Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Five

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Five
Emma intended to give Jimmy a night he would never forget!

Finally Emma’s orgasms ended and she opened her eyes! “Fuck Jimmy! That’s the best cunt licking I’ve ever had! What’s next baby?” she asked.

“I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before! You’ll love it too! Get up on your hands and knees slut!” Jimmy ordered.

“Fuck you! Make me, you weakling!” Emma fired back at him. This was all part of the game.

Quickly Jimmy grabbed one of Emma’s wrists and then one of her tits!

“Oh God! Don’t hurt my breasts!” she said. “I’ll do it!”

But it was too late for that. Her right tit was being badly mauled and her nipple was being twisted and pinched. By the time she was in position, her right tit was aching and her nipple was dark red from abuse!

He released her with both hands, only to position himself at the rear of her body with his left hand at her hip, and his right hand at his cock.

“We’ll see how you like this then Miss Emma the Pure! Now take all of my cock!” he yelled as he jammed his big cock in her pussy!

“Oh please! Not so rough! I’ve only recently been made love to for the first time! I’m still almost a virgin!” Emma lied. She loved it rough and pushed her hips back at his loins.

“Fuck you Emma the Almost Pure! Your pussy just swallowed my cock like a swizzle stick! You’ve been fucked recently by a truly big cock, haven’t you? By a cock that you could just barely fit inside you. You’re ready for a rather hard fucking, aren’t you, slut?” asked Jimmy.
“Always Master, if it’s doggy style! And especially if it’s with you!” she replied

“Tell me who you are Emma!”

“Please no!” Emma begged.

“Say it now!” Jimmy demanded!

“I, I’m your little slut! I’m your little slut!” Emma admitted.

“Louder whore!” said Jimmy.

“I’M YOUR LITTLE SLUT!” she yelled.

“That how you say it, bitch! Now push back with your hips! I’ll just kneel here while you fuck yourself on my hard cock! Get busy!” said Jimmy.

Emma pushed herself back and forth on his cock, her tits swaying as she did so. Jimmy played with her tits which he couldn’t resist. They were perfect!

She was fucking herself as he pulled her hair. Emma whimpered. She was his slut!

She was about to be ravished as never before! Jimmy had arranged for her to be taken by several black men. But first she would take all his cum in her pussy!

“Smack! Smack! Smack!” his hands came down on her ass cheeks! She needed a good spanking.

“Ooof! Ooof! Ooof!” she responded without looking back. Her ass cheeks turned red from the slaps. Then Jimmy grabbed both her hips and started fucking her hard and fast. Knowing how Emma was soon to be treated, he started pumping his cum in her cunt! Surprised at his spurts of jizz so soon, she pumped his cock deep in her cunt and took it all!

“How do you like feeling my cum inside you?” Emma loved being used so roughly! Her favorite position was doggy style and she had just taken Jimmy’s load inside her.

“Your cum is the best! But I need to cum again! Make me cum, please!” she begged. Then a dark hood was pulled over her head and she screamed! “Aaaagghhh! Fuck! What’s happening?”

Jimmy pulled his cock from her cunt and she felt several pairs of strong rough hands on her arms and legs. She was being taken from the room! Where was she going? Who was doing this? She heard what sounded like Jimmy being beaten into submission!

“Fuck no! I’m being taken!” she thought to herself.

“Say nothing bitch! Not a sound!” she was told.

She was being taken out her door and down the hall to another room! It sounded like it was large from all the echoes and murmurs.

“Please don’t hurt me! I’ll do whatever you want!” she said. “I need to be fucked! Will you fuck me please?”

At that her hood was removed. It was quite dark with the exception of the one spotlight that shined on her face. In the darkness close by, she could barely make out several güvenilir bahis şirketleri large, muscular black men. They were naked, and each of them had a large, hard cock standing proudly and pulsing: waiting for her! “Oh please! Yes! I need it so bad!”

Emma was soon standing nude in front of a row of bright lights! Her tits stood out proudly on her chest; her nipples hard and distended. She trembled; her hands at her sides. Looking perfectly wonderful and willing! With any luck at all, she would soon be getting fucked by three big black studs! She wanted to be air tight! She wanted cocks in her pussy, in her mouth, and in her ass! And she wanted a big audience to enjoy watching her being “forced” being triple fucked. She heard what sounded like an audience of at least 15 people watching her already.

