asked, only receiving a very quick nod from Samantha.

“Justin, shall we?” Amy gestured to the hallway she walked from, wrapping her arm around Justin’s waist. With a deep breath, Justin nodded, allowing Amy to show him the way.

She was swinging her hips quite a bit, and Justin could swear she wasn’t that thick before. Granted, with her experiments, it wouldn’t be too insane.

“You like it? It’s so soft. You want to feel it?” Amy asked without turning around, walking forward regardless of her words.

Justin refused to comment, so Amy just continued.

“So you want a bigger cock? What, did you meet a size-queen like me?” Amy asked, this time receiving a response from the defiant Justin.

“It’s for… revenge-fucking,” Justin admitted, shifting the truth oh-so slightly.

“Oooh, revenge-fucking, nice. I wish I could get a good revenge-fucking. Escort Y’know, I haven’t gotten fucked like you fucked me in ages. I’d always be willing to-“

“So how does this work?” Justin interrupted her, taking the conversation’s direction from Amy’s grasp.

“Well, you already know what you’re getting into, so I’ll have a few papers for you to sign, but other than that, this is pretty simple. I created a hormone increasing drug that increasing your size the more you fuck with others that have the same drug. Of course, some people do have a cap on the sizes their bodies can handle, but everyone had fairly large changes,” Amy hummed, her explanation losing some of Justin’s interest already.

“Men with anything from three to six inches grew to at least nine, sometimes 10 or 11 inches. Their semen production also grows to at least 25% larger, sometimes up to 50%. Women seem to grow at a much larger pace. A woman with a B-cup will grow to an F-cup on a normal basis. God forbid she’s already big, she’ll only get way too big. Of course, they know that already and enjoy it regardless,” Amy continued.

“Their hips are pretty huge after the drug. Sometimes, their stomachs bloat up too, but it just depends on the drug used and who’s it used on. Gladly, we can base several different results off the various blood types and medical history of the patients, which is all properly submitted after signing the documents,” Amy continued, and at this point, Justin was just staring at her ass again.

“There are even some effects that can give women huge, throbbing….” Amy turned back to Justin, suddenly stopping as she saw his entirely disinterested expression.

“Okay… fine,” Amy let out a huff, the seemingly endlessly long hallway finally coming to an end. Next to the door of the long hallway was several papers and clipboards, handing them to Amy.

“I need a pen,” Justin spoke after a moment of waiting, only for Amy to bend over towards him, allowing him to see a pen barely peaking out of her cavernous cleavage.

“Come and get it.~” She sang, but after Justin’s deadpan expression, she let out a huff and took it out herself, handing it to the man.

“You’re so boring,” She insulted.

“Hey, I’m not trying to catch a case,” Justin responded without hesitation, scanning through the papers and signing off his name and information on them. While scanning he didn’t see anything too particularly worrying, not even any warning of possible death, which would’ve been a big problem in his eyes.

“Perfect!” Amy grinned, taking the clipboard into her hands and looking over the information. “Now, are you ready to have your world rocked?”

Amy asked, and Justin could only sigh before nodding.

“Good, then let’s go in!” Amy opened the door, and Justin couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

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