Eta Carinae Pt. 03

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Author’s Note:

The first weekend ends with David and Elaine falling into their new lifestyle.

Part 3

‘Hyper nova’

We finished up grocery shopping and went to the mall. We stopped at a men’s clothing store. I, of course, started looking at the long, boxer briefs and she was looking at all this risque stuff! At least for me. She was looking at G-strings with nut sacks, thongs, high-cut bikinis, etc.

“Jesus, you want me to wear this?”

“For me, yes.”

“Is the look for the well-kept cougar cub?” I jabbed with a smile.

She gave me the ‘O’ mouth.

“David Marshall Howe, is that what you think this is?” She asked emphatically.

“I’m just playing,” I said placing my hand on her arm.

She smiled. I leaned to her ear.

“Besides, I don’t mind,” I whispered and kissed her lightly. We realized we were in public; where we were known! She pushed me away with a smile. I need to be more careful until we figure some of the details out.

Purchases in hand, we walked down to the bookstore. We went our separate ways to look at our sections of interest. About a half hour later, I saw Elaine at the front of the little in-store bistro. We ordered some food and took out our respective purchases. She had a biography of Admiral Nimitz and some other business book, whose title I didn’t understand.

“Next leadership style to study?” I inquired. She had been studying bios of military and political leaders to improve her own skill set.

“Yeah. I like Nimitz! He was one of those soft-spoken, get-things done types. I like that. What do you get?” I showed her. It was a book on backyard astronomy.

“You liked that astronomy class in college quite a lot?”

“Yeah, I did. You remember how much I loved the stars when we were camping.”

“Why don’t you buy a telescope?” She asked.

“Well, I’m saving for one. To get the in the neighborhood of the type of scope I want, I’m looking at around $1000.”

“How much have you saved?”

“About $500.”

“Keep going.” I didn’t know what to make of her last comment. She can say things that have multiple meanings. We finished lunch and drove home. As we were putting away all the groceries, I paused for a second and turned toward her.

“I’m sorry if the ‘cougar’ comment sounded wrong. I’m just getting used to the idea of how we’ll be seen.” I confided.

“Oh don’t fret! It will work out! In fact, I kind of liked it!” She said with a smile. She brushed my cheek.

It was around 4 and Elaine was on her computer doing something. I sat down at the kitchen table with a piece of pecan pie and a cup of coffee. I started to dig into the book I bought.

“Deeeveee……..Is this the top you like so much?” She said in a sultry voice.

I looked up and she was standing in the jamb of the bedroom, wearing the top! The white polo shirt she wore for a few hours some time ago. Now I know why! Her arms were stretched up above her and her knee was drawn up in a coquettish ‘V’.

I just sat and looked.

“David, take the fork out of your mouth!” I was taking a bite of pie and I guess I was distracted!

“Yeah….that’s the one.” She walked over, pushed open my legs, and sat on my left knee.

“I know you’ve experienced a lot in the last 24 hours. My sexual energy and appetite have been intense for you. Whether you realize it or not; so is yours! Just an FYI, I’m still wrestling with mental chastisement! I’m being told I’m the ‘Whore of Babylon’!”

I smiled. “You can’t be her! You have to be ‘Queen Jocasta’, mother of Oedipus!”

She laughed out loud! “Well, don’t blind yourself quite yet. I love those dark amber eyes!”

I smiled and kind of blushed.

“Before we get lost in Greek mythology, I saw that “Blues Brothers” is on tonight.” She added. It was one of our favorite movies.

We finished up our respective days and settled in on our bed with a full bowl of popcorn and beer. About 45 minutes into it, we were both done with the popcorn and she paused the movie.

“Do you have any bud?”

“Uh…yeah, sure.” I went into my bedroom and got my stash box. An old cedar cigar box. Elaine and I have gotten high a few times. I have a feeling this time will be very different. I returned and sat down on the bed, opening up the box. I took out the little change tray I used to prep on. I opened up the watertight container and the room instantly filled with a musky sweetness!

“Wow! That’s ‘dank’!” She exclaimed. After I turned 18, she and I got high. Turns out she smoked a lot of ‘ganga’ in college. I cut up enough for a joint and put it in the grinder. I took a rolling paper dumped the weed into it and rolled up a fairly nice joint and handed it to her.

“Wow! This looks like a Camel, a machine roll!”

