Estranged Encounters No. 01: Big Brian

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Big Tits

This is one of a series of one-shots, where each part or chapter acts as its own self-contained story featuring an encounter between distant or estranged family members. Each story will probably be one to two pages long, and will typically focus on a single encounter. If you have an idea or experience you’d like to see turned into a short story, or just want to chat, feel free to contact me.

My apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors. This is a work of fiction, and all of the characters are over 18.

* * *

Pulling up on the side of the street, Laura grabbed the print-out on the passenger seat and double-checked the address. The print-out was a report compiled for her by her friend Suzy’s uncle, a private investigator she’d hired to track down a man named Brian Parker. The PI had found out a whole lot of information about Brian ? including but not limited to his age, weight, job, friends, weekly routine, and sexual partners ? but what she’d most been interested in was his address. Which was that of the house across the road.

She wasn’t a stalker or anything like that. She’d never hired a PI before, and never would have done so unless her need was urgent, which it was. See, Brian wasn’t just random guy ? well technically he was, but he wasn’t some stranger to Laura, at least not genetically.

Brian Parker was her father.

Only in a biological sense, though. Just over two decades ago, a woman named Juliette Moore had gone to a bar with her girlfriends, and flirted with a man she only ever knew as Big Brian. Laura didn’t know the exact details, but she knew her mother had a drunken one-night stand and gave birth to her nine months later.

Juliette raised Laura alone, with some help from her parents, and although she did wonder about her dad Laura learned early not to ask questions. As she grew up and witnessed the decaying marriages and deadbeat parents of her peers, Laura made her peace with only having a mum, and eventually began to see it as a blessing. Her dad had made no attempt to be a part of her life or help out her mum (Juliette claimed it was his choice not to be involved in their lives), so Laura considered it good riddance. She had no interest in meeting him, and still didn’t.

But he had something she needed.

During her last medical check-up, Laura’s doctors had noticed an anomaly. It wasn’t necessarily something to be worried about, they assured her, but they were going to do some tests just to be safe. They would be expensive and time consuming, but she could possibly speed up the process by providing the medical records of her close family, namely her parents. Her mum’s was easy enough, but her dad’s posed a problem.

So she’d hired a PI to track down her dad, and a surprisingly short two weeks later she was reading through a more thorough report than she would have believed (or wanted ? she now knew way too much about her dad’s sex life, and she would not be surprised if she had several dozen half-siblings out there somewhere). The only thing the PI seemingly couldn’t get his hands on were Brian’s medical records, which meant Laura would have to ask for them herself.

Taking a deep breath, Laura steeled herself, got out of the car, and approached Brian Parker’s house. It was a surprisingly nice-looking place, small but well-kept with a neatly-trimmed front lawn and healthy garden. Heart beating in her chest, she swallowed dryly and knocked sharply on the front door. Despite her assurances that this was no big deal she was wracked with nerves, and was seconds away from walking away when a shadow appeared on the other side of the door’s frosted glass. There was a moment’s hesitation, and then the door was pulled open by a burly, partially-dressed man she recognised from photos in the PI’s report as Brian Parker.

Big Brian was a broad man, thick with muscle but also some of the fat most middle-aged men end up with. His short salt-and-pepper hair was tousled, and his cheeks and chin were thick with stubble. He wore only an untied dressing gown and a pair of shorts, revealing his stomach and legs were covered with a shocking amount of hair. With one hand he propped himself against the doorframe, and despite it being early morning he casually held a can of beer in the other.

“Uh, Brian Parker?” Laura said hesitantly. She was finding that looking at a photo of her absent father was a vastly different proposition than confronting him in the flesh. For one thing, the photos didn’t look back.

Blinking the sun out of his eyes, Brian looked at the girl in front of him. He guessed she was in her early twenties, and he’d chased enough tail to know she was one fine bitch, and one just reaching her prime. Flowing blonde hair framing a pretty-enough face, sparkling blue eyes. A nice slim figure with enough meat to give her some interesting curves without being skinny (or worse, fat). Her legs were pleasantly muscled and shown off nicely by her skirt, and although he couldn’t brazzers be sure, he’d seen enough to guess she had an amazing ass. And her tits, damn. He’d seen a lot of pairs, and hers had to be at least top five. Nice and big but not too big for her frame, and obviously natural. They were the soft pillowy kind too, the kind you could just grab and squeeze and shove your dick between.

