Erotic Bliss

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The fun begins as we’re cleaning up after dinner. The dishes have been washed, dried and put away. We had been talking about the day’s events when I notice that familiar lustful look that twinkles in your eyes. I smile and chuckle as I turn away and bend over to pick up some scattered crumbs from the kitchen floor.

I can feel my nipples grow hard and the juices flowing that make me so wet. You watch me and seize the moment, pulling my hips back against you, grinding your hardened cock into my ass.

“Oh, yes,” I moan softly as your hands slide upwards to fondle my breasts. I feel your lips on my neck, tenderly, teasing, planting kisses here and there, nibbling at my ear…which turns me on SO much.

“I want you,” you whisper and turn me around to face you, your hands sliding down inside my shorts. “You’re wet.”

“Soaked!” I reply as my own hands begin to explore you. I run one hand over your hardened cock, feeling its mightiness through your jeans. I hear you moan against my neck as I unzip your pants and reach inside, grasping the hard shaft and pulling it out.

“You’re so hard for me,” I purr as your lips still tease and nibble at my neck. You work your way down to my collarbone and notice my hard nipples standing out.

“These beauties want me,” you tease.

“Very much.”

With that, you remove my shirt, exposing my bare 36DD breasts. We keep undressing each other until only our underwear remains. Then you pick me up and set me on the edge of the table. Our mouths find each other’s once again and we kiss passionately. Your hands caress the soft heavyweights of my big breasts. I lean back as your mouth descends on my hard nipples and I moan loudly as you take one in your mouth.

Oh yes, I moan again. Damn that feels so good. I run my hands down over your chest and once again find the waistband of your briefs, slipping my hand inside. I pull it out and wrap my hand around that big monster, stroking it base to tip.

“YES, YES! Damn, I’m so wet! Touch me now,” I rub myself against you. “Finger me! Now!”

“Is my baby doll horny for me?” You tease, your breathing heavy. “You’re a hot bitch, aren’t you?”

“YES! YES!” I squeal as you nip at my nipples.

“Tell me what you want!”

“Finger me! Shove your fingers in my wet snatch and make me cum!” I continue to stroke your cock, its hardened shaft slickened from precum dripping through my fingers. I raise one hand up and lick my fingers. “Mmmm…Tastes good!”

I remove your briefs and coax you to the floor with me. “I’m going to suck that cock of yours until you cum in my mouth! Give it to me!” I order in a raspy whisper.

Joining me, you crawl to the point where your throbbing cock is right above my face. What a glorious view! Without a second’s hesitation, I open my mouth, grab your cock by its purple veined shaft and guide that lusty organ into my mouth. You moan and give a thrust of your hips, begging me to take it while wedging your face between my thighs and burying your tongue into my drenched cunt.

I give a passionate scream as your tongue attacks my clit you begin to tease me, whipping my stiffened little clit with your tongue until I’m writhing beneath you on the floor. Our heavy breathing echoes as it bounces off the walls and sweat begins to flow off both of us. Each touch of your tongue feels like a charge of lightning coursing through my hot wet coochie. Sultangazi Escort You’re now shoving your cock further down my throat, almost ramming its length down my throat and I accept it willingly. My hot tongue snakes up and down as my greedy lips caress the entire shaft. I can’t get enough of that awesome cock! It feels so good! Tastes so good! Give it to me!!

My intense sucking only fuels the fire for you and you continue your lusty attack on my pussy. Your tongue races up and down the length of my cunt, slashing across my clit then circling around the entrance of my tight tunnel of love. Your grunts and moans of pleasure come louder and are sweet music to my ears. I suck harder and harder, determined to make you cum and batter my throat with your creamy jizz. Your tongue is probing my dripping hot cleft, ramming freely inside. You press your palms against the back of my thighs, lifting my hips to better tongue fuck my tight hole. Your fingers work on my swollen clit, hitting that very sensitive nerve that makes me insane with cumming. Your tongue, thick and large, invades my pussy as far as it can. Feels so good! OH YES!! Your cock begins to quiver and your breathing grows heavier still. I become relentless in my sucking, my mouth about to devour your mighty shaft, so crazed am I from the overwhelming sensations you’re causing between my legs. We both groan wildly as you impale my throat with your gigantic fuckstick while I tighten my pussy around your teasing tongue.

