Exposure Compensation Factor Ch. 02

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Part two of this one.

Please let me know your thoughts, and cast your votes when you’re done.


“Why didn’t you tell me? Didi asked. She wasn’t mad, just curious, or so her smile told me.

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t know, at first anyway. Until we got to your room, and you told me what you were in town for, I had no idea,” I answered. “Then, I was distracted by your portfolio, and later your lips, your body, your…well, you were there.”

“Yes. I sure was. I’m still buzzing,” she grinned. “I hope I can keep my hands off you while we’re working, here. You know…professional detachment and all that crap.”

“So you’re not mad?” I asked, seeking confirmation of my initial impression.

“No,” she giggled. “If you had told me, I probably wouldn’t have…I mean, you know, I might have been reluctant to…shit,” she lowered her voice, “…I had a great time in bed. Thank you. I assume you read my note?”

“Yes, I did. I’d love to have that conversation later. For now, we need to get to work. Shall we, Miss Hendricks?”

“Of course, Mister Winslow,” she whispered.

There were two sets already in place around the pool. Not ‘sets’, as in ‘look at the set on her’, although there were plenty of those in evidence. The client had hired a cornucopia of talent. Blondes, brunettes and redheads, tall, short, and in between, they were all milling about on the deck, looking fabulous.

Didi was looking exceptionally fabulous. She had chosen an electric blue bikini, that barely contained her big boobs, showing off the deep cleavage between her globes. The bottom was a thong, which showed off her other globes as well. She was radiant.

This isn’t your usual job, unless you work around a dozen or so nearly naked women on a regular basis. We didn’t punch in on a time clock, and start exactly at nine. For us, the light dictated things. We tried to stay away from the harsh, glaring sun of midday, preferring the softer, angled light of morning and late afternoon. Since this was the first day of four, we got a late start, but from here on, we’d be at it earlier, moving inside during the noon glare, then coming back out in the later afternoon.

Hoping to get something done before the light became too intense, I stepped over to my set. Didi was talking to another model nearby.

“Miss Hendricks?” I called. “If you would, please?” I gestured to the set ; a lounge, next to a palm tree. My assistants grabbed their soft reflectors, and readied for action.

“Please, call me Didi,” she smiled, hustling over as requested. Toody was for private use only.

“Very good, Didi. Let’s start standing, by the lounge, please. And don’t forget…it’s a glorious day in the sun, and you’re having fun, so show me that smile.” I picked up my camera. Later, when the girls were doing the lingerie work inside, smiles would be verboten, replaced by the best sultry, sexy expressions they could muster. Of course, I already knew Didi’s bedroom looks.

I just let her run with it, and she showed what a pro she really was. She knew her body, and what it looked like from every angle, so she avoided uncomplimentary poses. Best yet, she knew that the real reason for this job was the clothes, or in this case, the three small pieces of shiny blue fabric that separated her from nudity. Women would be shopping from this catalogue, hoping their bodies looked as delicious in the bikini as Didi’s did, and ordering it based on that.

I noticed a tall, lithe redhead standing to one side, watching Didi do her thing. She was wearing a gold suit, very similar in style to Didi’s blue one.

“Excuse me? Red?” I called to her. “I’m sorry, I don’t know your name…could you come here, please?” She stepped closer, and offered her hand.

“Olivia Shelton,” she smiled. I took her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Olivia. Why don’t you get in there with Didi, please?” I asked. She had an incredible ass, I noticed as she walked in and said ‘Hi’ to Didi. Again, I let them do their thing, at first anyway. The girls had no problem touching each other, and I got a great shot of Didi with her hand on Olivia’s firm ass, with a look of ‘oh my’ on her face.

“Ladies?” I asked. “Can I get you facing each other?” They did exactly that. “Great. Now press your hips together, and wrap your back arm around each other’s shoulders.. Didi…a little taller please.” She raised up on her toes. “Good, now open up your front shoulder, each of you…there you go. Everybody smile, and Olivia, a bit more playful tilt to your head. Let those red locks hang for me.”

In the viewfinder, I saw one tall, slightly waifish redhead, pressing her body against a slightly shorter, more buxom brunette. Their hips were pressed close, but the way they had their shoulders turned showed their chests to the camera. Olivia’s right breast mashed snug against Didi’s bigger, fuller left one, the gold and blue of their bikini tops clearly defining where one girl ended, gaziantep escortları and the other began.

