Encounter at Sunchase Condos

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It was the car that first attracted my attention, an innocuous little gray hatchback that I passed by every day on the way to work. It wasn’t so much the car, but a decal on the back window that intrigued me. Cute But Psycho. Okay. I wondered what that meant in this case. Then, one day, I saw her, short pink and orange blonde hair on a thin frame. Now my curiosity was peaked.

One day she bought a new car, and I happened to be driving by, so I stopped to ask her how she liked it. Rightfully suspicious, she had that, who the fuck are you and why the fuck do you want to know look about her, but she answered, about how it suited her. Cool enough.

Every day, I walk around the building and more than once I’ve seen her outside her condo. I look at her intently, and she notices, but that’s about it. Once, she was sitting on the ledge outside her door, which was open, but she was talking to someone so I didn’t approach even though she saw me looking at her.

The next time I saw anything, a week or two later, her door was open again. This time, I took my chance. Stepping across the street, I followed the sidewalk to her door, going over in my head what to say and do. Most of all, not to say something stupid like, “hello?” or “you left your door open…”

I gently opened the door enough to look in. She was at her kitchen counter evidently preparing lunch, her back to the door, wearing high-waisted denim cutoffs and a white crop tank. She turned around to look at me. She was thin, and her breasts were small as were her hips, even though she still had a feminine waist. She semi-snorted through her nostrils a little ha! sound, and said, “you, huh?” A slicing knife hung in her right hand. “Do you always just walk into strange women’s homes?”

“No, just this one.”

I took a step towards her. “Now, you can put that knife down, or you can hand it to me.” She looked at me and grinned, held the knife up in front of herself, thoughtfully house of the dragon izle admiring it, and nodded her head approvingly. She put the knife down on the counter behind her, and leaned back against it, her hands on the counter besides her. She stared at me for a moment.

I stared back, looking her up and down.

“Take your clothes off,” I told her.

She smirked and snorted that same little snort. “You do it. You’re already undressing me with your eyes anyway,” and shook her head.

I walked up to her until I was almost touching her; my belly inches from hers. I could feel her breath on my neck, and I’m sure she felt mine on her forehead. Our eyes were locked. Without changing my gaze, I reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. Her skin felt cool against the backs of my fingers. I unzipped her shorts and then pulled them down over her hips until they fell to the ground. I didn’t look down to see what was underneath them.

I took a step back to look. Her nipples were beginning to poke against her crop top, and I knew she was naked underneath. Stepping towards her once again, our eyes still locked, I took the knife into my hand, and brought the tip up to the hem of her shirt, just above her navel. The sharp end was towards the ground. Except for the heaving of her breathing, she didn’t move. Why did she trust me? She must have surmised from my looks that I wasn’t a killer.

Using the back side of the blade, I lifted up her shirt until the point was between her tiny breasts, her top almost up to her nipples. I wanted to see them. “Take it off,” I told her. She reached up, and slowly pulled the shirt over her head and placed it on the counter, on top of her veggies. She had exactly what I like most, tiny tits with prominent nipples, I knew that they would be ultra-sensitive. I took the knife-point and drew little circles around her nipples, which how i caught my killer izle were puckering up quiet nicely and erect. It was all I could do not to grab them and pull them. Not yet, anyway.

I slid the knife down to her pale green bikini panties and slipped it inside the waistband. She gasped from the cold steel against her flat abdomen. “Are you going to take these off?” She shook her no, not taking her eyes off me. She was daring me. I twisted the knife until the sharp blade was against her waistband. I pushed the knife down inside her panties, the tip scratching and tearing the cloth. She gasped again, and I knew the blunt side had reached her clit. Sliding the knife downwards until the tip pierced the crotch of her panties, and then pulling the knife towards me, I tore the cloth until I cut through the elastic waistband. Her breathing was hard and gasping. The front of her panties was now split, and fell open, revealing sparse soft wispy strands of pubic hair. Only the leg bands held her panties on, so I quickly cut those, and her panties fell in pieces on the ground.. Now she was completely naked.

Moving slightly to my left, I put the knife down and put my hand on her mound, my fingers at her slit. Feeling my way downwards until I felt her moist, slick fluid, I rubbed her with her own juices, and she moved her legs apart just so, and leaned back against the counter pressing her womanhood into my hand. She wasn’t looking at anything anymore. I reached up a grabbed one of her fat nips and pulled her towards me. She gasped in pleasure.

As I was working my slick fingers on her clit, she kept pushing and rubbing back against my fingers, all the while huffing and puffing as her breathing increase. My cock was straining against my pants wanting to be freed from it’s confines and become buried in hers. I stepped back and left her gasping, and reached down how we roll izle to unzip my jeans. The combo of me taking my hand away and the sound of my zipper snapped her back to reality.

She looked down as I held my erect cock in my hand, and rubbed her juices around the helmet. Her breaths were heavy and loud as she stood there naked and horny. She looked down at my stiff hard cock, and then turned around and bent over the counter where she had been cutting vegetables a few minutes ago. Placing her forearms on the counter, she put her head down and stuck her ass towards me.

Moving forward, I probed my cock until I found the mark, and inserted it between her slippery wet pussy lips. She moaned, and pushed her ass against it, arching her back. I slid my stiff manhood all the way in, pressing myself against her backside, and then grabbed her hips and pulled her on to me as much as I could.

She whimpered and moaned. I grunted. I was pumping her furiously and pulling her back, and even lifted her bare feet off the ground a couple of times. By this time she was gripping the edges of the counter with her hands, and hanging her head down in front of the counter. When she could, she would reach between her legs and rub her clit and my shaft. She was like a rag doll as I jacked her. I pulled her hips hard, pushed deep, and she tried to stand with her hands between her legs until I pushed her against the counter and dumped my hot load deep into her cunt. As I reached up and tweaked her nips, she finished herself off with a groaning climax.

Moments passed, occupied only by heavy breathing, and my cock was starting to withdraw from being spent, causing me to push into her even more until it was no longer feasible, and my limp cock fell out of her dripping pussy. Leaning over her hot naked body as she was bent over the counter, I caressed her nipples for a few lingering moments, and rubbed the glistening skin of her belly, ass, and mound. After whispering in her ear, “Until next time,” I reached over and picked up her shirt, using it to wipe off my cock, and then zipped up my pants and let myself out the door, closing it behind me.

I continued on my walk, thinking about her the whole time. Sexy as hell she was, and I don’t know anything at all about her, nor she me.

Until next time, perhaps.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32