Emily 1

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Emily 1


The following is 100 percent fictional. All characters are fictional and their stories will begin just before their 18th birthday (for plot reasons), all sex stuff happens after they turn 18. The things I will write about abhor me as concepts and I do not condone them in any sense of the word. But my therapist has helped me see there is distinction between fantasy and reality. If you can see that line clearly please continue. If you cannot please seek immediate psychiatric help.

Friday 8pm

A figure in a black suit speaks into a microphone to room of shadowed figures many more watching from a multicell web camera feed

“The voting has concluded.” He announces to a tense but excited silence

“Number 6, Emily, has been chosen as first girl to enter the ‘Epstein town’” The man in the black suit smiles. “named in honour of our fallen comrade.”

The speakers crackle before one of the online members speaks in thick Russian accent.

“Nathan when can we expect the first story line to commence?”

“Two weeks, we don’t want to rush” Nathan says “I must be off to finalise preparations for capture and delivery. Any final questions?”

Many voices speak at once.

“what’s the first storyline?”

“Are you sure this town won’t be found? Are we safe?”

“How will you acquire the girl?”

“will we be able to watch the collection?”

“What about the family?”

“When’s…” The man in the black suit, Nathan, stands up and adjusts his tie. All voice cease speaking immediately “the first storyline is a surprise and voting on the next will open within the month.

We have taken every precaution and so had you. If any recording of the town are found by the authorities, YOU, will be cancelled as well.” He pauses.

Dead silence in the room

“I am about to brief the collection team. Authorities have been bought where necessary; it will be treated as a runaway. No leads will be found.” Nathan looks around

“This. Information. should already be known from your briefings. I will, however, repeat it for our ‘slower’ members” A lady in a black pantsuit wilts under Nathans hard stare” The town is not on any maps and is marked as a military installation all entries and exits are monitored.

And Jonathan, It’s a bit late to be worrying about the family, isn’t it? They will simply have to deal with the loss”.

More silence. Nathan turns and walks towards the door. As he grabs the door handle he pauses “Keep an eye on your notifications.” The door swings shut behind him.

Sunday 9am

One foot in front of the other. Nearly there. As I passed the letterbox I pressed stop on my timer 1 hour 23 min.

Yes! A new personal best, beat my last time by 47 seconds.

Feeling tired but proud I headed up to the front door. It was locked which meant my parents had already gone out so I fished around in the planter by the door for the spare key.

I head to the kitchen for some water where I find a note from mom.

Wont be home till late, lunch in the fridge and money for pizza on counter. Please do the laundry. xx

I sigh. The glass is halfway to my lips when the thought strikes me. I quickly gulp the water down.

Even though no one else is home I still walk carefully to the laundry where I fill the machine. I hesitate for a moment, looking around as if someone could be hiding in the corner, then quickly pull my running shirt over my head quickly followed by my sports bra and drop them into the top loader. I freeze now. ‘what if someone sees?’ an irrational part of my brain seems to say. Shaking my head I take a deep breath then in one movement hook my leggings and panties and pull them down, quickly step out and throw them into the washing machine followed hastily by my socks and press start.

I’m standing there completely naked. “OK Em, you can do this” I cautiously poke my head out the laundry door, there is only one window, in the hall, that looks out to the street and I cant see anybody. Aaaand Still no one home. Of course.

I run.

Into the hall, up the stairs and into my bathroom where I slam the door and lean against the wall. I finally take a breath. Adrenaline gorukle escort rushing through my veins and a tingle between my legs.

That was stupid and crazy Em. But again, I ignore the voice and feeling emboldened I open the bathroom door again. Wide. Anyone in the hallway ‘could’ see me in the shower.

I run the water, tentatively poking the stream until I feel it warm, then step inside.

The hot water and pressure feel amazing. I start with conditioner, always. Then, with the loofah I start to scrub; starting with shoulders then on to my chest being careful to avoid my sensitive nipples with the coarse sponge. Eventually the loofer starts making its way down to light brown fuzz between my legs.

I freeze. What was that? I slowly turn around. I swear I saw a shadow at the edge of my vision. I open the shower door and lean out, water dripping from my nose and hair as I look into the hallway outside. No one there. “Your going crazy Ems” I say to myself “just shower with the door shut next time” Mood gone though I wash the conditioner out, step out of the shower and towel off. “ugh, I wish I had brought clothes now”.

Wrapping the towel around my waist I leave the bathroom and quickly walk to my room making straight for the dresser. I drop the towel to the floor and begin rummaging around for some clean panties.


I straighten looking at the mirror right in front of me. And watch as my bedroom door wings shut and a masked figure step out from behind it.

