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Erin’s birthday was coming. Saturday she would be eighteen. Erin is a beautiful young woman, with long brown hair and dark flashing eyes. Her breasts are not huge but they would more than fill my hand, if she weren’t my sister that is. Erin’s body flows down from those lovely tits into a slim waist that flares into womanly hips and an ass that would attract any man’s eye. So, it attracts my eye. Sue me.

Erin is a younger version of our mom. Mom is graying and doing some strategic sagging. To me she is still hot and I love her more than words can say.

Mom’s name is Delores and I am Jesse. Erin is my little sister; in fact, I am nineteen years older than her. We’ve always told my sister that our dad left right after she was born but the fact is that he left just before I turned eighteen.

The day after I turned eighteen, Mom came to my bed and slid beneath the sheets with me. Mom’s nightie was thin and I soon discovered that there wasn’t anything under it.

“I’m lonely Jesse. I don’t see you talking to any girls your age. Are you lonely too? I mean horny really.” She molded her hot body against mine and I felt her tits against my chest. I had my arms around her as her lips touched mine for the first time. I didn’t feel a bra strap across her back. I didn’t expect one really. As my hand slid down to her hip and then to her ass, I noticed that there were no panties either.

“I am horny Mom. You are too?” My cock was trying desperately to tear a hole in my plain white briefs.

“Yes honey. Would you feel OK about making love to your own mother?”

I answered by kissing her and trying to probe her mouth with my tongue. My hand that was on her ass was moving the thin nightie up and over her back and as our tongues got used to their little dance, she shifted so that I was able to remove what little clothing she had on.

My mouth was on her breasts in moments and I sucked as I tried to shuck off the only piece of clothing I had on. Mom’s hands assisted me and we were both naked in a moment. She moaned and held my stiff cock as I suckled at her sweet mammaries and then gasped as I headed south over her soft belly toward the delta of hair between her legs.

“Honey, you don’t have to do that. Oooh.” My lips had found her clit and I kissed it over and over before I spread her wider and sampled the wetness between her folds. “Ah, Ah. Oh Jesse. That’s nice.” She let me feast on her tender flesh for a few minutes before she gently pulled my mouth back to her love button and I knew that it was time to make my mother cum. My tongue lashed her stiff nub over and over as her hips rocked to get just the right spot worked repeatedly.

Just as two of my fingers slid past her nether lips, Mom let out a long loud moan that signaled her completion.

I stayed where I was for a few minutes, just taking in the scent of my mother’s cum. I realized that my cock was harder than it had ever been and at that same moment mom spoke.

“Baby. Your cock was so stiff even before you made me cum so hard. Are you ready to fuck my soaking wet pussy? I need it. I’ll suck you off another time.”

I was up and on top of her before she even stopped talking. As I sunk into her to the hilt, Mom grunted and I did too as I started to fuck her. Mom’s legs were wrapped around my back and I could feel her tight muscles urging me on to the finish line.

“Inside you?” Was all I could get out.

“Yes Baby. Cum in my pussy.”

That was all she wrote and a giant stream of sperm laden semen flooded my mother’s vagina. Mom had another orgasm as I finished inside her and I stayed in her while she continued to cum.

After I rolled off and we regained our breath. Mom said, “Wow. I really needed that. You’re a great fuck honey. Did you enjoy it?”

“Are you kidding? I’d do that again in a heartbeat.”

“Looks like I’ll need to do a little work to make that happen.” Mom said, looking at my soft, cum smeared penis.

We laughed and then we slept.

In the morning, true to her word, Mom was working hard on my dick. I could tell that she was kind of hungry from all of the activity of the previous evening. I let her continue with her ministrations until my climax was imminent.

“Here it cums, Mom,” was all I got out before I let my stream bathe her tongue. I knew she’d swallow but I was so proud of her for not letting any of my seed escape.

She snuggled next to me with a satisfied little grin on her lips. We slept for a couple more hours before my stomach growled loud enough to wake us both.

We got up and took a quick shower together before I went to the kitchen to cook us both some breakfast.

“Man, I can’t believe that Dad left a hot lady like you to bone somebody else.” I cuddled Mom while the hash browns crisped up in the frypan.

