Emily’s Vacation Ch. 02

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The prequel can be found on my profile, but this story can also be understood without it.

“Yes! You’re a cat! My beautiful predator, stretch for the camera. Power. Grace. Beauty!”

Janet had no idea what the hell any of that meant, but she knew the director liked it when she stretched and flexed at the same time. Wearing nothing but some designer jeans for next year’s summer catalog, Janet pivoted in the sand. On her hands and knees, she raised one of her legs behind her and reached up with her arm in what she hoped was a mysterious gesture.

“Yes! You goddess.” The director moved in front of her and took the picture so that her arms were concealing her nipples in the shot. “Hold it, don’t move.”

The man then walked around her, taking pictures. The strain from holding the position was exposing the tone and power in her legs. Her taut, slender curves played well with the camera, and in the soft morning light Janet knew she would look every bit the rugged goddess on this barren shore. Speaking of barren, she wondered, those aren’t people over there, are they? She’d been told before the shoot that this beach was empty this early in the morning.

“Slowly, lower your leg” The voice came from right behind her. His camera couldn’t have been more than two feet away from her ass. “Carl, I need light. Janet, toss your hair forward.”

The lighting guy stepped up to to Janet and lowered himself to the ground beside her. The ocean breeze did almost nothing to hide the BO and potato chip scent. He laid down perpendicular, peering up at her naked torso from inches away. “Where do you want it sir?”

“Back here, I want a few shots of the stitching at the crotch. Janet, spread a little for me and arch your back.”

Janet did as she was told while the lighting assistant illuminated her crotch for the director. With the cut on this new line of pants, she had no doubt the camera would catch every line of her pubic mound. The violation was all part of the business, Janet even found it a little exciting. Her agent never told her modeling jeans could be so intense.

“Ok Janet, keep it arched, but turn at look back. Carl, light her face a little, I wanna catch one of those steely blues looking at me over this round sculpture here.” The director stroked his full, hopefully ironic creep-stache, and almost moved to slap her ass before Janet’s glare drove him back.

“Thats it! Predatory. I’m in your territory. You would kill the camera if it wasn’t nothing to you!”

What the hell does that even mean? Janet didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. As long as they kept paying her, this was easy compared to her day job.

“Ok, break. Janet take a breather, then we’ll head back for front shots.” The people at the catalog went and stood together to discuss, while the small group of onlookers started to disperse and pretend they hadn’t been taking cell phone pictures of the topless model. Janet strode over to her manager and best friend, Kelly, who held out a light shawl. Janet tried to look casual while wrapping herself in it.

“So what do you think Jan? Easier than racing huh?” Kelly grinned.

“Hah. I might just quit skiing altogether.” This was of course untrue. If Janet wasn’t ranked as the third best XC Skier in the world, none of these gigs would be coming her way.

“Well a warm beach beats the coldass slopes” Kelly kept her grin and looked out to the morning waves. Janet smiled and shook her head. When they’d skied together in high school, Kelly had never truly caught the bug, the addiction that keeps a skier coming back to the trails every day. That also might have just been her body. Kelly’s voluminous breasts and curvy hips had never really made for a racer’s physique.

“Well it sure makes for my kinda vacation.” Janet replied, “We should come here every offseason. The sand isn’t bad for training runs either.”

Kelly jumped a little, causing her boobs to bounce and sway. “All the entertainment you want. I hear there’s a nude beach across the way, and yesterday a girl fell asleep naked overnight on the public beach thinking it was the other one.”

Janet turned to her, “Really? How do you hear all this stuff?”

Kelly just shrugged before continuing her story “I heard when she woke up she was all freaked out and staggering around in shock. She almost let some old dude get-it-in before she came to.” Kelly scrunched her nose at that last part.

Janet’s response was cut short by the director’s signal to finish up the shoot. She took off her shawl and strode topless back to her spot on the beach. She turned around and posed, letting the director get a few shots of her in the pants, before he gave her more instructions.

“Now lie on your back and raise your hips.”

Janet obeyed, and the director moved in to take pictures. After a few moments of hovering, the man took Janet’s hair in one hand, taking pictures the whole time. He moved Janet’s long blonde hair over her chest, arraying it to cover her left nipple. xnxx Then he backed up so he could include the breast in his shot of the pants. Janet stiffened slightly, objectification was only endearing in certain quantities. She would have said something, but the director standing over her began to quicken his pace.

