Emily’s Awakening

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Hello readers; my name is Emily, and I want to tell you my story, about how I reached this point in my life. Some of you will say I am weird, some will even say kinky or depraved; but you can think what you like, and I will just tell my story. I am not trying to say all the rest of you are wrong and I am right; it is just right for me, the way I live my life. I hope you enjoy my story.

I am 5’6″ and skinny; not skinny, skinny; just skinny slender. I have brown shoulder length hair, a 36D bust, blue eyes and I have a great, natural tan and I am now 20 years old. At school I am on the swimming team and I enjoy an active sporting life, which keeps me in good condition. I always feel best when wearing little or no clothing when I can, but even when I go out or to school, I usually wear skimpy skirts and tops, and usually I just wear a thong bikini underneath.

From the time I first began to develop I would get much attention from all the guys at my school, as well as when I walked around my local town. I was not really what you would call a ‘prick-tease’ or a slut, but I felt comfortable in how I dressed, and I did enjoy all the attention I received from the guys. I was never without at least one guy trying to get me to go out with him, but at the time I felt like I was not ready, or interested in guys that much.

Just after I turned 18 a guy from school would not take no for an answer, and he persisted in hanging around with me, always offering to carry my books and open doors for me. It was very flattering at the time, and slowly he wore me down and I agreed to go out on a date with him. He took me to a small local café where we had a very nice meal and we chatted about ourselves; what we wanted from life, etc. Then he took me to the movies where we saw a horror flick.

As the film progressed I became scared and kept jumping with freight every time something bad happened. Seeing that I were scared, he put his arm around me and drew me close to him; all the time saying how he would protect me. It made me feel good as well as safe, knowing that I had nothing to fear. Each time I jumped, he would hug me closer to him, and eventually, with his arm around me, his hand would move slightly higher until it was touching the bottom of my breast. At the time I did not take a lot of notice, as I thought he had not even known where his hand was, but slowly he moved higher until he had his hand cupping my breast, and he was gently squeezing and rubbing it. It made me feel very hot and excited, so I let him continue.

The movie finished around 11pm, and as I did not have a curfew that night because my parents were away for the weekend, I agreed to go for a drive with him to the lake. I guess I should have known better, or at least been prepared for what was to happen, but I had thought of him as a nice guy and was not thinking clearly. Once we arrived at the lake, he took out a blanket and spread it near the water. We both sat down and he immediately began to kiss me. It shocked me at first, but slowly I got into the groove and accepted his kissing and returned them as well.

Soon his hands began to wander to my breasts again and his fingers were undoing the buttons in the front. I was going to stop him, but it did feel good, so I thought there could be no harm in us having just a little fun. After all, I was not a prude, and I had been thinking about sex and what it would be like, so why not go a little further now and see what it was all about? Once he had my dress opened at the front, he quickly began to cup my breasts in his hands, but this did not last long before he slid his hand around to the back and pulled the string of my bikini top. I was shocked at first, but preferring to go without a bra always made me feel so nice.

I guess what happened next was my own naïve fault, but with my lack of resistance, he took it to mean I had agreed to go further. He pulled my top away from my breasts and began to kiss and suck on them. I had never had anyone do this to me before, and it felt great. I started to kiss his neck as one hand ran through his hair and the other went around his back. After a few moments of kissing my breasts, he pulled away and undid his shirt buttons, and then removed it.

We went back to kissing and cuddling each other and after he had his fill of my breasts, he then moved his mouth lower and began to kiss his way down to my navel. I came alive and felt all tingly and did not want it to stop. He must have gathered my eagerness by my actions and moans, as he soon lowered his mouth and hands even lower. I was not prepared for his actions and as I tried to push him away from my nether regions, he sat up and asked me what the problem was. I explained that I was virgin and had not even considered going this far with him, but he said he only wanted to see me and to feel me, and that he would not do any more than I was comfortable with. I felt better, so I gave him permission to continue.

