Enri’s Initiation part 2

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Big Dick

Enri’s Initiation part 2
Copyrite Aussie Greg 2004
aussieg@opera mail

The girls having worked Enri over for an hour and a half, now sat down to watch the men. Perhaps not surprisingly, Walter was the first undressed, and he wasted no time getting on his knees between my worked over Filipina wife’s thighs.

“Take a real Aussie stud”, he boasted.

He slid all the way into Enri without apparent difficulty as she knelt on the sofa drained. Enri’s legs wrapped around his skinny white ass as he pounded away with only one goal in mind. Unfortunately for Walter, as usual “The Stud” came after three thrusts and with a strangled groan, made one last thrust and collapsed on top of Enri. We smiled as he withdrew, a legend in his own mind.

“Better than anything you had before, eh. Anytime you want a real fuck call just call on Walter”, he boasted as we barely controlled our laughter.

No sooner had Walter collapsed backward than my mate Wozza stepped over him, lifted Enri up and placed her kneeling on the coffee table and swiftly planted his thicker tool in Enri’s well oiled sheath. Elena tilted my future wife’s head back over the edge of the sofa, and inserted her dildo between her parted lips. Enri accepted the intruder, then swallowed it as if she had done it every day of her life.

From the flexing of her abdomen, it appeared that she was doing her best to massage Wozza’s pole with the velvety flesh of her vagina. Woz was somewhat less anxious than Walter, and lasted a good ten minutes before letting go in a paroxysm of short, sharp thrusts.

Elena was still enjoying Enri’ mouth on her cunt when Baz practically shoved Woz out of the way. The “Elephant Man” was generally a gentle fellow, but the weapon protruding from his pubic hair could have laid waste to entire armies, and when aroused he fucked like there was no tomorrow, so when his enormous cudgel started it’s slow inward plunge, her eyes flew open and she desperately tried to shoved Elena away and escape.

Raising her head, she stared transfixed at the huge member making its way into her.

“My God!” she cried, “I thought someone was pushing a baseball bat into me! Oooooh, God It’ll split me. No woman can take it.”

“You take what we give”, said Elena as she quickly slapped Enri across the face before twisting Enri onto her back so she could continue to stare as Baz, practiced as he was at getting small Filipinas adjusted to his size, pushed in a little way, then withdrew a bit before stroking inward again.

The bulbous head and turgid shaft of Baz’s cock could be seen outlined in bas-relief against the taut flesh of Enri’ straining abdomen. Every eye in the room focused on the scene as stroke after stroke, quarter inch after quarter inch, the monster dick made its way into my diminutive Filipina.

Finally, with about four inches still unburied, “The Elephant Man” Escort seemed to hit a barrier and could go no further. Gradually withdrawing until the outline of his plum blended with the bulge of Enri’ pubic bone, he waited a moment, then slowly but steadily pushed in to the limit. Enri began moaning with pain as he began an increasingly faster series of thrusts.

As Enri grew a little accustomed to the size of the pole inside her, “The Prez” who had replaced Elena tilted her head back and started his leisurely throat fuck. The sight of Baz’s monster cock plunging deep into her belly, and the feeling of Enri’ guttural moans around his sensitive glans soon had The Prez matching Woz’s thrusts. In a few minutes, they were pounding so hard into her that it looked as though they were trying to meet in the middle.

Without warning, something gave way deep inside Enri’ abused vagina and she gave a muffled shriek as Baz sank to the hilt in her dripping tunnel.

“I’ll be damned!” Walter chortled “He’s fuckin’ her friggin’ womb!”.

“Oooooooooohhhhh, You’re splitting me ” she gripped the table. “OH my GOD! Nobody’s ever fucked anyone that deep! I bet these 4 sluts can’t take it that deep? Now a little faster. Yes, like that! Now, all the way out…OW! Careful, don’t pull out. Ok, good, now – back in, but very slow. OooooOOOOooohhhh! Oh, damn, that’s only three quarters in. Show these cunts how good I am. ! Ok, baby, ou-OU-t, in, oooh! Faster now baby! I’m almost ready! Good! Oh yes! YES! Fuck me good, baby! Fuck me HARD! mmmmppphhh!”

Enri put her head back and opened her mouth, pulling The Prez all the way in with one gulp. Her pelvis ground against “The Elephant Man’s” pole as he and The Prez resumed their pounding of her now welcoming holes. Enri was writhing and twisting between them, spitted almost from end to end. She had a death-grip on The Prez’s buttocks, pulling them toward her with all her strength on each of his thrusts. Baz raised Enri’ legs to his shoulders, but she wasn’t happy with that. She spread them wide and bent them backward until they rested on either side of The Prez’s hips as he drilled her slurping mouth. The pitch of her moans rose an octave when Baz The Elephant Man began pounding even deeper from the new angle, and her hips became a blur.

The Prez was the first to let go, spewing his load down her greedily swallowing throat. Baza’s entire head turned a mottled red and looked like it might explode as he watched my wench slurp up and swallow the last of the The Prez’s’ cum as he withdrew his wilting member from Enri’ still sucking mouth. Baz gave a final, mighty lunge of his huge monster that I thought would send his rigid tree trunk right through Enri and the top of the coffee table. His hips bucked lightning fast three or four times as Enri screamed hoarsely at the top of her lungs, doing a passable imitation of an epileptic seizure.

