Erika: Seduction Into Adultery Ch. 01

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Big Dicks


Seven years ago three couples (Erika and Bill, Carrie and Tom, and Donna and I), all about the same age, met each other when all of us except my wife Donna were hired to teach at a small Midwestern college. The three wives all delivered daughters during the same 6-month period, so we often got together to let the girls (and the other kids) play. Then three years ago Bill began an indiscrete affair with a colleague in the English department. One spring afternoon as Bill was screwing her in Erika’s own bed, the woman’s screams of ecstacy woke Bill and Erika’s daughter Annette from her nap, and Annette walked in and found her father with his “thing” in a strange, naked, moaning woman. Annette told her mother what she had seen, and Erika promptly divorced Bill.

Bill left town with his loud playmate, but we still included Erika and Annette in our gatherings with our daughters. Erika was from Denmark, and always looked very attractive but never provocative, even though she never wore any makeup not even lipstick. But I never imagined making a move on her since I was married and she was our friend.

Every summer the five of us joined a combination Swim/Tennis Club. Tom and I would play tennis, then swim laps to cool off. This helped keep me in really good shape for a 35-year-old, at 6-foot, 180 pounds, with a 32-inch waist. Carrie and Donna preferred to swim a few laps and lie around the pool, taking turns watching the children. Erika also watched the kids, but she really devoted herself to staying in shape by swimming laps.

Erika and I often shared a lap-lane when the pool was crowded, and I savored the underwater view of her body as we passed in the narrow lane. She had a really trim figure of which Carrie and Donna were envious, but they weren’t working out like Erika was. Erika’s swim suits were never revealing, and I finally realized she wore a modest one-piece “swimmer’s” suit: it smoothed out her figure (rather than emphasizing it) but covered her demurely and allowed her to go all-out when she swam.


This particular summer I was teaching summer school and couldn’t leave town, but Donna had to help out with a small family problem, so she drove our two kids to visit her parents in the next state. They were going to be back in the middle of the next week, but since Donna had our car, I was on foot. That hot, sticky June Saturday, Tom and I agreed to play tennis at two. I spent the early afternoon in my office, working on classwork, and in my haste to walk the half mile to the club, I left the bag containing my swim suit, towel, and change of clothes in my office. I figured I would just walk home and shower after tennis instead of swimming laps.

The heat and humidity almost did us in. On every changeover we drank water and Gateraid. Just before we finished the second set, Erika, Carrie, and Tom & Carrie’s children came and sat in the shade to watch us. Tom and I had played for about an hour with the score 1-set all, but we were too hot and sweaty to play another. I walked over to say hi to everyone and saw that Erika was dressed only in her skin- tight wet swim suit and sandals, with a damp towel draped over her shoulders.

Almost immediately, Tom and Carrie took their brood over to the pool for a swim, but Erika stayed behind to talk to me. Even over the smell of my own fresh sweat, Erika’s natural scent was intoxicating up close. I was dripping sweat all over the court as I packed my tennis gear into a bag. I gulped down another quart of Gateraid. Erika didn’t smell of chlorine, so she had obviously rinsed herself in the cold shower inside the dressing room. I assumed the cold water had made her nipples erect, for I could see them poking hard against the fabric of her swim suit.


“Where’s Donna?” Erika asked.

I explained about the sudden out-of-town trip.

“I was looking forward to seeing you and Donna today.” Erika said. “I wanted to invite you and the kids to have dinner tonight and also to ask you for a favor.”

“What sort of favor?” I asked in the teasing, suggestive tone I often used around Erika.

Erika grinned. “I have a new light for my Florida room, but I don’t know how to install it.” Erika replied. “Donna said you were good with things like that, and I was hoping . . .”

“Sure, Erika,” I said, “I’ll be glad to do that. But I need to take a shower and I left my bag with my swimming trunks and towel at my office. I also don’t have any clean clothes, so I’ll have to go home. So maybe it should wait until tomorrow.”

Erika wrinkled her brow for a moment, then said, “Putting up the light will be hot work. Why don’t you do that, and then take a shower at my house? I’ll wash and dry your clothes while you shower, and then I’ll feed you. After supper I’ll drive you home. With Donna out of town, you need someone to cook you a meal. We’ll do each other a favor!” she declared.