Emma could just distinguish words and phrases like “tits”, “shaved pussy”, “slut”, “whore”, “fuck her hard”, and “cocksucker” drifting at her from behind the lights.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen! You see before you one of the most beautiful young women in the world: British Actress and Cock Teaser Emma Watson! She has never been seen nude in movies, photo shoots, or ads of any kind! You are seeing her in her natural state. No breast enhancement surgery, yet her tits are perfect! She regularly shaves her pubic hair, and is by all accounts from her boyfriends sexually active, and a great cock sucker! Tonight you will each have a chance to watch and judge for yourself if any or all of that is true. It is rumored that she has never been fucked in the ass! Her anal virginity will be taken from her tonight. One of these three black men will have the pleasure of popping her ass cherry in full view of our audience. She will then be made available to each of you for a complete and total gangbang: three of you at a time.

Everyone must agree first though! If you disagree, please leave now.”

No one left. Not even Emma. “Very well! As we hoped, Emma, by not leaving, has given her consent also! This event will be filmed and made into an X-rated movie starring Emma herself. As a consequence, some of the action will be filmed several times to get all the best angles! Now let the action begin!” explained the Director!

Emma was taken aback by some of this speech! Especially the part where the action tonight would be made into an “Emma Watson Gangbang!” movie.

But all she could concentrate on right now was cumming! She was so horny!

Looking ahead of herself on the floor, she saw one of the big black men laying on a mattress with sheets. He was completely nude and his cock was just delicious looking! Emma was being slowly forced towards him. Her knees were bent to the sides as she was positioned directly over his huge dark black cock! Looking at his cock, she saw him stroking it and pressing it against her very wet crotch. She was slowly lowered onto it! In just a few seconds, she was impaled on it: her cunt expanding to allow it to fill her completely.

He began moving his hips up and down: fucking her slowly and deeply. Her arms were released and she was then leaning over his chest. Each stroke bottomed out at her cervix! It was heavenly!

“God yes you black bastard! Fill me up! I love your cock! Drill me hard and fast until I cum! I really need to cum! Are you all watching me? See how my tits flop about with each stroke? Please! Who will squeeze my tits right now?” Emma asked.

At that point, a pair of large rough hands began rubbing her breasts. It was one of the other black studs! It felt very rough to her. Looking at her tits, Emma saw he had gloves on that had tiny, but pointed nubs on each palm. They were designed to feel like sharp needles on the flesh. But they were flexible hard rubber points that never actually drew blood. Instead, it was a delicious scratching sensation on her nipples. The gloves were very nice!

“Oh baby! tipobet You’ve got a really big dick! Where have you been my whole life? Keep on fucking my pussy just like that!” said Emma. Emma felt the head of his cock just barely start going into her pussy, and then her cunt expanded and stretched as the rest of his cock was forced into her tight vagina! “Yes baby! Fuck me! Ugh! Oh yes! Oooph! Oh God…so deep!! Oomph! God! Oh God! Fuck! That’s the way! Are you happy to be fucking Hermione? Are you? Call me a slut! A whore! I need to hear it!”

That’s all Emma got to say, as an equally large black cock was jammed in her mouth! She could still hear and see though! And she heard, “Fuck that British pussy! Fuck the little slut! Make her swallow a big load of cum! Fuck her! What a whore! I can’t wait for my turn at that mouth of hers!”

“Now my joyous friends! Now she will lose her anal cherry and her dp cherry at the same time! For this we have chosen a black cock that is long, but not too big around. We wouldn’t want to injure her after all! Welcome to the stage another actor who needs to remain anonymous. Welcome Jake!” said the MC.

Jake must have walked up behind her, because Emma couldn’t see him. There was a lot of clapping though. She heard, “Nice cock! She’ll take that serious, the little whore!”

Looking to either side of her, Emma finally saw another black stud who was stroking his cock. As advertised, his cock was long and not too big around. Still, she knew it would be a tight fit in her little asshole!

All this went on as she was being deeply plowed in her pussy and mouth. She was in heaven by now, and she really wanted to be sodomized again. And this time she would be made air tight! Three cocks would pleasure her body at the same time!

“Fuck her virgin asshole! Make her grunt! Make the slut scream!” Came the yells from the small crowd. The subject of the yells, Emma, completely agreed with them! She couldn’t wait to have the third cock in her ass!

Jake bent down to whisper in Emma’s ear, “You’re going to really enjoy this you British Goodie Two-Shoes! After I’m done with your little asshole, you won’t be able to shit for a week! But you’ll also be wondering what my phone number is! You can get my number from the Emcee of this little show. Now…beg me to sodomize you! And I want it loud and clear so everyone can hear it.” “Beg for it you slut! Beg for it!” Jake said out loud.

“No I won’t! You’ll have to force me to take it in the ass! Go ahead, force your puny little cock into my ass! I don’t believe you have a hard enough dick for my tight ass!” Emma said.