“I wanted to learn how to roll. I sat down one afternoon with some somewhat crappy smoke and spent 4 hours rolling. bahis siteleri Roll; tear, apart. Thought it would look good on my CV!” She laughed out loud and nudged me with her arm. I handed the joint to her and held the lighter up.

“This is a balanced hybrid Gary bought for me at a dispensary,” I interjected.

We took about 3 or 4 hits apiece and we were feeling good. We watched the last of the movie and Elaine turned out the lights. Third night in bed with her and it feels like I’ve been here a long time. She got up, left the bedroom, and returned with a wooden bowl with a top on it, then set it on my nightstand. Back in bed, we started to kiss and I was growing to like it……a lot! I was about as relaxed as I could get!

“Sit up on the headboard.” She said quietly. She pushed my legs open and sat between them, back to me.

“I have a quest for you, sir knight!”

“Yes My lady, I live to serve!” I replied in mock humility. She handed me a jar of cocoa butter.

“You are now responsible for taking care of the maidens.” She said pointing to her breasts.

“I will serve you well my queen! Your maidens will be very pleased and content!”

“Be sure to take care of the nipples. They might need extra attention.” She reminded.

I opened the jar and coated my palms. I took a breast in each hand and massaged it very gently. Her head fell back against mine. Her head was laying on my left shoulder. I followed my first impulse; kiss and nibble. I felt as if she was making herself more open, maybe vulnerable with me. Whatever it was, I liked it!

“Does this feel good?” I said in a hushed voice.

“You have no idea!”

“I think maybe I do.”

My fingers eventually found her nipples. I could spend hours with her nipples! Gently squeezing them produced a considerable amount of moaning. Playing with her breasts evolved into kissing. She pushed herself up and made her way to my legs pushing them apart. She was kneeling, facing me.

“Just enjoy.”

She placed her lips around the very tip of the head and slowly swirled her tongue around the urethra. Her circling tongue made it to the corona (rim) of the head; the ‘triceratops’. I had never felt anything like this! My head was laid back on the pillows, feeling like I was going into orbit!

“David, look at me.” She said in a hushed voice. I looked down and met her eyes. She once again slid the shaft into her mouth. I was rock hard! Slowly, my dick disappeared as she pressed her lips against my freshly shaved public mound. Back up and down again. I could feel a huge load building up and I didn’t want to loose it! She slowly stopped and crawled up beside me.

“How do you feel?” She asked with that coy smile she has.

“Orbiting.” I whispered.

“Good. Don’t think, just feel!”

“There’s something for you in that bowl.” Elaine said.

I looked at her with curiosity and open the bowl. I withdrew a small, square package. It was a condom.

“Gum, you shouldn’t have!” She pinched me on the butt.

“That ‘acerbic’ sense of humor is going to get you into trouble one of these days! This is going to desensitize you some and make things more enjoyable. At least letting go of the stress of cumming too soon.”

“I am definitely onboard with that!”

She opened the package and had it rolled onto my cock in short order. She ran her fingertips along the head and shaft.


“Much! I hope I don’t have to do this for a long time!”

“Fret not, my love. You’ll be fine.”

I positioned myself between her legs and we kissed. We entered a confluence of intimacy, love, and sex. A bubble where 2 become one and the edges of the individual blur. It was a drug unto itself. Elaine helped find alignment and I entered her. Without the ‘specter’ of ‘blowing my wad’, took pleasure to new heights! When I first entered her, the sharp inhale. I followed by slowly pressing in, finally able to enjoy the sensation.

We found a rhythm that was a rolling undulation. We found ourselves kissing and looking at each other. The bond of whatever we have is solidifying, growing deeper. Time blurred. I pushed up on my arms, looking down at our pubic regions.

“OH MY GOD!” I shuttered under my breath.

She raised to see and she interlaced her fingers around my neck. I was looking at our hairless pubic regions and it became an image that burned in my mind! She leaned into my ear.

“I thought you might like it.” She whispered with a very sultry, sexy look. She pulled off of me and rolled the condom off in a deft motion.

“None of your sperm ends up in a baggie! You cum in me, always! We’ll talk about it sometime soon.” Her look was loving, yet serious.

