End of a Dry Spell

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Attn: This is my first submission, please be gentle, but I appreciate all and any constructive criticism! Thanks!


Felicity woke up feeling like something was missing. She was waking up like that a lot these days. It was a dry spell and her dreams were making it harder for her to deal with it. Checking she felt that familiar moistening between her legs and she knew she needed to make herself come soon.

Looking at the clock, Felicity groaned, there was no time for her vibrator today; she was going to have to use her shower head again. What good is masturbating if you can’t take your time and enjoy yourself, she thought.

Once in the shower, Felicity came quickly, and then set about to grooming. Just before she was ready to get out, she decided she needed one more orgasm so she adjusted the shower head so it aimed at just the right spot and in less than thirty seconds, she felt her insides quake and felt the familiar blessed feeling of release.

Work was boring for her, luckily it was Friday and she’d have the weekend to herself soon. It’s not that she didn’t like her job; on the contrary, she loved it. Felicity was an apprentice jeweler at the most exclusive jewelry store in town. She catered to high end clientele and she made and fixed jewelry all day long, how can you beat that? Today was just different because she mind was set on other things, like the yet restless feeling between her legs. She was looking forward to meeting the girls tonight to wind down, and maybe, to hunt.

After lunch time on Friday the store usually picks up and gets busy, however the weather was putting a damper on that today. Rain poured steadily all day and it didn’t seem as if it would let up. With an unusual amount of time to daydream, Felicity let her mind wander to the last time she had sex. It was about six months ago, and it wasn’t all that great, as she remembered. The guy had been Gavin, her boyfriend at the time. He was just as experienced in bed, but still had no idea how to pleasure the female body. Even while dating him and having sex at regular intervals, she still found herself using her vibrator almost every morning as Gavin could do nothing to satisfy her. The lack of chemistry soon extended outside the bedroom and the relationship quickly fizzled. Back to the present, she was ready to end this dry spell once and for all. However, she wasn’t fond of one night stands; something just unnerved her about hooking up with a random guy at a bar. Tonight, though, she was willing to take that chance and swallow her nerves (and maybe her pride), just to feel the wonderful feeling of having a penis fill her up inside.

Once work was over, and Felicity got home, she was instantly bombarded by phone calls from her girlfriends. Apparently they had all had rough weeks and needed the night out as bad as she did. She didn’t tell them her plan over the phone, mostly because she wasn’t sure of it herself, but she told them the time and place to be. It was a new bar they were going to, The Vault, it was called, and Felicity was hoping that she’d see enough men there to choose from.

Looking through her closet, she chose a denim knee length skirt, a black corset style tank top and killer knee high black leather stiletto boots. She looked hot and she felt it. The corset hugged her 36D breast in all the right places, to the point where she could (and would) go braless. The skirt was tight and had a slit up to her thigh on the right side, if she crossed her legs, she could drive a man insane Sarıyer Escort with that skirt (or so she felt tonight). Underneath, she wore a very sheer black lace thong. She did her make up on the dark side, with heavy eyeliner and bright red lipstick, and she let her silken long brown hair fall loose at her shoulders.

Soon, it was time to meet the girls. Stepping outside she could quickly see, and feel, that the rain still hadn’t let up and had all she could do to run from her front step to the waiting cab. She gave the driver the directions and was at the club in no time. Luckily The Vault had an awning, as there was a line to get in.

Felicity saw her girlfriends in line right away and stood with them and instantly felt nerves building up in her stomach. The bouncer was turning people away left and right for being not dressed right, or for looking too smutty. She was more and more worried about her choice of clothing as they got closer to the door. Suddenly they were next and Felicity’s stomach did flops, how embarrassing would it be to get turned away for dressing too provocative? Looking at her friends, they were all dress conservatively, but that’s how they always were, jeans and a nice top, that’s always what they wore.

Stepping up to the bouncer, Felicity flashed her best smile and he took his time looking her over. Real slow his eyes traveled down her body resting at her tight breasts down her body, he arched an eyebrow at the boots and then slowly made his way back up, letting his gaze linger one second too long on her breasts and then smiled back at her, “you girls here to have a good time” he said to her.

