Every Man’s Fantasy

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When I saw Monica walk in to Farugie’s wearing a tight red dress and black heels, with her short blonde curls pulled back in a gold barrette, I knew it was love at first sight.

She and three of her friends, sat in the corner booth by the big picture window. I brought out their drinks. Monica ordered a Tequila Sunrise and I remember plain as day, the look in her eyes when I handed it to her and she finally took off her shades. She smiled at me with those gorgeous emerald eyes and I had all I could do not to spill the rest of the drinks in her lap.

She didn’t say anything to me, even when I brought out her soup and salad, but I could feel her eyes one me the entire time.

When I brought out the check she was sitting with her legs crossed and I could see the soft, dark skin of her inner thigh as her skirt slid up slowly.

She left a decent tip, but what I was really hoping for was a note scribbled on a napkin, or a number. There was nothing but an empty booth that haunted me for the rest of the day.

Three days later we were slow and I was just leaned against the bar chatting up Jill the bartender. She has been one of the first people I talked to when I started working here. She wasn’t a bad looking girl. She had a decent rack and a nice round ass, but she wasn’t as tall as most girls I was attracted to had kind of a plain face and really short hair. We had awesome conversations though and I told her almost everything, but I hadn’t told her about Monica.

The phone rang and Jill went to get it. I was still standing there when a girl came in and took a seat at the bar. She looked vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place her.

“I’m Tasha.” She said. “I came in the other day with some friends and we sat right over there.” She was pointing at the corner booth and when I looked over there all I could see was Monica.

“Oh?” I said. “But you have to forgive me, I see so many people come in and out of here.”

“I understand.” she said. “But I was wondering…I’m having some friends over tonight for a party and we kind of need a guy to be there. I was hoping maybe you could make it.

Tasha had a cute face, huge tits and a decent body. However, this seemed like a strange request from a girl I had just met, but all I could think about was Monica and her enchanting eyes.

After work I shaved, showered and dressed in a pair of black slacks a lavender button up, and splashed myself with a heavy dose of cologne and after shave.

I read in a magazine once that women love men in lavender. It said that it gives them a sense of your emotional side and even though its subtle, it appeals to there subconscious.

The fact that Monica was wearing red made me believe she was strong, confident and independent woman, but the fact that she was quiet made we think she might like with a soft side.

On the way to Tasha’s house all I could think about was what I would say to Monica. There was something intimidating about her silent strength. I wasn’t sure how I would get through to her but I was confident I could find a way.

Tasha answered the door and I was stunned. She was wearing a white Yankees hat down over her eyes with her hair pulled back in a pony, a a pink spaghetti top and black Yoga pants. Her tits jumped out even further then I could have imagine they would. I had to swallow a gulp just to keep my composure. She had just gone from maybe a six on a half on the hotness scale to pretty damn close to a nine.

She threw her arms around me smashing her full chest against mine, gave me a big kiss on the mouth and led me into the living room to meet her friends.

Rosie was sitting in the middle of the large red sofa. She had very fine light brown skin, hazelnut eyes and a bubbly personality. “Nice to meet you Hun!” She said.

Stacy was very quiet and sat in a recliner off to the side. She had a black widow tattoo on her neck. Her blue eyes were live and beautiful, and full of mischief as they remained hidden behind her straight dark hair which was pulled back in a pink butterfly barrette on one side. She looked at me shyly and nodded.

Sheena was a bit more brazen. “Hey sexy! She exclaimed as she got up from her spot next to Rosie to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She had a beautiful dark complexion and a full head of dark curls.

I stared at the empty spot on Rosie’s left as the doorbell rang. I was wondering who it was for, was Monica going to fill it? Tasha görükle escort pointed for me to sit on the love seat, but my eyes followed her to the door.

She opened the door and in walked Jill the bartender carrying a brown grocery bag. I was disappointed, shocked and relieved all at once. I was in a room full of women I barely new or didn’t know at all and the only one I really wanted wasn’t even there.

Jill had actually done herself up more tonight then she ever did for tending bar. She wore a fedora, black pants and vest over an orange tee shirt.

“Glad you could make it, Trevor.” She said as she set the bag on the coffee table between us and sat down on the love seat next to me. “Hey Stacy. Maybe he can give you the answer to your question.” She said.

Stacy blushed and partially covered her face. “I don’t know…” she said shyly.

Tasha came into the room with a tray full of drinks. She handed a margarita to Rosie, a mojito to Sheena, Jill got a dirty martini, she gave me Import beer, took a sip of her White Russian and set a Bourbon and coke in front of Stacy.

I noticed there was no tequila sunrise, but my thoughts were interrupted when she said. “Stacy wants to know why guy like to give chicks rim jobs.”

I noticed perspiration gather on my hands. Truth be told I hoped I was being invited her to be hooked up with Monica, but since there was no sign of her, I assumed I was Tasha date. Jill being here left me a bit confused, but now I had no idea. “Uh… You mean…why do men…?” I mumbled taking a sip of my beer.

“Yeah!” Sheena jumped in. “Why are men obsessed with licking assholes?”

