Enjoying The View

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Before he left me alone, he made sure I was naked with the chain hanging around my neck, the cold metal touching my breasts every time I moved. I had been left with instructions. It had already been an eventful day, and my pussy had been throbbing even before he added his goodbye pinches to my clit.

I relaxed on the bed and warmed my skin with my hands, before taking the two toys I was allowed to use from the drawer beside the bed. My thighs had been spread wide the whole time we had been talking, the cool air from the window caressing all it could reach. I took the slender, silver vibrator and rested it on my right thigh. Then I removed the longer, thicker, pink rabbit from it’s drawstring bag, took a moment to appreciate the look of the thing, standing proud like an aroused cock, and rested it on my left thigh. The tips of both toys pushed against the lips of my pussy, as I laid and breathed deeply, focussing my mind on the task in hand.

Carrying a toy in each hand, I rose from the bed and walked through to the living room. The large picture window was open, as were the curtains that hung around it. If not for the pitch black of the darkness inside, I would have been exposed to anyone within view. I placed the toys on the sofa, and walked to the kitchen, where I drank a glass of water. I washed the glass, then used my wet fingers to dampen each of my nipples in turn.

Returning to the sofa I made sure that all the requirements of his instructions were correct. The window was open wide, the curtains too. I sat on the sofa in the dark, one leg draped over the armrest, the other spread at a distance with its foot on the floor. It felt strange being allowed to do this on furniture instead of the floor. I had the urge to slide down to the ground where I’d be comfortable. The view was better from the sofa, both for me and anyone outside. From where I sat I could see the lights of the cars on the top of the hill, the beams of each car shining out whenever one turned in my direction to enter the hilltop car park.

I spent some time just sitting there, watching the cars come and go in the distance. There are only two reasons anyone ever goes to that car park at night; to eat from the resident burger van, or to fuck. I had enjoyed both there in the past. Many nights of my misspent youth were spent on the hill, with varying types of temporary friend. There were always willing car owners around to give me somewhere to sleep for an hour or two, drive tuzla escort me anywhere I needed to go, keep me company and talk rubbish with me for hours, or fuck me right there in their car, if I needed it. Some fun friendships were created, lived their entire existence, and then disappeared again in that car park.

The breeze coming through the room blows stronger through the living room than the bedroom. It blew my hair back off of my face gently, and caused my nipples to harden. I leaned back onto the sofa, my knees still pushed far apart from one another, ensuring that all of me was completely on display to anyone within two miles who could see in the dark. The links from the chain pressed into the skin at the back of my neck, a reassuring reminder of his constant presence. I moved a hand down my body, feeling the skin grow warmer wherever I touched, until I could feel the heat coming from my already damp and sore pussy. Using the tip of one forefinger I pushed the lips apart, exposing my swollen clit, and dipped into my hole, rotating the fingertip in slowly increasing circles, opening myself up fully. I spread the moisture found there up over my clit. Repeating the action, I made sure that all of my pussy was wet, from my clit to my ass, and everywhere around. The cold air gradually drying the dampness on my skin soothed the soreness from the day’s earlier adventures.

I sucked my finger clean, as I reached for the silver vibrator. Turning it onto its lowest setting, I put the end of the toy to my right nipple. The sensation made my head fall back and I let out a sigh. I ran the toy back and forth across my chest, teasing each nipple a little before moving it away again, until both nipples were erect, the skin puckering up to force them outward. I reached to where the pink toy lay by the side of me, and brought it to my chest, resting it between my breasts and squeezing them around it. The ridged shaft against my sensitive skin served as a tantalising prelude to how it would feel sliding inside me.

I moved the silver vibrator to my legs, letting the vibrations excite the skin from my knee, up to my inner thigh, and ending with the briefest touch of the tip against my lips, for each leg in turn. I leaned forward and turned the vibrator off, noticing the proximity of the pink rabbit to my mouth. I could not resist licking at its head and sucking the shaped tip into my mouth.