“Yes love,” he said lazily, eyes crawling over her frame hungrily. It was a weekend and he had planned to kick back and watch the footy, but the girl presented a far better option. “What can I do for you?”

Laura cringed. Although she’d tried to avoid setting up expectations for how their first meeting would go, in the back of her mind she’d imagined it would be like it was in the movies: a moment of confusion that quickly becomes stunned realisation and celebration. She had not expected her dad to answer the door half-naked, undress her with his eyes, and then offer her a lewd comment heavy with innuendo.

“I’m Laura Moore, Juliette Moore’s daughter,” she said, hoping for a sign of recognition at the sound of her mum’s name. He just looked at her blankly, one eyebrow raised. “I think I’m your daughter.”

Now both eyebrows were raised, but Brian looked only mildly surprised. “Really?” he said, taking a deep sip of his beer. “Maybe you should come in then.” He stood aside to let her, and after a short pause, Laura stepped inside and he closed the door behind her. He ambled further into the house with Laura nervously following in his wake, uncomfortable but not really willing to acknowledge why.

“I always figured a kid would show up someday,” he said over his shoulder as he led her into what was clearly a living room and plopped into an armchair. He turned to look at her as she hovered nervously, and once again his eyes trawled over her body. “Never really thought about it being a girl though, or such a hot one. Was a bit of a surprise to be honest.”

Laura shifted from side to side uneasily. As flattering as it was to be complimented by an attractive man ? and despite his profusion of body hair, he was a good-looking man ? he was her dad and it was just weird . “I guess,” she said awkwardly.

“Who did you say your mum was again?” Brian asked casually. “I can’t put a face to the name, but if she looked anything like you I’m not surprised I fucked her.”

Thin-lipped, Laura found an image of her mum on her phone and showed it him. Brian took another gulp of beer and trawled through his memories of all the women he’d fucked over the years. Eventually a hazy recollection of a night in some piss-poor bar and a quick alley romp with some stiff-necked chick drifted through his brain. She’d been hot and willing enough after a few drinks, but was only good for what he called a fuck-and-run.

“Yeah, I remember her,” he said. “To think, a quick fuck in the alley behind some shitty bar and then I’m a father.”

“What?” Laura squeaked. Her mum had never gone into detail, but she’d never expected the always so prim and proper Juliette Moore would have done something like that .

Brian leered at her. “I’m not surprised she didn’t tell you. No mum wants to tell her daughter she met some bloke at a bar and let him fuck her from behind in the alleyway an hour later.” Brian continued, ignoring (or perhaps enjoying) how he was making her squirm. “Shit, she didn’t even ask for a condom. I figured she must have been on the pill to let me take her raw.”

“Stop talking about her that way,” Laura demanded, and he raised his hands in mock surrender.

“Sure, no problem,” he said. “I have a bit of a mouth on me, that’s just the way I am. I just tell it the way it is, no bullshit.” He finished his beer, crumpled the can and tossed it into the corner. “Hey, be a dear and grab me another beer from the fridge. Grab yourself one too if you want.”

Laura assumed it was a joke, but then saw from his expression he was serious. Reluctantly she went to the kitchen and bent down to fish two beers out of the fridge. When she straightened and turned around, she saw Brian was leaning out of his chair and craning around to look at her. Was… was he just checking out my ass? she wondered suspiciously, and ignored the subtle warmth below her belly at the thought.

She returned and handed him one of the beers, which he cracked and tilted at her expectantly. She cracked hers and tapped it against his, and they both sipped. She grimaced a little at the taste; she was not a big beer drinker.

“Sit,” he said, and she did so, perching on the couch and turning to face him. Although her body language said she was clearly uncomfortable and ready to run, Brian thought she’d stick around. She clearly wanted something, and he was curious. She’d come in all demure, defended her mum quite spiritedly, then obeyed his commands to get a beer and sit with only a slight hesitation.

“Now, what can I do for you?” he asked again, this time without cuckold porno the innuendo.

Laura explained her predicament, and Brian agreed straight away. “Give me you GP’s details and I’ll have mine get in touch and do whatever’s needed to get you access to my medical records.”

