Emergency Services Week Ch. 02

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“Aaron you got to check this out, maybe it will help you stop being such a tight ass,” chuckled his best friend Ryan.

He growled under his breath, Ryan was always trying to irritate him for some reason; he looked up and said “What is it?”

“Here, have a look,” said Ryan pushing forward a slip of paper.

Magic Touch Massage Parlor
Emergency Services Week
All emergency personnel
receive 60% off on all of
our full body massages
and other rates for our less
extensive massages for the full
length of the week, come in
and release the stress of your career
ID required to receive
the discount listed above

“Where did you get this from?” asked Aaron.

“The front desk of the massage parlor, after I received the best massage of my life, the masseurs are so good. I had Carrie; she is so good that I still feel ten pounds lighter than normal. It’s like they squeeze out all the stress and tension. When was the last time you really relaxed Aaron, seriously?” asked Ryan.

Aaron grumbled under his breath and said, “How much does it cost?”

Ryan chuckled and said, “$60, it’s a great deal. You won’t regret it buddy. You have to book it fast; the receptionist told me they have only a few spaces available for this week.”

Sitting back on the couch in the firehouse’s living area, Aaron scrutinized the advertisement and thought, ‘Everybody seems to think I’m a tight ass, maybe I do need this,’ then said. “Sure, I’ll go get the phone,”

He walked into the kitchen, picking up the phone and dialed the number on the leaflet and waited three rings before it picked up.

“Amanda Clearwater, Magic Touch Massage Parlor, how may I help you?” she said through the phone.

“Ah, yes. My name is Aaron Sigher, I’d like to book your full massage offer for emergency services,” he said.

“Sure, we do need visual confirmation to approve the discount, so when you come in for your appointment please bring identification. We have on the books Marie at 11am or 2pm on Friday or 3pm with Carrie tomorrow,” said Amanda.

“Tomorrow would be good, I don’t get off shift until 9am tomorrow,” he said.

“Great, we’ll see you then,” said Amanda, then pleasantly put down the phone. They certainly had big success with their special bonus week; they only had three openings left she thought, as she saved the appointment and continued reading another of her romance novels.

“I booked it for tomorrow Ryan; maybe you should give Meghan a call. She’d probably love a professional massage,” said Aaron as he slid back into his chair.

“Yeah she would, thanks for the suggestion buddy,” said Ryan as he got off his chair and left to call Meghan.

Aaron stood outside the massage parlor with its large discount sign advertising outside the building. He took off his sunglasses and slid them into his pants pocket of his station uniform as he strode up to the entrance and pushed the doors open.

He walked up to the counter and said, “I’m Aaron Sigher here for my 3pm appointment,”

“Carrie will be right with you, she’s just finishing up with preparations,” said Amanda looking up from her computer screen as he showed her his keys to the firehouse. The man was smoking hot she thought, almost drooling at his tan, the subtle mix of blonde and brown in his hair intrigued her and his sharp, piercing blue eyes made her quiver inside. Again she found herself wishing that the hunk in front of her had his clothes fall off.

He grinned at her; the man was sinful as she gazed at him. He walked over to the waiting area and dropped into one of the seats. She pressed a button on the intercom and said, “Carrie your next appointment is here,” then she whispered. “And he is so damn hot; the chair he’s sitting on should be melting.”

Carrie chuckled and said, “I’ll be right out there to rescue you Amanda, I’m almost ready, just give me a couple of moments.”

Carrie looked around the room and finished mixing up the new batch of oil. It was going to be especially potent since it was fresh. The fireman waiting out there would have no chance fulya escort she thought with a grin. She finished re-fitting the sheet over the massage bed and walked out the room.

Aaron looked around the waiting room with its pale neutral colours, ‘Interesting place,’ he thought as he shifted uncomfortably in the chair. His back had been hurting lately, but he ignored and blocked out most of the pain. It had just begun to swim over him this morning. Good thing he booked the massage, he mussed as he watched the clock.

But his heart almost stopped as the most heart wrenching beauty stepped out into the lobby, “Aaron? Come right this way and we’ll get started,” she said with a demure smile that seemed to hold promise.

Aaron shook off the strange feelings of seduction as he followed the goddess down the hall into the massage room. The warm earthy colours in the room seem to make the place warmer than it was as he looked around.