“Make me yours. You cum when you cum. This isn’t a competition.” She whispered with her hand against my cheek. We fell into each other’s arms on the bed. Elaine had discovered how sensitive my nipples canlı bahis siteleri are the other night and she started to pinch, suck and play. Once again, she put her heels on the back of my thighs. Entering her again didn’t have that ‘I’m going to loose it’ feel; I was more in control. Forefront on my mind was her pleasure! I was getting close and she could feel it. Our rhythm increased and our faces were mirrors of each other. I tried to stay at that ‘tipping’ point, right before I cum as long as I could and Elaine could see it. I lowered myself on her and place my arms around and let go! I felt like I blew out a testicle! She just kissed my neck and ended up in a pile asleep.

Sunday, the next day turned out to be a crappy, foggy day with a system coming in. After breakfast, we ran a few errands, ate at a really good Mexican restaurant then returned home. It started raining hard and we decided to spend the day in bed. I tasks that required my attention as did she. We were both on top of the covers with laptop trays. I took a break and did a little surfing.

“Here’s something interesting!”


“Countries where incest is legal. Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Israel, Netherlands, Italy, China, and Thailand. Interesting nugget; incestuous same-sex relationships are legal in Ireland and Germany. But not opposite sex. Go figure!”

“That makes one question what’s behind this taboo. You named several very Catholic countries.”

“I know whatever it is, it’s been slathered on thick!” I said with some gravity. She put her hand on mine.

“Still struggling?”

I nodded.

“Me too. I’ve started pushing all the judgment and shame off to the side and it’s getting quieter.

“I’ve surrendered to the fact that this is the path that is mine. I have to take it! Maybe it is my personal grail quest. I’m not going to overthink it. So at this point, it’s growing quieter.” I replied with some gravity.

“Fait accompli?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

“Yeah…… I think so.”

I continued surfing. “Another very interesting article. A mother who gave up her son for adoption 30 years ago. They found each other and fell in love. They’ve been together for 3 years and have ‘ mind-blowing’ sex! They both say it’s the best relationship they ever had! They’re like ‘2 peas in a pod’. They say it’s not incest, but Genetic Sexual Attraction. They also want to have a baby. Not sure about that one. That’s one of the biological caveats. Look what happened to the Ptolemies and the Habsburgs

Around 4 we finished up and broke out some bread, cheese and deli meat and of course, wine. I chose the open bottle of the wine she brought home the other night. We turned on the TV and found mutually agreeable science show. She wasn’t much on all the ‘reality’ shows, nor was I. We smoked a little bud and a glass or so of wine made things much less tense for me.

I was on her left side, my hand holding my head. I was running my fingers along her arm.

“What’s on your mind?” She asked. Neither one of us have surprised by ‘sensing’ what the other is thinking or feeling for some time.

“Show me how you masturbate.”


I positioned myself between her legs, still amazed at how far her thighs could spread. She closed her eyes and gently played with her labia. I had an ulterior motive of finding what stimulates her! For quite some time, she just manipulated her pussy without touching her clit. I know vaginal orgasm is common. I became hard watching this of course and I reached a point where I had to join in. I started kissing her on her thighs. She reached down and brushed my hair.

“I was just thinking about you.” She whispered.

Thighs led to labia and trying a new technique. As I put my hands on her thighs, noticing her feet. They were pointed down with a high arch of the sole! Tongue in the vagina, it found all the right places and she was truly enjoying the experience! I sensitized myself to her body cues leading to orgasm. Her legs would tense and she a bit, her head would flex back some, her arms would tense, and fingers would splay. Then the explosion of yelling and the rest of the sounds we make when we cum! I would immediately stop and let things ‘desensitize’. Three orgasms later, I was lying beside her. We kissed and relaxed. She began to play with my cock and it didn’t take much to become hard! Once again, I was on top of her and I was without a condom. I didn’t last as long as before, but it’s ok. Again we fell asleep, entangled.

The next morning I woke up, hoping this whole weekend wasn’t some kind of dream. I went to take a shower and impulsively went into the shower in the bedroom; our shower. Interesting. I took care of business and went into the kitchen. Elaine was in one of her satin robes at the table, eating her muffin and watching some business program We talked a bit about the day, then canlı bahis she left to dress. Returning, she was dressed in a burgundy suit. Jacket with a skirt. She always dressed well. We had another cup of coffee. She looked at the clock.

“Wow, you’re wearing a little more makeup! What prompted this?”