“Thanks,” Laura said, feeling a wave of relief. She dithered on the couch, cold can of beer in her hand, wondering what to do now. She kind of wanted to go, but didn’t want to be rude.

Brian didn’t know what the girl was thinking, but he sensed her emotional uncertainty and capitalised on it with the unthinking instincts of an experienced player. “Tell me about yourself,” he urged her, leaning forward slightly.

“Uh, okay,” she said. “I’m at university in the second year of a law degree, I still live at home with my mum, I work part time at a local supermarket?”

“What about a boyfriend?” Brian interrupted abruptly.


“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No,” Laura said, suddenly aware of the way he was looking at her. It was the same way many of the boys and most of the men looked at her at work. Like he wanted her. But that couldn’t be right, could it?

“Why not?” Brian asked, grinning at her. “You’re fucking hot. If I was interested in more than a one-night stand I’d be chasing you all over town.” He brazenly gave her the once-over again, and nodded to himself. “Yep, I’d definitely be trying to get into your pants. You must have to fight the boys off with a shovel.”

Laura flushed (or did she blush) and tried not to make eye contact. She didn’t have much experience with fathers, but none of her friends’ dads had looked at them like that and described them as “fucking hot”.

“I guess I do alright,” she said uncomfortably, and he grinned at her.

“I bet you do,” he said.

Laura swallowed dryly. “Can I use your bathroom?” she asked faintly.

“Sure,” Brian said, and hauled himself to his feet. As he stood, his boxers were tight around his crotch, and Laura saw he either had a solid erection or what would likely grow into a massive dick. He escorted her to the bathroom, standing intimately close, then left her and returned to the living room.

The bathroom was surprisingly clean, apart from some hair on the floor and in the shower/bath, and a pair of old boxers on the floor that were crumpled into a crusty ball. A quick look in the rubbish bin revealed a great number of used, tied-up condoms scattered amongst balled-up tissues and toilet rolls. After laying toilet paper on the seat Laura went about her business, and used the time to think about the signals Brian was sending her.

After that last look and comment, she was pretty sure he was hitting on her. She was accustomed to having male relatives compliment her ? stuff like “You look very pretty” and “That dress really suits you” ? but none were ever so crude nor looked at her body so blatantly. As she finished up and washed her hands, she thought about what he said after learning she was single. “If I was interested in more than a one-night stand I’d be chasing you.” Not “If I wasn’t your dad.”

Her hands were shaking as she dried them. She should put an end to this, she knew. He was her dad. But it’s not like he raised her or anything. All he did was donate some DNA. That clearly didn’t seem to bother him though, but did it bother her? She didn’t know.

Laura returned to the living room to find Brian had moved to the other end of the couch. If she sat in her original spot, they’d be close enough to talk but not enough to touch. That was the appropriate spot to sit. Laura sat on the middle cushion, and as she turned towards Brian she saw the hungry light in his eyes and was unsurprised when he draped an arm across the headrest, brushing her shoulders, and planted his right hand on her knee.

“This is nice,” he said, gently rubbing her knee. She felt a tremor pass up her body, and a throbbing heat between her legs. She was turned on, she couldn’t deny it. And she thought he knew it. “Wanted to get close to your old dad, did you?”

“Maybe,” she said coyly. In for a penny, in for a pound she supposed. “Did my old dad want to get close to me?”

“Fuck yeah I do,” he said bluntly, dropping his left hand to her shoulder and sliding it downwards. She looked at him in surprise, and a little scared. He was moving very fast; his right hand was already slipping under her skirt. “I told you, I don’t do bullshit,” Brian said, and withdrew his hands. “You’re hot and I want to fuck you. And unless you leave, I’m going to.”

“Th-That might be a bit much,” Laura said, getting cold feet. “Can’t we just fool around a bit?”

“I want pussy,” Brian said, “Or at the very least, to get my dick sucked. So either get on your knees or get out.”

“What about the records?”

Brian rolled his eyes. “I said I’d give them to you, and I will. But right now either suck me off or write down your doctor’s czech porno info and piss off.”

“Jesus,” Laura said, standing up. “No need to be such a dick about it.”

But then she knelt between his legs.

