Entering Emma

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This is my first stab at writing an erotic story so any feedback is much appreciated.

Emma was waiting for me as I entered the kitchen, drying my hands from the garage sink.

“And what have you been doing?”

“Just going over the car, tidying her up.”

“Maybe if you paid as much attention to the girls as you do to that car you’d have a serious girlfriend.”

“Huh, maybe. I was going to say that the car was a lot less trouble, but after last night…” I shook my head.

“Well you look a lot better this morning and I see your indefatigably sense of humour has returned, sweetie.”

Emma blushed at my term of endearment, her vivacious eyes temporarily down-turned as she inspected her pretty nails, shaded baby pink and laid flat on the kitchen surface. She swivelled in her bar stool seat as I moved over to the kettle, conscious of the fact she was about to broach the events of last night.

“How’s the car?”

“Oh, should be fine, Johnny pulled it out of the ditch for me with the JCB and a chain. She’s pretty dirty but otherwise undamaged. You remember the crash?”

“Not really, I mean I do but last night is just hazy, I don’t really remember anything about it, just you carrying me.”

“Yeah, think I just about put my bloody back out.” I placed both hands in the small of my back and flexed my spine, popping a couple of vertebra. My smirk was met by an unimpressed; thousand yard stare.

“Cup of tea?”

“Eurgh, yes please, I feel horrible this morning, my heads pounding.” Emma leant back in her chair and began running her fingers through the tumultuous discord of her hair, its dirty blonde waves snagging them. She uncrossed her legs, causing her dressing gown to fall open revealing the small night shorts she was wearing, complete with pink bunnies nibbling around her thighs.

“What?” she inquired throwing me a coy look.

“Nothing, you want sugar?” Not cool. If your going to check out your sister, first rule of school is don’t get caught doing it; I turned back to making tea, reflecting on the unintentional double entendre of my words.

“Johnny was asking after you again this morning; poor lad, always lacked a bit of sense.”

“Just because you wish he fancied you!”

“Girl, I’ll have you know I could turn him any time I felt like it, just casually slip into conversation something about how awesome I think the new range of John Deere’s are, express my admiration for the girth of the 8 series’ hydraulic ram and he would be putty in my hands.”

“Very funny, but don’t make me laugh, my stomach hurts nearly as bad as my head.”

I took over Emma’s cup of tea and kissed her lightly on the top of her head.

“It’ll soon feel better little one. Your body just has to flush out all of the rubbish. The alcohol and God knows what else that little punk gave to you.”

“Yeah. I’m just lucky I was with Cindy; she gave me that spike detector strip. If I’d drunk all of it…” Emma trailed off; leaving unsaid the horrific violation she had narrowly escaped.

I couldn’t meet her gaze. I stood unable to offer comfort to my baby sister; my brotherly instincts undermined by the awkwardness I had felt around her since she had, to my mind, become a sexual being. A consoling brotherly hug should have been the most natural thing in the world for me to give to her, but I stood considering the irony of last nights incidents; I had rescued her from the would be date-rapist at that house party, but had then come horribly close to harming her myself, stupidly ploughing my car into a ditch while avoiding a deer; a mere 200m from our house. I thanked God Emma was still in one piece after the incidents of the last 12 hours. Mum and Dad had left me in charge, and even though Emma was eighteen, I knew her well being was my responsibility.

“Your safe now” Was all I could think of to reassure her with, not trusting myself with physical support.

“Maybe I could pop into town, rent out some DVD’s for you to watch today, would you like that?” Emma frowned,

“No, it’s alright; I’d prefer it if you’d stay in the house, with me, in case I’m, you know, ill or something.” I nodded, pleased, despite her uncharacteristic reluctance to be left alone.

“Okay. Want any breakfast?” Emma shook her head.

“I’m going to have a shower, will you stick around? I nodded my head,

“Sure I’ve got no plans.”

“K, no more fooling around with that car though, or Johnny.” Emma cocked an eyebrow in mock reproach. I returned her rebuke with a face of indignant incredulity, to which she spun on her heel and trooped up the stairs, my eyes roving over every inch of the dressing gown fabric that clung to her petite behind.

I was watching TV when Emma eventually made her reappearance towards lunchtime, she looked better for the wash and had put on some loose tracksuit bottoms and an old St Etienne shirt, a relic from a family holiday to the Rhône-Alpes region of France, that looked several sizes too small. She curled up, cat-like, on the sofa next to me. She bahçeşehir escort was silent for a few moments.