He moved me backwards until I was lying down and then he started bursa escort bayan to kiss me slowly, from my mouth right down to the start of my thong bikini briefs. I must admit that he made me feel good and I was getting a strange wet feeling between my legs, so I urged him to keep going. He moved his mouth lower until it was on the outside of my briefs and he was kissing my vagina. He would kiss there for a few moments and then work his way back up to my mouth, making sure to stop and kiss each of my breasts as he went.

I felt alive and was happy to accept his attentions, and I even did not complain when the next time he went back downwards, instead of kissing the outside of my briefs, he took the top in his teeth and slowly pulled them down to my knees. He then returned and gently let his tongue run across my trimmed vagina. The feelings he gave me were astounding. I arched my back upwards each time his tongue touched my outer opening.

Many more times he moved back up to kiss my lips, and each time he did this my legs would open a little so as to let him lie directly on top of me. I knew I was going further than I had even dreamed of going, but he was being so nice to me that I could not help it, and as well, he still had his pants on and had promised that he only wanted to kiss and touch me, so what harm could it do.

After almost 30 minutes of this, he had become more adventurous and had started to probe my vagina with his tongue a little. The feeling was great and I felt myself push up to meet his mouth each time he did so, as well as moaning to him how nice it was. Then next time he began his move up to kiss me, I did not want him to stop what he was doing, but he said to just be still and enjoy the attention. It was not until he his mouth was above mine and he lowered himself down and onto me that I realized what was happening.

Somewhere during that time he had slipped out of his pants and he was totally naked. As he lay down on me I felt his rigid penis poke at the entrance to my vagina. I screamed at him to stop; I told him I did not want to go any further and that he had promised me he would stop if I asked. I tried to push him away, but he just laughed.

“Don’t be such a cock teasing bitch! You know you want me to fuck you, why else would you let me get you naked like this?” he laughed as he forced his cock into my vagina.

The pain was unbearable! I screamed at him to stop. I told him I was a virgin, but he just laughed and kept pushing his cock into me. I felt myself being torn apart; I felt his rigid cock hit my hymen, but he did not stop, he just pushed harder until I felt it pop. I began to cry as I scratched at his back and then his face, all the time trying to get him to stop, but he would not.

“Your cunt is so fucking tight, I can’t believe how tight you are!” he groaned as he began to push in and out of me.

He was too strong for me, and his actions did not cease. The more I tried to fight him, the more he seemed to get excited.

“You are really enjoying this, aren’t you? I can tell by the way you are moving. Guess you did not think that sex could be this great!” he mocked.

I could not believe it! He actually thought that I was enjoying the way he was forcefully taking me. The more I fought him, the more he thought I was enjoying it. It was then that I just gave up. I lay still and tried to control my tears and anger, and I let him have his way with me.

After a few more minutes of him pounding up and down on me, I heard him begin to grunt and soon he was yelling that he was about to cum. I almost died as I realized the consequences of this. Not wanting him to get me pregnant, the only thing I could think of was to get him somehow to cum outside of my vagina.

“Please!” I yelled, “Let me suck your cock!”

I did not know where those words came from, but it had the desired effect. He quickly pulled his cock out of my vagina and hurried so that he could put it in my mouth. I was totally scared for what I had said in haste, but was also relieved that he was not going to cum in my vagina. I opened my mouth and within the first 10 seconds of it entering, I felt his hot, sticky sperm hit the back of my throat.

Once he finished spewing his disgusting juice into my mouth, he pulled it out and began to kiss my breasts once more. I tried to spit it out as fast as I could, but a small amount went down my throat, and I threw up right away. The look on his face was one of disgust, as he saw me there, naked, and with my mess all over me.

“You bitch!” he yelled. “You are such a pig. How can we fuck again with all that mess over you?” he added.

He quickly got dressed and told me he would take me home so I could get cleaned up. I was relieved that I was going to get away from him. As he pulled up outside my house he told me how great a fuck I was, and that he would come back and see me tomorrow. I could not believe it. He actually thought I had enjoyed what he had done. görükle escort As I got out of the car I yelled all sorts of obscenities at him and said I would call the police and report him for rape as soon as I got inside the house.