With that, Jake lined up directly behind Emma. At the same time, a black cock was forced into her compliant mouth! Jake stroked his cock into it stood up hard and proud. Jake bent over and touched her ass with the head of his cock! He tried pushing his cock into her ass, but it wouldn’t penetrate her. Her ass was just too tightly clenched closed.

Moving his cock slightly, he covered his middle finger with lubricant and jammed it into her asshole! It went in only about a half inch and then would move no further into her. He slowly removed his finger and then jammed it back into her ass again. This time, it penetrated about one inch. In several successive motions, he jammed his finger further and further each time, until eventually it sunk into the first knuckle! He felt the finger banging in and out of her asshole in spite of her best efforts to keep it out. Jake coated his cock with the KY jelly, lined it up at the entrance to her guts, and in one divine push, his long cock was buried in her asshole! Her ass was taking his cock like a toothpick!

Jake began fucking her ass hard and fast! There was no more reason to pretend she wasn’t being double penetrated by two black cock! And she was air tight also! She was in heaven! “Fuck her ass! Give it to her! Make her tipobet giriş take every inch of it, the British slut”

The lights in the small theater came on slightly and Emma saw the crowd kissing each other and some of the men were having their cocks sucked and balls licked. It’s was a wild crowd, all of whom were being inspired by her being gangbanged!

Moving the focus of her vision to the belly of the man who was fucking her mouth, she suddenly felt his cock expand and discharge into her mouth! She tried to swallow all his warm jizz but it was just too much. Some of it leaked past her lips and ran down her chin!

Emma was bouncing forward and then backward. The two cocks in her pussy and in her ass were driving her crazy with lust! With her mouth now free of a cock, she began talking dirty to each of her lovers!

“God your cocks feel good! I’ve never had such a pounding! And Jake is really rearranging my guts with every deep stroke he takes! Are you out there Jane? Are you there too Daniel? Too bad you’re not man enough to make me let you fuck my ass!” said Emma.

In return she heard Daniel shout, “Fuck you Emma! Your ass is mine!”

Emma heard a rustling of chairs, and Daniel leaped onto the stage, cock in hand! He pushed the black stud who was fucking her ass away from her. Then he grabbed both of her hips and drove his cock deep into her once virgin asshole!

“Unghk! Of fuck that’s big! Stuff me full of that cock! Make me take it all!” demanded Emma.

“Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!” her ass cheeks sounded as Daniel spanked her.

“Feel that Emma? Feel it you whore? Here’s some more! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!” her now pink ass cheeks resounded from the impact with his open palms.

“Take! It! All! Bitch! Reach back and play with my balls while they sway back and forth!” said Daniel.

“Quick someone put the wrist cuffs on her! We’ll string her up and really turn her body pink! Wait! Wait! Here I cum! I’m depositing a big load in her ass!” said Daniel. “Ok! Her ass is full of cum! Do it!”

Emma was in heaven! She had always wanted to be dominated like this. She had been a very bad little girl, and she needed to be spanked! She needed to be strung up naked for her audience! She waited for the leather lash to strike!

Emma saw Daniel holding the lash. He was swinging it at her tits! She felt it make contact! It didn’t hurt! It only made her cum! She was cumming! Each subsequent strike of the leather gave her new heights of pleasure! Than she lost count, but was still cumming hard!

“I’m cumming you bastard! Don’t stop lashing me! I’m cccuuuummmminngg!” she screamed.

Then Daniel paused the lashing and Emma felt a perfect tongue on her clit! As soon as it touched her, Emma came again! There was instant pleasure!

While Emma was being eaten out, she felt two sets of hands placing ankle cuffs on her. Emma didn’t mind though! She wondered in what new ways she would be stretched!

She soon had her answer as her legs were pulled with straight knees directly at 90§ angles towards her sides. She was lowered a bit and she saw another man from the audience walk on stage, cock in hand.

“Who the fuck are you?” asked Emma.

“I’m the guy you stiffed driving a cab from the airport!” he said. No tip!

“I’m thinking a stiff for you would only be right.

She felt a hard cock invade her ass once again! She was really getting reamed out tonight. But it felt so good being ass fucked with no mercy! There were another 12 guys waiting their turns. Would the night ever end she wondered!

Turning to the guy who was running the show, she asked. “”How many guys are going to fuck my ass tonight! I hope you’re making a goodly amount of money off this! I’ll suck you off for the rest of the night if you make this the last guy! I’ll eat out your girlfriend too while you recuperate. Just make this the end of my ass reaming!” Emma said.

“Ok everyone! This is the end of the show for the night! As soon as this guy comes, you’ll have to come back another night! Sorry! We’ll have a different girl tomorrow night!

He smiled at Emma as she took the last of her strokes into her well packed ass! “I hope you’ll be worth it tonight!”

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