Executive Platinum Ch. 10

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I’d given Melissa the flight number; she said she’d meet me at baggage claim. On the flight, I briefly wondered whether I’d have trouble finding her – but needn’t have worried. I recognized her through the glass even before I went through the security door. She was standing against a wall, surveying the people passing through, wearing a white and black off the shoulder sundress that was both simple and eye catching. If I hadn’t known it was Melissa I might have mistaken her for Gloria, they look so much alike. She didn’t know me until I walked up, but promptly greeted me with a brief hug when I said her name.

“So I finally meet the man that corrupted my mother?” she said, as we were in her car headed out to the freeway.

“Me? Corrupt your mother? That’s not the way I understood it. I understood it was you, I just got the benefit.”

“What? What did I do?” she asked with feigned innocence. If I hadn’t already picked up on her teasing, I almost could have believed she was serious. I wondered if she had had some acting training.

“Oh don’t give me that. You “forgot” to put her suitcase in; you made her buy a new wardrobe; you took her to a topless beach in Miami. OK, so maybe you didn’t corrupt her completely, but you certainly started the job for me to finish.”

Her laughter filled the car. “She really did tell you about that, huh?”

“She told me lots of things about you.” I’d been discreetly checking her out since we met. She was a spitting image of Gloria, and except for that “young” look that disappears with maturity, they almost could have been twins. It crossed my mind that although physically she wasn’t as mature as her mother, until mere weeks before she was definitely more experienced than her mother.

She was almost identical in height at 5’4″, possibly a little taller, but it was hard to estimate without a side by side comparison. Every curve was just as firm and shapely, she had the same green eyes and brown hair; the only major difference I could detect being the haircut. The welcoming smile and twinkle in her eye as she teased me said she was self-confident and enjoyed life.

Her simple sundress gathered under her breasts with the off the shoulder design leaving her upper chest and shoulders bare. She apparently had some type of strapless bra, I’d felt it on her back when I’d returned her hug, but nothing was showing on her shoulders. The dress didn’t rise completely above her breasts; she had a pleasant amount of equally tanned cleavage showing. I noticed there wasn’t a single strap mark or difference of tan anywhere. This was all woman, sexy as hell – and it was obvious she knew it.

“She’s told me all about you, too.”

“All? I doubt all.”

“Believe me. She told me all about how you met on the airplane. How you ended up being her savior – her knight in shining armor.” She broke into laughter.

I glanced over at her; she really hadn’t told the “everything” of everything, had she? I wondered just how much Gloria really had divulged. “Then she hasn’t told you as much as you think — if she said I was her knight in shining armor.”

“Why would you say that? Because I didn’t tell you how she said she’d watched you playing naked pool boy when she got up in the morning? Because I didn’t say that she told me how she teased you mercilessly and you spent almost the whole weekend naked?”

I raised my eyebrow; perhaps she had told her everything. I immediately thought better of it, there had to be secrets. Mothers don’t talk about their sexual experiences with daughters, do they? “Ok, I’ll grant you she told you some things…”

“Everything.” She interrupted, shaking her head.

“Nope, don’t believe it.”

“Try me.” I thought about it, not sure if I wanted to know if she knew all about my sexual escapades with her mother or not.

“Ok, so she told you that she was an unmerciful cock tease, but did she…”

“Tell me about how she almost drove you crazy and made you take her on a second date before she went to bed with you? Yes.” Her interruption had come almost instantaneously.

“What did we do on the second date?”

“You took her to a nude beach.” Ok, no doubt about it she was getting the softball questions; time for some hardballs.

“What did we do that first evening?”

“You sat on your balcony and talked and kissed…”

Ah ha! She really hadn’t told her “everything”, just some of it. “Well, that’s some of it,” I responded somewhat smugly.

“… and got naked, and masturbated for each other and you made her cum with just her nipples.” She glanced over at me, a smirk on her face. “Didn’t think she told me that much, did you?” I looked back, shocked that she really had told her about our weekend. I didn’t realize that Gloria was going to kiss and tell.

“Oh. Well, did she tell you how my sons came home and walked in on us doing the dirty deed on the living room floor?”

“They did?” her head snapped over towards me, not sure whether I was pulling her leg or not.

“Or that when we went to Palm Springs we went to a strip club?” She’d broken her attention to the highway to take several quick glances at me, trying to decide whether I was telling the truth or just expanding on a lie, so I dished it on heavy. “Or that we picked up three gaziantep escortları guys and she took us all on, and that another woman came home with us and had a threesome and she went down on her?”