“Hands on hips…that’s great!” I took several frames as the two beauties stayed in this basic position, but varied their expressions and head angles.

The morning passed quickly, a cavalcade of beautiful women parading before my lens in various bikinis. This was the fun part of this job, but the hard part, too. It wouldn’t do to be caught leering at the models, so I tried to be a bit more subtle in my observations of their bodies. Of course, on this shoot, I had to be doubly careful, as Didi was watching me, and I really liked her. The girls were not making it any easier.

First, it was a petit blonde named Corrine, who was a perfectly formed little pixie with pretty features and huge blue eyes. She was also an incorrigible flirt, and knew she looked incredible in the tiny red bikini she had chosen. Halfway through our session, I had to stop. She was doing fine, posing like a pro, but her nipples seemed to know only one pose, standing tall, and I do mean tall. What had started out as slight bumps in the fabric of her top, titillating but tolerable, had become porn star prongs that would be too distracting for the catalogue, unless it was being used by a teenager for self amusement.

I called the wardrobe girl in for a consultation, and she agreed. She went over to talk to Corrine, who just shrugged. She looked at me.

“Sorry. I can’t help it, my nipples have a mind of their own,” she laughed. That made heads turn. A brief discussion ensued, then Corrine said, “here, just take it with you.” She reached behind her back, and a second later was pulling the top off over her head.

I had found that models seemed to fall into two categories, at least when it came to nudity. While they all were nervous about their first time nude before the camera, some adjusted quickly, and others didn’t. Some would get naked on a whim, and others would retreat to the wardrobe tent to adjust a bra strap. Corrine was obviously in the first group.

So, there she stood, topless in the sunshine, and completely at ease. I couldn’t resist capturing her. She saw the camera come up to my eye, and posed for the shot, covering her points with her hands, and giving me a ‘what are you doing here?’ look. I took a few frames, then she spread her fingers, letting her hat pegs peek out. She was really getting into it, tugging them even longer and cupping her small but round breasts suggestively, when her top returned. The usual course of action for renegade nipples was tape ; either on the little buggers themselves, or inside the bra. It was the model’s choice, and I guess Corrine didn’t want her sensitive tips duct taped down. The wardrobe assistant helped her back into the top, successfully hiding the offending buds of feminine arousal, and we were ready to continue.

“Can I see?” a voice asked from beside me. Didi was smiling. “I’m surprised it took her this long to show everyone her tits. Corrine is quite the little tart, but she’s harmless, and friendly enough.”

I scrolled back to the images of her sans bra, and tilted the camera in Didi’s direction.

“Yikes!” she giggled, “she’ll put someone’s eye out with those!” She winked, and walked away.


During our lunch break, I walked out of the house with a sandwich in hand, and stopped dead in my tracks. The girls were multitasking. Eating lunch, trading gossip, and working on their tan.

Laying in a neat row, on their yoga mats, were fourteen beautiful women, glistening in the sun. All oiled to absorb the rays and perfect their tans, they chatted back and forth among themselves.

Oh, yeah…one more detail I left out. Naked. Not a stitch between them. Like I said before, the girls were not making it easier to curb my lecherous thoughts. Didi was in the middle of the pack, and saw me stop and look in their direction. She waved. One by one, the rest of them followed suit. Having them comfortable in my presence was a very good thing, and putting them in a flirtatious mood would be beneficial later during the lingerie sessions. I wandered over to them.

A few minutes of mindless smalltalk followed, and I met the girls I hadn’t met before.

We had Corrine, Sarah (blonde, willowy), Stephanie (very pretty brunette with nice tits), Olivia, Erin (redhead, curvy), Cecilia (blonde, athletic), Didi, Chrissie (blonde, voluptuous), Charlotte (skinny brunette), Denise (oh my god, huge tits), Danielle (pretty blonde), Frida (tall German brunette), Sheila (sexy redhead) and Lorraine (leggy blonde). I grabbed the camera.

“Class photo!” I laughed. They didn’t even hesitate, forming up in two rows like children at school. It was more of a group hug, really, and they were all giggling and smiling as they pressed against each other, oily boobs here, there and everywhere. “Thank you, ladies.” It wouldn’t make the catalogue, of course, but everyone would get a copy.


