Emily’s Beach Encounter

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I’ve come to the beach to watch the waves and to be by myself for a while – but I must admit I’m also feeling rather horny.

I park my car in the car park, slip off my wrap-around skirt and take the path down to the beach dressed in sandals, bikini bottoms and a vest top, a little tight on me but showing the shape of my breasts. In my bag I have a towel to sit on, something to drink, a book to keep me occupied, and of course the essential bottle of sun-cream. I’ve already covered myself with factor 15 before setting out – I can’t afford to get burned with my pale skin.

As I walk onto the beach, I’m pleased, but at the same time a little disappointed, to find that it’s relatively deserted. There are a couple of family groups with small children at the end closest to the car park, so I walk towards the far end where there are a few rocks and dunes to give some shelter and privacy. I pass a group of teenagers larking around, and finally pass out of sight of the rest of the people around a bend into a small bay. That’s where I see you – sitting alone, looking out to sea, seemingly like me searching for some solitude.

You’re dressed in board shorts and a polo shirt, and what I can see of your body is quite pleasing. As I walk in front of you, I see you notice me walking by, and I’m aware of your gaze unashamedly following the movement of my breasts as I trudge through the sand. I feel your eyes on my ass as I walk around to the other side of a rock. I feel myself blush knowing you are looking at my body.

I settle on my towel on the beach and get out my book to read. After a few minutes, I hear splashing in the waves, and look up to see you swimming backwards and forwards in the sea in front of me. I admire the shape of you as you dip through the waves, and feel myself tingling at the sight of you in just your shorts.

After a while you come out from the sea and walk up through the surf, the wet fabric of your shorts clinging in an interesting fashion to your body, outlining the shape of what appears to be a large and semi-excited package. You emerge from the surf and come and lie on the beach about fifty yards from me. Interesting – your shirt and towel are obviously still where you left them further up the beach.

I feel your eyes on me once again, and once again I feel myself blush. I can either move away, back to the ‘family’ end of the beach, or…

I make a decision. With my back turned to you, I strip off my tight vest top, feeling the sun kissing my bare breasts as I stand up dressed in just my tie-side bikini bottoms. I walk slowly down the beach and into the sea up to my knees, gasping and feeling my nipples bunch and tighten as the shock of the cold water hits me.

I wade a little deeper, before plunging in and swimming a few strokes. I relax and float on my back on the waves, letting the sunshine seep into my skin. Although my eyes are closed, I can still feel you watching me, and I become even more aware of the hard, engorged state of my nipples.

I open my eyes and stand in holy family izle the waist-high water, facing back towards the beach. You’ve moved position and you’re watching me, sitting just a few yards from where I left my towel and vest top. To get back to my things, I will need to walk all the way up through the shallows and onto the beach, my body dripping wet, breasts bare and nipples pushing out like organ stops. It’s clear that you intend to watch me every step of the way.

I ignore you and walk up the beach, initially heading straight for you but then veering off to where I’ve left my towel. I pick up the towel and begin to dry my body, enjoying the feel of the rough fabric against my naked skin. From the corner of my eye I can see you watching me, making no effort to hide your interested scrutiny as you eye the shape of my body, and I deliberately rub the towel sensuously over my bare breasts, making my nipples even harder.

I spread the towel on the sand and sit, angling myself so that you have a good view of my naked breast in profile. You seem to have moved a little nearer; on the deserted beach it’s now very obvious that you are deliberately positioning yourself for the best view.

I reach into my bag and pull out my tube of factor 15, starting to spread it on the tops of my arms, aware of how my breast moves as I rub the screen into my skin.

Finally, you stand up and walk over.

“Do you need any help with that?”

I smile and wordlessly hand you the tube of cream, noticing the large bulge at the front of your shorts. You squeeze a pool of cream onto your hands and move behind me, starting to rub the lotion into my bare neck and shoulders. Your hands are strong and your rhythm firm; I’m aware of you watching my breasts as you look over my shoulder.

You work your way down my back, the feel of your firm fingers and thumbs making me moan in pleasure as you massage my naked flesh. I feel you reach the hem of my bikini bottoms, your fingers dipping just below the fabric as you continue to smooth and rub.

Turning towards you, I smile as I lie down on my back on the towel. With my eyes I invite you to continue.

With another handful of sun cream, your hands begin to investigate my bare stomach, your fingers pausing to gently tweak and play with my belly ring.

You kneel beside me on the towel, your strong hands now on my ribcage, working slowly, slowly upwards towards my breasts, my straining and engorged nipples now yearning to be touched.

I see you look up as a figure appears around the headland; an older man walking his dog. He must have a clear view of me lying almost naked on the sand, you beside me with your hands all over my body.

Rather than pulling back, you surprise me by changing your position so that you are sitting astride me, one knee either side of my body, sitting on my bare belly. I can feel the outline of your balls beneath your shorts, and the hot hardness of you against my skin. Your hands are suddenly on my breasts, hotel portofino izle massaging and squeezing as you rub in the lotion, pinching my hard nipples between your fingers.

