Enticed Pt. 22 – White Slave Friday

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This is part twenty-two of my adventures in the early nineties with a gay man about fifteen years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.

A few days after exploring dominance and submission with an old friend of Blaise’s — and offering my services, Bill called and was ready to pay any price Blaise named to have me as his slave for a weekend. Blaise just pulled a number out of the air and Bill agreed to pay me $1,000 cash for forty-eight  hours of slavery.

Blaise didn’t even consult me. He knew I derived a special pleasure from being dominated and ordered around. He made the date for the next weekend I didn’t have a show. It was less than two weeks away and my excitement level skyrocketed.


It was a Friday afternoon, just after 4 o’clock. New Master’s door was unlocked. When I walked in there was a note and a red leather collar, cuffs, and cock ring on the table by the door. There also was a length of chrome chain with spring clamps on either end.

The note instructed me to take a thorough shower and put on the collar, cuffs, and cock ring. The chain would be attached when Master arrived. This collar was a rougher, thicker leather than the one Master had given me. It was two inches wide with chrome studs. It looked more like a punk costume piece than a submissive’s collar. But, it had all the attributes of a proper collar — the O-ring in the center front and the buckle and D-ring in the back. It looked uncomfortable and I had a sinking feeling it was meant to be. There also were four matching cuffs and a leather cock ring similar to the one I wore for Blaise. The note also spelled out the rules New Master’s slave was expected to follow for the weekend.

Clothing was forbidden beyond the provided leather accessories, which were to remain on me at all times except in the shower. 

I was to remain completely silent all weekend. I could speak only when asked a question that required a response. I was expected to be silent even during sexual encounters.

I also was expected to wear a butt plug awaiting me in the bathroom.

I could sleep — when allowed — in Master’s bedroom. Before I read the next sentence I knew what was coming. Since a respectful slave never places himself on the same level as his master, when sleeping in the same room the slave was expected to sleep on the floor.

I was forbidden under any circumstances to touch my own cock, balls, or asshole unless specifically instructed to by my master.

I would follow all the previous rules I followed at Master’s house. I could never be on the same level as my master. I could eat or drink only when given permission. All my time belonged to my master. My body belonged to my master solely for his use.

There also was the disclaimer that Master could change or add to the rules at any time.

The last paragraph outlined the punishments that would be administered for failure to follow Master’s rules to the letter. Offenses would be punished by restraint, forced sex, and/or the use of progressively larger butt plugs.

This was going to be an interesting weekend. I already was questioning the wisdom of becoming a stranger’s slave. A quick hour of play in my own home was one thing. This was going to be something else entirely.

I took the note, leathers, and my bags to the bathroom. A hard plastic butt plug sat by the sink. It was red to match my leather bondage equipment and a bit larger and longer than mine, but wouldn’t be a problem. I also found a box of enemas. I had done one before leaving home. But, I did another to be safe.

After my shower, I lubed up the butt plug and slowly pushed it in. The collar and cuffs were fairly tight and not adjustable. At first they were a little uncomfortable, but not so bad I couldn’t get used to them. I actually liked the look of the wider collar in the mirror and wondered if mine should be bigger. The cock ring was like most others, adjustable with snaps. I wrapped it around my cock and balls as tightly as was comfortable. I resisted the urge to explore Master’s apartment since it was after five already. I had no idea what time he would get home.

I didn’t want to start the weekend with a broken rule.

I had brought my own set of hand towels with a distinctive Grecian key border at either end. I set out two towels and a tube of lubrication in the living room and the master bedroom. I had several more sets ready if necessary.

I sat by the door and waited about fifteen minutes before I heard someone coming up the steps. I quickly got into position on my knees with my eyes staring at the floor.

“Good,” Master said in his booming voice. “You’re here. Slave should always be early and eager.”

He was wearing khakis and a button-down shirt and dropped his keys on the table.

“Have you read the rules for the weekend?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” I said. “Your slave waits.”

“And, do you understand them all?”

“Yes, Master. Your slave waits.”

“Do Beylikdüzü Escort you understand the punishments for breaking a rule?”

“Yes, Master. Your slave waits.”

“What are you wearing right now?”

“Your slave is wearing the collar, cuffs, cock ring, and plug Master provided.” My eyes never left the floor. “Your slave waits.”

