End of the Day

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He let the tailgate of the pickup truck drop with resounding ‘bang!’ He looked up at the sky. A line of menacing clouds gathered to the southwest, not yet far enough advanced to obscure the sun, still beating down from above the treeline. Only the barest whisper of a breeze slipped through the pine trees…not enough to bring any sort of relief.

The man removed the chainsaw, gas can and bar/chain oil from the back of the truck and placed it carefully in their assigned spots in the tool shed. Then he walked around the small building to the antique hand-pump. A few short strokes on the handle and water began to splash out of the spout. He quickly cupped his hands to gather some of the water, drawn from an old cistern, and slashed it on his face. He alternated pumping and splashing, hoping to rinse at least some of the sweat and grease away.

Behind him, he heard a screen door slam.

As he walked back to the truck, he saw her. She was standing by the tailgate wearing a smile and the long, white T-shirt of his she’d claimed as a nightshirt. That was all she was wearing. He smiled back.

Objectively, it was, next to her flannel nightgown with the candy canes, the second-least sexy thing a woman could wear. On her, though, he enjoyed the view. If she bent over, it gave him a view of her deep cleavage. From behind, her bottom had gotten a little wider over the years…pleasantly so…and he enjoyed that view, as well. And even just standing still, waiting for him now, her nipples poked out – standing proudly at attention.

As he approached her, she extended her hand. She held a large glass of ice water with a few large ice cubes floating at the top. He took it from her, flashed a quick smile, and drained it. It gaziantep escortları was a nice change from water in the cooler he’d taken into the timber with him that had turned tepid as the day wore on.

When he was done with the water, he hoisted himself up onto the tailgate and sat down. She did the same. They didn’t speak. Instead, their hands met and she leaned her head into his shoulder. It was damp with sweat and smelled like cedar wood chips.

They let their legs dangle over the side of the tailgate. He was wearing his work boots. She was barefoot and, as she swung her legs they grazed the tops of the grass.

Eventually, they let go of each other’s hands and he put his arm around her. In the distance, the faint rumble of thunder could be heard. A few puffs of a cool breeze would squeeze past the pine now and again.

As she looked toward the sky, he bent his head downward. She felt his hot breath on her neck and then the gentle roughness of his whiskers brushed her cheek as he planted a kiss behind her ear. She closed her eyes and smiled.

She kicked her dangling feet and, when she knew that had his attention, drew the hem of the shirt slowly higher, until he could see a wisp of strawberry-blonde hair.

She now had his complete attention.

This wasn’t all that daring. The nearest neighbor was a half-mile away and, depending on the direction, groves of cypress, red pine, or hickory stood between them and any prying eyes.

She slowly unbuttoned his work shirt, peeling it off where it was soaked in sweat. She too had begun to perspire profusely, both from the oppressive heat and humidity of the day and the heat and humidity that grew between her legs.

With the shirt gone, she ran her fingers through his chest hair. He leaned over, again, this time planting a kiss at the top of her head, drawing her face into his chest. She responded by undoing his belt buckle.

The sound of thunder was closer now and accompanied a steady, cool breeze.

The man broke the passionate embrace for a moment and dismounted the tailgate.

Facing her now, it was easier for her to continue the important work of unbuttoning his pants.

At last, his jeans fell to his ankles. She reached inside the waistband of his boxers and grabbed at the stiffness inside and squeezed. She smiled, showing her teeth as she released his member and yanked his underwear down.

She leaned back, using her arms to support her, and slip her ass to the edge of the tailgate while spreading her legs. She reached one hand down between their crotches and positioned him. He eased inside of her slowly, hesitating and unsure, for the first inch or so, then, confident, thrusting the rest of the way in. She let out a loud moan and the first drops of rain came down.

The rain seemed to increase its’ intensity as he increased his pace. Thunder grew closer. Her white T-shirt was now transparent on her, plastering itself to her tits as they bounced in time to his thrusts. Her nipples and areolas were visible beneath the wet material.

They were now in the middle of a thunderstorm. Lightning was close and the thunder now cracked and sizzled. Her arms collapsed and she lay flat against the truck bed. He took the opportunity to raise her legs up farther, lifting her ass off the tailgate and thrusting deeper into her.

Her bouncing tits and the feeling of her pussy around his cock threw him into overdrive. Egged on by the weather, he grabbed at her shirt at the collar and pulled, ripping it. Her tits were now free and bare against the storm, the nipples pointing back at the clouds.

He stopped for a moment, spreading her legs wide while he bent forward and took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked the cold rain of the rock-hard nipple and then did the same to the other. She responded with her hands, pushing her tits together, trying to get her nipples deeper into his mouth.

…and then he was lifting her butt off the tailgate again, driving his cock hard into her pussy. Still, the thunder roared and the rains came, now almost stinging their skin…but he did not stop.

Despite the cold rain and the wind, she started to feel warm. Her pussy was on fire and the warmth began to spread throughout her entire body. She let herself go limp for a moment and smiled through gritter teeth, giving in to what was happening.

And with one more strike of lightning, her body went stiff. Every muscle spasm-ed and her spine twisted. It was beautiful agony that receded quickly and then hit again…this time it lasted a lot longer.

Her orgasm subsided as the last few sparks sent out aftershocks throughout her body. Just as she was regaining her sense, she realized he had lost his. His head bobbed down and his pace went from frenetic to one hard push. She felt a new, sudden burst of wet warmness inside of her.

He felt time stop as his balls emptied inside of his wife. There was no hot or cold, no wet or dry, no stormy cacophony or silence, just the feeling of being inside of an explosion.

When they regained their senses, the thunder was moving away in the distance and the rain had stopped. She still lay on her back, her nipples still pointing at the now retreating clouds. He lay on his side, next to her, his head cradled in her shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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