I giggled nervously. “I guess I didn’t know we were.”

“Oh come on.” Rosie added as she dug into the grocery bag. “You guys all act like you just want to eat pussy but indefinitely your tongues always end up in our crack.”

I started to feel interrogated, but I had to admit, even though my head was spinning and my cheeks were flushed, I was thoroughly enjoying it. I was surrounded by women and I was currently the center of their sexual attention.

“For real!” Stacy said finally coming out of her shell. “I dated this one guy last summer and it seemed like his face was always buried into ass. It was so embarrassing.”

“Have you ever licked a chicks asshole Trevor.” Jill asked as her hand slipped down to my thigh. I froze as all the girls simultaneously stopped sipping their drinks and stared at me.

“Yeah. Once.” I said. “I was really drunk and I was just really curious, and… she had a great ass!”

“Really?” Tasha asked as she peeked into the bag. “Would you lick Stacy’s ass?

Now my face was burning but my did started to hardened and felt uncomfortable bunched up in my boxers.

“That’s not fair Tash.” Rosie said as she pulled a handful of dice out of the bag. “He doesn’t even know the rules of the game yet, and I highly doubt he has even got a good look at her ass yet.”

“He’ll learn the game soon enough.” Tasha said. “Show him that beautiful bottom, Stacy!”

Stacy glanced over at me and shrugged her shoulders, but all the girls started chatting her name. She stood up and turned around with her hand on her hips. She was wearing too tight black jeans. Her ass was actually small and flat, but I was getting hard and it looked very appealing.

Then she slid her jeans over her tiny hips and exposed her cute little buns except the part of her crack hidden by the thin piece of teal cloth from her thong. She pulled it aside and bent over spreading her cheeks so I could see the wrinkles of her puckered butt hole.

“So what’s the verdict?” Jill asked.

I was blown away. I came here to meet the girl of my dreams and now have no idea what the hell was going on, and I’m being asked to rate the likelihood that I would suck a particular girl’s naked anus.

Rosie took one of the dice and rolled it. Can anyone beat a 4? All the other girls grabbed a dice a rolled it.

“I got a six.” said Jill.

All the girls sighed simultaneously.

“You always get to go first!” Sheena said.

“I actually didn’t win at all two weeks ago.” Jill replied.

I was still hoping that the doorbell would ring again, but now my curiosity was aroused.

The other girls all rolled again. “I got a two.” Rosie said did anyone get any worse than that?”

“I got a two.” Tasha said. They rolled again and Tasha’s got a four, bursa escort bayan and Rosie got another two.

“Anyone need another drink?” Tasha asked.

Stacy pulled up her pants, handed her an empty glass and she disappeared into the kitchen.

Jill reached into the bag and pulled out a set of nipples weights. She handed them to me.

“Damn it!” Rosie said. ” I hate the nipple weights.

I took them from her and held them in my hand. There were two little black balls dangling from a metal clip.

Tasha returned with a shot for everyone but Jill and Rosie and handed Stacy her new drink. “It’s your job to put them on her.” She said to me.

We all slammed our shots.

Rosie stood up and pushed out her very large chest covered by a red and blue plaid shirt. I could see her nipples poking out and was very eager to see them naked.

“You mean I…uh… take her shirt off?” I asked.

“Yeah, dude.” Jill said. “Don’t be shy. From what you tell me you have plenty of practice.”

“Free those cannons!” Sheena said.

I got up and unbottoned her shirt, helped her out of it, folded it, and set it on the couch.

“Now the fun part.” Jill said.

No lie. I’ve taken off quite a few bras, but I must have looked like a rookie as I reached around behind her almost losing my face in her cleavage as I fumbled with the clasp. Finally, I came loose and the sprung forward into my face. They were big and firm, but still felt soft as they rubbed against my face. She had giant areas and her nipples were just about the length of the first knuckle on my pinky and very hard.

I pinched the back of the clamp as the mouth opened I placed it over nipple letting it close. She winced in pain as they clamped down and I let the balls fall out of my hand. She moaned and reached up to grab them.

Sheena stood up “Slap that bitches hand if she tries to touch them.” She said.

“Really?” I asked still a bit confused.

“Yeah.” Stacy said with a smile. “That’s your job. Well part of it anyway.”

She got up dug in the bag and handed me a stopwatch.

Jill walked over and unbuckled Rosie’s pants and pulled them down to her ankles. “Start the time as soon as I start licking and stop as soon as she cums.”

“How do I know she not faking?” I asked confidently thinking I was figuring out this game.

“The winner is the one who lasts the longest.” Rosie said squinting fiercely at the pain as her nipples sagged and were turning white.

Jill knelt down and cupped her hands over Rosie’s ass cheeks then pulled her floral panty covered crotch into her face. I clicked the watch and Jill moved the panties to one side she started licking and sucking on her clit.

Rosie shuddered as her back stiffened and she flexed her calves and ass. She reached toward her boobs, but I only had to lift my hand and she stopped.

When she finally came I looked down and the stopwatch read three minutes and fifty three seconds.