“And, what are you doing right now?”

“Your slave waits.”

He squatted in front of me, reached between my legs and lifted my cock and balls in one hand and caressed my shaft with his thumb as my balls rested on his fingers. I drew in a deep breath. It was a very nice sensation.

“You look good in red,” he said before standing again.

He grabbed the chain from the table and attached one end to my right wrist cuff and ran it through the ring in my collar. Then he attached the other end to my left wrist cuff. The result was a restraint that prevented me from lowering my arms below my waist when I was standing. My hands just did rest on my thighs when I was on my knees.

“What is this?” he asked a second later when he saw the towels and lube I’d staged in the living room.

“Your slave has prepared Master’s home for any potential need,” I explained. “Towels and lube are available here and in Master’s bedroom. Master should not wait either for pleasure or for cleaning after pleasure.

“Your slave waits.”

“Excellent, Slave,” he said stepping out of my sight behind me. It sounded as if he left the room. I remained in position.

A minute later I heard the shower running. Still, I didn’t move.

Ten minutes later I heard Master return to the living room.

“Why are you still waiting by the door?” he asked.

“This is where Master left his slave without instruction or permission to move,” I said.

“OK,” he said. “Go to the kitchen and get me a beer.”

Since it wasn’t a question, I didn’t acknowledge his statement like I did with Blaise. I assumed silence meant silence. The restraint between my wrists and collar forced me to be creative when reaching into the refrigerator to grab a bottle of beer. When I stood and turned around, I noticed he was wearing only a towel around his waist sitting on the couch.

I positioned myself at his feet when I handed him the beer.

“Your slave waits.”

“Did you bring your camera for your project, Slave?”

“Of course, Master,” I said. “Your slave is eager to shoot Master’s special cock.”

“Then, let’s do that first,” he said. He reached down and removed the collar and wrist restraint.

“Is there a particular spot you want to do this?” he asked, now sounding much less imperious, more equal.

One wall of his living room was dominated by curtained sliding glass doors that lead out to a small terrace.

Since there still was plenty of sunlight at 5 p.m. in May, I flung open the curtains to fill the room with light.

Bill dropped his towel and began stroking his black cock.

“I assume you’ll want me hard for this,” he said as I got out my camera.

“Of course,” I said. “But, if you want, I’ll take care of it for you.”

“Hm, you aren’t on the clock,” he said. “I won’t make you do anything without the collar.”

“Well, I really don’t mind,” I said. “I’ve been known to suck a few dicks on my own time.”

His deep laugh filled the apartment, but he was already nearly half hard.

“But, while we’re on the subject,” I continued. “What should I call you? I know when it’s just the two of us, you’re always just ‘Master.’ But, what about when you and Blaise are together? I mean, I don’t want to keep calling you ‘New Master.’ After this weekend you won’t really be new anymore.

“And, I certainly hope I get to serve both of you together again.”

“I don’t know,” he said. “‘Master Bill’ sounds a little informal, don’t you think?”

“Definitely too informal,” I said, kneeling before him. The sun peeked around his belly. I wrapped my fingers around his crooked, thick meat.

“What about ‘Black Master,’ or ‘African Master?'” I suggested watching his meat curl in my hand as it filled with blood. “I kind of like the sound of both of those. ‘African Master’ really has a ring to it.”

“I don’t know,” he said, staring down at me. “Those sound kind of like something from an old Blaxploitation movie.”

I gave him a long lick.

“Aren’t we living a Blaxploitation movie this weekend?” I said before diving on his stiff cock. “I mean, you’ve got a young white slave with a taste for black cock awaiting your every command. Why not make the most of it?

“You don’t know how much it excites me to be dominated by a big, black, African king.”

I gave him another intense lick and suck on his swelling head.

“You’re right about that,” Bill tensed and gasped. “Having a hot, young white boy as a sex slave sure does something for me. Maybe you’re right. I’ll have to think about it when you aren’t doing this to me.”

“Don’t let me forget to give you the copies of my photo books I brought for you,” I said on an Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan upstroke.

 He sucked air loudly as I began licking his swollen red head. He already was pointing upward so I lifted up on my knees to bob my head up and down rather than back and forth as I would for most other men. He watched me work his cock intently.

