Eyes on Me

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Pulling the covers over my shoulder and closer to my face, I try to ignore the alarm blaring in my ear. I can feel the chill before I even look at the thermometer. A frigid 30 degrees outside and I know the snow is blowing because I can hear it hitting the window as the wind howls. Lucas stirs next to me, annoyed by my alarm. I reach for it, and crawl out of bed, pulling my boot slippers onto my feet and throwing a flannel robe around my naked body.

I smile at the memory of last week as I place a pot of water on the stove and hear the “click click click…woosh” of the fire finally catching. It was Lucus’s birthday and I realized that day that I was a switch, and that he is too.

Since then things haven’t been much different than they were before. I’m still, firstly, Lucas’s submissive. His little one. But sometimes, especially when he frustrates me past a certain point, he becomes My sub. I enjoy the power I feel when I am his “Mistress” or “Ma’am”. The title still feels odd to me but titles don’t matter as long as what you’re doing is something you enjoy. My memory flashes to that moment when he made me so mad that I stood tall and ordered him to his knees. His deep brown eyes flashed first with anger and then lowered as he sank to his knees and began kissing my legs. The moment he called me Mistress, I could feel my insides clench in delight…

Lucas kisses me on the cheek, which pulls me out of my day dream, causing me to jump.

“Good morning, Princess. Did I interrupt something?” he asks.

“Good morning, Daddy.” My voice smaller, and playful, “No, Sir, you didn’t. I was just thinking about the fun we had on your birthday.”

“Ahh.” was his only reply.

I work in the kitchen making breakfast as I do every morning before Lucas goes off to work. Lucas eats in record time, sprinting out the door after planting a peck on my forehead. I sit in the dining room and pout a little. I miss the deep kisses he sometimes gives me before he leaves. Though I do appreciate any affection he offers me.

‘How can I show him how much I appreciate him?’ I think to myself. A devious smile plays on my lips. I have the perfect idea!! I pick up my phone and start texting and making a few calls. After locking down my help, I flutter around cleaning the house. After all my chores are done I go to the basement to start pulling out decorations, picking outfits, and return upstairs to move furniture.

The sheer red curtains are in place in the spare room. I wrapped them around the whole room, leaving no walls exposed, then I moved a large puffy chair and a comfy loveseat in the room. Speakers are in each corner with soft music leaking from them. And the lighting is set just right. Dim, but light enough for him not to miss a single detail.

The door bell rings, and I realize I haven’t even changed yet.

“Oh my gosh! Hey!” I say frantically, opening the door. “I haven’t changed! I’m running behind.”

The three girls I contacted earlier walk through the door. Each one very eager to help me with my plan for Lucas. Megan, a tall blonde, walked through first. She’s wearing a long overcoat, her blonde curls cascading over her shoulders. xslot Her blue eyes, smoldering as she kissed me on my cheek. She has a petite body, tiny breasts, but she has legs for days. Next to greet me was Zoe. She and I have been friends for years, but only recently discovered we share more than just our love for the outdoors. She’s a bit shy, dark shoulder length hair that is always perfectly straightened, and green eyes that I know my Lucas loves. She’s a full figured woman. Beautiful hips and full breasts and gorgeous tanned skin. Every time we are together shopping or working outside, I can’t keep my mind from wandering to naughty places. Lastly is Ella. She’s new to this circle of friends, and new to town. She has deep red hair, dyed. Who knows what her natural color is. And a few tattoos sprinkled across her beautiful pale skin. Her breasts are neither large nor small, but beautiful and perky. My favorite part is that nice plump ass. She intimidates me though. She’s new, and has extreme self confidence. A true Domme if I’ve ever met one. My whole body tenses around her. She knows it, and she enjoys it.

I move quickly to the bedroom to change. Removing my robe, I appreciate my naked body in the full length mirror that hangs on the door. My finger tips trace over my soft shoulders, and down my full breasts. My nipples pucker at my light touch and I moan softly. I have more tummy than I’d like, but Lucus always tells me my body is beautiful, and I work hard to remind myself that I really am. I love my long chestnut hair and chocolate brown eyes the most. I lace up my black and red corset, pull on black thigh highs that end just under my round ass, and a super short black tutu style skirt. No reason bothering with panties…

The girls are having a few drinks in the “Red Room” when I hear Lucas come through the door. He sees me all dressed up and his inner Dom comes out immediately.

“Well my little one is ready for Daddy, I see.” he says with a sly smile.

I grin back at him, but stand tall and say, “No, sub, but Mistress is ready to show you how good you’ve been, and reward you.”

His eyes widen and then he finally answers, “Yes, Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am.”

“Take off your clothes, baby. All of them.”

He runs his strong fingers through his sandy colored hair as he looks down at his feet. He removes his shorts and t-shirt. He’s not wearing any boxers, and his cock is already halfway at attention.

“Ma’am, are you going to remove your clothes or would you like me to?” he asks softly.

“Neither. Follow me.” I grab his hand and pull him from our bedroom to the room where my friends are enjoying their drinks.

Megan and Zoe are on the loveseat. Megan dressed in lace white leggings and a matching lace bra. She isn’t wearing panties under the leggings so if you look carefully you can see her little clit. Zoe is wearing something similar to my outfit, but her skirt has a small train trailing down her ass, and her corset is baby pink. The pink makes her green eyes pop. Ella is sitting in the big chair, legs crossed, enjoying her wine. Her lips are painted deep red. She’s wearing thigh high socks with black stripes on the top, xslot Giriş a pair of black booty shorts, and a tiny football jersey that barely covers her tits. She takes my breath away, and I have to pull myself together to remember my reasoning.

