Enough! Last Act

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Lisa stretched out on the bed and yawned. She had spent the night in one of the bedrooms of her … Well the right word escaped her… ex husband? Soon to be ex-husband? Dumpy dude dumped? Shitty in the sheets? Dinky dick?

Lisa lay there playing with all the possible nicknames for Hugh and chuckling when she came up with a good one. While they were still officially married Lisa had finally thrown in the towel on her marriage the prior Saturday. Hugh had been fantastic when they had first met during their college sports program. Both had been at college on sports scholarships and both were had been in fantastic shape. Since training diets and NCAA drug tests kept them off alcohol and marijuana as a general rule, they had simply taken out their youthful exuberance with sex and had fallen hard for each other.

The problem is that Hugh then went to law school and the competitive energy that had made him so much fun to be around become totally focused on clawing his way to the top of that cutthroat profession.

During school it was law review where he became an editor. After graduation it was work for one of the most prestigious law firms in the country if not the world. His office was in Los Angeles but he spent lots of time on the road. When he was in LA he was working until 10 or 11 every night. Most nights Lisa had long gone to bed before he got home as she made it a point to get out of bed and get a good workout in every morning with a long bike ride. As a result, Lisa never saw him. They never ate meals together and sex had gone down from an almost daily occurrence to once per month and only when Lisa pushed him into it.

Hugh never exercised, ate junk food from take-out places around his office when he worked late and never exercised. He only had energy for work. The final straw was the cancelation of multiple special date nights like her birthday celebration, special weekends in the mountains or the beach and, the last straw, the cancellation of their second honeymoon in Hawaii.

Lisa knew he was not fooling around. The demands of a high end practice of law were taking similar tolls on the bodies of the other lawyers at Hugh’s firm. The work was so hard on marriages that the office actually had instituted an informal “the marriage is over” system of expensing drinks and nights out the same way another office might throw bachelor parties and bridal showers.

Cancelling what was supposed to be a trip to re-ignite their marriage so Hugh could go to New York for a client had done it. Lisa had decided then and there she’s had enough. The man had already dumped her for his job, she was now going to just formalize the arrangement. She had gotten home the afternoon she had told him things were over and started on a series of revenge sex and sexual experiment encounters. She had her first threesome with two men that included a DP; her first threesome with another woman and a guy that had been, much to her surprise, fantastic. She did not think she would get turned on by a woman until she met Colleen. She had screwed a consultant in her office on a conference room table on Monday and Wednesday had broken in Hugh’s new apartment by leaving used condoms and a man’s spunk on the sheets in the other bedroom. The moving man had been young 27, a hunk as only a man just out of the Marines could be and fantastic in bed. He had also been Lisa’s first black lover.

The apartment itself was a boring corporate apartment designed for two executives to share while spending an extended time in LA. The décor was definitely in the mode of “don’t offend anyone” rather than anything with an artistic flare. It had two master bedroom suites with a living room, dining area and kitchen. Lisa had left the mess in one bedroom – the one with Hugh’s stuff in it – and slept in the other. Her plan was to leave that one a mess too so that when Hugh came in he would find used condoms and sex stains wherever he looked. She wanted to really drive home the fact that she had no need of him anymore.

Today would be a relaxation day while she cruised for a man (or two or a man and woman or whatever) to bring back to the apartment later that day or evening. She would be spending that Thursday night in the apartment and clearing out early. Hugh would be getting in to LAX mid-afternoon on Friday so she wanted to be long gone by the time he reached the apartment.

She planned on getting a morning strength workout done. That was a typical Thursday anyway. Afterwards she had appointments at her favorite day spa to get her nails and hair done, get a massage and otherwise get treated like royalty.

After grabbing her usual smoothie and caffeine breakfast Lisa headed to the gym in the apartment complex. Always a bit of an exhibitionist, Lisa was wearing a pair of booty gym shorts and a sports bra. Her thinking was that she worked hard for her great legs, firm ass and 6 pack abs. The tits had cost good money for a nice but not too much C cup.

She was going down a bit on the late side, for Sakarya Escort her at least, but at 7:30 there were a few people still in the gym. She forgot most of these folks could walk to work in five minutes so they came down late, got their work out in, showered and were still in the office by 9. There was none of LA’s horrible traffic to battle.