Can you feel it?

Then you pull your cock out of my mouth and relinquish your attack on my sweet pussy. You lift me and return me to the table, your hard cock jutting proudly out from its thatch of curls. You eyes are glazed with utter need…a need to fuck long and hard…a need to cum hot and hard!!!!

I lay back as you position yourself between my widespread legs. You tease me again by running the tip up and down over my wet pussy, my swollen clit and puckered ass below. I let out a throaty moan and rake my nails across your hips then wrap my legs around them in attempt to pull you inside me.

“C’mon Chris, FUCK ME NOW!!! Give me that large cock! Make me cum! Make me feel it all the way up in my throat!!!!”

I beg and buck my hips against the teasing shaft. I let out a loud cry of pleasure as I feel you enter me slowly, stretching the tight walls of my wet pussy to accept your tremendous 10 inch cock. Feels so good to be filled by that big cock!! You stroke in and out, slowly, building your rhythm, gently, only slipping in a few inches at a time!

Withdrawing all the way back to the head of your cock, you plunge in once more, building speed with each luscious pump of your hips!! The intensity of it is overwhelming me, and as the head grazes over my G-SPOT, I begin to tremble, my breathing in short hot pants, my cries louder and louder as my pussy erupts in orgasm.

I scream and squeeze your cock with my pussy muscles as one orgasm after another wracks my body. Your thrusting becomes deeper and deeper until I feel you hit bottom with each orgasmic stroke. I can’t control my loud cries and heavy breathing, the room a cacophony of pure lust. I can feel your hard pulsing cock all the way inside my wet snatch. “HARDER! HARDER!” I scream. Quickly I cum again for the tenth time, gasping for breath as I feel as if my heart has stopped beating momentarily. I let out a loud scream, Sultangazi Escort Bayan “HOT DAMN! FUCK ME HARDER!”

And I brace myself for more!! Soon I feel your cock tremble inside me and hear your groans become as loud as mine. I know you’re going to cum soon and I squeeze my pussy muscles as tight as I can. I dig my nails into your back and scratch wildly.

“HARDER!” I scream as each thrust rocks my coochie and the table. I don’t care how sore I’ll be this feels too damn good. With a hoarse shout, you pull out and cum against my belly, each giant spurt soaking my sweaty skin. We collapse together and lock our lips in a passionate kiss.

“That was incredible, babe,” I whisper, “but I want more! Let’s go to the couch.”

We clean up, making a brief pit stop in the bathroom before making our way to the living room where we cuddle together on the large couch, your arms holding me tight as I feel your growing cock nudge my thigh. I moan and begin to stroke it gently. I rest my cheek against your chest and listen to your heartbeat quicken while you rub my back and squeeze my buttocks.

“I wanna ride my stallion!” I whisper and throw my leg around you and sigh my much need. “I’m still very wet!”

I feel your fingers graze my pussy and slide two deep inside. “So you are. You wanna ride my cock, do you? You are a greedy lil’ bitch tonight! Ride me honey all you want cus after you’re so sore I’m gonna get you doggie-style and give it to you til you drown me with your pussy cum.” You whisper to me in a low, sexy voice…

“Is that a promise, stud?” I chuckle, seductively, purring. We shift our positions and I climb on top, straddling your powerful thighs and taking your hard cock deep within me as I slide it into my tight clenched pussy.

I moan loudly, loving the feel of it. You move your hands beneath my bouncing ass and thrust upwards in rhythm with me. It’s one hell of a ride…one awesome hard fuck and soon I’m squeezing your sides with my knees, throwing my head and screaming as I cum, my female cum juices soaking your cock. With my hands on your chest for balance, I move faster and faster. Your hard meat so deep I can feel it hitting bottom. I grind even harder as I feel another intense orgasm building within me, ready to explode and spurt.

“I’m cummmmmmming!” I shriek again as your mouth attacks my dangling breasts and a finger invades my tight ass. My body bucks wildly and I cum again, this one more intense than the last. You’re thrusting harder than below as you tell me you’re going to make me cum again.