“Details keep coming back to me, I keep remembering things.” She unrolled herself and came to her knees on the sofa, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her body against the side of mine.

“What you did was so cool ‘Ake” she said, using the infantile name she had had for me, back when she had had trouble with the letter J. I put my arms around her trembling frame.

“You got that guy didn’t you ‘Ake, you showed him.”

“Yeah, well, he wanted to hurt you” I had my hand behind the sleek curtain of Emma’s hair, stroking the back of her neck; she shuddered and pushed against me harder, virtually falling into my lap, we held one another like drowning men.

I recalled the shivering wreck she had been last night, I had found her hunched on the kerb, sheltering under the squalid glow of a street light and looking a mess. Mascara had coursed down her face, leaving the eyes red-rimmed and puffy her lids heavy from the drugs. Pulling up next to her, I had killed the engine and got out; dragging my bat with me.

The snotty nosed little shit had been sat down next to my sister, trying to run his filthy hands all over her. She was propped up against the street light, arms across her chest, trying desperately in her inebriated state to retain some of her modesty. I had levelled him with a taste of the white ash.

The sofa creaked under us as I twined my fingers through Emma’s hair,

“You know I’d never let anyone hurt you” I whispered to her, feeling my body respond from the thrill of having my sisters body pressed without inhibition against mine, not to mention the delectable feel of what could only be nipples through her football shirt.

“‘Ake, you’ll always look after me won’t you?” Emma’s breathless voice questioned; her head on my shoulder, breath against my neck.

“Always. You’re the first and only girl I have ever loved.” My voice cracked a little as I exposed my soul to my sister. As our eyes meet I traced a finger down her cheek catching a tear. I bent down, meaning only to kiss it away, but suddenly Emma’s mouth was there, hot, wet and needy.

We kissed desperately; siblings locked in a tight embrace, I pulled Emma onto my lap and drove my tongue deeply into her mouth. Emma kissed me back fiercely, as if stopping for a moment would bring us both to our senses. Her teeth pulled against my lip and when we finally parted, both of us were breathing heavily. Emma was straddling my lap and I had my hands on her hips, I slid them under the hem of her shirt and just rested them on the bottom of her ribs, feeling her racing heartbeat.

“Nice shirt.” I told her.

“I knew you’d like it.” Emma pressed herself against me once more and fluttered kisses over my forehead as my hands danced up the delicate flesh of her back.

“Your skin’s so smooth. I want to just hold you forever”.

“Umm, you can. But there seems to be something hard poking into me”.

I rolled Emma off of my lap and onto her back, interlacing our fingers as I held her hands over her head on the sofa, this position allowing my raging erection some much needed freedom.

“It’s always been you; every girl has always been compared to you. That’s why I’ve never been able to keep a girlfriend; I’ve always wanted to spend my time

with you, not them”.

“Oh ‘Ake, if I ever shut you out I’m sorry. I know it must have killed you all those times I went out, especially with boys. I only did it so you would see how grown up I was, how mature. I’ve always been a kid around you, shy and awkward. You know those guys I went out with, none of them were serious and nothing ever happened with any of them. I’m yours, have been from the days when we played mummy and daddy with the little Islington children.”

My lips closed over Emma’s and she wriggled her hips delightfully underneath me, grinding her pubic bone against my erection in the most teasingly agreeably way.

“You’ve made me so hard it hurts” I groaned dry humping her clad pelvic region.

Emma tried to wrap her leg around my back, but the sofa wasn’t big enough to accommodate such a move and I was deposited off the side and onto the floor, where Emma, giggling, landed atop me.

This new position allowed me to put my hands under the waistband of her sweats and cup the tight duel swells of her buttocks. Emma moaned into my ear, her kisses running down my neck while her hair ran feral and free in my face, intoxicating me with honeysuckle as my hands kneaded her tight little bum and felt her nectar gathering in the gusset of her panties.

“That fall really hurt you know.”

I grasped the thin material above Emma’s pert bottom and pulled hard, forcing the cotton to chaff against her rosebud and forcing the gusset of her panties up between her nether lips, Emma hissed in my ear.

“I’m sorry; I’m a naughty girl. But I’ve got this really bad itch you see…”

“Oh, bakırköy escort is that so.”