“Janet, be a dear and unbutton those jeans just a little. Yes, there.” He took pictures of Janet’s waistline.

“Ok, now push them down.” Janet edged them down ever so slightly, revealing more of herself as she went. “No, more, make it a scandal.” The director made it a command.

Janet pushed the jeans down farther as the camera focused on her hips. She hadn’t worn panties, since they couldn’t have the lines, so more and more of her pubic hair was visible in every shot. Janet stopped just short of revealing any of her slit, and the director kneeled over her to get a better angle on her hips. From this close Janet could see the bulge in his pants from his growing member. She wondered if these shots were totally necessary.

“Hmm. These pants are going to need to come off even farther. Don’t worry Janet, we’ll photoshop panties onto you. Carl, can you pass me the clippers?” As Janet reluctantly inched her jeans farther down, Carl walked down with an electric clipper.

Without asking, the director stooped down and began trimming Janet’s hair! Oh my god, what the hell is he doing? Janet was too shocked to respond at first. With her pants around her thighs and a strange man standing over her, it was a bit much to take in. It wasn’t until he broke the silence that she jarred herself into doing something.

“I’m sorry, Janet, can you spread your legs a little bit, I need to get between.” The director put a hand on her inner thigh.

“What?! No. Get. Give me those, I’ll do it myself.” Even once she grabbed the clippers, the director, what was his name again?, kept standing over her. It was humiliating, sitting there in the sand with her pants down, buzzing the hair off of her personal space. The damn director wasn’t even being shy about staring straight at Janet’s vagina. He just stood there, stroking that shitass mustache. Finally she finished, and tossed the clippers back up the beach.

In a few moments the photo shoot resumed as if nothing had happened. Except of course, that the camera was taking shots of Janet’s bare vagina almost but not quite covered up by this ridiculous pair of designer jeans. It didn’t help that all the attention to the area had caused the tiniest amount of wetness to appear in between her pussy lips. She hoped nobody would notice, but she knew the camera was state of the art; there were no secrets at this point.

Finally, the director stepped away. “Thank you Janet. You have been ever the goddess this morning. Our payroll department is already wiring you your fee.” With that, the whole production crew began to pack up and leave. Only Janet remained, quivering on the sand in a mixture of excitement and horror.

“Daammnnn Guurrll! You’re a star!” Kelly knew how to bring some levity to a situation. She kneeled down and gave Janet the warmest bosomy hug imaginable. Janet couldn’t have been more relieved as her slender naked body lost itself in the hug.

“Thanks Kel, you’re the best.”

“Hah. Come on, let’s get you some breakfast up in this bitch. I’ve heard of a couple cool spots.”

Janet smiled. “Of course you have.” Still, she went and got her little shawl and wrapped it around her chest. It wasn’t much covering for being out in public, but it wouldn’t matter in a beach resort anyway. As she turned to leave with Kelly, one thought kept nagging at her. Finally, as they neared the path towards town, she turned to Kelly.

“Did you ever catch that director’s name?”

Kelly turned. “Nope. He sure was an asshole though, wasn’t he?”


Emily awoke to a hotel room flooded in daylight. How late did it get? She remembered spending the whole evening and most of the night in Dan’s room. Her hips and pussy were still sore from the night before. At the time his driving member had been nothing but a pleasure, it’s size filling her up like nothing she could have imagined. Now she felt a very different sensation. Still there were worse ways to feel sore in the morning, at least the memory of this one was plastering a silly grin all over Emily’s face.

Still smiling, Emily sat up. She reflexively rubbed her legs together and purred. She was a hot wet mess down there, and she loved it. Emily let her mind stray back to last night. Her hand wandered between her legs, giving Emily a warm shiver when it reached her still throbbing flower.

Emily giggled and rolled over in bed. She allowed herself a few minutes of blissful self adoration before getting up. When she rolled out onto the floor, her legs almost buckled.. Once she did manage to settle herself, she went about preparing for the day.

It was fifteen minutes later when Emily found herself strolling into a touristy little cafe. bakire porno They had a reassuring supply of comfort foods from back home, mixed with plenty of local specialties. Emily decided to be adventurous, and ordered something she couldn’t pronounce. Turning from the counter, she noticed a distinct lack of places to sit. The hole-in-the-wall cafe only carried 6 tables, but all of them were full. Even the one large, 8 seater was taken up by a pair of women two or three years younger than Emily.