“I haven’t had anyone to look good for in quite a while. You like?”

“Well….duh! You’re beautiful!” She blushed a bit.

“I have to go.” As she stood up. We walked to the door and kissed.

“I’ll see you tonight,” I said. She kissed me again.

“Dinner?” I queried.

“I’ll call later and we’ll talk.”


The rest of August was a blur. I was doing well at work, promoted to Lead Tech for service and repair. None of that seemed to matter. It was just a job. Our life together is like any other couple; I guess. I was becoming more confident in the bedroom. Still, something was gnawing at me and I couldn’t define it. I decided to get toned up again. I stepped back into my ‘spring training’ regimen. I wanted strength and stamina and getting ‘cut’ again I was certain wouldn’t mind!

One day after work, I stopped in an adult shop close to where I work. It was a nicer place with a staff that didn’t look at you like you were a pervert! I spoke with one of the male staff and explained my problem. He suggested a cock ring would help. I chose 3 I knew would fit, but how tight. I returned home and of course, had to try it out! I was partially hard and chose the middle size and put it on. Fortunately, the ring had 2 tabs to help get it off. My dick got hard; very hard! The corona was prominent as were all the veins! My dick looked like a sex toy! I kept it on for about 40 minutes and everything seemed good. I think she will like this!

We ate dinner and settled down to watch some TV in the front room. It was starting to get colder and we were both wearing light robes. I got up and put on the ring and I became really hard! I sat back down beside her.

“I bought something today.” The robe fell away revealing my engorged penis. Her eyes lit up and she had a broad smile.

“Wow, this is certainly a nice surprise!” With a very seductive grin. She ran her fingertips along the head. It was less sensitive and my cock wasn’t turning black!

“Why don’t you take it off until later.” I did so and let myself relax. I like it more being with her without a constant hard-on! Maybe there is some sexual maturity.

Around 9, it was time for bed. We engaged in our normal ‘warm-up’ of kissing and touching without hitting hot button areas. She moved under me. She was soaked and a light push of my cock found its way in. Her eyes ‘mooned’ and she took a sharp breath.

“OK?” I whispered.

“A hard man is good to find!” She breathed in my ear.

I proceeded to ease my cock in and out completely. Each time the head went in she gave a little ‘eep’. The feeling was over the top! The ring was much better than the ‘love glove’! As our tempo built we both mirrored each other’s expressions. I had to stop to take the ring off. We didn’t miss a beat! I was back in her going for the gold. I could feel the base of my cock building a huge load, moving up to the head of my cock. With a guttural grunt, I came. As I did, Elaine grabbed my ass and pulled me firmly into her groin, and exploded in an orgasm. I let go with 3 loads and crumpled on her. We were both sweaty and thoroughly satisfied.

It was the next weekend, a Saturday if memory serves when Elaine and I had a very ‘revealing’. It was another early fall, rainy, foggy day. We decided to spend the afternoon in the bedroom doing our wine-bread-cheese-sex-TV routine, not necessarily in that order! We bought a small round table that we’re now using in the bedroom. We laid out pillows and acted as if we were Romans.

“You going to ‘spit out that stone?” She asked, reading her magazine.

The term ‘sucking a stone’ was one she came up with. When I was young and working on some problem or ruminating, I would press my tongue against the roof of my mouth. She said it looked like I was ‘sucking on a stone’.

“It’s a difficult one”

“Why don’t you just spit it out and we’ll talk.”

“You know I’ve fallen in love with you. I mean the whole shebang; agape, eros, philia, storge, ludus, and all of the others! What is chewing on me; it excites me in places I never knew. The ‘stone’ is my guilt.” I replied, feeling very vulnerable.

“I’m glad you said something. I’m wrestling with the same. I think we have to accept it and not be ‘OK” with it, but truly embrace it; as much as I hate that word.” She answered, brushing my cheek.

“You know, if some shrink who’s a Freudian disciple, got a hold of us, we’d end up with files 3 inches thick!” We both laughed hard!

The next morning we were sitting at breakfast. She turned the TV off.

“Want to go surf fishing today?” She asked.

“Didn’t know you liked surf fishing.”

“Not as much as trout fishing, but it’s still fun to pick nick on the beach. We have a few things to talk about. Don’t freak out! It’s all good”

“OK, let’s go fishing!” I agreed.

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