Eva and Marlo

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Marlo felt dizzy. It couldn’t be true. She read the email again and opened the attachments to view the photos. A forgery…they had to be. But they looked unbelievably real. More attachments, this time documents. A birth certificate scan, from the very same hospital, same date, same time in the chaotic state of California. And then, simply to drive the point home, a scan of a social security card complete with number. In all, the information could be proven or disproven beyond of a shadow of a doubt. But then sender, named Eva, seemed all but certain by the way of photographic and documented proof. Marlo had a twin sister….born just before her only 22 short years ago and separated at birth.

She could only think about what she knew about her own history. Born and raised by an adoptive family in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Marlo was told her mother didn’t make it and it was simply one of those things. She was adopted right at birth and accepted this. No other siblings, never any questions about the blood father, nothing. She had a happy childhood and grew up to aspire to be an actress. She went to UCLA but discovered acting is a passion that nearly everyone in California shares, and competition was fierce amongst the populace of starving artists and perpetual dreamers. She endeavored to act – but also pay the rent. Switching her degree to business, she graduated UCLA and took a job as a trader in an established west coast brokerage right in Los Angeles. The starving artist gig was not for Marlo.

Her looks didn’t hurt her advancement, although she was smart enough and needed no favors from corporate America. She settled for a nice home in Santa Monica where she lived by herself and liked it that way. The acting bug fading, she was consumed with the stock market and the money to be made. If she learned anything in life, it was to make her own money and that looks would not last forever. She was a slender 5’8 long haired brunette and was a bona fide head turner. She was friendly enough but was all business at work. At night, she was fine to follow the day’s business news and indulge in mindless television. Sure, she had friends….not a loner by any stretch but she didn’t need them as much as they needed her. She was the pillar of strength, decisive, and could handle just about anything.

So she thought.

The picture of Eva was a warm one, depicting her and a handsome young man in warm embrace smiling broadly for the camera. It chilled Marlo to the bone, however, staring back at her own face in the arms of a man she’d never met. And it wasn’t her own face despite it being identical.

Eva introduced herself in the email. Her story was not unlike Marlo’s. Eva was also adopted at birth and brought to New York where she lived all her life. Her adopted parents were civil union workers and didn’t have very much money, so she bravely ventured the New York City school system at a very early age. She graduated high school and decided New York was not the place for her. She told her adopted parents she wanted to go to law school in the state of her birth. She returned to California at the very young age of 18, student loaned her way through college to end up at Loyola Law School with a concentration in criminal justice. She said she never looked back since.

Eva stated she was told from an early age she had a twin sister and that when she was old enough, her adopted parents would help her find her lost sister. Eva’s adopted parents were of limited resources, and even shorter on knowledge. The promise, never delivered. Eva took it upon herself to trace back her birth certificate where the hospital confirmed there was another. They could only provide the name for Marlo, nothing more. Lucky enough, the adopted parents on both sides honored the mother’s wish to keep the names she had chosen before passing – so that they would maybe, just maybe, find each other in this big world. And yet today, only a driving distance away. It was too much to comprehend or fathom in one simple Outlook email, but there it was.

Life suddenly changed one random Wednesday evening in California.


Marlo walked out on her balcony to feel the warm night ocean breeze caressing its way over the California coast. Two glasses of wine in, she wasn’t any more at ease. Work would come very early, but it was midnight and it didn’t seem like she would be sleeping tonight.

For once, work did not preoccupy her thoughts. She thought of her sister…..did she just think sister?….and the meeting they set up at her house for Friday night. Would she come asking for money? No, it didn’t seem like that…this is a situation of poor sibling finds well-to-do sibling. Eva had a path of her own, and Marlo felt somewhat ashamed of thinking it was anything less than it was. A reunification of siblings. She should be happy at this life changing event.

She hadn’t spoken to her on the phone. Marlo tended to follow a hard path as she felt it built character…no, no teary phone conversations for a woman who shared her face but never met. It was all or nothing. avcılar escort Marlo hated the emotion of it all, and wanted to get past t so she could get her life and career going again. Even a two-day standstill made her nerves stand on edge.

