Eva Pt. 02 – Paradise

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It’s been six months since I had a wild night with Eva. I’m sitting in my apartment, relaxing in my bedroom. I couldn’t stop thinking about that night with Eva. It was beautiful. It’s nighttime and I can see the beautiful stars from the window. I get a text from Eva, and I look at my phone.

“Hey there. How are you feeling?”

I sit up and start pushing the buttons on my smart phone.

“I’m doing okay. How are you feeling?” I ask.

“I’m feeling great.” She replies.

I smile and continue texting.

“So, what’s going on? I’ve been thinking about that night we celebrated my college graduation. It was beautiful. I hope you’ve didn’t have any regrets.”

I put down the phone and lay down to wait. I felt like I said something to upset her. Ten minutes later, I get the text and I pick up to see.

“Of course not. I enjoyed every moment. Are you doing anything this weekend?”

I sigh in relief and respond to her text.

“I’m free. What did you have in mind?”

Text pops up.

“It’s a surprise. Pack up your swim shorts and some extra clothes. We’re going to paradise.”

I smile and text back.

“Will do. See you soon.” She responds, “Sweet dreams.” I put down the phone and go to sleep.

Weekend arrives and I wake up. It’s 8am and I start getting dressed. I put on deodorant, jean shorts and a light, sleeveless shirt. I head into the bathroom and brush my teeth. As I’m brushing, I hear my phone shake. After mouth washing, I pick up the phone and look at the text.

“Be ready in a few minutes.” Eva says.

I start packing my swim shorts, phone charger, deodorant and a few other clothes. I wait in the living room for her call. I hear the phone shake and I see the text, saying that’s she’s outside. I put my wallet in one pocket, phone and keys in the other. I head downstairs, exiting the building and see Eva in her car. She pops the trunk open, and I place my bag in there. I close the trunk and I enter the passenger seat of her car. I fasten my seatbelt and she hit the gas pedal. Eva’s wearing a light sundress, sandals and a nice pair of sunglasses.

While we’re on the road, Eva puts her hand on mine, and she smiles at me. Her brunette hair is being blown backwards due to the car in motion. She gives my hand a kiss as she drives. I smile back at her and close my eyes. Three hours later, I feel a pat on my shoulder. My eyes open and it’s Eva telling me that we’ve arrived. I step out of the car and help carry the bags. We walk into a small mobile home. I put the bags down and start browsing around the place. I step out into the back deck and see the view of the Avrupa yakası escort bayan ocean. The sun is shining on me, and I can feel some heat on my skin.

I walk back inside and find Eva in the bedroom, laying down. I sit on the full-sized bed next to her. I feel her hand gently brushing on my arm.

“This place is lovely Eva.” I speak.

“Yes, it is.” Says Eva.

“This is our summer home. We have this place for a few days. We’ve had this for a few years. I don’t think you’ve been here before. I figured I could show you this place.”

I gently brush her arm and smile.

“So, what are we doing today?” I ask.

Eva sits up and gives my head a kiss.

“Go put on your swim shorts.”

I leave the room and open my bag. I grab my shorts and head into the bathroom. I hear Eva closing the door to the bedroom. After closing the bathroom door, I remove all of my clothes and slide in my shorts.

After stepping out of the bathroom, I return to the bedroom. Eva opens the door a bit and hands me a bottle of sunscreen. She closes the door and I sit on the couch in the living room. Few minutes later, Eva comes out, wearing a red bikini. I stand up, looking stunned and I reach into my bag and put on a light, V-neck shirt. Her hair is tied, and we both put on some sandals. I grab a few towels and place the sunscreen bottle into my pocket. We put on our shades, and we head out to the back deck.

We head down towards the beach and find a small rowboat.

“We’re going on a fun boat ride.” Eva speaks.

We both get into the rowboat, and she handles the oars. We row towards a nice speedboat. After dropping the anchor to ensure the rowboat stays in its place, Eva starts removing the cover of the speedboat and we both enter. The sun is shining on us, causing sweat to roll down our bodies. I place the towels down and sit in the passenger seat. Eva sits down and inserts the key, turning on the engine.

“Hold on tight, it’s going to be bumpy!” Eva speaks.

I grab onto a handle, and she pushes the throttle down, making the speedboat move forward.

I feel breeze and water splashing on me as Eva drives the boat. I turn back and notice that the shore is getting smaller and smaller. Ten minutes later, Eva slows down and looks at me, laughing.

“Care to drive?” She asks.

“Sure.” I reply. “I’ll give it a go.”

We change places and she shows me the wheel and throttle. I gently push the throttle down a little and the boat moves slowly. I pull out the sunscreen and hands it to Eva. I let the boat move slowly so she wouldn’t Escort Ataköy fall overboard. Eva starts rubbing the sunscreen on my neck, arms, hands, face, ears and legs.