When I deemed him fully hard, I grabbed his towel to dry my spit off him.

“That’s pretty good, African Master,” I said. “You have an amazing piece of meat.”

I positioned him near the sliding glass doors so the sun hit his unique cock from various directions, spinning him, turning him, nudging him, to get the light and shadow in just the right places. I shot his cock from every conceivable direction. I shot it silhouetted against the lowering sun. I shot it from below. I even shot down on it from his perspective.

When it appeared he was losing his erection I immediately engulfed his cock and sucked and licked him until he was raging again. Then I got some shots of it with my saliva glistening in the sun.

Bill’s dick was so different from the other cocks I’d shot, I burned through three rolls of film before I was satisfied.

I was so intent on capturing my temporary new master that I didn’t realize my own cock was growing harder in its leather strap. I’d forgotten that I was completely naked except for the leather cuffs and cock ring. I’d even forgotten the plug in my ass.

I set my camera down and dropped to my knees again. I engulfed his crooked cock before he realized what I was doing.

“You know, I’m going to order you to do that in a little while, don’t you?” he said, peering down at me over his lightly haired belly.

“Yes, African Master. But, I couldn’t let a perfectly good erection go to waste,” I said, his spit-wet cock on my lips. “You got hard for my photos. You get sucked dry in return.”

“Besides, like I said,” I looked up into his eyes, “I’ve got a serious taste for big, black cocks — and yours is special.

“You can put my collar back on if you want. I’m yours for the weekend with or without it.”

I had my nose against his wiry pubic hair before he could respond. I worked him as professionally as I could, licking, sucking, swallowing. I swirled my tongue around his red head and sucked and smacked my lips loudly. It took just a couple minutes for his muscles to tighten and balls and cock to begin twitching and contracting in my mouth.

I was off my knees and squatting like a baseball catcher to get my head high enough to fuck him with my mouth while he pumped bitter wads of cum into me.

As usual, I didn’t release him until he was limp enough that he wasn’t pointing at the ceiling anymore. He was breathing heavily, bent over with his arms and hands down my back. I could feel his hot breath on me. Every breath was a grunt. I found myself rubbing up and down his thighs and ass as I let him empty himself into my mouth and catch his breath against my back.

“Why the fuck are you a slave?” Bill asked as he stumbled back on to his couch. “Blaise was right about you. I didn’t ask you to do that. I didn’t order you to do that. That was one of the most intense -.

“God, you’re good!”

I grabbed his towel and wiped my spit off his wrinkled black cock. Then I wiped my own mouth and chin. I remained seated on the floor at his feet while we both caught our breath.

“I’m a slave because I get off on this shit,” I admitted. “I like pleasing people and making them moan and squeal and cum. You’ve already seen physical proof that it turns me on to please others.”

“That’s true,” he said. “You did cum on yourself just about every time you made Blaise or me cum.

“It’s kind of a novelty for me. I mean, I’ve known guys who couldn’t seem to get enough. But, I’ve never met a white kid who liked black dicks like you. I’ve heard of them. But, I’ve never met one.”

“I can’t explain it,” I admitted, already caressing his limp cock and balls again. “There’s just something about the color, the difference in sizes and shapes. And, the fact that I’ve only had three of them so far. I’ve seen plenty of white cocks.

“Maybe it’s the novelty of it for me, too. At least, to some extent. I mean, I’ve only had so many black dicks.”

“Well, I might be able to help you expand your horizons,” he said. “You said a master could share a slave if he wanted to, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’ve already got a close friend of mine coming over tomorrow,” Bill said. “As much as you like cock, you should love this guy.”

“Is it supposed to be a surprise?”

“Yeah. I want to see your face when he gets here.”

“Do you have any other friends you want to share me with?” I asked.

“Actually, I do know a couple young guys who are interested in domination,” Bill said.

“Are they interested in being masters?” I asked. 

“I don’t know what they’re after. I think they’re just curious,” Bill said. “Maybe they just like the idea of a white slave boy.”

“I can’t wait,” I Escort Beylikdüzü said, glancing down. “I’m getting a little aroused just talking about cocks and the potential for a black-on-white gangbang.”

“Do you think you can handle four of us?”

“Do you think the four of you can handle me?” I asked as I got up to take my cameras back to the bathroom. My cock was nearly half-hard in its leather restraint.

