Everyone Back To Mine!

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David Attenborough says that the howler monkey is the loudest animal in the world. Sir David is probably not frequently on Literotica, but I want him to know that this is not actually true. The loudest animal in the world is a 30-something white woman, with half a bottle of white wine in her. Science fact.

I happen to be in a position to tell him this because there were recently nine of them downstairs in my house, all yelling and talking excitedly over the top of each other.

My wife, Carla, had invited her friends round prior to their dinner in a local Italian restaurant. The girls that lived nearby did this every month and it was one of the reasons we really liked living here. They were a great gang, all of a similar age and stage of life. We had immediately slotted into this community of ‘young professionals’.

Usually they all met up at one house or other before walking over to a local restaurant and, this month, it was our turn to provide the pre-dinner drinks.

I, obviously, wasn’t invited but I was looking forward to an evening finishing off some work and then maybe watching the rugby on catch-up. When the screeching and yelling indicated that they were getting ready to leave for the restaurant, I walked downstairs to see them off.

I threaded my way through the clouds of perfume and past pretty girl after pretty girl in slinky cocktail dresses and, finally, picked out my wife. She was wearing a sleek, dark red dress with matching heels; she looked gorgeous. We’ve been married for 8 years and she remains the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

I snuck up behind her and gave her a kiss where her shoulder met her neck. She immediately leaned in to the kiss then, just as suddenly, wriggled and slipped to the side to get away from my touch, obviously embarrassed about the public affection in front of her friends. She slapped me on the arm and admonished me (good naturedly) for making a scene.

Unperturbed, I scooped Carla into a tighter embrace and winked over her shoulder at Simone, the loudest and most bonkers of her friends. Simone winked back and I knew that Carla didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about. No one here was a prude and none of the girls were going to be offended by something as mild as a kiss.

A few moments later, the girls piled out of the front door, draining their wine glasses as they left, and noisily making their way down the street. I suspected they were going to have a great time.

I tidied up the glasses and went back upstairs, making it through about 5 minutes of work before the fantasy of nailing my wife, in her red dress, drove me away from the computer.

Back downstairs and feeling restless, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and went through to turn the TV on and watch the rugby. When that finished and there was no sign of the girls, I mindlessly continued to watch the postgame commentary. Bored and frustrated, I flicked over to a rubbish-looking superhero film playing on Sky and drank another beer.

I was just wondering whether I should go to bed on my own, when I heard shrieking and laughing at the front door. I could hear scraping around the lock as someone was unsuccessfully trying to insert a key into it. Perhaps the apes had risen against mankind and a troop of howler monkeys had decided to kill me in the night?

I walked to the door and undid the lock. Carla, the prettiest monkey I’d ever seen, practically fell into my arms as the door she had been steadying herself against swung inwards. Immediately, she grabbed my head and pulled it down so she could kiss me as I cradled her.

The pack of girls surrounding her hooted and cheered; no doubt annoying my neighbours. If I had thrown them a banana at that point I think I could have started an orgy.

I studied Çankaya Escort my wife. She was clearly more than a bottle of wine into her evening. But she looked like she was having a great time, so who was I to judge.

I looked up expectantly at the pack of girls still on my doorstep and politely enquired “Can I help you, ladies?”

“I’ll have what she’s having!” Yelled two of the girls in unison. Everyone’s a comedienne.

Carla answered my question on their behalf and said that she’d invited everyone back to ours to continue drinking after the restaurant had turfed them out. This was not the first time this has happened and I was not the slightest bit surprised. I pushed Carla back upright and onto her feet, moving her away from the door so that all the girls could come inside.

I collected coats as they came in and greeted each of them in turn. Wine had obviously been flowing all around the table as, to my surprise, several of the girls were a little physical as they walked past. With Helen, Fiona and Rose, they each ran a hand over my arm or chest. Holly, feeling bolder, grabbed my bum in quite a rude manner as she passed.

Simone, however, was the last to enter and she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. This would have been fine if she hadn’t also reached through the mass of coats I was now holding and firmly stroked my balls which were hidden by the pile of clothing. I coughed loudly, surprised as her slim fingers tickled a very intimate area, but the howler monkeys ahead of her made more than enough noise to cover my surprise. After a tantalising second of contact, Simone moved past me.