“Ok, you’re good to go.” Eva speaks.

“Go faster!” She sits back down and grabs a handle.

I push the throttle down a little further, making the boat go a little faster. I can feel the boat jumping a bit as I drive the boat. Eva puts her hand on my arm, reminding me that I’m doing good driving a boat. I push the throttle down further and we took off like a bolt. After driving for a few minutes, I pull the throttle back, parking the boat. I put the anchor down to make sure the boat doesn’t move by itself. I look around and see that there are no shores in view. We’re practically in the middle of nowhere.

I stand up sit in the back seat to relax. Eva lays on the front of the boat, trying to work on her tan. I hand her the sunscreen and rubs some on her face, ears, arms, belly, thighs, legs and feet. Eva keeps the shades on and closes her eyes. I close my eyes and rest for a bit. Half an hour later, I wake up and notice the tan I have on my arms and legs. I check up on Eva and she has a great tan all over her body. She turns over and unties her bikini top.

“Can you rub some on my back?” Eva asks.

I walk towards her and pours sunscreen on her back neck gently. She moans softly and I rub on her upper back.

I try to keep cool as I’m rubbing sunscreen on her back. I start to feel erect as I’m rubbing. I breathe softly, trying to stay calm. I pour some sunscreen on her shoulders and Eva gives my hand a kiss. I continue rubbing her lower back and she starts moaning as if I touched a weak spot.

“You got magic hands.” Eva speaks.

I continue rubbing lotion on her back thighs and legs slowly, making her moan even more. I rub the lotion on the ankles, and I sit in the back seat of the boat. I see that I’m fully erect and wet. I try thinking of other things to reduce the erection and my cock starts to get soft.

I close my eyes again to relax as Eva works on her tan for her back. Half an hour later, I open my eyes. I see Eva, standing in front of me, fully tan and nude. She unties her hair and sits on my lap, straddling me. I start to get erect again and she gives me a slow, deep kiss. I moan softly as Eva kisses me. I can feel her big breasts press up against my chest. Eva pulls back and looks at my eyes.

“Welcome to paradise.”

She removes my shirt and rubs lotion all over my body. She covers the back as well. We wait for a few minutes for the lotion to dry.

Eva pulls Şirinevler escort my shorts down and starts putting my cock in her mouth. I feel her warm mouth lathering all over my shaft. She strokes and sucks gently like she’s in a rhythm. We both moan softly as she’s sucking me off. Eva deepthroats and I hear her choke. I hold her head and start thrusting gently and she chokes a bit. I pull back to give her air and she teases the tip. We both look into each other’s eyes, and she winks. Eva has me lay on the floor of the boat and she sits on my face. I lick the clit slowly and she moans a bit. I hold her hips so she can maintain balance and continue licking. She covers her mouth to avoid screaming.

“No one is watching Eva.” I speak.

Eva removes her hand and starts screaming as I’m licking the clit. I insert two fingers and moves back and forth gently as I’m licking the clit, making her scream more. Eva orgasms and I start tasting the juices. After a few minutes of licking and fingering, she moves back, inserting my cock inside her and moves up and down. I feel the sweat rolling down from her body as she rides me. We moan loudly as we can as if we’re alone and no one can see and hear us.

I hold her hips to keep her balanced as she’s moving up and down. Eva leans forward, smothering me with her big, hot breasts. I lick the nipples as she rides me, hearing her moan. I leave a few hickeys on her breasts, and she chuckles. I flip her over, putting her on her hands and knees. I slowly insert my cock inside her and hold her hips. I slowly move back and forth, and she starts to moan. I feel the sound of our bodies slapping as I thrust a little faster. I pull her hair and start to thrust hard. Eva screams and she leans back giving me a quick kiss.

I pound deeper inside her, feeling the sensation as if I’m about to release. I tell her that I’m about to explode and she tells me to wait. After a few minutes of thrusting, I pull out and she kneels in front of me. I put my cock in between her breasts. She closes her breasts, making sure my cock stays in between. I use her sweat as lubricant and move back and forth. We both look into each other’s eyes as I’m moving back and forth. The strokes start to cause the sensation.

“I don’t think I can hold back Eva.” I tell her.

“Let go!” She replies.

I continue moving back and forth and I start to release on her breasts.

I let out a deep sigh and step back. I see my fluids smeared all over her breasts and Eva starts to taste.

“Your jelly is pretty sweet.” She says after wiping her face.

“Now this is paradise.” I speak.

I help Eva stand up and we jump into the ocean. We swam for a few minutes, washing the sweat off. We get back on the boat and get dressed. Eva starts the boat and drives back to shore. I help her cover the speedboat and we sit in the rowboat. We row back to shore, and I help carry the towels. We head back to the house and shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32