Two overweight women were chatting adamantly while moving slowly on their elliptical machines. Lisa could imagine them wondering why they didn’t lose weight when they worked out.

“Because you need to be out of breath and sweating! Duh!” Lisa thought.

There was just one man in the gym, performing chest flies on the cable machine. Lisa went through her warm ups checking this man out. He was older, generally not Lisa’s thing. She had been with an “older” guy once before she had met Hugh. At 35 he had seemed ancient compared to Lisa’s then 19 years old. She did not think much of that experience.

This guy, however had the distinguished good looks of a guy in one of those men’s anti-aging ads she occasionally saw, or maybe one of the guys in an erectile dysfunction medicine commercial. His hair was grey and he had a bald spot but he pulled it off with the grace of Patrick Stewart playing Jean Luc Piccard. He was also very muscular, so Lisa knew in an instant that this man was taking testosterone at least and perhaps other body building supplements. If Lisa could only see his body she would have guessed he was 40 at the most. The muscles on his arms, chest and legs rippled. Lisa could see that, while perhaps not a six pack, his abs were flat and sexy. But looking at his face and hair, he was obviously over 55, maybe even over 60.

Lisa was intrigued. Her friend Denise, single, swore that older men made the best lovers. They were patient, they were gentle and above all they lasted a whole lot longer. Maybe this guy would be a good experiment. The fact that Lisa saw him check her out then turn and face the mirrors so he could still check her out with looking like he was checking her out.

“Seriously, you think women are not wise to that one.” Lisa thought but then, on a more positive note, “So using testosterone he would like to fuck still, probably. Let’s see if we can get a rise out of him.”

Besides, if she flirted with him and he was a dud then no big deal. She had all day to find someone and the after work bars around here did get pretty active on a Thursday, if it came to that.

The distinguished gentleman, as she had nicknamed him, was now doing bench presses. Lisa picked up some dumbbells and started working on lunges and straight leg deadlifts very close to his bench, using his proximity to the weight rack to make it seem natural, even though the result was this man having a full view of her butt shown to its best advantage.

She finished her first set and leaned on the rack to catch her breath. This was still a legitimate workout after all even though she was also using it to show off. The distinguished gentleman was checking out her ass then glancing to the mirror to check her boobs. Lisa smiled to herself as she waited her 30 second break between sets, then immediately started a second set of lunges and straight leg deadlifts. She was panting when she set down the weights.

The distinguished gentleman was checking her out again, but this time his generic lust had a mingled look of respect. Lisa waited her 30 seconds and plunged into her third and final set, leaning over the weight rack when she finished, gasping for air (and giving the gentleman a nice view of her ass as a side benefit)

“You work hard” Lisa heard a male voice behind her.

“Thank you.” She managed through gasps, holding up a finger to indicate a request to give her a moment.

After several deep exhales she continued, still breathing hard. “You know I paid for my tits but my ass and legs are earned.”

A shocked look crossed the distinguished gentleman’s face and Lisa laughed.

“Sorry, I have no filter today.” She said. “I set up a real estate deal this week that will really benefit me long term and I’m really happy about it. Today I just need to just finish off the filings and I’m home free. So I’m a bit giddy”

Lisa was really pleased with how she turned “I kicked my shithead husband out of the house and I’m getting a divorce” sound like a successful real estate business venture.

“Anyway,” Lisa continued, “I’m Lisa. Lisa Bollente.”

She extended her hand.

“Oh, Craig Robertson” the distinguished gentleman answered. “Pleasure to meet you. Was this a personal deal?”

“Well, I work in commercial real estate.” Lisa said, dodging the question while she named her firm. “I mostly work with the investors for our investment trusts.”

“Of course. You folks are my firm’s landlord here in LA and in our New York and Dallas offices.”

“And there’s only one company that matches that profile.” Lisa thought. “And my ex-husband works there. This is getting Sakarya Escort Bayan interesting”

“Really! And what do you do at such a prestigious law firm, Craig Robertson? There’s only one company that fits that description for us.”

“You guessed.” Craig chuckled. “I am the managing partner for the Washington DC office.”