The end of the silver toy had grown cold in the breeze, and pendik escort the first touch of it to my pussy transferred the temperature to my skin. The relief to the sorest part of me made me sigh deeply, and I laid the toy along the length of my slit, holding it still and flexing my hips to cause a slow rubbing motion. I relaxed further into the sofa cushions, and my eyes closed. I forced myself to open them again and take in the sights around me; my hard nipples standing erect, the rabbit within a tongue’s reach of my mouth, my naked body spread wide and rocking slightly against the shiny toy sliding between my lips, the dark blue of the sky outside reflecting my own image back to me on the sloping window, and the few remaining cars on the hill shining their lights out into the night.

I watched my reflection on the window, as anyone outside could have also watched, every car flickering light onto the image momentarily as they parked up, like extra stars twinkling in the night. I slipped the silver toy into my hole, slowly twisting it as it pushed inside. My other hand pulled on one of my inner thighs, pushing my legs further apart, before taking the rabbit from where it lay on my chest and holding it to my mouth. My tongue licked at the tip, and all around the head, before lapping at the shaft. My mouth opened and the pink toy slid between my lips and over my tongue. With the slowest of paces, the silver toy slipped in and out of my pussy, as the pink toy did the same to my mouth.

I moved the rabbit toy down to my thighs, and coaxed its head between my lips, pushing the smaller toy aside and taking its place. Even just resting it at my hole I immediately felt the difference in texture and size, and my pussy reacted to it by releasing a small stream of moisture to trickle down to my ass. I drew my knees up further, and pushed my hips forward. My cunt slowly gave way to the pink cock pushing its way inside, stretching at my soreness. I resumed the slow in and out strokes, and soon felt no more pain. Juices escaped from my hole every time the shaft of the toy drew out, soaking my ass. Every so often a drop would rest a moment at my asshole, and settle into the skin there.

I placed the tip of the silver toy to my clit, and holding both toys still, rocked my pelvis up and forward, moving myself against the slight pressure. My legs spread apart further still as I felt the hard cock penetrate deeply, filling me like I had so longed for recently. I aydınlı escort kept the pace slow, sliding the pink toy fully out of my pussy with every stroke, just to feel the head push my hole open again on its return. Between strokes, I twisted the pink rabbit in my hand until it faced backwards, then plunged it back inside. The toy’s bunny ears ran down to my ass and nestled against the hole, tickling at the puckered skin. Every long slow stroke filled my cunt, rubbed at my clit and tickled on my asshole. I laid there being fucked hard, watching the cars on the hill, knowing the eyes of all their occupants were facing my direction to see the city views, none of them knowing the other views that lay below them in the darkness.

I watched as a car drove slowly along the hilltop road, and slowed at the car park entrance. As it turned to face my window, it became apparent the driver had not turned off his high beam lights, and they shined brightly across the sky. The car stopped in a parking space, its lights remaining on. I took the silver vibrator and twisted the controls on the end, turning on the buzzing against my clit. My back arched and pushed my hips up. The tip of the silver toy touched against the pink one sliding out of my cunt, and the buzzing sensations travelled along the shaft and into me. I felt my pussy tighten, and the pink rabbit found more resistance when it next entered. I could feel the ridges and texture of the toy deep inside me as my muscles tightened around it. My ass clenched and unclenched, over and over, as the bunny ears tickled against it. Pushing my hips up high, and the pink toy in deep resulted in the bunny ears putting more pressure on my soaking wet asshole.

I took in as much of the pink rabbit as I could, still pushing harder in an effort to take more. The muscles inside me began to twitch, causing more movement from me, and therefore heightening the pleasure I was already getting. The vibrator ran back and forth along my clit. I clenched my mouth tightly shut, so as not to make a noise, except for the sounds made by the cock being jammed into my wet hole. I watched the bright lights from the car shining across the sky as the orgasm flowed through me, intensifying with every thrust, until I was grinding my pussy against both toys.

Afterwards, I sank to the floor, where I felt I should be. The cool breeze blew over me, lowering my temperature back down. I fell into sleep for a while. The bright car lights were still shining when I woke back up, even though dawn was beginning to break and the sky was much lighter. I stood up and got another drink of water, and headed to the bedroom, where I then realised I had just walked around naked in daylight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32