“Oh Bullshit.” Her glance was just a bit longer, just enough to thoroughly size up my response to her exclamation.

“What, you don’t believe me?”

“She said that you went to a dinner theatre and afterward the other couple took you with them to a strip club, but the rest of that you made up.”

“You’re right, it’s mostly bullshit.” I looked her right in the eye. Damn, they were as pretty as her mother’s.

“What part’s not bullshit?” Her voice betrayed her, she didn’t want to believe, and she didn’t want to not believe.

“Can’t tell.” I said shaking my head back and forth. “Unlike your mother — I don’t kiss and tell.” I gave her my most disarming grin and smile, “But I am going to have to have a talk with your mother.”

She laughed; a contagious laugh that said she loved life. I laughed with her.

“We didn’t used to talk that much,” she said after a couple of moments of silence, “we pretty much butted heads when I was in high school. But now that I’m away at college most of the time, she’s almost a better friend than my best friend is.”

“Happens that way sometimes. Something about moving away, it changes you from a child to an adult, at least in a parent’s eyes.”

“That’s pretty much how it was.” We headed down an off ramp.

“So you talk about everything now? You tell her about all your lovers, too?”

“What? You don’t think she tells me about all her lovers, do you?”

“Oh! Ouch.” I laughed. “Ok, I guess I opened myself up for that.”

She laughed as she looked over her shoulder to check for traffic, letting her gaze stop on me momentarily on its way back. “I tell her some things. Not everything.” She didn’t seem to want to continue; I didn’t press.

Gloria and Melissa lived in an upscale condominium complex that we entered through a gated entry. It appeared to be a quiet, comfortable place with mixed one and two story buildings. We passed a community building and at least two swimming pools before pulling up to their condo. Melissa triggered a door opener on her sun visor; a double garage door opened giving us access to the house through the garage.

I grabbed my bag and dragged it in where Melissa unhesitatingly directed me to Gloria’s master bedroom. “You can put your stuff in there. I’d say you’re going to sleep in there — but somehow I doubt you’re going to get much sleep.” Her grin was followed by a teasing laugh.

I glowered at her as if I was really insulted, but couldn’t keep it up. I broke into a grin. “Brat. If you were my daughter I’d turn you over my knee for such insolence.”

“Oh! Promise?”

I ignored her, putting my bag on the bed.

The townhome was moderately sized, maybe a couple of years old. The master bedroom entered off the living room and had an attached bathroom. The shower and sink area were actually almost part of the bedroom, with a small toilet in an anteroom. The second bedroom, Melissa’s, was entered near the front door. Between the front bedroom and the kitchen was another full bath. The kitchen opened onto the large living room and dining room across a bar; the entire back wall had large windows opening onto a small back yard. There were no window coverings in the living room; the small back yard was completely private, hidden by tall brick walls and, facing to the north, didn’t get any direct sunlight. Glancing out the window, I could see there was a lounge and patio table, but the only view of the neighbor’s homes was the top of their roofs.

Inside the townhome was immaculately decorated, the centerpiece being a big screen TV centered in the blonde oak built in bookcase. It felt like Gloria, I could see her touch in everything, a touch of unpretentious class everywhere I looked.

“I thought you guys lived in a house?” I asked. Melissa had plopped down on one of the two couches.

“Used to. We moved almost two years ago. Mom got the house in the divorce, but didn’t want to stay there — said it reminded her too much of “The Dick.” She got enough to buy this with a reasonable mortgage. It works well – for her. It’s a lot closer to her work, but puts me a lot further away at college. I’m there most of the time anyway.” She jumped up off the couch and headed to the kitchen. “Hungry?”

I assured her I wasn’t, but asked if I could take a shower and do some laundry as virtually everything I had was dirty. She said she had some laundry that needed to be done also and said if I’d just give her mine she’d combine it all.

The entry from the garage came through the laundry room, a great double use of otherwise wasted space. I tracked Melissa there when I heard the water start filling the machine. She took my clothes, but when I bent to give her a hand she shushed me away and told me to go take a shower. I’d just gotten the water adjusted in the shower when the washing machine quit filling, momentarily giving me a blast of hot water until I got it readjusted. I can’t understand how we can send a man to the moon and still can’t design a water system that won’t freeze or scald someone taking a shower when someone elsewhere just flushes a toilet.