‘Two can play that game’ I thought, so before she could walk away, I reached out and pinched a generous handful of her bottom in my hand. Simone stopped walking and wiggled her behind in my hand, looking naughtily over her shoulder at me. Oops, that was a bit more than I had intended.

I was not worried about anyone noticing, as the girls were all heading straight into the living room, on the hunt for more wine and music. Once I had deposited all the coats in the cupboard under the stairs, I went to the living room to start receiving drinks orders.

I always make a point of keeping a pretty well stocked bar in the house so there was almost nothing that I couldn’t provide. The first few girl asked for gin nothing like the dramatic squeals heard in porn. I was completely forgotten as she was entirely focused on chasing her orgasm.

Tonight’s fun was clearly the very definition of a quickie, so I wasn’t at all worried about delaying my own orgasm or dragging things out. Instead, I squeezed harder on her boobs and start thrusting my hips up to meet her movements. As predicted, Carla’s pleasure peaked moments later and she cried out loud when her orgasm took her. Carla was still lost in her own need and continued to thrust and wriggle on top of me, as my balls tightened and I stifled a quiet moan as my cum shot into my wife.

Carla rode me throughout, smiling down at me happily, as my cock throbbed inside her and the waves of her own orgasm subsided. Then, before I knew what was happening, she leapt to her feet; my dislodged penis slapping wetly on my stomach.

She started rearranging her knickers, to stop the cum already streaming down her thigh. Then she bent over the bed while straightening her skirt and gave me a peck on the forehead. “Thanks!” she said.

Just like that, she was gone, back downstairs to her friends. I didn’t know how long she had been away from them but it couldn’t have been enough time for them to get suspicious. She had been so ready-to-go from the moment she woke me up and our lovemaking had been over over in minutes.

In no time at all I was back asleep, dreaming of my beautiful Cebeci Escort wife and her fantastic pussy.


I don’t know how long I was asleep for the second time, but I roused as Carla woke me up again. I felt her pull the duvet back and start snuffling and kissing around my balls; placing little licks and kisses all over my deflated and still-sticky penis.

It wasn’t unusual for Carla to want Round Two, but it did seem like she was being unusually insatiable tonight. I love making eye contact with my wife while she sucks me off, so I lifted my head to try to lock eyes with her.

To my great surprise, instead of my wife’s very straight, very dark hair swishing around in my lap, I was looking at the dark red, slightly wavy hair of Simone. Sensing my gaze, she lifted her head towards me and smiled at me sweetly with one of my testicles resting just between her lips.

What. The. Fuck. I was completely stunned.

Simone buried her face into my groin, took a theatrically deep breath through her nose and practically purred “Mmmmm, I knew Carla came in here earlier. She was upstairs for way too long and was all flushed when she rejoined us.”

“Did she sneak up here earlier to get herself off on you? Naughty girl. I can smell her. Oh well, I hope she left something for me.”

Simone then returned to kissing, licking, and suckling my balls. It felt amazing; pleasure was radiating outwards from her every touch. But, Jesus Christ, I was happily married! This was not okay!

With determination that almost caused me physical pain, I gently pushed Simone’s face away from me and whispered “Simone, we can’t do this. We. Can. Not. Do. This.”

Unfortunately, my dick had other ideas and was rapidly swelling right in front of her face. So Simone took advantage of my biological weakness to score a simple point. Against my resistance, she pushed her head back towards my groin and wrapped her lips around the sensitive head of my cock. A bolt of pleasure shot through me that was at least half the elicit thrill of knowing my dick was in the mouth of a woman who wasn’t my wife. I groaned and Simone grabbed hold of my hips, using the purchase to pull her face deeper onto my cock. “Oh sweet Jesus!” I cried out. Simone popped her head up and loudly ‘shushed’ me while drunkenly giggling.

“See,” she whispered. “This is going to be fun! Very fucking fun.”

That had been fun. But I was very fucking married.

My moral compass tried, once again, to assert itself.