The night air took a gentle hold of her hair and made it wave over her shoulders. Her light camisole nightgown clung to her frame, and she closed her eyes to feel the enveloping warmth of the midnight breeze. She wore nothing under her camisole, and the wind swept between her legs, giving her a tender touch on her skin and labia. Her nipples began to tingle and she let out a sigh, and she parted legs a little bit while tightening her thigh muscles. She enjoyed this sensation and how the natural elements stirred her body and desires. When the breeze finally finished roaming her body, as soon as it came, it left. She opened her eyes dreamily, wishing she were in the Mediterranean the more exotic breezes of a distance shore. But her body felt alive, but then her mind took over. No, there would be no time for any of that tonight.

It would have to wait until more careless times.


The CFO nearly fainted and checked his pulse when Marlo asked for Friday off. She didn’t explain what she was doing or whom she was meeting. It wasn’t like her to ask for a personal day, so his first question was where she was interviewing. She laughed and said no, she’d rather stay at one company and continue to get abused.

At home, she wasn’t so confident. As Eva would arrive at 3pm, she scrambled to ensure her home was in order and she wore the right thing, of course. This wasn’t a business dinner. And this was her home. She settled on a pair of jean shorts and a simple Abercrombie t-shirt. She wasn’t about to stand on ceremony and would probably fall apart if there was any more formality added.

And before she knew it the doorbell rang. 2:53pm…no, she would not have that extra 7 minutes of her old life. She was denied and it was time….and the old life’s chapter closed for good when she opened the door when she made eye-to-eye contact with her sister Eva.

Eva stood there smiling and simply said “Holy fuck. Hi. I’m Eva. You look familiar.” And indeed she did. Eva was an identical twin, and even the hair seemed to closely match. They seem to share the same sense of style too. Marlo noticed this immediately and subconsciously, quickly noting the tight turtle-neck t-shirt that hugged Eva’s size 2 body, and the equally tight pair of Lucky jeans and heels. Purely California, her newly found sister was no vagabond. She would not be asking for money.

Eva quickly hugged a speechless Marlo, who seemed still stood in shock. It was real. This wasn’t a dream.

She could only whisper in Eva’s ear, “Where have you been sister?”


They settled on Marlo’s porch overlooking Santa Monica and the Pacific in the not-too far distance. They traded stories all the while marveling at mirror image before them. Both equally beautiful, the same face, strikingly the same even though they grew up without the influence of the other. They talked but certainly not wasting time with small talk. They talked of their mother, knowing that she was dying and had to give them up. Why the hospital allowed them to be separated. And, unfair that they were robbed of 22 years of each other.

There was no wine, and Marlo didn’t dare it. This was far too emotional and she was clearly out of her zone. Eva seemed more at ease, and Marlo chalked this up to the knowledge she possessed that Marlo never did. Eva knew for 20+ years she had a sister, Marlo learned of this a mere two days ago. Eva was chatty and the answers came easily….how did she find Marlo. What was her life like. Is she married? What’s a law school like. What’s it like it the stock trading business? Marlo was relieved at the conversation as Eva seemed enthusiastic but not ill-bred. It put her at ease knowing this newcomer in her life could carry a similar conversation.

Eva said she had a boyfriend she had been seeing for a couple of years named Tom. He was in construction and owned his own company out of Long Beach. They had planned to get engaged when she passed the bar but not before. Eva said she didn’t need the distraction no matter how much she cared for the guy. Marlo grinned at this similarity to her own attitude.

At one point there was silence except for the ocean breezes sweeping over the balcony. They just stared at each other, the breezes doing their best to distract their lover Marlo but to no avail. They were the same person with different lives. But they would be alone no longer. And they just began to cry as the years apart melted away.

They held each other, and cried a long time.


The hours went on, and they began talking like best friends. Marlo couldn’t remember when she felt this alive. The sadness, the trepidation was gone. As any twins do, they began to finish each other sentences which made them laugh. But Marlo was on guard…she still wouldn’t break out avrupa yakası escort the wine.

“Oh, you know, I had an idea”, Eva said, looking at her watch. 4pm. “Why don’t I ask Tom to come up and take us out to dinner in celebration? I’ve been up here before and I’m sure you know of a few good places. We should celebrate”

Marlo hated surprises. Things needed to be planned. But nothing about this reunion was planned. “Oh, but you’re pretty casual. Places up here normally won’t go for jeans unless you’re talking about TGIFridays”.