“Well, about that, honey. The man that you’ve always called Dad, isn’t your biological father. You know how I came to you horny last night? My Daddy came to me soon after I turned eighteen because Mommy wasn’t giving him what he needed. Well, I had what he bostancı escort needed between my legs…and other places. I gave it to him willingly and in a couple of months, he gave me you, baby.”

My eyes were like saucers and I took in the story. She told me some of the things that they did together. I couldn’t keep my cock down when she told me about the first time, he slid his prick into her butthole.

“You take it in the ass Mom?”

“Yes son, your mom likes anal sex. There’s not much I not willing to do for a man that I love.”

“Can I start sleeping in your bed from now on Mom? I love being so close to you and your bed is nicer too.”

She laughed at my practical observation and gave me a tender look about my wanting to be so intimate with her. “I was hoping that you’d want to move into my room Honey. Yes, let’s live as if we’re a married couple.

It had been a few months and we were getting to know each other’s needs and desires. Mom didn’t want to have intercourse when her menstrual cycle came and I would only get one blowjob in that five- or six-day period.

One morning, Mom bolted out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I woke up slowly after hearing the door slam. We had taken to peeing with the door open but I thought maybe she had an urgent poop coming on. It was quiet enough in the house that I could hear the sound of her vomiting. I wondered if she had eaten something that gave her food poisoning.

Mom opened the door while she was brushing her teeth and I saw a look of concern in her eyes. After she rinsed and came back to the bed, I asked what was worrying her.

“Baby. After my Daddy and I had been screwing for a few months, I missed my period and then started throwing up in the mornings for a week or more. I went and got a test and found out that I was going to have you. I told Mommy and Daddy that I had gotten fucked by a guy I knew and that I was pregnant. Daddy acted mad so as to not blow our cover and Mommy said they would support whatever decision I made whether to keep it or end the pregnancy.”

“When Daddy and I were in private he told me that his preference would be to keep you and He’d help raise you as much as possible.”

“We did just that and I lived with them until Daddy died young a few years later. I’d had a boyfriend for a while and Mommy encouraged us to get married. That was the man that you called Dad.”

“I feel the same way this morning as I did on those mornings almost nineteen years ago. You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t start my period a couple of weeks ago like I always do. I’m nothing if not regular.”

“Baby, I think that we’re pregnant. How do you feel about being a father…and a brother?”

Speechless doesn’t even describe me at that moment. My mouth hung open as my thoughts whirled around like a tornado.

Mom leaned in and helped me close my mouth by kissing me repeatedly. I smelled her fresh, toothpaste smell and felt her soft tits on my chest.

I hugged her and asked, “Were you and Daddy able to make love while you were pregnant?”

Mom laughed and rolled to her back. “Is that your biggest concern? You’re worried that you might not be able to fuck your mother because you knocked her up?” Her legs came apart and she welcomed me on top of her. I was so excited about everything that I just took my pleasure with her, only concerning myself with my own orgasm.

I fucked Mom hard for a mere few minutes before grunting my release into her.

“I love you Mom and I’m so happy that we’re going to have a baby together.”

“I can tell Honey. I’m glad you took me like that. I love giving you pleasure. Later we may have to do it with me kneeling on the bed or maybe just in the butt or my mouth in the last trimester.”

“Want me to make you cum Mom? I could eat you or something.” I said, not too enthused about licking her with the load of semen I had just injected into her.

“That’s OK Honey. It gave me such a good feeling having you ravish me when you found out that you had bred me. There’s plenty of time for that. I remember being so horny when I was gestating you. I just about wore Daddy out, making him fuck me whenever we had a chance.”

“I’m excited. I’m almost thirty-nine and I’m pregnant with my second child. Do you want to come to the doctor’s appointments with me? You and I can track the progress together.”

“Yes Mom. I’m excited too. I love you so much Mom. What a strange journey we’ve found ourselves on, huh?”

Mom was a healthy woman and the pregnancy went well. We decided that we wanted to know the gender of the baby and once we knew it would be a girl, we decided on Erin for her name.

Mom was right about the third portion of her gestation and Mom got a nice high protein smoothie a few times a week. We had anal sex on Sunday afternoons.

Mom and I talked about how our lives would be, regarding Erin. We decided that I needed to be her big brother and that when Mom and I had sex, it would be when our daughter wasn’t büyükçekmece escort around or when we knew that she was fast asleep.

We would just be a single mom with two kids who were vastly different ages.