I close my eyes, moan loudly and scream as I unleash another intense orgasm, coating your cock and balls with another flood of pussy juice. You’re really giving my G-Spot a work out and I love it. Damn it feels so good. I want more I moan and lean closer, my pussy tightening even more as you suck on my luscious breasts. God, that feels so good. As my legs turn to jelly and I collapse against your chest, all sweaty and sore, I give your cock a tight squeeze with my strong cunt and tell you I want it doggie-style. I wanna feel more cunt pounding power thrusts. I want it! Give it to me now!

We leave behind the sweaty cum soaked couch and make our way to the bedroom, my hand stroking your cock the entire time. I can’t get enough of this luscious monster and I want it buried deep inside me-ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

I climb Escort Sultangazi onto the bed on my hands and knees and moan as you slap my ass playfully. With a loud moan of your own, you grip my hips, pulling me to the edge and using the large head of your cock I crave so much, smear a mixture of our love juices down between my ass cheeks. You poke the head teasingly at my tight backdoor and I groan, humping my hips back against you. “Give it to me, darlin’!”

“You want this?” You moan as you work two fingers into my tight ass, lubricating me with our juices.

“Tell me you want it!”

“Give it to me!”

“How bad do you want it, baby?”

“Fuck me now, please! I want it so bad! I need it! You’re driving me nuts!” Your cock nudges against my ass, and slowly you enter me. I moan deeply and stiffen a bit.

“Relax, honey.” You moan in my ear and begin to fondle my breasts. Inch by awesome inch until you’re halfway in you slide it in. I moan from the pleasure/pain of it and begin to move my hips backwards. Thrust after delicious thrust, you give me an incredible ass fucking. Ooooooh, it feels so good, more, darlin’, more…And with that, we both attack my sweet pussy with our fingers, rubbing my clit, shoving our fingers inside my pussy every time your cock thrusts into my ass! We finger attack my sore but very wet pussy! I feel your fingers inside me, thrusting as far as they’ll go. The sensations you’re giving me are causing an orgasmic overload and once more I cum on our fingers!!

“Darlin’!” I moan as I catch my breath, “My sweet little puss misses her hard throbbing cock. As good as it feels where it is I need to cum again! C’mon, loverboy, fuck my pussy! C’mon, give it to me hard and deep! Now, Chris darlin’, now!”.

“Baby wants it here!” You shove your fingers inside my slick snatch.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSSSSS!”

“How bad?”

“I need it bad! I need to cum real bad!” I whimper and buck my hips with a low moan.

With a chuckle, you pull out and step aside for a moment before joining me on the bed. I’m still on my hands and knees with my fingers spreading my pussy lips for you. I moan as I feel your tongue sliding into my coochie.

“Oh god hon, give it to me now! I want your cock! Fuck me now! Put that awesome cock into my wet snatch and FUCK ME NOW!” I all but scream.

“Baby wants it!”

“Yes, NOW!”

“You got it, baby!”

You push me now until my body rests face down to the mattress. I slide a pillow beneath my hips and raise my ass slightly. I feel your body cover me and ease your throbbing hard rod into my slippery patch of heaven. I moan loudly as I feel you go deep, slamming the entire length, almost all 10 inches in hard and fast. We move together, our sweaty bodies pressed tight.

“Harder! I’m gonna cum again! Fuck me harder!” I squeal as the flood gates open and unleash another gush of pussy cum to sweep over your cock.

As the sounds of our heavy breathing, moaning, groaning, grunting, and dirty talk bounce off the walls, I feel your cock quiver and spasm within me and you give a heavy moan and an animalistic grunt!

“Make me cum, baby! Cum on, honey, work your magic with those tight walls! Ohhhh god, I’m gonna cum. I’m cummmmmmmming! I’m cumming! Cum with me, honey!”

Your hot orgasm sets off one of my own as intense as ever. I scream and buck wildly. You pull out and cover my ass with spurt after enormous spurt of creamy cum. We collapse together, exhausted and sore, but very satisfied!

Next stop, the shower…after that, who knows?. But first, cuddle with me, kiss me, touch me, caress me softly! We will revel in the sensations of our erotic bliss!!!

The End!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32