“We do things a little differently around here, so there is no need to be embarrassed about what goes on here. Just relax and let go, that’s what you’re here for,” she said as she tugged his shirt up over his head and gazed at his rock solid chest and abs. She couldn’t wait to rub her fingers over those tight muscles as she thought to herself.

‘This is so not normal,’ Aaron thought as she went for the button on his pants and slid down the zipper, dragging his pants down then tugging off his shoes and socks before pulling his pants off from his ankles.

“Now if you want to freshen up a bit, there is a shower and sink in the next room,” she said pointing to the door at the back of the room.

“I’ll be fine, let’s get this started,” he said as he got up on the bench.

“OK Aaron just put your face into the mask and I’ll work on your back and legs,” she said, admiring the column of muscles up and down his back and his tight ass shielded by deep red boxers.

He slid onto the table and pressed his face into the mask but as soon as he had his legs positioned, he groaned loudly as her slick fingers dug into his back. Fiery darts of pain lanced through him as he realized how tight he really was, the release of tension was like a simultaneous burst of pleasure and pain at the same time. Pain at the contact, pleasure at the release as she kneaded her fingers and knuckles into his aching back.

She admired the spread of the broad and tall fireman’s back muscles as they pulsed and danced under her digging fingers. He was so tight that she could hardly get the pressure right, he must be so wound up she thought as her fingers dug into him. The oil should loosen him up more quickly she thought, splashing more of the warm oil on her hands and with quick, fluid strokes she rubbed the oil over his back in an even pattern before going back to work on loosening his tight back.

The oil was doing something to him, as prickles of pleasure started sprinkling his back as her fingers released the tightly coiled tension in his muscles making him moan from both the pain and pleasure. Then the fire started, streaks of fiery pleasure burned his back making him moan as the stabbing pulses caused by her hands made him want to buck.

“This will probably take awhile Aaron, you have tension knots harder than steel in some places,” she said grunting as she dug her thumbs into the hard, tensely strung muscles of his back.

“Just keep doing that, it feels so good,” he groaned into the face mask. Her thumbs dragged burning streaks of pleasure across his back, the pleasure bouncing all throughout his nerves. Using her palms, she dug into his spine and dragged up from the band of his boxers to his neck, forcing him to buck from the sensations.

She stroked both sides of his back with even pressure until she was sure all of the tension was finally out of his muscles. She looked at the clock and saw that it had taken twenty minutes to finish just his back. She might have to push back her other appointments if it took this long for his chest as well, she thought.

His eyes fluttered as she masterfully burned all the tension out of gebze escort his back, leaving him feeling like his back was aflame with pleasure as the burn radiated over his skin. He panted and grunted as she started working his arms in a tight, hard, squeezing movement that released large jets of pain and pleasure. His arms began to burn with the same heat as she unlocked all of his tension.

‘This man is so tense, but he is going to feel so much better afterwards. Making me work for it is only going to make it better for him in the end,’ she thought as she loved the feeling of his muscles quivering while she stroked his fingers, squeezing the tension from his muscles and repeated the same process with his other arm.

He shuddered as his body jerked when she dragged her fingers roughly all the way down his legs to his feet, leaving streaks of burning pleasure in their wake. The oil was seeping into his skin, burning him alive, it felt as fiery fingers caressed his legs, arms and back. The feel of her nails and fingers releasing the tension in his legs was so good he wanted to cry out.

His boxers had gotten quite uncomfortable as he had fully thickened under her mastery. He shuddered violently as her hands massaged both his feet, her thumbs digging into the soles of his feet, sending shooting pulses of pleasure up his spine.

She dragged her nails up his calves to the top of his boxers and tugged them down hard, yanking them off him and dropping them to the floor.

“Hey! What the hell?!” shouted Aaron as he suddenly became alert.

“Just relax Aaron, like I said go with it,” she whispered making him shudder as her slick fingers dug into his hips, making him moan. She quickly squeezed away his reluctance and spread the oil over his hips and ass. She pressed her thumb between his cheeks and rubbed him, spreading the oil while making him yelp as he arched off the bed.