Eva grinned. “Hello. Did you forget?” and pointed at herself. Marlo felt stupid. Yes, clearly, this was her twin in face and size. Except maybe for her seemingly bigger boobs?…….she was the same girl Anything Marlo has would fit Eva.

This would take some getting used to.


Tom showed up around 5pm, a little late, but it gave the newfound twins time to get ready. During his commute up from Long Beach, the two picked through Marlo’s extensive walk-in closet for outfits. To Marlo, it was surreal and felt like a teenaged slumber party all at the same time. Eva seemed to roll with things, a little more easy-going and not at all shy to pick though her sister’s things like she’d been doing it for years.

They settled on matching dresses, but not of the same color. “I can never decide on the color so I tend to but two of everything”, Marlo explained as a matter of factly. Eva said, “It seems you were meant to buy two of everything.”

They got ready together, the semblance of another stranger in the home quickly melting away. Marlo felt herself giving in to the notion of her sister being in her life only a few hours, which began to feel like weeks and days as the minutes ticked by. It was scary how well they were getting along and Marlo dreaded when the other shoe would drop, where the similarities would end. Eva sensed that apprehension and still used a visitor’s niceties when making herself at home at Marlo’s residence. But the walk-in closet was the great equalizer (to any woman) and true sisterhood truly flourished when the light was clicked on, showing the deep expansion of women’s fine wear and shoes.

To match their personalities, Marlo wore black, and Eva wore red of the same style. Marlo wasn’t sure, but while they were getting dressed, she compared her body to Eva who was clad only in her black bra and panty. Close to the same body, a little tanner, and dammit, her boobs do look bigger. How the hell did that happen to her and not me, she thought. The only gene to be different…couldn’t be the elbow or earlobes…had to be the boobs. Still they both kept in shape, and wore the same size 2 dress in different colors. The mirror image walking around the house was still overwhelming to Marlo.

The doorbell rang and they giggled.

“See if he notices”, Eva schemed. Marlo grinned…that would be fun.

She opened the door, and Tom stood there his eyes wide. Marlo was taken aback. He was an older man, maybe 45 but had a chiseled face. Wearing a sports jacket and a coat, it wasn’t what she expected. A well groomed man with gentle eyes and a handsome face.

“Wow….and you are…”

Marlo smirked, “You’ll have to guess if you want access, sport.”

Tom laughed. “Ok…You’re not Eva. She’d never say ‘sport'”. Eva jumped out behind Marlo. “Ah, dammit…you guessed. Hey baby.” Eva then jumped into his arms for the bear hug he instantly recognized. Then Tom took a step back and took them in. “Well, I guess my prayers have been answered”, he said with a sly grin, “When Eva told me she found her twin sister, I couldn’t imagine.”

Marlo smiled. He was a treat. “I’m Marlo” she said, and gave him a light hug. “Thanks for coming to pick us up….”

“…and take us to dinner!”, Eva chimed in. “You’re late. We’re starved. Let’s go!”

Tom laughed, “So that’s our relationship.”, he winked at Eva with a smile. “Let’s go of you’re ready, ladies”.


The big F150 pulled into Café Ventura and they piled out. The valet took a longing look at the twins; Tom couldn’t believe his luck. From the moment the party walked into the restaurant, all eyes were on the twins. Unique as they were, they were equally pretty. The matching dress were modest at the leg, but still showed their shapes, as well as the shape of their slim bodies. The neckline was also modest, but Eva still cursed herself for not wearing a better bra to compete with Marlo’s (seemingly?) bigger boobs.

They sat in a nice corner of the restaurant that was dimly lit. The atmosphere was hushed, but not uncomfortably quiet. Drinks came, and with drinks easier talk. Everyone was completely at ease with this new situation.

“Well, you girls have had quite a day. Didn’t think you’d want this old rug rat to be part of this reunion”, Tom stated.

“We’ll have lots of alone time, until she gets sick of me”, Eva laughed.

“No, I’m sure we’re fine”, Marlo said, “in fact we get along too well but psychologists say that’s not uncommon among twins bağcılar escort even if they’re separated for long periods of time.”

“Great”, said Tom, “another Eva. Just when I thought if I had it easy”, which was met with a sharp fist to his arm from Eva, which he barely felt but pretended a mortal wound was dealt. They all laughed loudly enough to turn heads.