The end of day one arrived, and all the girls were gone. I was sitting by the pool, scanning through the hundreds of images l had captured today.

There are times when a curious client is the last thing you want to deal with, especially on a day when things, for whatever reason, didn’t go as planned. That wasn’t the case today. Despite our late start, I felt we had really made some progress today. I wasn’t alone in that opinion. The client and his wife, who were also the designers of some of the swimsuits, were quite impressed, and they were most impressed with one model in particular. I would comment, but my opinion was slightly biased by the fact that she was waiting for me to meet her for dinner, among other activities, tonight.

“I think this one’s the early contender for the cover shot,” the client’s wife said, tapping the screen where Didi’s smiling face shone out. “She’s radiant. What’s her name?”

“Deirdre Hendricks,” I answered, trying to maintain my illusion of objectivity.

“Well, she’s gorgeous, and she really makes that bikini pop off the page,” her husband said. “She’ll sell that suit, for sure.”

Didi would be ecstatic. All the models were paid a base rate for their time, but there were bonuses for each photo that made the final print piece, and of course, the cover was the plum, with the biggest kudos and paycheck. That applied to me, as well, so I was about as motivated as I ever expected to be. Bigger check, happy model, and happy lover…a win-win-win situation.


I messaged Didi as I left the set. It only took seconds for her to reply. I can only assume she was eagerly awaiting my text. A flurry of messages flew back and forth, but they were mostly simple pleasantries. The only one that mattered was her last.

Our spot. ASAP. Bring white horse.

Somewhat cryptic, I thought. Our spot was one of two possibilities, but I had a feeling it was the bar where we first met, last night. ASAP was self explanatory, but the last bit was a puzzle. What white horse?

I spent the entire time driving back to the hotel pondering her text, and was no closer to figuring it out. I parked, and walked into the bar.

Ah. Now I get it, I thought. Bring white horse… Rescue her.

Apparently, the Saturday night crowd here was more adventurous and aggressive than the Friday nighters. While I had found Didi sitting alone last evening, that wasn’t the case tonight. She was surrounded, by at least ten guys, who were not taking no for an answer. She wasn’t making it easier, though, as her wardrobe choice had much more cleavage on view tonight.

I approached the outskirts of the group, picking my way through the first few. The outliers were more looky-lou than participant, so they parted easily. However, the inner core was not going to be so polite.

“Excuse me,” I said calmly, but loud enough to be heard. The ringleader turned to look at me with disdain.

“Piss off buddy. We saw her first,” he grunted. “Go find your own girl.”

“Actually,” I threatened, “I did find her…last night…so get the fuck out of my way.”

He was bigger than me, but I think the bravado caught him off guard, and he left enough room for me to squeeze through.

“There’s my girl,” I said, sitting beside her on a vacant stool. “Sorry I’m late.”

Didi smiled, and leaned over, opening her mouth to accept my tongue as I kissed her, and staring down the big lummox that had been giving her the most trouble. Then her eyes closed, her arms came up around my neck, and the kiss heated up. She was rubbing his face in it, letting him see what he wasn’t going to get to sample himself. It worked, and the huddle dispersed.

“Thank you, my hero,” she said quietly. “All I said was ‘hello’, and suddenly I was surrounded. Shall we go to dinner? My treat, tonight.”

“I make it a rule never to refuse a beautiful woman, or a free meal,” I laughed. She took my arm, and we headed for the restaurant, passing the group of guys on the way.

“Hey sweet cheeks?” the leader chirped as we passed, “What’s he got that I don’t have?”

“Well,” she laughed, “how about class, charm, money, talent…and me!”

I nearly stuck my tongue out at him, but decided not to rub salt in the wound.


Dinner was much more relaxed that night. We were comfortable around each other now, and had a few things to discuss, before we jumped each other.

I filled her in on the client’s opinion of her images, and she smiled brightly.

“Really? Well, I guess I’ve been exceptionally motivated, since I met a certain photographer,” she whispered, reaching across the table to caress my hand. “You bring out the best in me.”

“I could say the same of you,” I replied, taking her hand in mine. “You make it easy.”

I watched her lips as she plucked a piece of steak from her fork. My god, she could make even the most mundane things look sexual. She caught me watching, and smiled as she chewed.