I ran my hand back over Emma’s now mostly exposed buttock and paused to allow her to shiver before I cupped her partially exposed mound. The heat emanating from it was immense.

“Unfortunately, naughty girls don’t get what they want.” I withdrew my hand and went to roll Emma off and get up; however, she wrapped both her legs around one of mine and pulled me back down on top of her which somehow resulted in my mouth becoming attached to one of the mounds on her chest. She was braless so I sucked her erect nipple through the satiny material of the football shirt. Emma groaned under my ministrations raking her fingers through my hair as I slid my hand up under her shirt to grasp her other breast; which was thumping with her heartbeat, the nipple already puffy and erect from its friction against the polyester. Emma’s breasts were little more then a handful, but her nipples were already as hard as pencil erasers and she started struggling as I cupped her left, flicking with my thumb while wetting the shirt over her right by running my tongue around the nipple and gently teasing it with my teeth through the fabric.

Emma’s face was becoming flustered and she grabbed hold of the bottom of her shirt and peeled it up her flat stomach, over her ribs the past the top of her breasts so that I had my first sight off my sisters fully developed chest. I roughly squeezed her breasts then lowered my head, swirling nipples in my mouth and sucking on breast meat; I blew cold air on Emma’s nipples until they were standing up like little fingers and she could hardly take any more.

” ‘Ake, I can hardly take anymore!” she moaned pulling my head away from her breast. “Please, take me upstairs.” I looked down at her, the football shirt bunched up around her shoulders, pink nipples dripping with my saliva and the restless circling of her hips.

“With pleasure” I said, before I swept her giggling into my arms, her naked breasts against my chest and her little mouth nipping at the side of my neck, drawing blood to the surface and marking me as hers.

I carried her easily up the stairs, my raging hard-on proudly pointing the way. Emma’s arms and legs were wrapt around me and I supported her weight with a hand under each buttock, my fingers met in the middle and with each jarring step up the stairs my fingers worked against her sensitive area. Once on the level surface of the landing, Emma’s growing desperation manifested itself in her trying to grind against my supporting fingers; which as they were supporting the weight of her ass, resulted in me nearly dropping her as she shifted her weight in her anxiety to get some firm contact on her little cunny. As she wriggled in my grasp I spun a half step and braced her against the wall, both of us breathing hard; me from the physical exertion of carrying my squirming sister and Emma from her state of arousal. I kissed her hard, luxuriating in the feel of her breath panting into my mouth and the whistle of air as she dragged oxygen in through her nostrils. My grip on her slackened a little until her weight settled onto my erection and she broke off our kiss with a moan.

“I love you”

“I love you too.”

“I can’t wait to be in you, filling your body”

“I’m so ready for it Jake, I bet it won’t even hurt; not with you.”

I took Emma’s weight in my hands again and proceeded with all possible haste through the open door on the left; into her bedroom.

Her window looked out on the orchard and the only potential witnesses to our passionate coupling were a pair of scrawny magpies perched in the upper branches of a pink lady producing tree; the aroma of whose sickly sweet blossom was blown on small eddies of wind into the room under the half closed window. Emma’s queen sized bed yawned invitingly before us and I safely negotiated the debris strewn floor until I could back Emma onto the bed, her legs spread around me as I lowered her down and her hands around my neck pulled me off of my feet and down on top of her decadent frame. We rolled around on the bed our bodies plastered together, Emma still wearing the football shirt around her neck like an absurd scarf. Eventually my tickling of her sides turned into soft caresses, my fingers running over each of her ribs; playing them like the ivory keys of a piano.

Her wanton hands grabbed at my bulge, fearful of enveloping it fully, but curious at its hardness and the gasps she could draw by gentle pressure as she rubbed my head through my jeans.

I sat up and pulled my t-shirt off, Emma finished removing her St Etienne shirt and they joined each other in a loving embrace on the floor. She ran her hands over my chest, pulling on the sparse hairs growing in the centre before kissing both of my nipples. I used a hand in her hair to pull her lips up to meet mine, crushing her body to me in order to feel her hard nipples, the softness of her bosom in stark contrast to the flat başakşehir escort muscle of my body. Our tongues lashed at each other once more before Emma pulled back, licking the blood from her lip and began fumbling with my belt; with every second that passed as she failed to release the buckle I felt my self control slipping, the elongated build-up was killing me, I longed to just ravish her; pin her to the bed and hear her scream as my thick member invaded her pristine corridor. But I kept my self-control because I knew this was Emma’s first time and I wanted nothing more then to make it special for her, not least because I thought it would pay me dividends in the long run.