Two nights before Erin’s eighteenth birthday, she was staying over at her friends’ house and Mom and I had time for a long leisurely fuck. I had just shot a big gooey load deep inside of her. After she got her breathing under control (she was still an energetic fuck for a fifty-seven-year-old woman) she asked, “are you going to continue the family tradition?”

I wasn’t sure what she was asking. “Huh?”

“I think that after her birthday, Erin needs to hear that you are really her father. She needs to know that we’ve been lovers since before she was conceived. You should tell her that my Daddy used to do me all the time and that that is how you came into being. I don’t think that she’s sexually active, so I think that you should be the one to pop her cherry.”

I again sat with my mouth agape and Mom did what she usually did to get me to close it. She kissed me and said, “I think that you should get our daughter in the family way, Honey.”

“I want a grandchild. I can share you with Erin if you two want to be the way we were when you were her age. You and I can still find a chance to fuck once in a while. Truth be told, you’re starting to wear me out. My cunt isn’t as resilient as it was when you first screwed it.”

Even though I had just fucked the shit out of her, thinking about screwing my hot eighteen-year-old sister/daughter had my cock reviving very quickly.

“Oh. That answers that question.”

“Mom, she looks just like you when we were younger. Do we tell her together or…”?

“Tradition dictated that you visit her in her bed at night and feel her out while you feel her up. If you’re lucky, you’ll get lucky. We can all have a family meeting around the breakfast table in the morning. I’d love to see her with that freshly fucked look on her face.”

I put my hand behind her head. Our signal that I needed her to go down on me. Mom was accommodating and was soon happily sucking away at my cock. I was visualizing Erin in the same position, then in some other positions and soon I filled my mother’s mouth with some freshly made cum.

“Boy, you were ready for that weren’t you? Erin doesn’t know what she’s in for.”

Our daughter’s party was a big blowout with dozens of her friends and some friends of mine and Mom’s. Cake and presents and music and dancing. We welcomed Erin into young adulthood in style. We all went to our separate bedrooms happy that night.

The next day, Erin was so appreciative to us for such a fun time. We spent a fun day together but I found myself looking at her differently. She had always drawn my eye but now I was looking at her like a woman who I wanted to bed. I watched her breasts sway when she moved and my eyes were glued to her ass as she walked away from me.

Tonight, would be the night.

After Erin said goodnight and headed to her bedroom, I went to Mom and had her suck my cock. I knew that I’d cum too fast in Erin if I was as much on edge as I’d kept myself all day long. I gave Mom another thick protein shake and then headed to my daughter’s room in just a pair of boxers.

Erin startled awake when I slid in to bed beside of her.

“What’s going on Jesse?”

“Shh. It’s OK Erin. I have one more present for you. Don’t be afraid, I love you and I want to make you feel good. Do you trust me?”

“You’re my big brother. I trust you. This seems strange though.”

“Do you love me? Do you trust me?” I asked again.

“Yes. Both. I love you. I trust you.”

“I’m going to kiss you, OK?”


I cut off the question with my lips against hers. A couple of kisses later, she began to reciprocate. I knew that I was making progress but didn’t want to scare her off.

I knew that Erin slept in a tight tee shirt and a pair of panties. As she kissed me, I moved my hand up her back under the tee. There was a tiny mew of pleasure when she felt my hand on her bare skin.


“Trust me Erin.”

My hand moved around her side an under one of her soft breasts. “Baby,” I said.

My cock was already hard but I tried to keep from pushing it against her. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and she let it linger there. My hand moved up over the curve of her breast until I felt a hard nipple.

Erin’s hand moved and I felt it on the front of my shorts. She found my hardon and maneuvered it out of the slit in the front of my boxers. She rubbed slowly and I groaned, “easy, Honey.”

She removed her hand for a moment to shuck of the tee shirt and I saw her tits in all their glory for the first time. She didn’t go back for my prick but rubbed both hands over her firm titties.

I was going to ask permission but opted to just lower my mouth and suck in one of her nipples. While I sucked her, I was pushing my boxers down and as I switched çekmeköy escort to the other nipple, I pushed at the waistband of her panties.

Erin took the hint and took off her underwear. I abandoned her tits and kissed my way to her snatch. I had to convince her to spread her legs but as soon as they parted and I started kissing her clitoris, Erin relaxed and went with the intense sensation between her legs.