After my shower, Melissa and I visited for a while, just getting to know a little more about each other. The flirting gone for a while, she told me more about her father; “The Dick” as she referred to him again. Unsurprisingly she was totally on her mother’s side. If there was a second side to the story, I sure didn’t hear it from her.

I knew it was approaching time for Gloria to get home when Melissa looked at her watch.

“Mom should be home soon.” She motioned toward her bedroom, “I’ll be back in a couple. Umh, I’m just gonna go change… I’ve got a date, so I won’t be here this evening.” She started down the short hall, “Oh, and I’m staying with my girlfriend tonight, you two will be all alone.”

“Oh yeah, sure.” I immediately challenged. “Staying with your girlfriend, huh? I used that as an excuse when I was in college too. Whenever I wasn’t coming home after a date, I always said I was staying at my buddy’s house. At least that’s what I told my parents.”

She laughed. “You are sooo bad. Really, it’s true. I’m staying at her house. She and her boyfriend set me up with a friend of his that’s visiting. It’s sort of a blind date I guess. I met him once a while back, but we’ve never dated before.”

I raised my eyebrows, then cocked my head and held my hands up, indicating she didn’t have to convince me, at the same time non-verbally telling her I didn’t really believe her at all. “Oh yeah, sure; whatever you say.” Afterward I broke into a grin to let her know I was just teasing.


Several minutes after she headed in to change I went and found the dryer when I heard the buzzer go off. I figured most of the clothes must be mine anyway, and I’d get them put away. I was partly correct; she’d added my underwear and white socks to their whites and delicates. Having been married for twenty years, I’d handled many women’s under things before, but it had been many years since I’d handled so many that were designed to be sexy rather than functional, and didn’t belong to my wife.

At first I began sorting out my underwear, but rapidly ended with a pile of bras and panties. It didn’t take long to realize that nearly all the panties were thongs, and the bras were of various styles, from modest full coverage to silky and lacy, to one that was only half there.

I realized from the quantity that I had to be looking at both Gloria and Melissa’s things, with no way to tell what belonged to whom. I was going to fold them and let the girls sort them out, but there really wasn’t much to fold. Finally I separated the thongs, laying them flat in a pile and smoothing them with my hand. They were all different, either different materials or different colors. Some were practically nothing and very sexy; others were obviously more every day, just designed without a bottom.

At first I checked the bras for size thinking maybe there would be a difference, but they were all 34 B, so I just began folding them in two and stacking them in a pile. The very last one to fold was the half cup bra.

I’d had no clue whose underwear any of the other things belonged to, but for this one I was pretty sure it was Melissa’s. From what I knew about Gloria, I couldn’t imagine her normally wearing such a revealing bra – but knew I’d like it if she did. Two silky half cups would have given a little support and a lot of display, a half-moon cut-out on the tips designed to leave the nipples and upper breasts completely bare on the wearer. There were no upper straps; it was designed for bare shoulder outfits.

I really hadn’t dawdled folding their clothes, but for this one I’d stopped just momentarily, holding it up, imagining what Gloria (or Melissa for that matter) would look like wearing it – or how my hands would feel fondling them while they were wearing it.

I wasn’t much of a pause, maybe two seconds before I started to fold it in two. I had my back toward the living room and hall, so hadn’t heard Melissa’s approach, so I had no idea just how much she’d seen when she said, “Liked that one did ya?”

I immediately spun, hesitated a split second before I answered, still holding the sexy little nothing in my hand. “I… was just folding your things for you.” Damn it, why had I hesitated? I could feel the slight heat in my face, the guilty feeling of being caught – doing something I probably shouldn’t have been doing – running through my face for the first time in forty years. And why was I feeling so guilty? I was folding clothes and came across something that was designed to entice the male’s eye and it had – so why were my ears burning? Normally when caught off guard, I’ll tease or joke to hide that fact, but this time I was totally defensive. I’d been caught — and she knew I’d been caught. I said nothing.

Melissa, barefoot, was rubbing her hair with a towel, now dressed in pants and a shirt reminiscent of the one Gloria had been wearing on the plane when I met her. With her hands behind her head, her chest was jutted toward me, making her appear bustier than I knew she really was. I momentarily wondered if she was doing this on purpose, or if she knew what effect it had on her appearance.

