Emily, My Cousin’s Hot Friend Ch. 03

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Third chapter of the story. It is not very story driven, and narrowed to smut-ish. I am not sure how it will be received, but I decided to post it. Love to hear feedback!


Not more than five minutes had passed since my little encounter with my cousin’s best friend in the bathroom. Emily and I, had returned to the girls in the kitchen with a minute apart, just so it didn’t look suspicious. Samantha and Scarlett were done preparing the breakfast when I arrived. All three of the girls had already taken their seat. My cousin looked over at me as I approached, “What took you so long, Jake? Did you forget how to use the bathroom?” Samantha said jokingly. For a moment I got worried that my cousin was on to me and her friend, Emily, but I quickly figured out she was just teasing me like usual. As I sat down, I noticed that Emily had once again put on her poker face. I had déjà vu from the previous day, when she had acted the same way after “accidentally” grinding on my crotch while we made dinner.

The four of us enjoyed the breakfast that had been prepared. Even though I felt like Samantha might had been a bit too generous with the salt, I decided not to mention it. The conversation went on smoothly, and for a moment I forgot what had gone down between me and the girl sitting on the other side of the table. I was just about to tell Scarlett a story about when Samantha and I had been caught using her neighbor’s pool, when I felt a foot sliding upwards my inner leg. I stumbled over my words and I glanced over at Emily. She still had an expressionless face, and to an outsider, she looked like she was only listening to my story. The second my eyes focused on her, the foot which had previously made it’s way upwards my leg, came to a rest.

A moment of silence passed before I heard Emily’s sexy voice, “Well, come on, Jake. Keep telling the Sakarya Escort story. This better be a funny one.” For the first time since we had started eating, I could make out a little smile on her face, or at least I think it was. I returned to the part of the story where I had previously stumbled. I shifted my focus back onto Scarlett, who was eager to hear more. The second I looked away from Emily, I felt her foot moving again, making it’s way up between my inner thighs. I couldn’t avoid but to let out a soft groan mid sentence. My cock grew harder and harder as Emily’s foot came closer to my crotch. I tried my hardest to act normal towards Scarlett and Samantha, who was at this point, catching on to me slightly unusual behavior.

To my relief, it seemed like I had managed to behave normal enough for them not to get too suspicious. I looked down for a quick second and I saw Emily’s naked foot moving slowly, painfully slow, towards my crotch. I was getting close to the end of the story when I felt her foot rubbing over my newly formed bulge. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I thought to myself, ‘If only my cousin knew what was going on under the table… What would she do?’ I tried not to think about it. The fabric of my shorts where extremely thin, and it almost felt like she was rubbing her naked foot directly on my cock. My eyes wandered back to Emily, and the foot which had been playing with my boner, instantly vanished. Her face was stone cold as usual. What sort of game was she playing with me? I looked away from her, and quickly after, I felt her foot between my legs again. She made me so incredibly hard, and I knew for a fact she could tell.

I finished the story and Scarlett laughed, “Wow, I didn’t know Samantha had it in her to do something like that.” She looked over at Samantha who was seemingly a Sakarya Escort Bayan bit annoyed that I told them this story, but I couldn’t care less. All I could focus on was Emily’s foot pleasuring me under the table. I wanted to look at Emily’s gorgeous face, but I had a feeling she would stop. I felt a bit of precum escape as she scraped her toe nail slowly over the head of my cock. I started to get nervous about if I actually came, but I couldn’t make her stop. I simply didn’t want her to.

Once again, I heard Emily’s voice, “So Jake… What do you do for a living?” she asked. Instinctively, I looked at her, but I quickly realized it was a trap. She stopped rubbing my shaft, and this time she smiled teasingly. She knew exactly that she had me where she wanted and that she had all the control. I quickly looked at Scarlett who also seemed interested to know. I felt the rubbing on my bulge resume, “Well…I’m an entrepreneur,” I replied. A follow-up question came from Emily and I wasn’t surprised, “Care to explain to me what that means? I’m just a dumb school girl,” she joked. I didn’t want her to stop rubbing her foot on my bulge, so I avoided eye contact with her. More precum escaped from my cock. It went through the thin fabric of my shorts, before her foot smeared it out on shorts.

I was still not looking at Emily and I noticed the confusion on Samantha’s face as I elaborated what being an entrepreneur meant. Her being confused about me looking at her instead of Emily, was understandable. It’s uncommon to reply to a question without looking at that person asking it. “Why are you looking at me, Jake? Emily asked you, not me, “Samantha said. As much as I wanted Emily to continue to play with my cock, I had no choice. I looked over at the little devil who was acting like she was interested to hear what I had to Escort Sakarya say. Her foot slipped off my bulge and I instantly longed for her touch again. I did a quick, very quick, explanation of what I exactly did for a living. To my relief, she seemed content with my sloppy explanation. I didn’t hesitate to look away from her the moment I heard Scarlett make a witty comment about my work. What she said was a bit degrading, but I would go along with pretty much anything at that moment. I couldn’t figure out why Emily stopped rubbing on my bulge every time I looked at her. She was playing some sort of game with me, but I didn’t care. What she did with my bulge just felt too good.

Emily’s foot increased it’s tempo as it rubbed my foreskin up and down through the thin fabric of my shorts. I felt like I was getting really close to cum in my shorts, and it made it extremely difficult to keep calm in front of the girls. Her foot switched between rubbing along the whole shaft and playing with the head. I was on the brink to burst a load in my shorts, but then Samantha intervened. She got up from her seat and put her hands together, “Well guys, I think we’ve been sitting here long enough. I don’t know about you, but that pool story Jake told, made me want to hang out by the lake the whole day. Anyone wanna join me?” she asked. I think I was the only one that didn’t react, and before I knew it, I felt Emily’s naked foot slip away from my bulge as she stood up. The girls made their way to their rooms to get changed, or so I assumed. As Emily passed behind my chair, I felt a hand rub over my shoulder, “Maybe you will be luckier next time.” she whispered. Her hand let go off my shoulder and I watched her perfectly shaped ass jiggle as she walked away from me.

I sat alone at the table for a few minutes before Samantha came out of her room. She wore a white bikini. I was not going to lie, she looked really good in it. It made me think about how fucking good Emily would look in her bikini and I couldn’t wait to see her. Samantha came closer to where I sat at the table. “Why are you still sitting here, Jake? Come on. Get changed and join us.”

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