Encounter with Coed Niece

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The following story is an original work of pure fiction. This is my first story to post to Literotica, much less any other web site. I’d like to know what readers think of my endeavor. Please be kind, but above all, please be truthful.


One Saturday evening, about a week before Christmas, I was sitting at home alone watching some late night movie on cable. It was close to one a.m. and I was getting a little sleepy. My wife Carla and our son, Lance had gone to her mother’s house for the weekend. It is a tradition they have. Each year they get to together and make candy for the Christmas holiday.

Anyway, here I am about to go to bed when the telephone rings. Thinking it’s a wrong number, I casually answer. To my surprise it’s Sandy, my niece from Carla’s side of the family. I can hardly hear her over the cheerful noise and music I hear on her end of the line. Obviously she was at a party.

Sandy asked for her aunt Carla. I told her she wasn’t here, but I did detect something wrong. When I asked, she said she was calling for my wife to come get her and take her back to her dorm. Sandy told me that she had too much to drink and was on the verge of passing out. She didn’t trust anyone else to drive her back to her room, because her girlfriends and everyone there at the fraternity house was just as soused.

I always thought that Sandy was smart girl. She was on the honor roll at college in only her second year there. I agreed, she told me where she was and in two minutes I was out the door.

On the way there, I had gained my second wind and wasn’t so sleepy. I thought back to my days of college; all the parties I attended and the good times that I had. Heck it hasn’t been that long ago. I’m only thirty four years old. But still the memories seemed distant.

As I approached the stag house, I could see the party was in full swing. I had to park several houses down on the other side of the street. As I exited my car, the cold North wind caught me by surprise and I bunched my coat up closer around my neck and headed off to find my niece in distress.

The front door was open so I casually walked in. I received some stares from a few partygoers, as if saying, “What is this old geezer doing here?” I then realized that I was almost twice these kids ages! All of a sudden, I felt really old.

There she was. Sandy was sitting, or should I say slumped over at the end of the couch near the fireplace. Man, this place was really rocking. As I approached her, I took a look around and suddenly noticed all the incredibly gorgeous girls that surrounded me. They paid no attention to me, except for the occasional ‘look’, but nonetheless I was somewhat aroused by all the beautiful young girls.

When I got to Sandy, I leaned over to wake her up out of her stupor. She quickly came to, stood up, put her arms around me and told me to take her home. Her friends were laughing and offering their condolences to Sandy simultaneously as I marched her out through the front door. On the way to my pickup, she kept telling me how sweet I was for coming to get her. She asked about her car and told her that she could come and get it tomorrow.

After I loaded her into my car, I thought about how I could get her into her dorm room in her condition without anyone noticing. She lived on the fifth floor. And I knew that if she were to get caught, she could get into a lot of trouble for being drunk. You see Sandy is only nineteen and not old enough to drink.

I told Sandy about this and recommended that she come to my house to sleep it off. She readily agreed and off we went. Sandy slept most of the fifteen minutes it took to return home. By now, she was more like a sack of potatoes I was having to lug around to get her into the house. Once inside, I more or less carried her to my bedroom.

I sat her on the bed and instantly Sandy began complaining about how hot it was. I took her coat off and turned to throw it on a nearby chair. When I turned around Sandy was still complaining of the heat and was in the middle of taking her sweater off. I thought nothing of it until it completely came off and was staring face to face with my niece; completely topless! She wasn’t wearing a bra! With a drunk smile she slurred, “There.” and commenced to falling back on the bed.

Now let me pause the story for a moment and tell you a little about Sandy. I’ve always thought of her as a very cute girl. Heck I’ve known ever since she was six years old. There have been times when I saw her in a bikini and caught myself thinking about how good of a tan she sported or thought about how nice her breasts looked. But I honestly never thought about her sexually.

Sandy is a brunette and about 5’10”. I’m guessing around 130lb. She really does have a killer tan. Her body is quite nice. Not the best I’ve seen, but nonetheless desirable. Her breasts are equally tanned and I’m guessing they are about 36C in size. She is a very athletic florya escort girl and therefore has shapely legs, tummy and ass. Now back to the story.

