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His hot breath hit my neck unexpectedly, the warm sensation sending shivers down my spine. He was standing behind me now; pressing himself closer and closer while those rough lips planted sinful kisses down my neck. The stubble covering his face scratched against my skin, a faint pain that only served to heighten the pleasure of his embrace.

My teeth met my bottom lip as I tried to hold back a moan. His right hand was moving, sliding down my chest, over my stomach and into my tight jeans, rubbing my pussy through the thin layer of fabric that became his only roadblock. Not one to waste time, those rough, large hands quickly found their way underneath my panties while I inhaled sharply. His fingers explored my wet cunt while I trembled under his touch. He was getting acquainted with my body, trying to figure out what I wanted, what I liked. He was in it for my pleasure right now, guided only by the heat of my body and the speed of my breath.

Before this, I’d never been with a man that was so in tune to me as a person. I’d never been with a man who was able to understand my every gaze, gesture and breath. It was one of the reasons that I was so attracted to him but also one of the reasons that I feared him. I wondered if he could sense that too: the fact that at his most intense, I couldn’t bare to look into his eyes for fear of him seeing my every secret. My ability to mask the way I felt seemed to keep me safe from everyone. Everyone until I met him.

Soon his search was paying off and his fingers found my clit. They began moving; soft and slow at first but picking up considerable speed and strength while I rocked my hips back and forth in approval. I pressed my cunt into his hand as much as I could, with no amount of pressure seeming to be sufficient. I needed more. I wanted more. My hunger grew as his movements did. He was fast and rough now; desperate to please me, desperate to hear me scream his name for the first time. Oh, and I was desperate to scream it.

If I could have spoken at that moment, I would have given him exactly what he wanted. Had I not been so incapacitated with pleasure, I would have screamed his name louder than I’d ever screamed before. His name buzzed around in my skull though my mouth couldn’t form the proper sounds anymore.

Those fingers were magic. They were better than any drug, more precious than the world’s most coveted jewels. Those fingers were rocking me, pushing me closer and closer to the edge that I so desperately needed to be thrown over. I wanted to black out, to melt into a puddle of sheer lust on the floor. He sensed this and his left arm tightened its grip around me, while his right hand continued the delicious assault on my womanhood.

Before this, I’d never been with a man that was so in tune to me as a person. I’d never been with a man who was able to understand my every gaze, gesture and breath. It was one of the reasons that I was so attracted to him but also one of the reasons that I feared him. I wondered if he could sense that too: the fact that at his most intense, I couldn’t bare to look into his eyes for fear of him seeing my every secret. My ability to mask the way I felt seemed to keep me safe from everyone. Everyone until I met him.

All the while, Kütahya Escort those fingers were relentless in their quest to make me cum. My breathing was heavy before heavy breathing was replaced by moans and moans were replaced by desperate gasps for air. My body stiffened, preparing itself for the release that it needed so badly. He could feel that I was almost there, that I was about to explode with pleasure and moved his hand from my pussy.

I wasn’t the kind of woman to beg for anything but I was past the point of pride now. I wanted him and I didn’t care what I would have to do to get him. He laughed as my gasps turned to cries and weak pleading. That laugh was enough to give me chills as he spun me around and kissed me harder than I’d ever been kissed before.

His lips pressed against mine forcefully, the intensity of the kiss making my lips hurt so deliciously. He sucked on my plump lips gently right before he bit into them playfully. His tongue moved into my mouth and wrestled with mine. His hands moved to the small of my back, resting while we locked lips. They slowly moved down, grabbing my ass roughly before he gave it a swift smack. I pulled away from his kiss, leaning my head back and gasping in surprise.

He let go of me now, moving back a little to look into my eyes. The lust in his sparkling blue eyes was thick and piercing and even though I was still fully clothed, I felt naked and exposed standing before him. I was in front of the bed now and he pushed me onto it. He stood at the foot of the bed, looking down on me. His dirty blonde hair was disheveled now, while his muscular chest moved up and down with labored breathing beneath his tight t-shirt. He didn’t look like Jessie anymore. He looked like an animal. I’d never been so startled and excited all at once. Seeing him like that made me wet with fear. He was a predator now and I was the prey that wanted to be ripped apart.

He ripped his tee off, giving me a view of the beautifully sculpted chest that I had fallen asleep on so many nights before. Something told me that we weren’t going to be sleeping tonight. He then moved to unzip his jeans and pull them down. Once he got his pants off, he stood there, naked, at the foot of the bed. Our heavy breathing was permeated the silence in the room while I watched his long, fat cock intently. Still on the bed, I got on my knees and crawled toward his him. I was face to face with the hot organ that I wanted to feel deep inside of me. My mouth opened and moved forward, ready to take him in but he stepped back, moving just out of my reach. He didn’t say a word but his eyes spoke volumes.

I knew what he wanted before he’d let me taste that delicious dick. He wanted me to take my clothes off and I was happy to oblige. I got up on my knees again, and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, slowly pulling it over my head. Always a tease, I caressed my skin slowly before taking my bra off. I stared him dead in the eyes, wanting to see how far I could push him, how much he could control himself before he took me. I moved my hands behind my back and slowly unhooked my bra. Once I had revealed my breasts, his hand had moved from his side to gently play with his cock. Tugging back and forth while he watched me, Kütahya Escort Bayan I laid back on the bed.

