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She knew he was coming home soon but his exact arrival time wasn’t known. Traffic, last minute emergencies, final phone calls could all make him later than either of them wanted. They both were anxious to be together again and fulfill their needs, both physical and emotional. She thought of the last time they talked on the phone and the memory made her clit twinge. The phone sex they had was unreal! She never would have dreamed she could be so ultimately turned on by a voice or that she could make any man so hot over the phone. What they had was unique and without it they might have gone crazy with unfulfilled passion when they were apart. Still, as nice as phone fucking was, she was more than ready for the real thing and she knew he was too. As soon as he told her he was coming home she immediately arranged her schedule so they could have some uninterrupted time together. Now that it was just a matter of hours before she would feel his naked body next to hers she was having a very hard time controlling her urge to masturbate. The more she tried not to think about the throbbing she felt in her pussy the stronger it reminded her that she was horny as hell! She knew she could cum now and again later but she really wanted to save all her passion for him.

An hour went by. She tried to stay busy but her clit wouldn’t allow her to forget how much she wanted him. Even her nipples were in a constant state of hardness! She looked at the clock and decided she could stand the torture no more so she went to the bedroom for a “mini’ just to calm herself down, knowing this wouldn’t diminish the istanbul escort intense orgasms she would have with him later.

Taking the dildo and vibrator out of the night stand drawer, she lay down on the bed and spread her legs. She could feel her pussy getting even wetter than it had been in anticipation of what she was about to do. As she spread her labia, exposing her swollen clit she had no trouble inserting the artificial cock in her cunt. Ahhhh…that felt sooooo good! As her fingers brushed across her clit she flinched and knew it wouldn’t be long before her body exploded in orgasm but she wanted to wait just a little while. She let her pussy squeeze the dildo as she lay naked on the bed and thought about the times he had watched her do this while he stroked his cock. The image she formed in her mind made her groan with desire for him. Pussy juice was now flowing freely from her cunt and she felt it trickle down the crack to her ass hole. That gave her an idea. She reached in the night stand and got out another dildo and decided to put it in her ass. Rolling over on her side with the first dildo in her pussy she rubbed her own juice all around her ass hole and then began slipping her finger in and out. The feeling was intense. As soon as she felt she was relaxed enough she began pushing the second dildo in her tight hole. There was some resistance at first but soon she felt the fullness of her ass being fucked by the rubber cock. She wanted to cum but also wanted to enjoy this unique feeling for as long as she could. kadıköy escort This was something she couldn’t wait to tell him about and she was sure he would volunteer to replace one of the artificial dicks she had inside her body.

The dildo in her ass was a vibrating one and that movement added to the intense sensation she was feeling. She loved the feeling of being fully fucked and found herself fingering her clit faster and faster. This was going to be a very intense orgasm for sure! She wondered what kind of picture she made there on the bed with dildos stuck in her pussy and ass. She wished he could see it. Her eyes were shut as her mind was concentrated on the new and wonderful feelings her body was experiencing. She wanted this to last!

As he came within the last ten miles of reaching home he couldn’t help but think about her and hope she was feeling as horny as he was. The last time they were on the phone he shot a load big enough to fill a coffee cup and although it was good, it wasn’t the same as filling her hot wet pussy with his cum. His dick reacted as these thoughts went through his head and he noticed the speedometer was rising too. Better slow down because getting a speeding ticket would only increase the time before he could be in her arms.

Finally he turned into the driveway and once again he felt is cock twitch in anticipation of her waiting arms. He was so anxious to see her that he left all his gear behind and hurriedly put his key in the lock. Expecting to find her in the living room kağıthane escort he was a bit puzzled when she wasn’t there. He started toward the kitchen but stopped when he heard a noise coming from the bedroom. Walking toward it he stopped at the door and couldn’t believe his eyes! There she was, nude on the bed with her ass and pussy filled full of dildos. She was fingering her pussy with such energy that he knew she was about to cum in a big way. She was so intent on self pleasure that she hadn’t realized he was there so he quickly got out of his clothes and approached the bed, He didn’t want to frighten her so he leaned down gently and kissed her large breasts. Although she was momentarily startled she didn’t stop fingering her clit and he knew she was still very close to cumming. Without a word he lowered himself to her pussy and began eating her with vengeance. The taste of her pussy juice aroused him immediately and as she put his cock in her hand to stroke it he knew he would cum soon too. He licked and sucked her clit while he fucked her pussy with the dildo and listened to her beg for more. Her intensity and enthusiasm turned him on so much! As she squeezed and stroked his cock he continued to suck her clit and push the dildo in her sloppy wet pussy. Suddenly they both were at the point of climax. Faster he fucked her and harder she squeezed. He felt the fluid in his cock begin to rush toward the tip. She knew she was about to explode. The intensity was unbearable as they both reached their peak and their bodies shuddered together for what seemed like hours.

Slowly they came down from the natural high they both had just experienced. Neither of them could move off the bed so their bodies lay entwined but satisfied. “So, you just couldn’t wait for me huh?” he asked her teasingly.

She smiled and said, “No, but aren’t you glad I didn’t?” and they both agreed this was a new experience they wanted to practice to perfection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32