“You fucking bitch! What do you mean? You wanted me to fuck you! Why else would you let me strip you and kiss you for over an hour before we had sex? They will never believe you, you cock teasing slut!” he screamed back as he drove off.

I stood there in tears, unable to move. His words were true. Why would anyone believe that he raped me after I had been openly naked with him for an hour? I felt so ashamed and my feet would not move. I felt I had been standing there for over hour or more, but in reality it was only a few minutes, when I felt an arm go around me, and a voice asking was I OK.

When I finally got control of my senses and my anger, I looked around and saw my friend Katie from school standing next to me, trying to comfort me; she was also my next-door neighbor.

“What’s the matter? Are you alright?” she pleaded with me as she rubbed my back. “You look like a mess and you smell to high-heavens! What happened to you?” she added.

The tears once more began to run from my eyes as though someone had left a tap running. Slowly I tried to tell her, but my words seemed to be caught in the back of my throat.

“You are in no shape to go into an empty house tonight girl, you are coming with me!” she asserted as she led me to her front door.

Katie took me into her house and led me to the bathroom, telling me I needed to shower and get cleaned. Once we were in the bathroom, she turned the taps on and adjusted the temperature, before turning and helping me to get out of my clothes. Normally this would have embarrassed me to no end, but for some reason I had no fight left in me, nor a desire to be left alone right then. She unbuttoned my dress and let it slip to the floor, and then she picked it up and said she would put it in the machine and get it cleaned. She turned to walk out of the room, and I began to sob uncontrollably.

“Hey, sweetie, are you OK? I have never seen you this upset before and I am worried. Please tell me what’s wrong so I can try and help you,” she begged.

“I, ah, I don’t seem to be able to move!” I stammered, as I stood there glued to the spot.

“It’s alright baby, Katie will stay and help you if you want. Anything you want, as long as you are OK” she replied as she put her arm around me and held me tight.

Again my sobbing and tears poured out. Katie helped undo my bikini top and then asked if I were Ok with her taking the thong off as well. All I could do was nod my head. She kept pushing me gently to tell here what had happened, and that I would feel better once I had had a hot shower and got cleaned. As she knelt down to help me step out of my thong; holding her hand around my bare arse so I did not fall; I did not quite understand at that time why she was staring at my vagina when she spoke.

Once naked, she helped me to step into the shower, and as the hot water hit me I began to feel better. I began to tell her what had happened as she sat on the side of the bath and listened to my story. All this time I had not even moved, instead I just let the water cascade down and over me. I was beginning to feel better, but as I got to the part about him cumming in my mouth, my stomach churned at the memory, and I once more threw up, but this time it was all over Katie.

“Fuck! Sorry Katie!” I cried in disbelief at what I had just done to her.

“That’s OK Emily, really, it is. You have been through a lot tonight, so how can I be angry over something trivial like this. You need all the love and understanding you can get tonight. But, do you mind if I join you in the shower and get cleaned up as well?” she laughed as she looked at the mess I had deposited all over her.

I have heard before how sometimes humor can make things look feel troublesome, and I guess that night it was proved to me. I began to laugh at the situation and soon was telling her to join me, and once again telling her how sorry I was.

As Katie began to undress, I could still not move, but this time it was for another reason. As she slipped off her nightie, I saw her naked body for the very first time. I had seen her naked many times before at school after gym or swimming, but those times it was in the girls locker rooms, and there were at least 30 other girls getting showered and cleaned. This time, I had just been through a horrific ordeal, and here she was comforting me, but also I was actually taking full notice of every piece of her body, and it was making me tingle all over!

Katie and I have been friends since we were in fourth grade. She is 5’5″, a 32C, slender and like me she has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. As well she has a nice tan, but unlike mine, hers is all over, not a white mark anywhere, not even on her nipples. My eyes were fixed bursa escort bayan on her body.