I undid the buttons on my jeans and pulled them off my body, revealing my lacy pink panties. My cunt was so wet by now that they were soaked. Watching him jerk off, I thought about how many times he’d imagined making love to me while he pleasured himself. My right hand moved into my panties, playing with the clit that he had abandoned so cruelly before. Eyes shut tight, I kept playing with myself, loving the fact that he was watching.

Before I knew it, he had climbed onto the bed and moved on top of me. Taking my hand away, he kissed the fabric of my panties and I sighed happily. He hooked his fingers into the sides and removed my last bit of clothing. He held them to his nose lovingly, inhaling my scent before he turned and threw the panties on the floor.

He planted soft kisses all over my swollen pussy lips, his stubble shocking the tender skin. I moaned when he licked up and down the length of my slit, coating me in his saliva. His hand moved to spread my lips while his tongue kept working. The second his tongue hit my clit, I screamed out in approval. My legs were shaking hard now, wrapped around his torso while he sucked me gently. Wanting even more of a reaction, he gently stuck his tongue inside of my wet hole, lapping up my juices. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t make a sound while he worked. My pussy began to clench around his tongue when he pulled out suddenly.

Not this again. I knew he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him but he always did possess something that I didn’t: self control. My pussy was aching now while I held back tears.

He moved back up so that our lips met. We kissed as he ran his fingers through my wavy black hair. I could taste myself on his lips while his other hand moved to cup my breast. I could feel his naked cock pressing against my body as we made out. My nipples hardened at the feel of it while he squeezed my breasts. I arched my back as his lips moved down to my chest, pressing kisses on my clavicle and on my soft mounds. Slowly, but surely his tongue met my rock hard nubs and did everything he could to make them harder. I wriggled around, loving the feel of his hot mouth on my breasts, licking and sucking and chewing.

My cunt was sopping wet now. I wanted him. I couldn’t wait any longer and I wouldn’t. I forcefully grabbed him by the hair and pulled him off of my breasts. I moved his face to mine and said, “Stick in me now.”

This was all that he needed to hear before he exploded into a monster of desire. He had been focused on pleasuring me all night and he had been doing well, keeping his cool and not letting himself loose control until I told him to. He positioned himself between my legs and began rubbing my wet slit with the head of his cock. I moaned at the delicious contact that I’d been waiting for all night. Not giving me a rest from the sensations that were rushing over my body, he pushed in.

All nine inches were in me now, pumping in and out of my slick cunt. My hands moved above my head to grasp the headboard, desperately needing something to hold on to. His sense of rhythm was superb, working at a steady Escort Kütahya pace that was driving me wild. I ground myself into him, wanting to feel him deeper, harder and faster. I begged him for more. I begged him to finish me off and make me cum like no man ever has or would again.

His face was of quiet determination while mine was of total shock and delicious agony. He was focused on me, on my pleasure solely. He picked up speed like I asked, ready to give me exactly what I wanted. As he moved faster and faster, pounding into me with tremendous force, my body shook violently with orgasm. I had no control over myself anymore and I squirmed on the bed while he hit me with blow after blow. His dick was frying my brain, making me forget everything else but how it felt inside of me. What else did I need but that? My body tensed up, clenching my pussy around that hard cock in absolute pleasure.

He threw his head back and roared while he kept on going, pushing through his intense need to cum to make sure that I was satisfied. I felt like he had been pounding me for hours though it had maybe been twenty minutes. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed over me while he worked, to the point where I was clawing at his back and screaming loudly. Curses and names used in vain flowed from my lips but I knew what he wanted to hear before he would let himself go. As I felt another orgasm raging through me, I screamed out his name. At that, he lost the control that he’d displayed for so long and shot his hot seed inside of me.

Once we came, he stopped pumping but stayed inside of me. He let me lay there underneath him and catch my breath while he pushed my hair out of my face and kissed me softly. His soothing touch calmed me down and brought me back to reality, a place that I didn’t ever want to be without him. He was the reason that my days were filled with beauty and my nights were filled with ecstasy.

He pulled out and rolled off of me, giving me some room. After a few minutes of cool down , I turned over and moved closer to him, covering us both with the cool sheets on the bed. He kissed my forehead lightly and then closed his eyes. I watched him as sleep took over; his thick eyebrows furrowed at first before they calmed. His long lashes hiding the brilliant blue that always gave me chills. I threw an arm over him, playing with the soft skin of his shoulder before I got out of the bed to turn the lights out.

Before I completed the task at hand, I stood at the switch watching Jessie some more. He was the man that I’d spent so many nights dreaming about but never thought I’d actually get. He was effortlessly sweet at any time of the day, painfully romantic, incredibly talented and intelligent, absolutely hilarious and deeply caring, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. He seemed like a dream, a construct that I’d made up in an elaborate fantasy but here he was, sleeping in our bed after the most intense sexual experience that I’d ever have. I thanked the Universe for finally bringing me my soulmate, the man that I was sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And with that silent gratitude, I flicked the light switch.

Once the lights were gone, I crawled back into bed, unable to sleep but unwilling to disturb the beautiful man who’d worked so hard to satisfy me. I put on my headphones and turned on my MP3 player, setting it to shuffle the 17,000 songs that it held, hoping that the first pick would be good. And when the song first song that came on was “Everlong”, I couldn’t help but smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32