I could only get my index finger through the tight gate of my daughter’s pussy. This was going to be a tight fit unless I got her really wet and hot. I pulled out my finger and tongued her hole for a long time then I returned to her pleasure center.

“I can’t believe that my brother is gonna make me cum!” Erin yelled. “You gonna fuck me too big brother?”

I kept licking and her thighs suddenly squeezed my head like a vice.

“Aaahh. Fuck. I’m gonna cummm. Oooohh.”

I thought that after she came, I’d explain to her what our real relationship was. It turned out that right now, I needed to make her a woman. I was hoping she’d be calling me Daddy when I shot my first load into her pussy but that was going to have to wait.

I crawled up her body and probed her ever so tight pussy with my hard prick. “Are you a virgin Erin?” I barely got that out as I made an effort to penetrate her.

“Y. Yes. I want you to.”

“To what?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“I want my big brother to fuck me. Please fuck me Jesse.”

I was in a couple of inches and she was squeezing me hard. I’d gotten her wet enough that I pulled back and trust forward a couple of times. Erin cried out as I destroyed maidenhood and made a girl into a woman.

There were no words. Grunting. Moaning. Shrieking. The creaking of the little bed that my sister slept in. The creaking increased in frequency as I neared my first climax in my sister’s hot cunt.

“Oh. Fuck. Baby, I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh, Yes.” Erin cried as I emptied myself into her.

She held me tight and made me press my weight down on her until she needed to breathe. She let go a bit and I took my weight on my elbows, looking down at the flush that had spread from her neck down to the top of her still heaving breasts. I slowly extracted my cock from the tight sheath that was my daughter’s vagina.

I laid my arm across the bed and she snuggled into my chest. I held her tight while we caught our breath.

“I finally sighed and said, “Honey, there’s something you should know.”

“What is it my sweet brother? Do you want to do it again?”

I laughed and kissed her forehead. “Well yeah. That certainly wasn’t the last time that that’s going to happen. Really, it’s that I have this kind of relationship with our mother too. Actually, she and I made you together.”

“I just got fucked by my father? Should I practice saying ‘fuck me daddy’?”

“Mmm, that sounds nice Sweetie.”

“Are you and Mom still going at it too?”

“Sometimes, but her libido is decreasing somewhat. She sent me in here to continue a family tradition. See, her father is my father too.”

“Interestinger and interestinger.”

“Ever sucked a guy’s cock?”


“Ya wanna?”

“Only if you teach me the right way.”

I was laying on my side and Erin had her head on a pillow in front of my crotch. She’d been doing a great job of learning how to please a man with her mouth. She’d worked my whole dick into her mouth several times and now was doing what I had told her about just sucking the head and concentrating on tonguing the underside.

I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and saw Mom peeking through an opening she’d created by cracking the door slightly.

For her benefit, I moaned out. “Oh baby. Suck Daddy’s cock. Want your father to cum in your mouth Honey?”

I felt Erin nod her head and felt her start to move her tongue faster. “Will you swallow all of your brother’s cum, please, Baby?”

“Mmm hmm. Mmmm.” Erin was ready.

“Our mother eats my cum too. Did you know that?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“Ah, Fuck. Cummm.”

Erin was ready and shot after shot of my hot semen filled her mouth. I came even harder since our mother was watching this incestuous romp. I’m sure she had heard me fuck our daughter earlier. We weren’t exactly quiet.

I laid back exhausted as my sweet Erin swallowed her first load of cum. Mom winked at me and closed the door silently.

With her belly full and my balls empty, Erin and I slept through the rest of the night in her tiny bed. Cuddled close.

In the morning we heard Mom rattling around the kitchen so we got up and got ready for breakfast.

Mom smiled affectionately at both of us when we arrived in the kitchen. “How do you feel Honey?” She asked Erin.

“I feel good, Mommy. Daddy taught me so much about love last night.”

“We might keep that moniker just between us Sweetie. He’s still your brother and we should probably try to forget that Jesse is your father too.”

“But I didn’t really get to say, ‘fuck me Daddy’ last night. He didn’t tell me until he’d already filled my pussy with his seed.”

“Do you think that you got her knocked up the first time Baby?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ll probably have to try several more times to be sure. Don’t take this the wrong way Mom but Erin is so tight. I’m glad you took the edge off last night before I went to her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32