Dinner came quicker than they expected but they were well into their drinks by then. Talking about their careers, histories, funny anecdotes, made for a pleasurable evening. Marlo still kept her keen powers of observation despite the liquor, and could see that Tom and Eva were very much into each other. She often snuggled against his bigger and sturdy frame, and even felt her cross and uncross her legs nervously several times under the table as she accidentally kicked Marlo. She could feel the sexual tension between them, no doubt due to the whirlwind events of the day. Tom was a drinker too, and drank straight whiskey on the rocks. Marlo could tell that had a hidden brutish strength and could see why Eva would find him attractive. She began to finally feel like a third wheel toward the end of dinner when they were giggling amongst themselves in a light drunken haze. Tom and Eva sensed it, and offered to pay the check and go. Much to Marlo’s protest and Eva’s insistence, Tom picked up the check.


It was about 10pm when they arrived back at Marlo’s house. Clearly, Tom was red-eyed and the two of them driving back to Long Beach would be a tremendous risk.

“I’m telling you to stay here tonight”, Marlo explained, “you wouldn’t be the first. That’s why I got this house with a guest room on the other side. It beats a DUI. “

“I dunno”, Eva whistled, “are you sure? That’s not too much for you on Day One of seeing your sis?”

Marlo shrugged. She wasn’t that fragile. “It’s fine. You’ll have all the privacy you both need. Even open up the French doors to the balcony…the breeze from that comes in from the ocean will knock you right out.”

Tom said, “why the hell are we fighting about this? We’re staying! Let’s have a few more drinks!” They laughed and agreed.

She showed Tom around the house a bit since he was in construction, explaining how the house was supposedly built and its nuances. Eva followed them around with a curious look that Marlo noticed, and that she was abnormally quiet. Marlo felt that she might need to downshift the conversation if Eva was feeling her man might be attracted to the mirror image. They settled into Eva’s living room and comfortable deco couches, and she brought out some more drinks.

As the night went on, they laughed and told more stories. Without the restrictions of the restaurant, they laughed loudly. Eva, now feeling no pain, snuggled up next to Tom while he talked, rubbing his broad chest through his shirt and at one point, lightly kissed his neck which stopped the conversation short. Marlo looked at the time…she couldn’t believe it was just past midnight. She could tell that Eva was analyzing her “window” and saw she was the only thing standing in opportunity’s way. She got the hint.

“Well, guys, I’m toast. Literally.”, Marlo said wobbling to her feet. “Have fun…er..what I mean is, rest well. You’ll find everything you need in the guest room down the hall. See ya in the morning.” She gave them both light hugs, and before he closed her own bedroom door, she could see Tom and Eva scurry quickly down the hallway to the guest room.


Marlo wasn’t sure how long she dozed off for. She stirred a little to sounds but it took a few seconds. She sat up and looked around her room. Groggy but alert, she realized she was still in her dress and had laid her head down on the pillow. She liquor-haze still swam in her head when she glanced over at the digital clock on her nightstand. She had only fallen asleep for ten minutes but it had felt like years. But something woke up…a sound.

Then she heard it. A loud yell coming from down the hall. Eva. The day’s events rushed back into her foggy mind. And she heard a yell again.

She knew it was too good to be true. She felt a little fear and some anger rushed into her blood. It sounded like she was in an argument with Tom and he was hitting her. She wouldn’t have much time. She cursed herself…Eva was still a stranger and after merely a day, you invite her in with her baggage. Who knows that kind of people they are. I knew this would happen.

Her mind was still in a haze and then she remembered the wooden baseball bat in her room. If Eva was getting hurt, calling 911 would be wasting precious minutes. Plus, she wasn’t entirely sure what was happening. So, feeling no pain, a little brave and plenty scared, she took the bat and eased out into the dark hallway. She was barefoot, as she taken her shoes off before her brief nap. She deftly and slowly moved down the dark hallway with the bat up like a homerun hitter, ready for anything.

Then another yelp. This time she could her Tom saying something angrily under his breath. He was hurting her, raping her, Marlo was almost convinced. She wanted to charge forward but her heart began to beat harder with adrenaline pumping through her veins. As she crept closer to the door, she heard a “THWACK”, a loud yelp from Eva, and more grumbles from Tom. Then she heard Eva moan and whimper, “oh fuck yes…..”

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