Erotic Christmas Massage

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She began unwrapping her present and I sat quiet, watching her remove the paper from the small box, although my heart was beating fast in anticipation, eager to see her reaction to my inspired gift on Christmas Day.  As she removed the tissue paper from around the card, the look on her face was one of uncertainty and a bit of excitement.  She removed the card, opened it and read.  A wide smile slowly spread across her face and she looked up at me beaming.  

“Where do I get this ‘sensuous massage?'” she asked, smiling with a playful and clearly aroused womanly-grin.   

“Right in our bed,” I said.  “Or wherever you want it.  On the kitchen table if you like,” I added.   I had spent a month learning all I could about giving sensual massages, reading about vaginal exploration, G-spot stimulation, erogenous zone manipulation, sensual touching, and bringing a woman to an unforgettable orgasm through hands-on stimulation.  The Big O they called it.

“The kitchen table would be too hard,” she said lifting up one eye lid.  

When our massage date finally came, not soon enough for me, I had her stretch out on her stomach with her clothes neatly piled on a chair and her lovely naked bottom positioned below me, bare and round and succulent for my hands to explore and caress and pleasure.  One of the great sights known to man. I love her sweet, lovely rump and I would do anything to be able to caress it and fondle it and admire it. 

I put warm oil on each hand, rubbing them together, then I started with her bare shoulders, working her into a relaxed state by massaging her muscles with my strong hands.  She began moaning and groaning as I worked her neck, her upper back, and then even around her ears.  She let her head fall forward.  A low continuous murmur came from deep within her as I worked my thumbs up and down her back, each thumb an inch or two on each side of her spine, my fingers at her rib cage, kneading and pushing her muscles up and down as my fingers moved the length of her unclad torso.  I applied more warm oil on each hand, then I went back to her back and shoulders, working my hands over her body, lovingly caressing her bare skin and massaging the tightness out of her. 

When I got down to her bottom, I gripped her cheeks in each hand, squeezing and massaging both lovely orbs, rubbing gently over each and telling her to relax, letting my thumbs work into the crack between the cheeks of her buttocks, the tips of my fingers grazing over the warmth of her anus.  Not touching it, but brushing close, feeling the heat of her back door.  Each hand then pulled her cheeks apart, moving one aside and then the other, rotating my fingers between her buns, letting my thumbs linger at her warm, puckered orifice. 

I let the ends of my fingers move close but not touching her vagina lips, teasing them with the nearness of my hands and fingers.  Being careful not to touch her pussy lips, I focussed on the region between her thighs, close but not touching her vulva, moving my hands constantly up and down between her legs, manipulating the region at the top of where her thighs touch one another.   I then moved down to her thighs, gripping and compressing the muscles of each leg above the knee.  Moving up and down continuously, escort bursa kneading and pressing the fleshy portion of her upper leg, all the time admiring her naked body.

I moved my hands down each thigh to her calves, gripping and massaging each one, then to her feet, picking up each foot and gently shaking her leg, moving them slightly apart, then going to the other foot, doing the same to each one, massaging all the while and talking in a soft near whisper, telling her to relax and savor the feeling of her body in my hands.

I moved back up her leg, repeating each operation as my hands moved up to her bottom.  Putting my hands at the top of her thighs, just below the roundness of her lower cheeks, moving my fingers into the space where her open vagina lips splay and widen as I move her legs just a little farther apart, giving me a three inch gap where I can now see her pink opening.  I let my fingers lightly touch her lips, brushing by them slowly, only lightly coming in contact with her labia, pushing around them and hence opening them by the pressure of my fingers on the space between her thighs, just below the cheeks of her round and shapely bottom.  

I then focussed on her open vagina, moving into her puffy portal and spreading her lips apart slightly, letting my fingers open her and slide deeper into her pussy.

I asked her to turn over, then I put a pillow under her head, and again I started at her feet and slowly moved up her legs to her hips on each side of her vulva, going to her belly, ignoring her pussy, sliding my hands up to her breasts, cupping each one and pinching each nipple between my thumb and forefinger.  I slid my hands along the sides of her body and up her rib cage, taking care to move slowly and with only a slight pressure on her sides.  

I told her to have her arms at her sides, her palms up, and her thumbs pointing away from her body.  I then went to each hand, lifting it and holding the weight of her arm, massaging her relaxed hand in mine, pushing my thumb into the middle of her palm, manipulating each finger separately, holding up the weight of her hand.  

When I was finished with each hand, I moved up each arm, shaking it lightly by holding each limp hand in mine, letting the weight of her arm be supported by me, letting it flex against its own weight.  

I moved to her head and rotated it slowly, lifting her skull with my hands below the back of her head.  I turned her head back and forth, supporting its weight in my grasp.   

I then told her to feel her body floating, riding on a cloud of air, totally being held up on its own by a soft cushion of foam.   

I then moved to her inner thighs and told her to imagine the sexiest memory she can, whether with me or whoever comes to mind.  “Think about the best orgasm you have ever had and remember it and the events that led to it, how good it felt, how good he made you feel.”  

I told her to think about the feelings of that moment and I touched her vagina lips and move them apart, pushing her petals open with my thumbs.   My fingers entered her vaginal access and spread her aperture with my fingers, letting them separate and touch them gently only with the tips.

I pushed my finger into her and hook it bursa merkez eskort upward to reach for her G-spot, searching for the small patch of rough flesh the size of a nickel.  When I find it I rub back and forth across the course circle, increasing my speed incrementally, focussing on the round bit of flesh under my touch.