“Yea, are you going to help us make it happen,” Felicity purred to him, in her best seductive voice.

The bouncer shook his head, gave a snort and then opened the rope to let them in. Once inside, Felicity’s girlfriends were instantly wondering the same thing, but only Karen had the guts to ask “Who are you and what have you done with quiet Felicity?!”

“Come on, you all know I’ve been in a…funk lately, I’m just anxious to get in and maybe meet someone new tonight.” Felicity said “Now, let’s get some drinks and dance our butts off!”

Cheers of agreement came from the girls and they headed to the bar and then straight to the dance floor. It wasn’t long before Felicity got separated from her friends and was dancing by herself. It also wasn’t long before she felt a presence behind her. Moving to the beat, she turned around and saw what had to be the most gorgeous guy making his way toward her on the dance floor. He was taller than her, maybe 5’8″ or so, which she considered a great “fit” for her 5’4″ frame. He had dark hair, brown eyes, and more tattoos than anyone she had ever seen before, and he instantly turned her on.

Without saying a word, he started dancing with her, their bodies instantly working together in unison, feeling the rhythm more than hearing it, and she decided to turn on her sexuality and moved her body in to his. His eyes showed a bit of surprise but he didn’t back away. The next move he made, grabbing her hips and pulling her closer. She was starting to get wet from the contact, and, if she felt correctly, he was getting hard as well.

When the song ended, he bent down to her ear and said, in a voice that sent shivers down her spine, “can I buy you a drink, I need to cool down for a sec”. Felicity nodded her acceptance and they made their way to the bar. As they got there the guy turned around and said, “My name’s Kent, what are you drinking?”

“A Escort Sarıyer margarita, on the rocks, no salt, and I’m Felicity, nice to meet you.” She felt foolish with this introduction when just seconds ago they were practically dry humping on the dance floor, but took it as a sign that he wanted to go slow.

“So, do you always dance like that, because, well…” he trailed off, looking suddenly embarrassed.

“Dance like what? I don’t know what you mean?” Felicity felt she was in power now and she liked it.

“Well, like you are making love”

“Oh…um, well…um…” now it was Felicity’s turn to be embarrassed.

“Don’t be shy; it’s a real turn on.” Kent said, “Also, with the way you look tonight, well, I saw you walk in and I couldn’t wait to dance with you. I stood at the bar for an hour just working up my nerve”

Felicity couldn’t believe what she heard, he, who had to be the most beautiful man she’d ever laid eyes on, was afraid to approach her? She just had to get to know this guy better.

As if sensing that Felicity wanted to leave, Kent said “it’s awful loud in here, and I can’t hear you unless we are screaming, do you want to go for a walk and we can find out more about each other?”

“Sure, I just have to say bye to my girlfriends, or they may just kill me if I leave without letting them know.” Felicity said and walked to the dance floor. The girls were all in a group still dancing away when they caught sight of her. “Where have you been all night?” said Ellen.

“Listen, I met a guy and we’re going to get some fresh air and chat, I probably won’t be back tonight, just saying bye and I’ll call you all tomorrow, okay?” She didn’t wait to her the inevitable protest that was obviously forming on their lips; she just turned around, grabbed Kent by the hand and walked out the door.

Once outside, it was plain to see that they weren’t walking anywhere, what with the rain still pounding steady. Kent started to tug her down the sidewalk and she stopped him, “What are you doing? It’s pouring, where are we going to walk in this?” She was baffled.

“Oh come on, a little rain never hurt anybody, come on, I promise you wont melt.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Felicity said jokingly “sugar melts you know.”

“It’s a good thing you’re made of spice then” Kent then pulled a stunned Felicity into the pouring rain.