So here I am standing there staring at my niece’s tan titties as she is sprawled across the bed diagonally. Her eyes are closed and she is taking deep breaths. I don’t know what to do, what to say…nothing. Sandy then tries to kick her shoes off and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, she asks for my assistance.

I knew she was out of it. And I knew there was no way she could comprehend that she was half naked in front of me! Well, in my fluster I did as she requested. I carefully removed her shoes and socks while my bulging eyes were locked on her breasts. By the way, my eyes weren’t the only thing bulging at this point. I was definitely aroused at the sight of my topless niece. All of a sudden I felt as if I were in high school again and was getting a peep show of a lifetime.

Well, the shoes must have done the trick comforting her because immediately afterwards she was fast asleep. I still was dumbfounded. But incredibly aroused. After a few minutes more of gawking, I decided that I had to touch Sandy’s tits. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. I approached her, gently shook her shoulder and called her name. No response. I patted the side of her cheek, calling Sandy. Still nothing. Not even a twitch. She was obviously out cold. Yet, I was burning up.

I remember feeling so scared as my hand moved toward her right breast. Suddenly it was there. I left it still for a moment checking for any reaction. There was none. I gently squeezed. Oh, it was simply heaven. I heard a sound in the hallway and literally jumped back, waiting for my wife to come in and catch me. But she wasn’t there. It was just the house creaking. I looked back at Sandy and then kneeled by the bed. With both hands, I cupped her tits and began one of the most enjoyable moments of my life. I was a 34 year old married guy, feeling up a 19 year old college girl! What more could a man ask for?

As I did this, I began staring at her trim tummy and perfect belly button, decorated with a pierced ring. I also spotted a trail of fine hairs, barely visible to the naked eye that trailed from her navel to below the waistband of her jeans. I knew where they lead. Without much deliberation, I decided I had to see where this trail ended.

I removed my hands from Sandy’s tits and immediately noticed how hard her nipples had become. As I was standing up, I leaned over and took one in my mouth. I was no longer worried. I was confident she would not soon wake up and realized that she was mine for the night.

I didn’t linger at her breasts. Instead I stood up and began to undo her jeans. I thought that even if she did wake up, she’d still be drunk and I would just tell her that I was doing what she told me to do, take off her jeans, since it was so hot. But I wasn’t worried. She was dead to the world it seemed. And here I was, her uncle, taking advantage of her. I didn’t care though. I was in, what seemed like, the ultimate horny state and there was no turning back. I wasn’t thinking of fucking her at this point. All I could think of was seeing her completely naked.

Slowly, I began tugging her jeans towards her ankles. Her panties began coming off with the jeans though they stopped right at the top of where Sandy’s pubic hair began. I finished removing the jeans and looked back at the cotton, baby blue panties that hid her treasure I’d been looking for. Without any further hesitation, I grabbed the high cut, string on either side and began tugging them towards no return. It was amazing. Sandy had a sculpted pussy! Her dainty, dark hairs were trimmed in a perfectly, slim rectangle, with the tip ending right above her hairless , slightly puffy lips.

She had a shaved cunt! I couldn’t believe it! I tried to get my wife to shave her pussy this way, but it never panned out. She actually let me shave her completely the first year we were married, but Carla complained that it itched too much and so no more for that foray.

When I let go of her legs, Sandy’s right foot plopped to the carpet affording me a spread eagle view of her smooth skin wonder. I got closer to smell her natural aroma. Then I brushed my nose around her sweet smelling slit. Finally, I brazenly stuck out my tongue and tasted Sandy’s nectar. Swiping my tongue once full length up he cunt, I glanced up from between her legs to check for any responses. There were none as I had suspected.

I then began to eat her out more, but stopped. I had to have some relief. My cock was straining against my jeans. So I stood up, and removed all my clothing. I couldn’t believe it as I realized that I was completely naked with my niece Sandy!

Instinctively, I began stroking my cock while soaking up the view of this hot, young girl laying before me. I then locked my eyes onto her sweet, halkalı escort cherry lips. Cautiously, I moved up to Sandy’s face and stroked my cocked just inches from her slightly opened mouth. With no regards to being caught, I lightly brushed my dick against her lips. Sandy, unconsciously moved her lips with my slow, rhythmic strokes. Carefully, I inserted the head of my dick into her awaiting mouth and her tongue amazingly began to lightly dart around it! I wanted to stick it all the way in, but I knew that would surely wake her from her deep sleep.