You nod to the stranger, hands still all over me familiarly.

“Beautiful morning!” you say.

He says nothing but nods in acknowledgment, pretending not to watch us as he walks down the beach and finally disappears with his dog around the next curve.

Your hands still on my breasts, you look at me with a question in your eye. In answer, I reach out and gently caress the length of your hard rod through the fabric of your shorts.

You move down my body and I feel your hot breath on my belly as you kiss my belly button. I feel your hands on my thighs and see your head between my legs as you work down my body, ignoring my thrusting nipples to concentrate on the brief scrap of fabric that is all that’s covering my modesty.

I gasp as I feel you tug on the ties at each side of the bikini bottom that is all that keeps me from nakedness; you swiftly untie the cords, and begin to peel down my bikini bottoms; I am aware that my mound is smooth and naked, freshly shaven, and that it is about to be revealed to your hungry gaze.

I don’t even know your name! But you have peeled off the last vestiges of my clothing, and I am naked and exposed beneath your touch. I feel your hot breath on my smooth mound and put my hands on your head as I open my thighs and invite you to partake…

I lie naked on my back on the beach, the warm breeze caressing my skin, staring up at the clear blue sky, feeling your mouth and lips and hot breath on my naked, shaved womanhood. I gasp as I feel your tongue probe up between my lips, teasing against my hardening clitoris, and I clasp your head even tighter into me when I feel your sharp teeth teasingly on my hood, nibbling gently. At any time, the man with the dog could return, or someone else could walk around onto our part of the beach and catch me with your face between my thighs.

You shift your weight, your head emerging from between my legs, and move further up my body. You put your lips around my swollen and engorged nipple and suck, and I laugh as you make a face, licking the foul-tasting suncream from off your lips. I pull you higher so that we are face-to-face, your body stretched out on top of mine, the fabric of your shorts feeling rough between my thighs and on my smooth shaved mound. I kiss you, tasting the mixture of suncream and my own juices, gasping once again as you thrust your tongue into my mouth.

I have my hands at your waistband, fumbling to see how to release your shorts. You realise what I’m doing and quickly reach down and unclasp them, wriggling to kick them off and onto the sand before resuming your position on top of me, my legs outspread willingly to receive you. I can feel the length of your hard, naked penis pressing against my belly as you kiss me hard once again.

I feel your rough hand on my naked breast, squeezing, house of hammer izle fondling kneading, and I feel my whole body respond. I pull my feet up towards my buttocks, my knees in the air and my legs wide. You slide down my body a little, and just as I anticipated I feel the tip of you probing gently and carefully between my legs. I know that I should stop, that you don’t have a condom, but it’s far too late and I push my hips forward to swallow the round bell, taking you inside me and feeling you slide forward smoothly.

You grunt in surprise, but quickly adapt and I feel you move your body weight once again. My hands grasping your bare ass, I feel your buttocks clench as you slide the entire length of your hard rod into my sopping wet tunnel. You seem to go on forever, filling me more and more until I think I can’t possibly take any more, until finally I feel the warm softness of your balls between my buttocks. With a grunt, you pull halfway out, then slide smoothly back in, making me gasp as you push even deeper than before.

My legs curl around you, my feet on your buttocks, pulling you in even deeper as you fuck me on the sand. I feel the rough grains of sand scouring my breast as you continue to squeeze my nipple with your palm, and my whole belly is full of your hardness as you fill me. In a much shorter time than usual, I feel myself tensing around your hard rod as a wave of orgasm washes over me and I cry out, heedless of whether anyone on the beach will hear. I feel you tighten in response, and you pull your long, rigid pole from deep inside me, just in time; the spurt of your semen splashes up across my belly, over my naked breasts and onto the sand beside my head. You collapse, spent, beside me, rubbing the thick sticky liquid across my body with your hands.

Once again you look up, and following your gaze I see the man with the dog returning, his path this time looking to take him closer to where we are both lying stretched out on the beach. I laugh softly and quickly climb to my feet, running naked into the shallow water once again, throwing myself in to wash the evidence of our passion from my nude body.

You follow me, but I swim away from you, out into the deeper water, feeling the water getting colder against my body. I’m a strong swimmer, and I quickly set to with powerful strokes, swimming parallel to the shore and round to the next headland, where a tiny rock-strewn bay lies inaccessible from the main beach.

I pull myself from the water and lie on a flat rock, luxuriating in the feel of the sun and the wind on my body and the memory of you inside me. Small boats occasionally go by, and several times I see figures at the top of the headland overlooking the bay; my naked body is in full view of both, but I ignore them all and lie dreaming in the cooling air.

Some time later, I slip back into the water and swim slowly back to the beach, shivering from the cooler evening as I once again walk naked up the short slope of the beach. My towel, bikini and bag are where I left them. There’s no sign of you, but as I slip on my shirt and vest top, my damp body making the fabric cling to me as tightly as a lover’s embrace, I see a slip of paper with a phone number written on it. Laughing, I screw it up into a ball and throw it in the sea as I gather up my things and head back towards my car.

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