I asked to see her new light. Sakarya Escort We walked over to her VW bug, and she showed me the box containing the light fixture on the back seat. I knew I could put it up, and I assumed that Annette was at home and would be there to chaperone us, so nobody Donna in particular! would think anything of my going home with Erika, even if she was wearing nothing but a swim suit with her nipples showing. Besides it was fun being turned on by Erika, and what could happen?

“Sure! Let’s do it!” I said, not imagining the eventual consequences of this almost-innocent decision.

I strapped my sweat-dripping body into the passenger seat, and away we went. I noticed that Erika was breathing loudly through her nose, obviously relishing the aroma of my sweat. At least it was fresh! Well, I’d heard that some women like the smell of fresh sweat on men. About two blocks from her house, Erika asked me to scrunch down below the window level.

“I don’t want my nosy neighbors to think I’m importing a man for the evening!” Erika said.

I laughed and did as she requested. She then covered me with her towel to further hide me from nosy eyes, and with my eyes shielded from her view I stared at her thin, muscular, and shapely body. Her nipples were still poking against her swim suit. Down boy, I said! This is Erika! Out-of-bounds! All too soon Erika opened the garage door with her remote, drove the bug in, then closed the garage door. It was about 3:30 when I uncovered, sat up, and got out of the car, still dripping sweat.

I used Erika’s towel to dry my sweat off the car seat, and she took the towel from me carried it into the house. I picked up the box with the new light and followed Erika as she unlocked and opened the door from the garage to the house. I immediately noticed the house was completely still.

“Where’s Annette?” I innocently inquired.

“This afternoon I sent her on the bus to camp for a week,” said Erika. “She won’t be back until next Saturday.”

No chaperone not even a child! So much for appearances.

“Are you afraid to be alone with me?” she challenged in a deep, sexy, sultry tone.

When I didn’t respond, she laughed, a wonderful sound coming from deep in her throat. She turned, still laughing, and went into the house.

I followed her, thinking that the situation had suddenly become very, very risky. I was glad I had been concealed as Erika drove into her garage. It would be extremely difficult to explain this evolving situation to Donna. I was determined to avoid doing anything suggestive or improper.

How could I now refuse to follow Erika into her house? But here I was, alone with a woman who was turning me on. At least I was so sweaty that nothing sexy was going to happen. I assumed Erika had an old robe of Bill’s around for me to wear while she washed my clothes, so what the hell? We were all adults here, right? And I had been completely faithful to Donna since we were married.


I followed Erika as she led me through the dining room onto her Florida room really a small porch behind her house which, at some time in the past, had been fitted with windows all the way around. The trees and thick vegetation made it impossible to see into the room. It was also incredibly hot, and I immediately began to sweat again. I started to open the windows but Erika stopped me.

“I don’t want my neighbors to hear your voice!” Erika whispered. “I’ll change out of my suit and bring you back a step stool.”

As fresh sweat began to run down my body, I unpacked the new light and checked it out and I made certain that the wall switch was in the “off” position. Erika returned after only a couple of minutes. I couldn’t help staring at her. Erika was obviously bra-less, wearing a pair of thin white shorts and a large, old man’s white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and with the top three buttons undone.

I could see Erika’s cleavage down to the level of her nipples. And I could see her nipples poking into the shirt and also outlines of her silver-dollar sized areolae. Although I had known Erika for seven years, I had never seen her in anything this revealing. Even her swim suit had effectively concealed the shape and size of her incredible breasts!

We had to move a small coffee table, and as she bent over to pick up one end, the shirt gaped open, and I got a great view of her dangling breasts. My penis began to stiffen in my jock, but this was Erika forbidden territory! Family friend!

Erika had brought a kitchen stepping-stool, and it was high enough for me to easily reach the ceiling, but the porch floor was uneven, so she tried to steady the stool while I stood on it. When that didn’t work, she held my wet and slippery waist with her hands, with her feet braced firmly a couple of feet apart. With Erika’s hands holding onto my waist, I went up and down a couple of times and removed first the old globe, Sakarya Escort Bayan and then the bulbs. A couple of minutes later I had the old fixture unscrewed, and I put the wire nuts onto the exposed wires. I climbed down with the old fixture.