Brian immediately pulled down his boxers and flopped out his dick, which was already fairly hard. Laura took it in her hand, amazed by how hot and hard it was, and how she could hardly wrap her fingers around it the whole way. He wasn’t insanely big, probably just over six inches, but he was very thick. He unsubtly thrust his hips and she took the hint and starting stroking him. Starting slow, she pumped up and down, spitting in her palm and using it as lubricant.

“If you’re going to spit, you might as well suck it,” Brian rumbled, and she had to roll her eyes. But she obliged.

Laura took his dick into her mouth, screwing up her eyes at the musky, unwashed taste of him. She continued gamely, bobbing up and down slowly but with increasing speed, tightening her lips to form a seal around his dick. He groaned in pleasure as she slurped on his cock, wrapping one hand in her silky hair.

“I knew you’d be a great cocksucker,” he muttered, leaning back. “The moment I looked at you.”

She looked up at him, making eye-contact as she took his dick all the way into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the shaft. His grip suddenly tightened on the back of her head and, sensing what was coming, Laura tried to pull back. He didn’t let her. A moment later he grunted deeply and jerked forward, forcing his dick even further into her mouth as he filled it was his thick cum. Laura’s cheeks balloon as he blasted several ropes of cum, enough to spill out over her lips and ooze down her chin.

“Swallow bitch,” Brian grunted as he released her, and she grimaced but obliged him. She’d never liked swallowing, and it was a struggle to get his slimy, salty cum down, but she did it. He smiled and caressed her head with a gentleness that belied his earlier roughness.

“Good girl,” he said, and she shivered. “Get your shirt off, I want to see those titties.”

“We’re not done?” Laura asked, but he was already tugging at her sleeves.

“Fuck no,” he said, pulling her shirt over her head and roughly wiping his cum off her face before tossing it aside. He grabbed her hips, pulling her up and onto his lap. “Get up here.”

Laura straddled his lap, and he wasted no time in wrestling off her bra and feasting his eyes on her boobs. They were even better than he’d imagined. Full, creamy white, with perfect pink nipples that were stiffening with desire. He squeezed them, relishing their soft plumpness in his hands. She stiffened as he brushed his thumbs over her nipples, and gasped as he bent down and took her left breast into his mouth. He eagerly kissed and sucked on her chest, teasing her nipple with his teeth, and she unconsciously grabbed the back of his head and shifted her hips on his lap.

Brian latched onto the other tit, and moved his hands down to her ass, sinking his fingers into those plush cheeks. He used his grip to pull her back and forth as he feasted on her breasts, and she arched her back to give him easier access. Then he was hiking up her skirt, and while one hand slid under her knickers to grip her bare ass, the other hooked around the front and started tugging down. In a haze of lust she lifted her hips, allowing him to pull them off. She groaned as he pressed a finger against her warm centre, and slowly twisted it into her.

“God you’re wet,” he murmured, and began moving his finger in and out. She bucked her hips urgently, and barely even noticed as he slowly tipped her over until she was lying on the couch. He moved down, inhaling the delicious scent of her before caressing her lips with his tongue.

Laura gasped and Brian went to town, hungrily licking and lapping at her pussy. Her back contorted with pleasure and he clung to her, fingering and licking her pussy and teasing her clit. Her orgasm struck suddenly, exploding through her in a wave that clenched every muscle and had her writhe mindlessly on the couch. He moved, and as the rush broke she realised he now loomed above her, and something hot and hard was bumping across her thigh. He repositioned slightly, and then he was pressing against her lips.

“Oh god,” she got out, and then he was worming his way inside of her, stretching her walls with his thick cock. She tried to wiggle back, to slow him down, but he was insistent and would not be denied. He was soon buried within her, and she grimaced with pain as he twitched and shifted within her.

“Holy fuck,” he said, basking in the moment. “You’re so fucking hot and tight.” He pulled out slightly, and she felt a moment of relief before he roughly shoved back in. “I fucking love this pussy.”

He began to fuck her roughly, clearly intent on his own pleasure. He’d fingered her to orgasm, now it was his turn. The couch creaked in protest as he hammered into her, revelling in how her warm walls squeezed him and the wet slapping sound of his cock plunging back into her dripping heat. His hairy belly pressed against her, teasing her engorged nipples, and with every thrust of his hips she was driven roughly into the couch.

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