I gently removed her hands from my front and released the belt and button down fly before standing to remove my trousers and socks, my penis strained obscenely through my jockeys stretching the material in such a ridiculous way that my nuts hung out of the bottom. Emma laughed and rolled over to the edge of the bed, motioning me over to her.

Her dainty hands went around my hips and rolled the waistband of my jockeys down, she had to stretch the waistband out to get it past my cock which was dribbling pre-cum and was comfortably bigger then I had seen it before.

“Gosh, it’s very big.” Emma made a serious, concerned face as her small hand tested the girth. My eyes rolled back as she squeezed me.

“You made me that big, no other girl has. But considering the state of your panties, it’ll slide straight on in.” Emma chewed her lip a little nervously. I cupped her face between my two hands, “Baby doll, are you a virgin?” Emma blushed and nodded her head,

“I hoped you were. I thought you were to perfect before, but now…”

“Ruin me then Jake. I’ve kept myself whole for you, break me, use me.”

“Is that what you want Em?”


I took her in my arms, my erection boring into her belly button.

“Tell me what you want?”

“I want that thing inside me, stretching my tight pussy and I want you to cum deep in my cunt; so I can feel your seed dripping out of me and down my thighs”.

I smiled and sank to my knees on the floor next to the bed; Emma lay down to allow me to peel off her grey cotton tracksuit bottoms. Her musk hit me as got them down to her knees, I thought I was aroused before, but she smelled heavenly. I got the wretched trousers off of her smooth legs then circled a hand around her dainty ankle before running it up her naked calf. Emma lay motionless before me, her breathing causing her chest to rise and fall delightfully, the slightly pained expression on her face an indication that she knew things were about to escalate but didn’t know if the pleasure would be bearable. I ran my hand up the outside of Emma’s thigh, back along the top, then slowly up the inside, marvelling at the heat that her genitals were giving off. Emma’s panties were ragged, her squirming had twisted them firmly out of place and they were stuck to her skin by the copious juice they had absorbed. She still had the camel toe from where I had given her a wedgie earlier.

“God, you smell good, good enough to eat I’ll say.” Emma giggled twitching her hips for me and parting her legs a little further which threw up more of her spicy earthy scent for my nostrils to devour. Her pink lips peeked out at me from around the juicy cotton, I ran a finger down her slit, pushing her rough panties deeper into her body; my finger continued its journey from north to south, exploring the crack of Emma’s ass, up which her panties had disappeared.

“We’ll have to get them off, you’ve wet them I’m afraid.” I informed Emma, who pouted at me and raised her hips.

“What a bad girl you are, you’ve soaked this panties thinking about what your brothers going to do to you. I can hardly even get them off, their stuck to you!”

I eased Emma’s panties off, delighting in their moisture and the subtle discolouration of the plain white cotton. Helping them over her narrow feet I ran a thumb up Emma’s instep while holding the panties to my nose with my other hand. I inhaled with my eyes closed, enjoying my sisters excitement.

“You naughty girl, degrading your brother by making him smell your panties. Look at you, dripping from the bad things you know he’s going to do to you.”

I threw Emma’s panties at her, letting her see the mess she had made of them, curious she held them to her own nose and delicately wrinkled it.

“I’ve never smelt that strong before, do you like it, is it ok?”

I said nothing but lowered my head and began to run kisses up and down the insides of Emma’s thighs, working from the knee up to where the moisture and humidity started to deepen. At the apex of her legs I stopped, thin brownish hair grew just above her mound, sparse and tightly trimmed. I laid a kiss on it and Emma trembled.

“I’m going to kiss you now, right here.” I gently flicked the hood of Emma’s clitoris with my finger.


I kissed around Emma’s nether lips while she tightened her thighs around my head, trying to draw my face into the depths of her vice. I shuffled my knees which were starting to get sore and used my hands to unclamp Emma’s legs and spread them further apart. I rasped my tongue up the length of her slit, rattling her clit with my upstroke; Emma screamed, bucked and nearly crushed my head smothering it between her quivering thighs.

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