I feel Frozen. ‘Move Ems!’. Scream. Do anything. But my body is frozen in fear. I watch in the mirror as the masked figure steps up behind me, grabs my hair and pulls my head to the side. I make an involuntary yelp and a syringe is plunged into my neck. Finally, I begin to struggle but its already too late. I can feel my vision begining fade and my legs give out.

10:30 am

Nathan looks up from his recording of Emily’s morning as his phone starts to ring. “Target acquired, runaway has been staged. She shouldn’t remember anything. Heading to drop off now.” Nathan smiles. “understood”

day unknown 6pm

I awake with a start. What happened, my heart is thudding by for the life of me I cant figure out why, must have been a bad dream. All of this flashes through my mind as I finaly start to take in my surroundings. a hospital room?

I turn to the door as I hear it open and a burley nurse enters with a trolly “ahh sweetheart, your awake” she says sweetly “I need to preform a quick examination before Mr Black arrives”

“wh-what” I stammer “where. Where am i?” “oh dear, Im not allowed to answer any questions please wait till mr black arrives. You are very lucky we didn’t think you would wake in time and he was about to leave”

“In time for what? Where is my mom? Please…”

“Shh, Out of bed. Now dear” she said her voice becoming more forceful

Seeing that I wasn’t going to get anything more out of her I pulled back the covers and got out of bed.

As I swung my legs over the side of the bed I realised that I was in hospital gown that fell to my knees and had simple ties at the side.

The nurse stepped forward “lets get that gown off you” and without hesitating she reached down grabbed the hem and roughly yanked the gown over my head.

I yelped but before I could do anything the gown had been thrown aside. I quickly covered myself with my hands.

“now, now dear” said the nurse “who do you think has been looking after you this last week. Nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Week?” she cut me off again.“ save your questions for Mr black now hands behind you head.

I shook my head, my thoughts reeling. What was going on. Last thing I remembered I… went for a long run then… nothing?

“Dear if you don’t let me do my job ill have to ask another nurse to help me, you really don’t want that”

Reluctantly I placed my hands behind my head. “Good girl” she said “now stand with your feet shoulder width apart and don’t move” reluctantly I did as I was told. She was a nurse so it wasn’t that bad wasnt it. She took measurements of my bust, hips and waist. She checked my blood preasure and listened to my heart.

“Do eskort bursa I really need to be naked for this?” she tisked “it’s the new procedure”

I stood there naked as I was poked and prodded. she took a small blood sample, made me stand on scales for my weight and took my height.

“you are in remarkably good health. Now to finish we have the breast exam and a special internal op”

Before I could protest she turned me around so I was facing forward, my back to her. Then she reached around and began to massage around my right nipple. She was very firm and thorough, eventually moving on to my left breast.

When I thought she was done she suddenly grasped onto each of my nipples with her thumbs and forefingers and gave them a hard pinch making my eyes water. I cried out in shock. My hands coming up protectivly

She stepped away and made some more notes on her clipboard “Did that hurt dear?” I nodded.

“oh well, no cancer” she smiled “its just part of the test, now please go lie down on your back” Shaking, I did so.

She leaned down and fiddled with something under the bed. The back began to raise as a set of leg rests unfolded from the bottom. “Scoot your bum to the edge, dear, and put your legs in the rests”.

My throat felt thick and all I could feel was confusion. Why was this happening? “why” I croaked as I tried to stifle tears.

There was no friendliness in her voice now “legs up now, hurry up”. My face burning in shame I rested my ankles on the raised pads and exposed myself to this horrid nurse. I wish my mom was here. the nurse reached up and shut a clasp over my ankles locking them in place “for your safety dear”.

I sarted to panic then, I could barely form any coherent thoughts.

The nurse reached down to the trolly then hesitated picking up a large metal speculum.

“Oh silly me it seems I forgot the lubricant. You don’t mind doing this without?

I was so confused. ‘Do what’ I thought. The nurse seemed to take my silence as consent. She placed the dry speculum at the entrance of my vagina and began to push it in. I let out a choked cry as it very slowly went in tugging on my inner folds.

Finally she stopped pushing it in and began to twist a dial on the side. “I want my mommy” I whispered as I felt the device expand inside my vagina.

“Please” I sobbed “loosen it” “no can do” she replied “need it as wide as possible to insert the IUD” and she turned the dial one more time making me gasp in pain. “For luck” she winked

I just lay there covering my eyes. I couldn’t even speak, my thoughts a jumble in my head. IUD? I tried to hold back the sobs as the nurse put several different devices up my vagina. None of them comfortable.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, she got up and said it was all finished. She tidied up, then began to push the trolly towards the door. I tried to reach for the ankle restraints but as I bent, I felt a massive cramp in my stomach and fell back sobbing

“Oh yes” almost as if an afterthought the nurse turned around and undid the ankle restraints.