Working with my hands over my head was hard work, and in the intense heat, I was soon completely soaked in sweat. Erika was also sweating freely, and her aroma began to excite me. Pheremones! My white tennis shirt and shorts were so wet and clinging that they had become transparent. I appeared to be wearing shoes, socks, a jock, and nothing else.

My jock was starting to bulge, and Erika kept looking at it. She had a large area of sweat between her breasts where her shirt was sticking, further revealing her cleavage. I climbed back up with her hands on my waist, trying to ignore my growing awareness of her body and scent. Looking down from above, her shirt clung so tightly that I could see her breasts as if she were naked all the way down to her nipples. Talk about a distraction!

I somehow got the wires attached, but the new fixture’s screws fought my best efforts to get them in. Suddenly I lost my balance and nearly fell. Erika quickly wrapped both arms around me just below my waist, and I regained my balance with her holding onto me. This put her cheek against my erection, with her breasts pressing into the front of my thighs. She shifted her weight to steady me, rubbing her breasts against my legs, and I immediately got an incredible hard-on against her face.

I managed to get the fixture mounted, even though I was having hot thoughts of mounting Erika! She kept hugging me as I stepped down, causing her breasts to slide erotically up my body to my chest before she released me.

Her clothing was now drenched in our combined sweat, and was as transparent as my clothes. Her nipples were erect and her areolae were colored a deep red. Her breathing was deep and noisy, and her half-closed eyes kept staring at my clearly bulging jock. I picked up two lightbulbs, and as I stepped onto the stool, Erika wrapped herself around me, hugging her breasts against me, allowing them to slide down me as I slowly climbed up. I was so aroused I thought I couldn’t get hotter. I was wrong!

As I put the bulbs in, Erika rubbed her breasts against my penis, and then lowered herself so her cheek was rubbing my erection. She began to breathe heavily through her nose, obviously smelling my crotch, and she rubbed her face back-and- forth across my penis, pressing first one cheek, then her nose, then the other cheek against it. At the same time her breasts were rubbing my thighs. I had never had a harder erection! With the bulbs in, I again climbed down, with Erika once again keeping her breasts and face in contact with my body. Her clothes were so wet that she looked completely naked.

At the bottom, she released me, and I took a couple of deep breaths. Her sweat and mine mingled into an incredibly sexy smell. I was afraid to look at her. There was a roaring in my ears and the pressure of my jock against my penis was painful. I flicked the switch, and the light came on. I turned it off again and picked up the globe, and once again climbed the stool while Erika hugged me.

As I put it up, she once again rubbed her face and breasts against my penis, and her breathing began to get louder and faster. After I got everything fastened, I climbed down very, very slowly, savoring the contact with her body. She and I were obviously highly aroused, and we were both wearing clothing that was sticking everywhere to our bodies, revealing almost everything. And the smell of our combined sweat was intoxicating!

After she released me, we stared at each other for half a minute or so. I was acutely aware of the beat of my heart as my penis throbbed in my jock. Although she had been hugging me, I had neither touched her nor kissed her. But we were both steaming, and not just because of the temperature. There was no possible way I could explain this to Donna. Whatever happened next, this whole incident had to be kept secret.

Erika had her eyes partially closed and was breathing deeply through her nose. Her nipples were completely erect, clearly visible through the soaked shirt. She was standing with her legs slightly apart, and I could see the dark outline of her pubic hair above her crotch. She stared at my crotch, and the look on her face said she was ready to fuck.

Then Erika sort of shook herself as if to wake herself from a daydream, and she smiled. “Let’s get out of this heat, get a beer, and wash your clothes,” she said, and abruptly headed back into the air-conditioned house.

I followed her, fascinated by her transparent clothes which revealed her entire back and her wet, transparent pink bikini panties through the back of her sweat- drenched shorts. I was mesmerized by Erika’s musky aroma. I followed her and watched the movements of her behind as she walked. Escort Sakarya My penis continued to throb.


Erika went directly to the refrigerator, and handed me two bottles of imported beer and an opener. I popped the caps, and we each drank heavily. I couldn’t help staring at her erect nipples, completely revealed through her wet shirt.