“HOLY! FUCKING! SHIT!” Lisa thought. This guy was basically the most powerful and important partner at the firm. Almost half the profits for this firm came from a single office, Washington. They handled regulatory matters for very large companies and all of that work somehow involved the Washington office.

Lisa stifled a gasp, pretending she was still a bit short of breath.

“Would you mind giving me a spot while I do some squats and we can keep chatting?” Lisa suggested.

“Sure. Just let me finish this last set.”

“I’ll spot you.”

Lisa stood with her legs a bit spread to spot Craig’s bench press. Her position allowed Craig to look straight up into her crotch and the bottom of her breasts. Apparently distracted by the view Craig only managed to get 6 out of the ten reps he was attempting.

“Off day” he mumbled while Lisa chuckled to herself.

“So you wouldn’t happen to know Hugh Caillfidh?” Lisa asked conversationally.

“I know him from college and I heard he was working for you.”

Lisa was getting pretty good at saying the absolute truth and conveying a completely different meaning, and she was very pleased with herself. Of course she left the 5 years of marriage after college out but it was not her problem if he made assumptions. She was very glad at that moment that she had never taken Hugh’s last name for her own. That might spoil an outrageous revenge sex idea she was forming.

Lisa started o her squats with Craig behind her, moving with her as a good spotter should but close enough that Lisa could feel his breath on her neck. He smelled of expensive cologne, lightly applied – just right.

“I met him once.” Craig responded as he spotted Lisa. “But I know of him. He works his ass off. In fact too much and he’s let his body go. He needs to take care of himself. I heard his wife is leaving him. I would bet it’s ’cause he’s never home.”

“Oh you don’t know the half of it.” Lisa thought, happy that Craig had shown no sign of recognizing her as Hugh’s soon to be ex.

“Oh, that’s too bad. And he is a nice guy. In college at least he was a hunk. He was on the track team I think.” Lisa answered as if she were talking about a long lost college friend.

She racked her weights as Craig continued.

“Well I see this happen to lots of associates. They lose themselves in work and eat shitty take out. They don’t take care of their bodies so they get real fat. And lawyers already have a super-high divorce rate and our firm has the highest divorce rate of any firm in the country, so I need to start doing something to help our people get better balance in their lives.”

“Oh that is so good of you!” Lisa responded with genuine enthusiasm. She was not a big fan of the way Hugh had been worked, even though she blamed him for not leaving and getting a job at some fortune 100 company. He could have had his pick but he chose the firm over her so this divorce was on his head.

“Maybe you could reprimand people who don’t take 2 weeks of a real vacation per year?” Lisa suggested. “Spot me again please?”

Craig moved up and down with her again as he answered.

“Yeah. That is a good idea. I mean we have so many divorces in our firm it has become something of a ritual to take people out when the divorce is announced. Typically involves strip clubs for the men and the women but we wink at the expense. I would bet Hugh will be getting a party tonight. Anyway, we should also do something to encourage them to eat better and exercise.”

Lisa finished her set and racked the bar, stepping back so her ass brushed against Hugh’s crotch. She was pleased to feel a stir. She had known about the divorce party ritual, though Hugh had conveniently left out the strippers when he described it to her. She had figured he would have one back in LA but the New York folks were taking the opportunity to party on the firm’s dime, she saw.

Lisa turned to face him, her breasts millimeters from his chest.

“Well how do you do it?” Lisa asked, genuinely curious, then adding

“I mean, you are … well… An excellent example of how good living a healthy lifestyle can make someone look”

Lisa added a very flirty smile.

“I would say the same about you.” Craig said, smiling back. “I build it into my schedule and it is sacred time. No meetings or other things allowed. We could let everyone do that I suppose.”

“So how long are you in LA for?” Lisa asked.

“Heading back tomorrow.” Craig answered. “Be good to be home for an entire week. I’m usually on the road at least 3 days per week”

“Your wife must hate that. Can you Escort Sakarya spot me one last time?” Lisa gestured to the squat rack.

“Yes and no. She likes the lifestyle I can buy her, certainly. And we make up for it with vacations to wherever she wants to go and long weekends in cities where I’m working at the time. But she does not like me being out of town as much as I am. She accepts it though.”