She walked up to the table, and resolved to ask the two women if they would mind sharing. The girl nearest her had curly hair, and two of the biggest breasts Emily had ever seen. Emily wasn’t into bending her sexuality, but nobody could ignore boobs like those. The other girl was blonde, and her eyes carried an intensity that almost made Emily jump. The skin tight jeans and skimpy wrap around her chest revealed an athletic, toned body. The woman’s nipples were poking through the thin material, but she didn’t seem to care.

When Emily walked up to the two of them, the curly brunette seemed to do a double take, but Emily didn’t let it bother her. “Hi, my name’s Emily. Would the two of you mind sharing this table, this place seems full to bursting.”

The athletic one held out a hand, “Nope! We’re using all 8 seats and you can’t have any! Of course babe, come sit down. My name’s Janet.” She looked over at the second girl, who seemed distracted by something. “My busty besty over here is Kelly. Kelly, ‘fucks wrong with you girl?”

The girl named Kelly shook herself out of her reverie and waved her arm out to the table. “My bad, get yourself as much space as you like. What brings you out here?”

Emily gazed out the window. “Oh, you know, a girl’s gotta get away.”

Kelly snorted and giggled, she gigglesnorted. The motion made those orbs on her chest sway in a way Emily just couldn’t ignore. “I meant this cafe, um… La Rosa Roja, what brings you here? Emily, right?”

Emily smiled: “I just had the craziest day yesterday. Sometimes you just have to relax and process things.”

Kelly looked ready to say something, but Janet raised her glass “Hear fucking hear! Toast to crazy shit, and getting a second to digest it.”

Emily only had a cup of water, but she clinked anyway. “Always. So how did you guys find this place?”

Janet responded again. “Because Kelly’s a genius. Show her Kel.”

Kelly hesitated and and fidgeted with her phone before she spoke. “Well, the resort has an amazing online marketing campaign. They have some clever hotlinks to stuff that’s not a part of the ‘official’ site, but really helps you learn about the place. People give the food here some awesome reviews.”

As if on cue, the waiter came bearing three hot plates of food and two drinks. He stood there by the table for a moment, unsure how best to unload his cargo. Janet sneaked a glance at the other two girls before dropping her phone. She had to bend over awkwardly around the table. One hand that pretended to steady her instead slipped, and cupped the bulge in the waiter’s linen shorts. Emily didn’t need to look to tell there was practically nothing separating her hand from his genitals.

The waiter gasped in shock, but to his credit didn’t spill a single plate of food.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to touch you there.” As Janet said the word ‘there’ she tapped his cock with her fingertips. “Oh no I did it again, I’m horrible!”

Janet jumped back, and this time the motion loosened her silk wrap. She thrust her chest out in mock shock, exposing and pointing one B-cup breast to the waiter. Her pink nipple stood quivering at attention.

This time he did drop something. Plates wobbled, and in desperation he crouched and clattered them to the table in one piece, but the motion sent the drinks off kilter. He lunged forward, and saved first one, then about half of the other drink. The rest of it sloshed margarita straight onto Janet’s waiting tit.

Janet gasped, and the waiter stuttered. “Oh my. My sincerest apologies. Let me clean you up… or not. These drinks are on me.”

Janet gave him a the faintest smile. “No please. You’ve got a towel right there, I don’t want it to get sticky all over my chest.”

The young man hesitated, then dabbed his towel at the wetness above and around her breast, wanting, but not daring to go for the full grope.

“Stop going around it, you’ll let it dry!” Janet grabbed the man’s hand and placed it square on her chest. She moved his hand around her breast, messaging herself and giving him a good feel at the same time. Lust and trepidation fought across the waiter’s face, until finally Janet released his hand and gave him her thanks.

As he staggered away, the girls could see the rod of his penis straining at his shorts. He could only flush a deep red, conscious of half the cafe who had turned in their seats to watch Janet’s spectacle. The other half just hadn’t needed to bedava porno turn. The buzz of conversation didn’t start back up again until Janet’s wrap was back on.

Emily had watched the whole thing with her jaw hanging wide open in shock, but the other two ladies seemed unfazed. Kelly was the first to talk.