“Laundry time!” she announced, and beers in hand, she led me back toward the bedroom hallway.

The washer and dryer were in a closet just outside the master bedroom, and she added detergent, turned on the water, threw in the sweaty towels from the pool, and told me to toss my clothes in. Then she stood there with one hand on her hip, and looked me over from head to toe!

I was caught completely off guard, and she knew it and grinned at me. Did she want me to strip in front of her? I was thinking of how I would explain this to Donna when Erika spoke again.

“We Danes are not so hung up about nudity, ” she said. “Nudity and sex are not the same thing. So I’ll match you, item for item, as you put your clothes into the washer. Because of you, all of my clothes need to be washed, too!”

Erika was bluffing, right? She was certainly enjoying my discomfort. And I was already way, way past the point of being able to explain this to Donna.

So I untied my shoes and took them off, and tossed my socks into the washer. Erika kicked off her sandals and smiled at me. I pulled my sopping wet tennis shirt over my head, and pitched it in.

With agonizing slowness Erika unbuttoned her soaked shirt all the way down, then facing me, slowly and deliberately pulled it first open, then off, and put it in the washer. The hall light made her sweaty breasts sparkle as they jiggled with her movements. They were a wonderful size and shape, firm and well rounded with the nipples sticking straight out. My penis was pushing so hard against my jock that it hurt. I could smell her scent, even over my own sweat. Breathing was so difficult I was afraid to speak. The desire to fuck her was increasingly difficult to resist.

“Next?” she asked, and she smiled and licked the sweat from her upper lip. It made me want to kiss her, hard.

I undid the snap at the front of my tennis shorts, lowered the zipper, and the sopping-wet shorts hit the floor with a splat. Wearing only my jock, I picked the shorts up with one foot, and without using my hands, raised my leg and dropped the shorts into the washer. Erika laughed, making her breasts jiggle, and she stared at my erection which was pushing my jock nearly straight out, now that the shorts were gone.

Still staring at my jock, she slowly lowered her own shorts. Her pink bikini panties were completely transparent, revealing her thick, dark pubic thatch. Then she did “my” trick with her shorts, picking them up with one foot, and flipping them into the machine. As she raised her leg, I could clearly see her labia through her wet, transparent panties. I could smell that she was as deeply aroused as I was.

We stood for a few seconds, just staring at each other. Then we both finished our beers and put the bottles down. As I slowly pulled my jock down, Erika began to lower her panties. My penis suddenly snapped loose, spraying sweat onto Erika. I let my jock fall, Erika dropped her panties, and we both stepped out of our last items of clothing. Her body was incredible, glistening with sweat, ready to mate.

Then Erika bent down, reached between my legs, and picked up my wet jock. She stayed bent over, staring at my penis which was moving up and down with my heartbeat, about an inch in front of her face. As she stared, a drop of pre-cum emerged from its tip. He lips were apart and for a moment I thought she was going to lick it off.

After a few seconds she got slowly to her feet, and I bent down and picked up her wet panties from the floor between her legs. This put her pussy almost in contact with my face, and I could see her partially-open labia between the curls of her thick pubic hair. I could smell the sweet, musky odor of her pussy. After staring for a few seconds I stood back up. I could feel her slippery cunt juice against my fingers as I rubbed her panties in my hand.

As we held our last items of clothing over the washer and dropped them in, our hands made contact. Her skin was hot to the touch, and we both trembled. The roaring in my ears was louder. I wanted to slam my prick into her pussy, but my loyalty to Donna barely kept me in check.

Erika started the washer going, then turned to me and said in a husky voice, “Use the shower in my bedroom. I’ll bring you a towel and get us some more beer.”

She picked up the two empty bottles, stood directly in front of me with less than an inch between my penis and her body, looked down at my penis with its swollen red tip with drops of pre-cum glistening on it, and took a deep breath through her nose. Her nipples were erect, and her areolae were also puffed out and crimson colored. I had never seen tits like hers except in magazines. The desire to fondle and kiss them almost overwhelmed me. But somehow I remembered that I was married to Donna and that Erika was off-limits. That, like my penis, was getting harder and harder.

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