When I heard her breathing speed up I shortened the distance of my movement across the tiny spot.  “Think about that time you had a memorable orgasm with whoever it was.” 

With my thumb I focussed on the clitoris bud at the same time and shook my hand to centralize the movement of the thickness of my digit against of the nub of her sensitive center, extending at the same time one finger into her, reaching as deep as it would reach, pushing against the walls of her vagina.  As I did I talked to her, telling her to think of that experience she has called to mind.

“Are you seeing it,” I asked.  She shakes her head, her eyes still closed and a slight smile curving the corners of her mouth.  “Do my fingers feel good in you?” I ask.  She nodded without speaking and the smile remained in place.  She began to bite down on her her lower lip, her smile turning into a engaged face and her breath increased rapidly.  

I sunk my finger deeper and increased the speed of my finger on her clitoris and kept contact with her G-spot.  Her breathing became frantic and I knew an orgasm was near.  I placed the heal of my palm over her clit and began shaking my hand back and forth rapidly, pushing it against with the weight of my hand.  

She began to squeal and covered her mouth with one hand.  The contractions began and when she started to squirt the fluid shot passed my hand and I continued  until she grabbed my wrist to stop me, the intensity so great she could stand it no longer.  The towel I put her on to save the bed is wet from the fluid that shot from her in a geyser that took nearly five seconds to finish.  Her G-spot had caused her to ejaculate like a fountain and her contractions continued for nearly a minute.         

Her squirting left a large wet spot on the towel and her body began to finally relax, although her breath continued at an elevated rate for a few minutes longer until she began to come down off a sexual high that left her exhausted and spent, fighting for her breath and shaking all over.

I put my hand over her wet vulva and held it still, my palm flat against her labia lips, flattening them under the heel of my hand.  When her breathing had returned to normal, I lifted my hand and began to rub two fingers over her slippery and shiny vaginal lips, keeping away from her still highly sensitive clit, watching her labia flex and contract with the still functioning orgasm that had tightened her body like the string on a violin.  

She raised her head and looked at me and smiled.  “Did you think of an exciting sexual moment?” I asked.  She nodded, then grinned.

“Oh, yes,” she said with a sigh. I did not ask her with who.

We cuddled on the bed and simply held one another for a long time.  “Do you have another one in you?” I asked.  She closed her eyes and nodded.

“I loved it,” she said.  “Yes, I would like more.  I am all relaxed, bursa sınırsız escort so you can just go to step ten,” she said sleepily.  Ten minutes later I stood and moved beside the bed.  I got on my knees on the bed, as I had been before, and began massaging up her thighs.  She put her head back and sighed.  

I put my hand directly on her pussy this time, then parted her labs with two fingers, and bent my head and put my lips against her puffy petals, moving my tongue the length of her slit slowly and deliberately from top to bottom.  It twitched as I drew my tongue to her clitoris and back down to her vaginal opening, pushing my tongue between her swollen petals and deep in her canal.  I could taste the tangy lemony flavor of her pussy and her orgasm, and I swallowed what had drained into my mouth.    

She sighed again and I felt her pussy twitch under my tongue.  She opened her legs to give me access and I put my lips around her entire vulva, sucking gently.  She drew her legs up, knees wide and forced them open with her hands.  The move opened her pussy as wide as it would go, inviting me deeper into her crevice, allowing my tongue to dig far down into her, to taste more of the juice that flowed freely from her puffy cleft.  

She put both of her hands on my head and pulled me against her soggy slit.   I mashed my face tight against her soft pussy and sucked the liquid from her, wagging my tongue about within her.  With that tongue I swabbed her lips and began to moved my head quickly back and forth, holding her labia between my lips as I did, pulling it towards me, bringing sounds from deep in her chest.  

She began to squeal continuously, rolling her body as the climax built inside her, rising to the surface in an eruption that burst from her like a thunderous wave, making her straighten out her legs, then pull them up quickly and throw her head back, shuttering like a person from severe cold as the contractions hit again, her body rocking with her wonderful sexual spasms.     

She reached down and held me away, her pussy so sensitive she could not bear for me to touch it.    I kissed her on the clit and tasted her, then pulled my head back to gaze at her as she finished her climax.  “Oh, God,” she said, her hands balled into fists.  “That was amazing.  Oh, Jesus, yes, yes, yes,” she cried.  “So sweet, so good.  Thank you, baby.”  She let out a breath.

I crawled up and put my arms around her, pulling her warm and naked body tight against me.  She sighed, then began to groan in a post orgasmic murmur that vibrated throughout her whole body.  I kissed her on the chin, then asked if she enjoyed her Christmas Massage.

“Oh, God, yes,” she said, the words rolling out of her from deep in her throat.   “I hope I don’t have to wait until next Christmas to get another one of these,” she said, pushing her pelvis against my front, wrapping her legs around me, squeezing me between her thighs.   

She got her next Big O on New Years Eve, finishing out the year on the exact right note.  Instead of New Years Resolutions, we decided to start the year as we had ended the one before.  For the next month she had one every other day, and since then I have brought her with my hands, my tongue, and my lips, yes, even with my cock, and she thanks me every time with an erotic massage of her own.

I never found out who she thinks of when I am giving her the Big O, but I haven’t asked and it really doesn’t matter. All I know is she thinks about the same one each time. At least, that is what she tells me.

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