The shirt she was wearing was definitely a bit more revealing or sexy than the one Gloria had worn on the plane, but at first I couldn’t quite pin point how. The scooped vee exposed a fairly large expanse of tanned flesh, but it was the two semi-hard nipples that my eyes latched on to before I forced my eyes to Melissa’s face. Not just the vee neck, I remembered how when Gloria had bent over I’d seen the two soft globes of breasts accented by the Vee. Neither was it just the tanned flesh, actually the slight glimpse of un-tanned breast on Gloria had accented the tan she did have. Melissa’s peek-a-boo-here-I-am nipples were definitely more obvious than Gloria’s had been that afternoon a few months before, but it wasn’t just that. Somehow the overall effect just seemed sexier.

I took it all in, in a single glance, but immediately forced my eyes to meet hers. “You look nice,” I offered, figuring that maybe complimenting her would ease the pressure on my embarrassment.

“Thanks.” She dropped her one hand, holding the end of the towel in front as she continued rubbing her hair with the other.

“That’s almost like what your mom was wearing when I met her,” I offered. She glanced down at herself, then back to me.

“Why do you say ‘almost’?”

“Well, um…” I suddenly felt the rush of heat again. How did I keep doing this? “It’s about the same color and style, but just a little, um, I think, maybe a little sexier?”

She just looked at me for a moment, and shook her head. “No, actually it’s the same. This is what she wore. I know; I dropped her off at the airport.”

“Shit,” I thought, again feeling like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. I hadn’t said anything that wasn’t true – but still…

“So, you didn’t answer me. You liked that one huh?” She nodded her head toward me. I suddenly realized I was still holding the silky little half bra and glanced down at it in my hands. Damn it! I turned and placed it on the stack of bras and reached for my own clothes, realizing as I did so that this girl was teasing me, simultaneously realizing that my quick disposal of the garment had underscored my feelings of guilt.

“Yeah,” I answered going on the offensive, “I was just wondering if this is the bra of choice for all the best-dressed college co-eds.”

Without hesitation she threw it right back at me. “Well it is one of her favorites, just not on a first date.”

“Oh? And what bra would a best dressed co-ed wear on a first date?” I asked.

“It all depends on who the date is with and whether she wants his hands all over her or not.”

“Oh?” I answered, somewhat shocked at her brazen answer, wondering if she was just teasing as hard as I was, or whether she was really being just honest with me – someone who’d been a virtual stranger just a few hours before. “Then what date would that little nothing be worn for?”

“Oh that one’s at least a second date because that’s the one she wears when she wants to get laid, and she never sleeps with a guy on a first date.”

I lost it and cracked up.

“Okay, Okay — Melissa, enough! I give up. Geeze, you’re good, I love one liners and teasing, but I can’t keep it up.”

“That’s not what Mom says.” I’d just finished picking up my clothes and looked up at her. She had a big grin on her face. I just shook my head. Still chuckling I took my clothes and headed to Gloria’s bedroom to put them back in my suitcase.

Melissa and the lingerie were gone when I got back, and remembering the other clothes in the washer, I transferred them to the dryer. I could hear a hair dryer running and figured Melissa was finishing up getting ready as I stepped back into the living room a few moments later when the front door opened.

“Melissa?” Gloria called out as she came in the door. “Are you …” she stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth falling open as she saw me, then dropped her purse and practically leapt into my arms.

She kissed me, a shocked but happy kiss which I eagerly returned, her lips against mine, as her body melted against me. It wasn’t just a hello kiss, it was a kiss full of lust and passion — it was a kiss full of promise for things to come. She broke away, hugging me completely, her cheek coming up against mine. Without pulling away, her hand came up across my other cheek, caressing it, feeling the smoothness. “Umm, you just shaved,” she said, her hand sliding behind my neck and pulling my mouth back to hers. I obliged, returning the kiss, slipping my hand down the back of her skirt to her delectable bottom, pulling her against my rapidly engorging cock. Her lips opened, her tongue forcing my mouth open, to which I readily acquiesced. Her hands were at first all over my back but they too slid down, grabbing and squeezing my butt, also pulling me against her. I worked her skirt up with my fingers until I could slip my hand under and find the bare skin of her bottom. I felt the cloth of her thong, feeling the small triangle of cloth tapering to nothing where it disappeared between her cheeks. I thought I recognized the pattern of a more demure cotton model, probably the match of one I’d taken out of the dryer a short time before. Her hands relinquished my butt and moved back up onto my chest, rubbing across my nipples momentarily before starting down toward my belt. “If you’d let me know you were coming I’d have worn something sexier — or maybe even nothing at all,” she whispered, her lips all over my neck. Her hands, finding my belt, began fumbling.

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