Elena Escort Bayan was upset that Enri had accepted The Elephant Man’s full invasion of her cunt and womb and roughly grabbed Enri to have another turn, but found her too stretched by Baz’s massive cock to do her dildo much good. Not to be deterred, she sat in one of the chairs forced Enri to sit in her lap with her back to her. Grabbing her nipples, she pulled her back to lean against her breasts and called, “Hey, Greg! Come on over here and get in and share this hole with me. That ought to tighten the bitch up some!”

I took place between Elena and Enri’ legs and easily slipped my cock into her gaping hole alongside Elena’s slippery dildo. It took a little experimentation, but we soon found a rhythm we could use. The others held Enri still between them, while Elena and I alternated inward strokes. Once we had established the cadence, the other women took over snapping Enri hips back and forth, alternately burying each of mine and Elena’s cock to the root.

With both cocks hammering her insides at about ninety miles an hour, Enri gave a little squeal her prelude and then lurched through another prolonged orgasm. With Walter supporting her shoulders, Wozza threw Enri’ legs around his neck, and using her hip bones as handles, started slamming her slender body up and down between them – impaling her on my and Elena’s cock as we thrust together in her cunt. Enri emitted a guttural moan that crescendo to a primal animal scream of pure unbridled lust before totally collapsing.

Withdrawing Elena took me in her welcoming cunt inches in front of Enri’s face and took off my cock ring.

“Fill me Greg’, she pleaded and I obeyed unleashing a torrent of cum into her.

She promptly pulled Enri by the hair so her face was pressed into her wet cunt and ordered Enri to lick. “Can’t too tired. Don’t wont, Don’t like you, you’re too old”

Elena savage punch split Enri’s lip and was followed by a bout of severe nipple twisting and breast raking.

“Eat my cunt, slave”

This time Enri obliged her tongue exploring Elena’s welcoming cunt until Elena could hold no longer. Orgasming she released my cum directly into Enri

“Think you’re better than us. I can take the elephant man and I’ll take Greg in front of you every meeting and have you swallow his cum this way. Plus you’re booked for your first fight at the Club with me and after I win I’m going to fuck you in front of everyone with a bigger cock than “The Elephant Man’s”

At my home that night I climbed into bed and reached for the still sobbing now sober Enri. She pushed me away, her torn camisole revealing her firm ripe tits and the short cum soaked black mini showing her suspenders and stockings, and nude cunt covered only by sperm matted silky haired pubes.

“I want to go home. Send me back. I hate you. Don’t touch me with Bayan Escort your filthy hands”

I laid $5000 and a credit card down on the bed beside me.

“This is to say I appreciate how good you were today. You really showed the other girls how strong a woman you are. No-one before has ever taken “The Elephant Man” fully the first time like you did. I heard them talking and they’re scared of how you could affect their status as the top 4 in our group. Even with Anecita whose number 1 it’s still an effort to take Baz’s cock. You did it first up and you lasted 3 hours with 8 of them. Perhaps I was wrong to select a small town country girl when everyone said I should have had a bargirl from Angeles City or Makiti, but I thought you had something special. I must have been wrong. If I’m wrong then its best you go back and I lose face at the club because I selected badly.”

The 3 things for a Filipina: Money, being better than other Filipinas (education, motherhood, sex whatever) and guilt (must be that Roman Catholicism).

Enri’s sobs subsided.

“Is that money just for me?. I can use to buy better clothes, perfume, makeup and jewellery than those cheap sluts Elena, Anecita, Rizalina and Virley.”

“Or you can send it home to your family. It’s yours, and there’s more if you increase my reputation in he group.”

“And those bitches, are they really worried I look better and I’m better fuck than them”?

“Why do you think they tried to dominate and belittle and make you feel small tonight, and get their men to fuck you harder and longer.”

You could see her thought processes working in slow motion.
“Because they know I’m better woman.”

“Is that money for me because you think I’m better”?

“How tiny was that black thong I had you wear tonight and why no bra”?

“Because you proud I better woman”

She reached across me to touch the money, her uncovered nipples scraping across my chest, and then sat straddling my hips counting the money, moving her cunt deliberately arousing my cock. I grabbed her wrists and said.

“If you take the money there is no turning back”

She raised her hips, and lowered her cunt which by all rights should be nonfunctional after what she had endured, and slowly deliberately staring into my eyes lowered her wet cunt inch by inch down my shaft

She was hooked, now to reel her in.

From under the pillow, I produced a box a small gold hoop with a gold chain dangling from it with a square cut diamond swing at the chains end. Yellow Asian gold, not watered down Western Jewellery.

Make me cum in each of your 3 holes before we get out of bed and tomorrow we get your clit pierced and this inserted and I spread the word round the club why you’re wearing it.

“Have you got those 4 bitches’ phone numbers? Phone and tell them first. Will they see me wear it at the club”?

My catch was in the bag as she proceeded to fuck me shaft to receive her first load of cum.

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