Experimenting with Becky Day 02

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It was a beautiful day in Spain. Becky and I had researched a nearby nudist beach so decided to head out and get an all over tan.

We rocked up at the beach just after lunch time, it was quite crowded so we laid our towels down on some rocks adjacent to the beach.

A few other people had done the same. We lay close to two guys who were presumably gay. They were tanned all over. The one closest to us had a particularly big penis which flopped down his leg and rested on his towel.

The sun reflected off the oil or lotion he had used, which made his thick flaccid cock look even bigger as he lay facing us.

I couldn’t see the other guy’s cock as clearly as he was laying behind his friend. It became clearer that they were lovers when they began rubbing lotion on each other. I watched out the corner of my eye as the guy behind massaged oil onto his friends bum, he even subtly reached around and rubbed some on his massive penis.

“Well i thought you’d be ogling over the women, but it seems something else has caught your eye.” Becky joked as we sat down. She had clearly caught me looking in their direction.

“Very funny.” I said, trying to seem as if I hadn’t been looking at them.

There were several attractive women in sight as well, one particular beauty was playing bat and ball with a guy. Her whole body was tanned, her small, pert tits virtually the same bronzed colour as the rest of her body.

Becky pulled her top off to reveal her gorgeous tits, then, without hesitation she removed her skirt and bikini bottoms. I admired her pussy closely as she sat there, legs apart, for all to see.

Her labia was prominent and I could see the hood of her clit, slightly swollen in the sunlight, just below a neat strip of pubic hair.

I took my top of and sat there for a second. My cock was twitching and I knew i was semi erect inside my shorts.

“Ah hmm. Everything off please.” She said, indicating for me to remove my shorts.

“In a minute.” I said. “I’m not ready yet.”

“Are you fucking hard under there?” Said Becky, reaching towards my crotch and copping a feel. Bostancı Escort “Oh shit, you are. Was it looking at that guys big cock that did it, or me?” She giggled.

“You of course.” I said, knowing that actually it was probably both.

“Well either way, I don’t care, all I care is that you’re naked, now get them off.” She said firmly. “Otherwise I’ll start using my domination time, here in full view of the beach.”

I reluctantly pulled my shorts down and turned over on my front to hide my, now full erection. I looked at Becky and she was shaking her head. “Hmm, I think I want to see that little erection of yours, so kindly turn over. She said.

I turned over and hid my erection with my hand, to which Becky was clearly not happy. “Okay, thats it.” She said. “You’ll have to use your safe word if you don’t want to do what I say. Otherwise I want you to get up and walk down to the shore with that thing sticking out in front of you.”

“What. Seriously?” I protested. “I’ll get arrested.”

“Don’t be daft, this is the quieter part of the beach and besides I’m sure those two guys would like to see it,.. Wouldn’t you boys?” She said, turning and raising her voice so the two men next to us could hear.

“I’m sorry?” Said the man with the large penis, not quite hearing Becky. I detected a slight german accent as he spoke.

“I was just saying, wouldn’t you like to see my boyfriend get up and walk to the shore with his dick sticking up?” She replied as brashly as ever.

“Haha, of course.” Said the man, looking down at my cock. “He has an erection?” He asked, smiling. “Perhaps from looking at your beautiful tits.”

“Or maybe from looking at your beautiful cock.” Becky chuckled flirtatiously.

“Ah, he’s bisexual then?” Said the man

“It would appear so.” Said Becky.

I’d never done anything with a guy at that point, but i’d hinted to Becky about my curiosity, to which she always teased me.

So… I’m not going to ask you again.” Said Becky, resting her arm on the towel beneath my balls and taking them in her hand.

“Okay..” I said, before Kadıköy Escort she could squeeze them any harder.

I got up reluctantly, trying hard not to think of anything sexy. I squeezed the tip of my penis subtly with my hand to try and make my erection subside, but the giggles from people around, including the two guys next to us, told me that it hadn’t worked.

I ran the short distance to the shore and jumped in the cool water, I stayed there until i was soft again.

I watched from afar as Becky chatted to the two guys next to us, wondering what she was saying to them, knowing Becky it’d be something about sex or the size of their dicks.

The cold water did nothing for my modesty and if anything I was more embarrassed getting out and walking back to the towels flaccid.

I looked down at my shrivelled manhood and walked back to Becky, already prepared for her remarks.

“Where did it go?” She joked, to which the two guys laughed.

“Fuck off.” I said, half joking.

“This is Thomas and Klaus,

they’re from Germany.” Said Becky, ignoring my remark. I reached out to shake their hands. Thomas, who was the one with the huge cock, had a very firm manly handshake. Klaus’ was more feminine and soft, like a woman’s handshake.

I couldn’t help but be intimidated by Thomas as we sat and chatted, he was clearly flirting with becky and his dick was so fucking huge it made mine look even smaller than it was.

I’m wasn’t sure what their relationship was, but Klaus didn’t seem bothered that Thomas was sat facing Becky, who was sitting cross legged, her vagina on full show to him.

Thomas put his hand on Becky’s leg as they sat there. “Can I say that you have a beautiful pussy?” He remarked. “You’re a very lucky man.” He said, turning to me.

“Thank you.” Becky and myself said in unison.

“So whats the deal with you guys then?” She asked. “Are you a couple?”

“I wish.” said Klaus. “We live in different cities a long distance apart in Germany. We just have a few days off so thought we’d come out here and get some sun. Unfortunately I’m flying Göztepe Escort home this evening, Thomas is here until tomorrow so I’m sure you can keep him company tonight.”

“Indeed we will.” Said Becky smiling and running her hand down Thomas’ bare chest.

“I’m bi and Klaus is gay, so he never understands why I look at beautiful women like you.” Thomas said, looking at Becky.

After a little while Thomas and Klaus headed off. Becky put her number in Thomas’ phone so that he could meet up with us later.

“Well tonight is going to be interesting.” Said Becky, looking at me over the top of her sunglasses with a grin on her face.

“I take it you want his cock then?” I said, knowing the answer already.

“Of course I want it, but I’m going to share it with you.” She smiled.

“What.. but…” I was a bit gobsmacked.

“Come on, you can’t tell me you weren’t admiring that fucking thing every bit as much as I was.” she said. “It’s perfect for your first cock.”

“I didn’t know you were going to dominate me into that kind of thing.” I said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you what to do.” Becky smiled. “I’ll show you how to suck his cock, then I’ll bend over and show you how to take a cock inside you. Then I’ll let you have a go.” she laughed.

As more space opened up on the sand we moved our towels down and sat closer to the nudity. I did the best I could to remain soft as many beautiful bodies passed our eyes.

A nudist beach is a great way to admire the different shapes and sizes of peoples genitalia. there were all different types of vagina as well as penis. Shaven ones, hairy ones, ones with big prominent lips, subtle ones with just a slit. I was in heaven.

I have to admit I looked at the guys as well, I admired the confidence of some them proudly walking up the beach with their dicks swinging freely between their legs.

Becky teased me. “Would you suck that one?” she’d giggle whilst pointing at a particularly big cock.

I just laughed and brushed it off as I was embarrassed to admit to her that I found cocks attractive. In all honesty I don’t find men attractive in the slightest, but penises, well I was more than curious and I’ll admit, i’d fantasised about sucking one.

It certainly seemed like Becky had ideas about me havi g my first cock, so it was going to be an interesting evening…

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