Lisa could not help but think of her cancelled vacation in Hawaii and wish Hugh had followed this guy’s example. “C’est la vie”

She deliberately faked needing help on her last two reps just so she could feel Craig’s body against hers as he provided assistance. Once again Lisa was pleased by the stirring in Craig’s shorts.

“Can’t be easy being in separate beds all the time.” Lisa said as she smiled, turning so her breasts brushed against him.

“Well there’s always porn. And I can’t believe I just said that.” Craig blushed.

“Oh don’t worry. I’m single and, well, you don’t always have a guy around when you want one and I’m just, well, an enthusiast shall we say?” Lisa chuckled in a tempting way and touched Craig’s arm.

“Listen, I have an appointment I must make.” Lisa said without adding that it was a massage “but listen, I get sick of eating diner alone. Let’s meet at the bar downstairs and have a drink! Is 6:30 ok?”

“Actually I was going to stop in there on my way from the office. That would be nice.” Craig smiled. “But remember I am married.”

“Naught boy.” Lisa purred. “Lighten up! It’s just a drink! Anyway here is my number in case something comes up.”

Craig provided his as well and they parted for the day. Lisa could not help but notice that Craig had a nice firm ass unusual for older men. She liked that.

Lisa spent the day getting all the luxury treatments the extensive spa could offer including a deep tissue massage, hot stones, manicure, pedicure and a somewhat new hair style and a makeup consultation that left her looking really hot. She felt every inch a new woman.

Lisa had brought a number of sexy clothing items with her to match her whim for the evening. She could not decide if she should play the business woman just in from the office or the woman who had “changed into something more comfortable”. In the end she opted for the sexy business woman look. First, she knew she rocked it and loved the idea of the prim and proper lady with the sexy underwear and lustful soul underneath. The business suit it would be.

She used a new suit, not quite as risqué as the one she had used to get Michael onto a conference room table. Here she was dealing with a far more sophisticated man. He implied, at least, that he remained loyal to his wife. Also she wanted to be seen as his peer – one business person to another.

She chose her new suit with a black asymmetrical slit skirt she had picked up from an Italian designer. With the asymmetrical cut she could cross her right leg over her left and hide leg but crossing her left over her right leveraged the slit and the asymmetry to show lots of leg. She wore a red button down blouse with one too many buttons undone and a black notch collar jacket to complete the suit.

The skirt was very tight and made of a stretchy fabric. It would have shown panty lines from anything Lisa had brought with her, so no panties was the only option. Lisa was feeling especially naughty this evening given Craig’s position with her ex’s employer. She pulled on seamed thigh high nylons and a red lace push up bra. Last she put on her strap back 4 inch heels – one of her pairs of “come fuck me shoes” as she thought of them.

At 6:30 she sent a text to Craig.

“Hi. It’s Lisa. I just got back from the office. I’m dropping my laptop in my room and I’ll be down in 10 minutes. Sorry to be late.”

Within seconds she got back a message. “No worries. I’ll be at the bar going over some work. See you soon and looking forward to it.”

Best to be fashionably late and appear to be a rushed business woman, Lisa thought as she downed a marijuana edible. She made sure she had condoms I her purse (just in case) as well as in the bedroom she would use that evening. Finally, she made very sure that the door to the room holding Hugh’s stuff, as well as cum stained sheets, was closed and locked. No need for him to see that.

Lisa sauntered into the bar section and saw Craig leaning into a laptop computer, deeply focused with an almost empty martini glass next to him. The chair next to him was empty.

“Hey there stranger, can anyone sit here?” Lisa purred.

Craig gave a small startled jerk then quickly recovered as Lisa laughed quietly.

“Sorry. Did not mean to startle you.” She said. “Are you ok?”

Craig flushed and stood like a gentleman should.

“I am sorry. I was really focused.” said Craig, recovering as he spoke. “Please sit. I was saving it for you and I’ll just save this and put it away.”

Lisa shook Craig’s hand in a firm, business like way.

“He’s really fucking nervous” Lisa thought. “I assumed he fooled around on his wife when he traveled. Maybe this guy really is faithful.”

The bartender came up as Craig was sitting down again.

“Hendricks martini with a twist, please” Lisa said. “And some water too please”

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