She stepped into the tub and moved closer to me to get some water on herself. As she did so her breasts touched up against mine. Again I felt a tingle down below and could not imagine why, but I enjoyed it immensely. The longer she stood close to me, the more relaxed I felt. Soon I was telling her the rest of what had happened. A few minutes later after finishing my story, I told her I should get out, but she said I was not ready.

“Your hair is a mess, you have not washed yourself, and I think you need to relax a bit more before you get out,” she demanded sternly.

She was right, so far I had only stood under the water, but it had felt great. I tried to pick up the soap but my arms did not seem to respond to my brain. It was then that she laughed once more and said she had never seen me so still in all the times we had know each other.

“Are you scared because I am naked with you in the shower Emily?” she asked.

“No, I am not scared. Actually I feel totally relaxed knowing you are here with me. It is just that I can’t seem to get my body to respond to what I want it to do” I replied with a sob.

“That’s OK Emily, sometimes after a traumatic event like what happened to you tonight, our brain just shuts down as a way of protecting us. If you like I can wash you and get you clean. That is, as long as you don’t mind me touching your body” she giggled.

Normally the thought of another person, even another girl, touching my body would have scared me, but here with Katie, both of us naked in the shower, I felt like she were a part of me, as though we were one and the same person.

“Would you please Katie? I can’t think of another person in this world I would rather have touch me right now?” I stammered before I realized the implications of what I had just said.

Katie leaned in close to me and kissed me directly on my lips.

“I understand Emily, I have been in love with you for years as well” she whispered in my ear.

I was both shocked and flattered at her comment. I had not meant what I said to sound that way; not meant for her to get the wrong ideas, but at the same time I felt so warm and loved by her sweet declarations to me. I had never once suspected that she had loved me, or that she was a lesbian. I surprised myself by returning her kiss and telling her that I loved her as well.

Katie took the soap from my hands and began to lather her hands and then she started to wash me. At first it was purely a wash as she first did my arms and neck, then she turned me around and began to wash my back, but as she moved lower I felt as though she were spending an extraordinarily long time washing my butt; not that I complained as it felt so nice.

When she finished working her way down my back until she had done the backs of my legs, she then turned me around once more and started washing her way back up my legs. By the time she reached within a few inches of my vagina, I had begun to feel weak in the knees and I was secretly hoping and looking forward to her washing my vagina for me. My breathing had quickened, and I was sure that she had noticed it as well, but she said nothing.

As the moment of truth arrived I was disappointed, as she moved around that area of my body and continued up and did my stomach. Once finished there she washed my sides and all around my breasts, but once again she did not wash that part of me. By the time she declared that she was finished, I was feeling very horny, but disappointed as well.

“Now it is time to wash your hair for you!” she declared. “Turn around please, as it is best I do this from behind you” she added.

I did as asked and turned my back to her. She turned the water jet to shower my hair and then she took the shampoo and poured some onto my head and then she began to massage it into my scalp. Just as I was coming out of my disappointment mood at her not having touched my breasts or vagina, I could not believe the feelings I was getting, just from her shampooing my hair. I had never felt so turned on before in my life. I could no believe that just having someone wash your hair could be so erotic.

For the next five minutes I stood there stunned; her hands had already brought me to two orgasms and just by touching my scalp. When she finally declared that she was finished, I was feeling so hot, but disappointed that the attention was about to cease. I turned to step out of the tub when she grabbed my arm.

“Where are you going? You are not finished yet, I have not done your breast or vagina yet!” she smirked at me. “Or would you rather do that yourself?” she added with a wink and a grin.

“You please, if you don’t mind?” I stammered; feeling embarrassed at having to declare that I wanted my friend to wash my most private parts.

Katie again stood behind me, and lathering her hands up, she placed them around my body, under my arms, and started a slow and loving wash of my breasts. She kept adding more soap to her hands, and she did not miss a single spot of my now tingling breasts. First she washed around the outer parts and then underneath them, before finally finishing by washing all around the nipples, even giving them a slight ‘tweak’ every now and then.

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