I was so caught up in keeping time and making sure that she didn’t touch her boobs that I didn’t even notice my heart racing and the throbbing in my balls. Rosie’s tits were looking better by the minute.

Everyone except Jill rolled again and this time. Tasha won with a five. She gathered all the shot glasses and disappeared into the kitchen again.

The rest of the girls besides Rosie rolled again. Sheena got a 1.

Everyone waited for Tasha to return. This time she had a double shot for everyone and a fresh drink. She passed out the drinks and then reached into the bag. She pulled out a large red vibrator.

Everyone slammed their shots, and took sip of their drink. Sheena got up and walked toward me.

“Get her naked from the waist down and get your stopwatch ready.” Tasha said as she got down on her knees. I could tell she was eager to get started.

It still hadn’t really hit me what was going on. I was in a room full of chicks and participated in some form of twisted orgy game. In any other situation I would want to jump on any of these girls, but I couldn’t stop wishing Monica was here.

I walked behind Sheena and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Then I shucked her of her black lace briefs. She had a big round booty with very smooth skin. I definitely wanted to take a giant bite out of it.

Tasha handed me the vibrator. ” now as soon as I start licking, vibrate the shit out of bursa escort that click and start the clock.

Sheena started moaning and shaking almost immediately. Her lips were almost perfectly shaped and only partially covered by a few well trimmed tightly curled pubes. I just wanted to push Tasha aside and bury my face in Sheena’s snatch, but before I knew it she was screaming and trembling.

I looked down at the stopwatch. Sheena had cum in only two minutes and thirteen seconds.

“The vibrator is just not fair. I don’t think anybody can last that long with it.” Sheena said.

“Just the luck of the draw.” Tasha said as she went to get the next round of shots and drinks.

Rosie, Stacy and Sheena rolled. Sheena and Stacy tied with a four. When they rolled again Sheena got a six.

Then when Tasha returned, Stacy and Jill rolled again and Tasha got a one. So this time the rolls were reversed, and Sheena pulled out a string of anal beads.

Everyone slammed a triple shot this time and know beside being extra horny I was starting to feel the alcohol.

I stumbled on the way over to pull down Tasha’s yoga pants and pink panties. When I did I was staring into the hottest ass I had ever seen. It was just the right size, not to big or too small and almost perfectly rounded.

Sheena handed me the beads. “Shove them up their!” She said.

I was trembling now. With the other girls it was exciting, but even though I had come here for Monica I was starting to feel something for Tasha. I could barely stand myself as I spread her cheeks and watched the blue balls get sucked up into her ass. She moaned harder with each one.

Sheena got down in front of her. “Make sure you pull them out slowly as soon as I start sucking.”

Sheena buried her face in Tasha snatch and I pulled on the string watching her tight hole stretch as th ball tried to rip through. Tasha’s knees trembled and I looked closer staring right into her pussy as the ball slipped out. I had had more than I could take and without even thinking I ripped the rest of the balls out and buried my face in Tasha’s crack and started licking her slit and hole.

“We have a winner!” Jill yelled. I jumped back startled. Way to go Tash! I told you he wouldn’t be able to resist you. This time Stacy took the tray and went to get the next round.

I was completely lost now. My mind spinning inane different ways, as a the girls started undressing completely. I thought I’d kind of figured out the rules, but not completely. Tasha had won. So now was I her prize?

When everyone was naked. Stacy returned with the shots. We all slammed them then she undressed.

Stacy laid down on the couch and Sheena started playing with her tits. Tasha and Rosie started making out in the corner and Jill got down on her knees in front of me.

The first thing that went through my mind was that this was gonna make work really uncomfortable for me tomorrow. The front door swung open and a beautiful voice said. “Honey I’m home.”

Jill had just undone my pants and took my dick in her mouth when Monica appeared. Our eyes met momentarily.

“Looks like you all are having a blast.” She said then she was gone.

What a mess I thought. My only intention I had for coming here was to meet Monica and now she showed up and I got drunk and fucked everything up. Plus the girl of my dreams just saw me getting sucked off by a chick I’m not even really attracted to.

I vaguely remember blowing my wad on Jill’s face as she fingered Rosie’s pussy. Then I remember Stacy leading me over to the couch and mounting me in reverse cowgirl. Then everything went black and I don’t remember a thing.

When I woke I was still butt ass naked and spooning with a chick that was fully clothed. I looked up at her face. Holy shit, if I wasn’t in bed with Monica.

I was ecstatic. After all that, the night had ended up just as I had hoped. I was in bed with Monica. I turned over and looked at her again. She was completely looking away from me. Besides the fact that my left arm was tucked under her. There was no sign that she had been cuddling with me. It was possible that I had just crawled into bed with her and she didn’t even know it. To this point we had never even had a conversation. I didn’t even know her. I wanted to wait until she woke up so I could talk to her, but my head was pounding and I could hear someone puking in the bathroom. I really needed to get home.

My left arm had fallen asleep and was very numb. I tried to slide it out from underneath her, but I heard a jingle and my wrist stopped dead. I felt metal tear into my wrist. She fucking handcuffed me to her bed. This pissed me of and turned me on at the same time.

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