“That look, right there…that’s the one I like,” she whispered. “It makes me feel warm inside, and I guess that feeling shows through. I can honestly say I’ve never felt this was about any photographer I’ve worked with. I don’t know where this is going, but I like it.”

Ah, yes. She did say we needed to talk about our future didn’t she. Fair enough. I wanted to know where we were going, too.

“Why don’t you stay here, with me, while we’re working together?” she asked, putting her fork down and giving me her undivided attention. “I mean…if you want to. I don’t want to assume anything…it’s just that I’d really like to spend as much time with you as possible, to get to know you. Last night, we pretty much just seduced each other, and that was…oh my god, just so incredibly hot…but I want to know the ‘you’ that isn’t just interested in getting into my pants. Does that make sense?”

So she wasn’t just a pretty face, and apparently I had triggered some pretty deep thoughts within her. And…she was right. Practical considerations aside…I was paying for a hotel room that I had checked into, but not been in since…we were being presented with a unique opportunity. Most people are different at work than they are at home, and we had the chance to see both, in a very short, intense start to our relationship, if that’s the way things went. By the end of our four days together, we’d probably know if we wanted to see any more of each other. Or, maybe we’d just have four days of mind blowing sex, and go on our way. Either way, I was in.

“Yes, Didi, it makes perfect sense,” I nodded. “I’ll go get my stuff from the other hotel when we’re done here. It won’t take me long. I never actually unpacked.”

Didi smiled. There it was, the thousand watt smile, that lit up the room, and told me she was more than just happy with the decision. She crooked her finger at me, beckoning me closer. I leaned in.

“I am so fucking horny right now, it’s all I can do not to jump you here in the restaurant,” she growled. “I propose you go and check out of your hotel now, and we order our desert from room service, after we, um…satisfy…our other hunger.” She fished her key card out of her purse, and handed it to me. “I’ll get another key from the front desk.”

Like I said before…never refuse a beautiful woman. I scarfed down the last of my meal, dabbed my mouth with my napkin, and kissed her on the cheek. Outside, I drove quickly to ‘my’ hotel, where I packed up the few things I had unpacked, and went to check out. Too bad. It really was a nice hotel, but it didn’t have the one amenity that made me want to leave. It was short on Didi.


Someone up there likes me. I found a very convenient parking space, shouldered my bags, grabbed my camera bag, and headed for the elevator. Within minutes, I was outside the door to ‘our’ room. I swiped the card, and pushed in with my load.

“I’m back,” I called out, as there was no one to be seen.

“Great honey,” Didi replied, her angelic voice wafting out of the bathroom. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Did you miss…” I stopped in my tracks, and mid sentence, as she appeared at the bathroom door. Holy shit! I guess you did.

I don’t know if this was her own personal lingerie, or if she had borrowed something off the rack at the shoot, but it was showing her rack to great effect. She was also perfectly coiffed, and made up with a look that scorched my eyes.

“See anything you like?” she purred, strutting slowly toward me on her fuck-me heels. She did a little twirl, giving me the full view, and it was quite a view. The gown was red, long, diaphanous, and clipped in front just under her breasts, cradling those full globes and forming some devastating cleavage. She stopped in front of me. “What do you think?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I joked, looking her up and down. She smiled and stepped closer, putting one hand on the back of my neck and pulling my lips to hers.

Okay. I thought she was hot last night, but this took it to another level. The relaxed, intimate Didi was off the charts. She probed my mouth with her tongue in a sensual fashion, swivelling her mouth against mine expressively. She finally broke away.

“You were saying?” she giggled softly, very pleased with herself when I couldn’t answer. She had taken my breath away. Again.

I was still standing there, dumbstruck, while she walked seductively away, pausing beside the bed, with her back to me. She looked over her shoulder at me, and smiled as she undid the front of her gown, letting it slide off her shoulders. She held it there, barely covered from the waist down, until she let it fall, stepped out of her high-heels, and slipped silently into the bed, pulling the sheets up to cover her magnificent form.

“Are you coming to bed, darling?” she breathed, settling deeper into the bed. Her eyes burned with desire.

Oh yeah. I’m coming. Bed. Now.

I left a trail of shoes, socks, and other items of clothing on the way to my side of the bed, finally tossing my underwear across the room and joining her under the covers.

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