Lucas is standing there completely naked, looking over each girl as well. He’s silent but I can hear his breathing really pick up, and I feel his hard cock against my leg. He’s throbbing now.

Turning to look at him, I grab his face and make his eyes meet mine.

“Now, sub, why did I bring you here?”

“Because you want to show me how much you appreciate me, Ma’am.”

“Very good. You’re such a good boy. And you deserve this. You are going to go sit on that loveseat with those two girls. They are going to do whatever they want to your body. You will enjoy every second of it.”

“Where will you be Ma’am?”

“I will be over here, on this chair. You are to not take your eyes off of me unless instructed to do so by me. No matter what the girls are doing to you, you will watch me the whole time, do you understand?”

“Y-yes…Ma’am.” His eyes darting back and forth in mine, trying to read me. I motion over to the couch and he walks over and sits down. He looks at each girl as their hands start to roam his body.

“Excuse me,” I say firmly, “Where were you supposed to be looking, sub?”

“I’m sorry Ma’am. At you, Ma’am.” he immediately answers.

His brown eyes burn into mine, and mine into his as Zoe and Megan kiss and bite lightly at his ears, down his neck, meeting in the middle to kiss one another. I sit down on the chair in front of Ella. Her legs are parted on both sides of me.

Ella’s presence makes it difficult for me to command Lucas. But, she senses this, as she plays with my hair, and whispers softly in my ear, “You’re doing amazing, sweet girl. Make him enjoy this.” That encouragement was all I needed, as I felt my power swell back in.

Megan and Zoe have worked their way down My sub’s stomach, kissing every inch of him. Megan’s hands are teasing his balls, and Zoe is straddling his leg, grinding her panty covered pussy against him. Her moans are intoxicating. Lucas’s breath is ragged and moans are escaping from deep inside. He’s doing so well keeping his eyes on me, though.

Ella has moved my hair to one side, and is kissing my neck. Goosebumps run over my whole body, and I feel my nipples harden under my corset. Grabbing my hips, she stands me up, and moves off the chair, and to her knees in front of me. I sit back down and lean back in the chair, getting comfortable. She pushes both of my feet up to the chair making me spread my legs open wide, exposing my bare pussy. Biting and kissing my inner thighs, she teases me with her mouth.

Lucas is getting the same sort of treatment. Zoe is now on her knees in front of him, looking up at his face as she licks and sucks on his balls. Megan is kneeling beside him, lightly kissing the head of his cock and down to his balls, stopping to meet tongues with Zoe, or kiss her passionately.

“sub…” I say firmly, “You may look at what the girls are offering you.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” he says, holding xslot Güncel Giriş his breath.

He looks down at the girls, admiring their work. His hands move to both of their heads, caressing them. I know that feeling. Being offered a “good girl” with his hands in my hair as I look up at him from that position is something I work hard to receive when I’m in that position. Both girls are now working together to suck him deep into their throats. Taking turns and then side by side running wet lips up and down his length.

Ella is working me into a wet mess. Her tongue darting in and out of my pussy, and then teasing my clit until I’m at the edge of orgasm and then releasing to bite my inner thigh again. I’m panting, watching her work me over. She takes her breasts out of her jersey and rubs her nipple on my pussy, soaking it with my juices. She then walks over to Lucas, and offers it to him. He eagerly sucks my juice off her nipples, his eyes on mine again as I rub my pussy.

“You are going to watch me…and we are going to cum together. Do you understand?” I say, huskily.

“Yes…yes Ma’am.” Lucas stutters.

Ella returns to her position, working my pussy over with her skilled mouth. Megan is deep throating Lucas hard and Zoe grinds Lucas’s bare leg and kisses him hard on the mouth. His eyes never leave mine and I feel myself build. Lucas knows the code to cum. He should, he’s the one that introduced it to me. And so I start counting…

“1.” I say, breathlessly. He moans loudly.

“2” I am barely able to say.

“Oh please, Ma’am. Please can we cum together.” I can see that he can’t hold it any longer. Zoe is about to orgasm all over his leg, and Megan is working her pussy hard with her fingers as she gags on his cock. My pussy is throbbing from the assault offered to me by Ella.

“3!” I practically scream. Moaning and loud screams fill the room as each of us cum together. My body convulses as I watch Megan pull her mouth from Lucas and he releases his cum all over her face and tongue. Zoe shakes against Lucas, pulling his hair, and pulling him closer to her body as she releases. After catching their breath, Zoe and Megan both clean up Lucas’s cum with their tongues, drinking down all of his precious semen. My body is trying to control itself as well. Still feeling spasms rip through me and then moments of exhausted bliss. Ella stands, and kisses me hard on the mouth.

“Now, I’m the only one who hasn’t cum.” She whispers in my ear.

“I’d be more than happy to fix that.” I say, desperation in my voice. There’s nothing I hate more than to leave someone unsatisfied.

“Oh you will. Not tonight. But you will.” she says, devilishly. Her eyes sparkle with whatever devious plan she has in that beautiful head of hers. I feel disappointed that I can’t please her now but my stomach tightens with excitement at whatever she is planning.

The girls all get up and kiss both Lucas and I on the cheek, thanking us for a fun evening, and find their way out the door.

“Did you enjoy that, baby?” I ask Lucas.

“I did, my princess.” he says.

He strides over to me, still sitting in the chair, and presses his body on to mine, kissing me deeply. His fingers run through my hair before pulling it back to release our kiss. My breath catches and he grins.

“I do believe I will plan tomorrow night,” he says with a sparkle in his eyes.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32