“Seriously Simone, we can’t do this.” I said in a coarse whisper. “You’re married, I’m married. This is fucking wrong. Not to mention that my wife is downstairs and your husband is two doors away.”

Simone stopped sucking me, my dick popping free from the tight, hot suction of her mouth. In a playful way, she panted out, “I know that, silly. Of course I do. But sometimes girls just need one thing. And without that thing, they couldn’t possibly be satisfied. And nothing else could possibly do. What I happen to need right now, is this…” She gave me another luxurious suck.

“I don’t want you forever…” She continued. “We’re not starting an affair, but right now I’m not going to be satisfied with anything less than… this…”

She took my length in her mouth again and started bobbing faster on my, now, rock hard penis. Her style was different from Carla’s. It was wetter and less controlled and much, much more relaxed. She seemed completely un-self-conscious about the gagging, slurping, coughing noises she made as she went up and down my turgid pole.

I was starting to worry that someone would even hear her slutty performance from downstairs. Seeming to read my mind, Simone stopped again and gently stroked my member.

She said Çukurambar Escort “You can just relax, Carla is hammered,” (this much I knew to be true) “and she’s outside smoking with Helen.”

This was an interesting bit of information as it gave a useful metric for how drunk my wife actually was. She didn’t smoke routinely, not even the smoking-while-drinking kind of smoker but, when she was absolutely hammered, she did sometimes have a sneaky cigarette. If she was drunk enough to be wanting cigarettes, she was very unlikely to notice Simone’s absence and, if the girls were split inside and outside of the house, it was unlikely that anyone else would notice either.

I was still troubled. Just because it was unlikely that we were going to get caught, didn’t make what we were doing any more right. That said, I am not Captain America and I have since learned that my ability to make moral judgements seems to be severely impaired while receiving blow jobs from pretty girls. If this was just to be a one time thing, and we had already done what we had already done, then what was the harm in getting to the finish line…? Right…?

What really surprised me was Simone’s willingness to go down on me, knowing that she must’ve been tasting Carla as she was doing it. Given her enthusiasm, if I had to guess I would say this was possibly even part of the thrill for Simone. It was certainly working for me.

Some girls give head in a very focused way that is geared towards getting you to orgasm. Simone was much more varied, and was using her technique to tease me. She would suck me fast, then slow, then lick the shaft, then kiss the head, then leave my dick alone completely to focus on my balls. At one point she was wantonly snogging my perineum. She was all over me and it was driving me wild.

Once she had had enough of playing with me, Simone crawled up my body, drunkenly kissed me on the lips as she passed, then carried on towards the headboard until her knees were either side of my ears and her skirt was draped over my head.

She settled herself into a comfortable position and then pulled her dress up at the front so that she could see my face, smiling sweetly as we made eye contact. With more light now available to me, I could see that Simone did not have any underwear on under her skirt. I wondered if she had taken them off before waking me or, even, while I was too engrossed in the blowjob to notice. It was also possible that she had not had any on when she left the house in the first place and had been sat like that at dinner. If that was the case then had she planned this all along? Or had she just gone commando and ended up so horny that, when she spotted an opportunity, she had jumped on (me) it.

My wife had excellent box administration and kept herself trimmed and bare in an enticing way. But Simone was something else; she was completely clean shaven. Cancel that, she was waxed. She had to have been waxed, and recently, if the smooth, flawless skin of her most intimate areas was anything to go by.

Even in the dim light I could see the juices all over her lips. Again I wondered, had this happened during the blow job or if she had been sat creaming herself while eating pasta and drinking wine? I could smell her beautiful female scent and couldn’t wait to taste her. It turned out that Simone couldn’t wait either…

She lined herself up and then lowered her hips until her pussy was in range of my tongue. Then she continued to descend until she was pressing herself onto my mouth. If ever there was a time for not messing around with too much tickley-teasing, this was it. I stuck my tongue as far into her cunt as I could, then dragged it forward through her trench and up over her clit.

Simone groaned and spread her knees a little wider, forcing herself even harder onto me. Taking my cue from her earlier technique, I kissed, sucked, licked and bit every inch of her that I could reach. I love going down on my wife but this felt particularly exhilarating because this woman was from outside our marriage.

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