Just as I was about to come I pulled out and grasped the base of my dick. Man, I didn’t want this feeling to end. I didn’t want to come just yet. I left Sandy’s pretty face and began rubbing my dick down her neck, pausing a moment to give a cock massage to her breasts before I traveled down past her navel, to her sweet looking cunt.

She was in such an inviting position for me to begin fucking her, but I wanted to taste her again. I moved down and, without fear, I started eating her pussy wildly, yet not rough. I tongue-fucked her and sucked on her now engorged clit until Sandy’s hips started matching my own rhythm. My tongue strokes became longer and traveled further down her parted legs until I was near to her anus.

Reaching down between my own legs, I stroked myself with one hand, massage one of Sandy’s tits with the other while I moved further down and rimmed her small rosebud with delight. She kept up her gyrations and began softly moaning at the same time. I thought that she might soon wake up, but at this point I didn’t care. I wanted her.

I was about to come so I stopped jerking myself off and stepped back to catch my breath and to let the urge to orgasm subside somewhat. I knew what I had to do now. It was inevitable. I had to fuck Sandy’s pussy. From eating her out so much, I had her cunt sloppy wet. In fact there was a huge stain on my bedspread. I made a mental note to myself to wash the sheets before my wife came home.

I lowered myself along the top of Sandy’s body, gently allowing my weight to rest upon her. I licked and kissed her breasts, then moved my lips up to her neck and ear. Her body was slightly squirming under mine.

Needing no help, my dick found her hot opening and pushed its way into her snug opening. Oh, how can I actually describe it? I can’t really, other than to say, sheer bliss. For a thirty something guy to have his dick inside of a girl that it still in her teens…well, its such an incredible event that I cannot accurately justify if with words.

Anyway, I immediately established myself in her with long, slow, deliberate strokes. I wanted to pace myself for this event. A couple of minutes into the fucking, Sandy’s body became more alive. She still appeared to be sleeping, but I didn’t care. I was hoping she was having a hell of a good dream! Sandy’s moaning and body movement increased which, in turn, made my penetrations more quick and hard. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would release me ocean of come and have the most wonderful orgasm ever.

Then I heard something rather quite clear. My head was down alongside Sandy’s when I heard her whisper in my ear, “God, this feels good Uncle Mark. Just don’t come in me. Elton and I want a baby so I’m not on the pill.”

Story break time. Elton is Sandy’s fiancée. He’s a nice guy. I like him. He and Sandy are planning on getting married in just three months. I now know that they desire to have a baby right off the bat so she has been off the pill for a while now in order to let that stuff get out of her system. Okay, back to the story.

She’s awake! I instantly froze. But before I could do or say anything Sandy said, “It’s okay. I really want this to happen Uncle Mark. Don’t stop until you have to come.” Well, those words in itself made me want to come right then and there. I kept my eyes closed and slowly started thrusting back into her. I whispered back to her that I wanted to come in her so bad. There was a slight pause before her response, which utterly floored me. Sandy said, “You can come in my ass if you want.”

If I want! I couldn’t believe this! A young, nubile college coed was telling me I could fuck her sweet ass! My reply? I clumsily uttered the word, “okay” back to her. Sandy then reached down between us and felt for my dick. She grabbed it, bent her knees, planted her feet on the bed and raised her hips up taking my dick with her and positioned the head at her back door entrance.

“Take it slow at first. Then speed up.”, Sandy whispered to me. While she held my dick in place I began my way into her ass. The head of cock popped passed her tight ring easily seeing that Sandy’s ass and my dick was covered in her pussy juice. She raised her knees towards her breasts to offer me better access. After a couple of poor attempts, Sandy coached me in the right way to fuck her ass; which angle, how haramidere escort hard, how far, etc. It was a quick lesson, but worth it for soon I was pounding her asshole. It was great! I had to slow down ever so often so I could keep up my stamina and hold off my own orgasm.