They ran and laughed like children, jumping from awning to awning, just to get a reprieve from the rain briefly. Finally, they got under one that ran the length of the building so they got to wring out some water. Felicity was starting to feel like a drowned rat when Kent pulled her toward him in a probing kiss. She instantly responded to him, her mouth opening up to allow his tongue to explore her mouth. She felt the heat building between her legs and leaned into his growing erection. Lightly she ground her hips against him and he emitted a low growl of approval. He grabbed her hips and pulled her into him, then let his hands wander, cupping her bottom and squeezing the soft mounds. Felicity wanted him, bad, and she wasn’t getting enough like this, she wanted more. “Come back to my place, let’s call a cab.” She said to him when they broke the kiss.

Kent looked around trying to gather where they were for a second and said, “My place is right around the corner, let’s go there.” He pointed the way and Felicity all but dragged him back into the rain. They stopped every so often to kiss fiercely, and finally, made it to Kent’s Sarıyer Escort Bayan apartment building.

Once in his apartment, it seemed as if they couldn’t get enough. Felicity was trying to take off Kent’s shirt and he was trying to undo the ties for her top when he took a step back. Uncertainty flashed in his eyes and he said “wait, let’s slow down, I want to enjoy this with you, and take my time.”

“To hell with that,” Felicity said, “I want you to fuck me, fast and hard.” With that, she all but lunged at his belt, eliciting a groan of both pleasure and frustration from Kent, who begrudgingly replied, “Okay, but next time, I get to enjoy your body.”

Their clothes fell away quickly after that as they made it to his couch and Kent pushed her away one last time, lust burning deep in his eyes. He looked over her body and whispered a soft, “damn”, and bent his head to take one of her nipples into his mouth. Felicity let her head drop back; did that always feel so good? God, she could almost come just feeling his teeth nibble at the hard little button. While he was feasting on her breasts, her hands were exploring him and settled on his hard cock. Her hand clasped around the soft skin and she immediately thought to herself, wow, he’s got to be the biggest I’ve ever felt. She slowly started to massage him when he pushed away again to grunt out “if you keep that up, I’m not going to last long here” In reply to that, all Felicity said was, “Please, fuck me now.”

That was all she had to say, Kent pushed her back on the couch and positioned himself between her legs. He put his throbbing member just on the brink and waited. Felicity was practically whimpering at this point and all she could say was “please, Kent, now”. He couldn’t hold back any longer and pushed all the way in with one thrust. His size filled Felicity and sent shockwaves throughout her body; her first orgasm was fast approaching. Kent thrusted hard and fast, and braced himself on one arm so he could tweak the nipple on her left breast. The dual sensation was just what she needed to put her over the edge and her orgasm came in waves as she cried out in pleasure. Kent could feel her vagina squeeze his member as her orgasm hit and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he would come too.

“Oh, Kent baby, please, come for me baby, please” Felicity said, and that all but put him over the edge, with a moaned “you got it babe” and a final hard thrust, Kent started to spurt his load in Felicity. Felicity could feel his dick start to pulse in her and that sent her back over the edge into another wave of orgasm and she cried out, “Oh Yes! I’m coming for you again baby, yes!”

When they were both spent, he collapsed on top of her as he struggled to catch his breath. He propped himself up on his elbows and said “You….are….amazing.” Felicity laughed at this and kissed him deep and long.

They cuddled and kissed for a few minutes on the couch when Kent suggested they should move to the bedroom, for comfort. Felicity walked behind him on the way there and studied the many tattoos on his back along the way.

“How many tattoos do you actually have anyway?”

“Oh, I think there are 54 now, I’ve lost count actually, so I’m not 100% sure, it’s really an addicting practice. My friend is a tattoo artist, so he practices on me, when he gets a chance. My goal is to have my whole back, arms, and legs covered.”

“From the looks of it, you are pretty damn close.”

They cuddled in bed and Felicity looked over Kent’s arm tattoos and started to trail her fingers up and down his back. Before she knew it, he was sound asleep. Chuckling to herself, Felicity lay back in his warmth and way too comfortable bed and soon drifted off to sleep herself, wondering what the morning would bring for her and this dark, beautiful stranger.

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