Expat Affairs

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Clearly, she wasn’t new at this. I looked down at her, her face hidden from view, her hair cascading down her neck and onto her shoulders. With every thrust, she took in more of me into her warm mouth, her tongue gently massaging the back of my penis, almost inviting the juices out.

She and her husband had come over to my apartment two weeks ago. Ashwin had been a neighbour back in India whom I had lost touch with. A chance meeting at the local grocer’s had allowed us to exchange business cards. When Rina walked over after seeing us talking, I was dumbstruck. She was a slender five foot two. Her face had to be the prettiest I had seen in days! (Germany isn’t kind to those of us who worship Indian beauty). She was intelligent, cheerful, charming and had a body I couldn’t stop thinking about.

She looked up as she slowly let me out of her wet mouth and smiled. “How good am I?”, she asked? I grasped for words but could only let out mumbled sounds but she seemed to understand. She started planting kisses all along my throbbing member; while her fingers roamed the sensitive skin below my balls. “Very, very good”, I remember thinking to myself.

All through dinner, I struggled to keep up with Ashwin’s conversation (old-time friends, playing cricket on the apartment complex’s parking lot etc). How could I think of these mundane things when a distraction as beautiful as his wife sat next to him, sensuously nibbling on her food, ever so often looking up to mention how good everything was. When she picked up her glass of wine and slowly rolled her lips to receive it, I love never lies poland izle forgot to breathe for a second. Ashwin rambled on, unaware of my mental absences.

She stood up, still holding my cock in her pretty fingers. She reached up to kiss me, her tongue warm with a hint of myself. I closed my eyes and let my senses soak everything in. She helped me unhook her bra and slide down her panties and led me, now completely naked as well, to a full-length mirror in the bedroom. She turned around, her hair trailing in a wave of black, leaving its delicate scent in the air. She looked at me in the mirror, spread her hands to hold the upper two corners of the mirror and then, ever so slightly, raised her butt up towards me. The sight of her breasts spread across the mirror and her voluptuous neatly trimmed pussy peeking out from under her butt caused me another one of those asthmatic moments. I reached to touch her left breast while my right hand gathered her hair and pulled the lock back. She must have liked it, she took a deep breath and let out a little moan.

Several times, I felt the urge to walk down Backhaus Strasse, where they lived, but hesitated, not wanting to reveal my eagerness to meet Rina again. I was toying with the idea today, on my way to the movie theater when, inexplicably, I found myself right under their apartment. I didn’t even know if they were in. For a couple of seconds, I stood at their door, debating whether to knock or not. Again, quite inexplicably, I knocked before I had love off the grid izle made up my mind. She opened the door and let me in. She seemed happy to see me. In her cheerful energetic voice, she let me know that she had gotten quite bored the last few evenings. Ashwin had been working late and she had had to entertain herself through dinner. She brought out two glasses and poured us a chardonnay. “So, do you like Germany?”, she asked.

I kept the tension on her hair while I put on the condom with one hand. She purred at every kiss I planted on her back. I fixed my eyes on her in the mirror, she opened her eyes the instant I touched her nether lips with my penis, she smiled and then slowly rolled her eyes closed as I slid into her. She must be a dancer, I told myself, marveling at the way she rolled her pelvis in perfect sync with my thrusts – she could make me come while I just stood there.

The conversation wandered to a thousand things over the course of the evening. She told me how she hadn’t really wanted to marry Ashwin and that she was dating another guy when her parents had fixed her marriage. Given a choice between eloping with a somewhat reluctant boyfriend and a “happily married life” in Germany, she picked the latter. Then, the topic got around to our sex lives, she told me how she had been more experienced sexually than Ashwin when they got married and how she had initially had to deal with his raw, unpolished energy in bed. Sex, she said, was an incredibly exciting adventure every time and something madoff the monster of wall street izle she might even be mildly addicted to. She said she didn’t think she could be a one-man woman, frustrated as she was with Ashwin’s imperfections. The more she talked (and she seemed in a talkative mood today), the more I was intrigued by this uniquely spirited and beautiful being I was sitting next to. My mind would gallop away into intricate fantasy while she talked of this or that, only to be brought back to an equally exciting reality.

“You must have an exciting single life here in Germany”, she suggested. By now, she had made me quite comfortable with the conversation’s intimate details.

“I get around”, I replied.

She seemed intent on focusing on me – “So, do you make the first move usually?”, she asked.

“Well, yes but the girls are usually unaware, I work on the sly”, I said cockily.

“Ahh? Was the surprise visit an undercover operation, then?”

“Yeah, on Ashwin, but he isn’t home”, I joked clumsily.

“Ha, funny”, she mocked.

She slid off the sofa onto her knees, placed the glass of wine on the coffee table and said “I just can’t resist the devious ones”. She unzipped my fly and before I could say a word in return, she placed between her warm lips and enveloped me.

We moved to the bed from the mirror. She pushed me down on my back and crawled onto me. She faced me as she mounted with a naughty smile, taking me in, moving her pelvis in rhythmic circles. I simply gazed, a spectator to an incredible sight as she worked herself into orgasm after orgasm, her black-nippled breasts heaving in unison. Worked up to a state of unbearable tension by the sight of her dancing gracefully on top of me, I came with a violent shudder. All through it, she kept moving, urging every throb out of my being. When I was finally done, she smiled, bent over and kissed my lips. “You should have come by earlier”, she whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32