Then humming softly to herself she wheeled the trolly out of the room. I heard a key in the door and then silence I was locked in a room, naked and in pain with no idea what was going on.

Carefully, my stomach hurting with every movement I lowered my legs from the leg rests and tried to get out of bed. The cramps felt like they were getting worse so I gave up and shimmied back into the bed pulled the covers up and, trying not to cry, fell into a light sleep.


I awoke some time later to a key in the lock and realised with a start I was still naked glancing at the hospital gown bunched up on the floor. I quickly pulled the sheets up to my chin and watched as big man in black suit with a black and gold briefcase walked into the room.

“Hello Emily” he said “I’m Mr Black and I Have been appointed by the government to act as your guardian”.

“My guardian” I asked in confusion “what about my parents?

Mr black looked startled for a moment then took a breath. “I was worried this would be the case. Unfortunately I must be the bearer of bad news. Your karacabey escort parents are dead.”

“what. No. you must be joking. I saw them this morning.” I feel my eyes begin to water.

Unfortunately, no you didn’t. they died over a week ago, when you were told this news you passed out and have been in a coma ever since. Nearly 8 days now.

“This cant be happening” I choked out “I cant, no. they are not dead. I want to see my mom. I want my mom”

That’s not possible I’m afraid, as we didn’t know when you would wake the funeral has already happened and they have been cremated, you will receive their ashes in the next few days.”

I start breathing quicker. I sit up and vaguely notice as the sheet slides down my chest. Tears are now streaming and I fruitlessly try to wipe them away.

Mr Black pulls a folded paper bag from a container on the desk then walks over handing it to me. Breath into this, I need you to be calm you have an important decision to make.

I breath into the bag for about 3 minutes until I my breathing slows. I rub my eyes trying to brush away the tears.

“You need to make some big decisions about your future.” Mr black repeated

I felt like a fish out of water “decisions” I managed to get out gasping. deep breath.

“Yes” continued Mr black “unfortunately your parents were quite heavily in debt” so all their assets have been seized to pay that off. You are effectively bankrupt.

“broke” I repeat, mind numb.

“But there is a silver lining. Technically you turned 18 yesterday but I’m willing to ‘bend the truth’, to help you. We will change your medical records to say you woke up two days ago and signed this document while you were still a minor. But this is a limited offer you must decide now as I have a plane to catch.

“wait, please, what is it?”

He holds up the bundle of paper. As I lean forward I become aware that my chest is exposed and wriggle back under the blankets, my cheeks going red with embarrassment. ‘How long have I been like that’ I wonder, thoughts of my family and situation momentarily forgotten.

“If you sign this you will become a ward of the state, through my ‘company’. We will supply you with everything you need until you find your feet. Once you are deemed to be of sound mind and pay back any outstanding debt you will be free to go your own way. You will lose your rights as an adult but you wont have to leave here…” he glanced at the hospital gown on the floor “in that”

“If I don’t sign…” he cuts me off. “you will have nothing”

“Nothing” I mouth the word, unable to even make a sound.

He taps the desk with a gold pen, clearly getting impatient. “What do you mean rights?” I try to ask

He cut me off again “look, I would love to give you time to read this document and go over the finer points with you but you don’t have time and I’m a busy man. Would you like to walk out of here with nowhere to go? nothing to wear? Do you want to have a meal tonight? Do you want to sleep in a bed? The choice is yours? Sign or don’t. he held out the pen.

“um, Im naked.” I whispered my face flushing again.

Mr black considered for a moment. “I will give you five minutes. Get dressed and have a look at that contract. If you haven’t signed by the time I return then I will leave to catch my flight and you will be homeless. However, once you sign there will be no going back.” Then he turned and left the room.

My mind was moving in fifty directions at once. it was all I could do not to burst into tears again. I stumbled out of bed towards the discarded hospital gown and slipped it back on over my head. Then went to the desk and sat at the chair. The hard wood feels cold through the small amount of fabric covering my ass; I barely notice. I hesitantly reach for the ornate gold pen and stare glumly at the thick wad of paper. I briefly flicked through but quickly realised it was pointless. “What would mom say?” I almost burst into tears again.

8:45 pm

As Mr black re-entered the room Emily looked up. Her eyes were puffy and red, and she was holding his gold fountain pen.

“Is it signed”. She nodded.

“Excellent decision.” Nathan reached down and took the paper and pen placing it carefully in his briefcase. This would be going up on the wall at home in a green frame, the same colour as her sad eyes. The first in his new menagerie.

He holds open the door. “Please come this way”

End Emily part 1

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