“Damn,” Bill said, seeing me. “You weren’t kidding. You want some help with that?”

“Well, if you want,” I replied. “But, like you said, you’re going to order me to make you cum again in one way or another sooner or later and it’ll just take care of itself then.”

“Yeah, actually, I want another taste,” he said sitting up on the couch. “I remember you tasting unusually good at Blaise’s.”

Bill reached out to me as I stepped closer. He grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled my growing cock to within inches of his face.

“Do you want to do a different position?” I asked.

“This is fine.” He already had my cock in his hand, stroking it softly.

In less than a minute I was nearing full hardness and Bill engulfed me to the base. I gasped when I hit the back of his mouth and slid into his throat.

My hands were on the back of his balding head immediately. I wasn’t pulling or holding him close. I just caressed his slick and stubbly head as he began a swallowing motion against the underside of my shaft and head.

“I see where Blaise learned all his moves,” I breathed in a near-moan.

Bill pulled me out with his lips tight over his teeth, making me twitch when my frenulum squeezed through.

He gave me a long open-mouthed lick over the full length of my shaft. Then, his thick lips were kissed to my head, suckling me like a baby. I already could feel my abs tightening and my heart rate increasing.

He spent just a minute wagging his tongue against the wrinkles of my frenulum before I broke loose.

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tightly into my groin, my cock banging hard against his throat.

I started a rough, hard fuck of his brown face as my thick cum blasted into his mouth. He squeezed my ass cheeks tightly with his big hands.

In seconds I was empty, panting, and sweating.

Bill pulled back with a thick string of combined cum and saliva stretching between his bottom lip and my gooey cock head. He was breathing as heavily as I was.

“If you could bottle that flavor, Son,” he said hoarsely. “That’s the best-tasting cum I –. There just aren’t words to describe it.”

I bent down and kissed the top of his head, then rested mine on his catching my breath.

“That was one of the best blowjobs I’ve had in a while,” I admitted. “We need to set aside some playtime just for us.”

“That might have to be another weekend,” he said. 

Eventually, I stood up and grabbed my camera bag to head down the hall.

“Should I just leave my stuff in the bathroom?” I asked. “Or, can I put it in the other bedroom?”

“Just drop them in the other bedroom,” he said. “If I give you any time to yourself, it’ll be in there.”

I dropped my camera bag and duffle bag from the bathroom in the bedroom and shut the door.

Bill was laid out on the couch with his eyes closed when I returned. I set a clean towel on the couch beside him and a fresh beer on the table. I went over to close the curtains again, then knelt down beside him.

“It doesn’t sound like I’ll have any time to myself,” I said as I dropped to my knees. I started rubbing up and down his thighs with one hand. The other went back to caressing his spent cock.

“But, remember, if you’re going to have me deep-throat somebody, especially lying across the bed, take the collar off first so you can see the bulge.”

“Oh! That’s right,” he said. “That was the hottest, freakiest thing I’ve seen. I’m glad you reminded me.

“And, you know you’re going to be deep-throating somebody. That’s a hell of a show.”

“Mmm. Please,” I purred. “I love it in my throat, Bill. You just don’t know.”

I buckled the collar around my throat and lifted the restraint chain up for Master to attach.

“Your slave waits,” I said, looking at the floor.

“I’ll never get used to that,” he said, finally opening his eyes.

After chaining my wrists to my collar, Master turned on the TV as I stared at the floor. His eyes, I assumed, never left the screen.

“Back up a little, Slave,” he said a couple minutes later. “I can’t see your cock and balls.”

I pushed back and lifted my package to make sure it was resting on my thighs.

It was another twenty minutes before he spoke again.

“Slave, get me another,” he boomed after setting his empty bottle on the table.

“Stroke me, Slave,” he said as I settled on to the floor, “like you were before.”

I lay my right arm on his thigh and lightly caressed his limp cock and ran my fingers through his wiry pubic hair. The short chain between my wrists forced me to lift my left hand, as well. I just let it rest on his other thigh.

“Stand up,” he said. “Let me do something different with this chain.”

Master then released the chain from both of my wrists and attached one end to my collar and the other to my cock ring. Then, while standing, the chain pulled my cock and balls up to an even more pronounced position in front of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32