Now, ever since Sandy spoke to me, I had not raised my head up to look her in the face. But now I had no worries. She knew it was me. She knew it was her uncle who was now fucking her ass. I raised myself up off of her into a pushup position and looked at her. Sandy’s eyes were still closed, but her body was into this session of sex big time. She was moaning, grinding gyrating, running her fingernails down my back, while occasionally saying, “Yeah, just like that. Mmmm, that feels so good. Sandy moved her hands up above her head to grasp the head board.

An idea popped into my head. I reached out for her right hand and brought her fingers to my mouth. Momentarily, I licked and sucked her three middle fingers then I lowered them down to her empty cunt. I then softly commanded her to finger herself. Without hesitation, Sandy began alternating her fingers between rubbing her clit and fucking herself. Soon she moved her other hand down started twirling her nipple between her thumb and fore finger.

Still in my raised position, I watched this entire show. Man, I needed to come, but I was determined to hold off until she began to come. It wasn’t long until she started. I saw and heard it coming. Sandy’s orgasm would have rivaled Meg Ryan’s coffee shop rendition. Just a moment before she exploded, Sandy opened her eyes. We finally made contact.

“Oh my god! This is incredible!” she stated. I could only reply with, “I’m going to come.”

My orgasm came right on the dying heels of hers. As I flooded her ass with my seed, the fucking motion became so slick that my dick popped out of her ass a couple of times before I realized that I needed to shorten my strokes.

Sandy finally grabbed my ass with both hands and brought me down on top of her, refusing to let my hips go back to their piston action. Admitting defeat, I laid my body down on top of hers and gently kissed her neck. Sandy answered with a sweet sigh.

She began to push me off complaining of how hot it was, but I didn’t want my dick out of her ass just yet. I wanted to it to go soft in her warm, wet ass. As a compromise we rolled to my right side and spooned for a while.

No words were spoken for several minutes until finally Sandy said that she had to excuse herself for a moment. As she was in the bathroom, I began contemplating what I had exactly just done. I just came in my niece’s ass! And I loved it. Would she tell? No. No, way. She enjoyed it. She acted just like we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Soon the I heard the toilet flush and here came Sandy stumbling back into the bedroom. She brought with her a warm, wet wash rag and began to clean my dick. Well, I can tell you it didn’t take too many strokes with the cloth to get me up at full attention again. After she was finished, she reached down and gave my dick head a quick French kiss and raised back up. I moaned an approval to her and quickly reached out for her hand and asked to not to stop. I began begging her to continue. Sandy replied with a simple smile and voiced an okay to me. And with that, she commenced to giving me one hell of a blow job.

I didn’t last long. To tell the truth, I really didn’t want to. Soon I was sending another gusher of come into her. Sandy never broke stride as I was coming in her mouth. She kept sucking until the feeling got so intense that I had to stop her. She looked up at me, smiled and asked, “How was that?”

“Outstanding.” I replied.

I wanted to return the favor, Sandy flashed me a lazy smile and told me that she was wore out and needed some sleep. With that she turned off the light, laid back down beside me and we fell asleep in a spoon position, with her in my arms. The next morning, I awoke first and hurriedly got ready. She woke up about at about eleven that morning. I was in the living room watching television and drinking coffee.

“Morning.” Sandy said. “Morning yourself. Did you sleep okay?” I asked with a grin. She replied with the same sly grin, “Yeah.”

She left the room and came back later looking a little more presentable to the world while still wearing last night’s clothes. Sandy told me that she called one of girlfriends to come pick her up. We sat silent in front of the tube for a few minutes before Erica pulled up in the driveway honking. Sandy walked over to me, bent over, hugged me and kissed me fully on the lips; no tongue though. She followed that up by thanking me for last night. She said she really did enjoy it and hoped I did too.

With that she was out the door. Since that time. Sandy and I have never spoken about that night or showed any outward affection towards one another. I think we both realize that “it” was just one of those nights. Occasionally when we are around one other, she sometimes catches me glancing at her tits or ass or something. She simply smiles and continues on with whatever she was doing.

There will never be another encounter, for me, that could ever rival that one chance of a lifetime encounter with my nineteen year old niece Sandy.

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