“Janet, you are out of control right now! That was hilarious.” Her mouth gaped wide in amusement.

“I know right? His poor face, you could tell he fuckin loved it.”

“Dude, that was kinda fucked up though.” Kelly said, “I bet Professor Howard would tell you a thing or two about dehumanizing and exotifying other cultures.”

Janet’s sigh didn’t dampen her smile. “Or he would say something post-colonial about taking advantage of the power dynamic between you and your server. He’d be right, too. Fuck. Ahh well, I’ll have to tip like a beast.”

Emily was recovering from her shock. “Do beasts tip well?”

Kelly laughed, it was giggly but sincere, and Emily couldn’t help but feel at ease. Janet actually considered the question. “I guess not. On the guys side most of the pros tip like assholes.”

“Pros at what? And what are the beasts you’re talking about?” Emily looked at the both of them.

Kelly offered first. “She’s a pro skier. 3rd in the world.”

“You’re fucking with me.”

Kelly shook her head. “She made $300 thousand in winnings this winter. Right babe?”

Janet shrugged. “More actually, half of that was in Euros. Plus the race in Argentina two weeks ago. Great for staying in shape offseason.”

“Wow,” Emily looked at the racer. “I’ve never met anyone famous before.”

Janet made a mock bow before pulling her food to her placesetting. “Don’t start asking for autographs now.”

Emily had no response, so she smiled and dug into her own food as well, it was wonderful. She was almost done before she spoke. “So what are you guys up to after this?”

Kelly looked her. “Do you wanna come? We’re heading out to a more secluded beach down the way. Should be fewer people if you don’t mind it being harder to get to.”

“I’d love to! Are you sure?”

“Of course.” The two women said in unison. They looked at each other, and Janet said. “it’ll be a blast.”

The three of them finished their meal, and ordered another round of margarita’s before they left. Emily was relieved to have found people she could trust and let loose with. Her experience on the beach yesterday had left her a little nervous about being out there alone.

When they left the cafe, the three women found the street to be a little busier than they remembered. It was hardly packed, but vacationers milled around amusing themselves. They hadn’t walked half a block when a group of pasty guys around college age pointed at the three of them.

“Hey, that’s her! That’s the girl!” One of them shouted. Another made a lewd pelvic thrusting gesture.

“Wow Janet, you really are famous.” Emily looked at her new friend.

“That happens sometimes, but usually not like that. And I didn’t feel like they were pointing at me…” Janet sucked at her lip in thought.

Kelly groaned before she spoke. “Actually, I don’t think they were. Emily, I think I oughta show you something.”

“What is it?” Emily bent and looked around her to make sure she wasn’t exposing anything. Her shorts were a little high, and her bikini and tank top weren’t the most modest garments, but she didn’t see anything to provoke something that forward.

“Remember when I said the resort was really good at helping you find related, unofficial sites?” Kelly looked nervous.

“Yeah, it sounded pretty cool.”

“Well, it sortof is. Hmm. I didn’t want to say anything before, but if it’s going to be an issue then you have a right to know. Lemme show you my phone.” Kelly twiddled with her phone a little bit while Janet looked over her shoulder. Emily just waited in suspense.

When Kelly did hand her the smartphone, Emily almost feinted. There, on a webpage anyone could find, were pictures of her lying naked on the beach. The heading read, ‘Reasons to Come on Down,’ and the pictures just overwhelmed her. There were pictures of her full body, pictures of just her breasts, pictures from every angle, and even a few pictures of people pretending to fondle her while she slept. How long had that pornstache creep been taking pictures?

As she scrolled down, things only got worse, each of the pictures the mustached cameraman had taken were there, and all of them were startlingly in perfect focus. Even the picture of her trembling in fear over the old man showed vivid detail. It was a voyeur’s dream.

“That fucker! That’s why there were no pictures left in his camera when I took it. The bastard uploaded them all.” She handed Kelly her phone back so she wouldn’t drop it. She was almost shaking in anger.

“Wait, what?” Kelly asked while reaching out to accept her phone.

Over the next mile and a half hike, Emily related her story to the other women. She stopped after describing her rescue: no need to describe the sex afterwards, that can be my secret, Emily thought. Kelly and Janet were an excellent audience, and getting the experience off her chest really did make her feel better about it.

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