“Full massage, means full massage. Now it’s time to roll over,” she said grinning sexily as she pulled at his hips, helping him flip over. His cock stretched up his well sculpted abs as she took in the sight of him. He made motions to get off the table, but before he could go anywhere she pushed him back down and began removing the tension from his chest.

He sucked in a shuddering breath as the burn lashed through his body. He didn’t like this feeling, lying trapped and immobile on the bed as her hands spread liquid fire over his skin. He groaned as her hands dug into his chest, releasing all of the tension in his muscles. He suddenly didn’t care that he was now totally open to her gaze as her fingers stroked the oil across his abs. The burning oil flooded his senses with hot pleasure.

He gasped as her hands kneaded the muscles of his thighs, carefully avoiding his throbbing cock. She then reached up and stroked the oil into the lines of his face, the liquid fire burned all over his body, he panted from the extreme intensity of it. He felt like he was caught in a tight web of blistering hot pleasure. He cried out in shock as one of her hands wrapped around his cock, stroking him. Her other hand reaching under to stroke and caresses his sac, the oil burned him with near intolerable pleasure.

He felt like he was going out his mind, he was in heaven and hell at the same time as she stroked him tenderly. It was like she knew exactly what he needed but kept it just slightly away from him. He groaned as his body had gone completely lax from the oil seeping into his skin. His eyes flickered as she stroked him harder, tighter, and squeezing him just how he liked it.

Bolts of blinding white pleasure slammed into him as she leaned over him and sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. It was too much for him, since his body was already super sensitized. Her tongue took the last of his control from him; he bucked up into her mouth and cried out his orgasm ripping from him.

When he thought it was over, he was mistaken. She reached under his sac and caressed him causing him moan again and forcing him to re-harden. Then she slid down on top of him, pushing his thick cock deep gültepe escort inside of her while massaging him roughly with the suction of her lips. She pushed down on him as her hands dug into his muscular chest, less rigid now after the oil had worked its magic.

She rode him harder while massaging him with her soft tissues, drawing long moans from him as the sweat and oil glistened on his skin in the light.

‘He’s a damn fine specimen, he is going to be an excellent addition to our team,’ she thought as she rode him harder. He cried out again as the coursing waves of pleasure slammed into him repeatedly, he had totally let go now. Letting all of the pleasure in, all the last remnants of pain had fallen away as this goddess sat on top of him, riding him. Bringing him the most extreme pleasure he had ever felt, he panted heavily as he reached up and grabbed her hips.

She was close now as she rode him harder and thrusting onto him, grinding into him while causing him to shout. He cried out again, the pleasure was becoming too much for him, he couldn’t hold back the tide much longer. He arched up and slammed up into her, she screamed and clamped over him, her orgasm washing over her.

He tightened his grip on her hips and roared out as his release exploded from him, hot violent streaks of pleasure flooded from him as he pulsed deep inside of her.

He panted and collapsed back on the table exhausted, his whole body limp and disconnected. He felt her roll him over and stroke his muscles again before rolling him back on his back.

“I’ll be back in a moment with your towel, you can use the shower when you’re able too,” she said to him. She needed to go and check to see if the four pm slot had been booked.

“What have you got for me Amanda?” she asked stepping through the doorway.

“Another hot cop, he just came in and booked the full massage for four pm. How was the fireman?” she asked.

“He was great, though I hope this Matthew isn’t as tense. Aaron’s muscles were tighter then guitar strings, my fingers are still throbbing,” she said as she looked at the booking on the screen. But that was an understatement, her fingers were killing her. The man had knots so tight; she swore he had steel under that skin. But she still had managed to physically wreck him, she loved her job.

“Thanks, I’ll just go finish up with Aaron,” she said walking back down the hall to the supply closet, pulling out a large fluffy towel and stepped back into the massage room catching sight of the giant staggering into the shower. The light glistened over his sweaty, oily back, ass and legs.

She watched on as he opened the door and stepped in the shower to clean himself up. He had been reluctant to go through with this but had let go in the end, hopefully he’d agree with what they had in store for him. She walked into the bathroom and dropped the towel on the bench before retreating to clean up the massage sheet.

Aaron closed his eyes and let the hot water wash over his lax skin, he felt so utterly relaxed. Like he had been squeezed through a giant strainer, all the pressure in his muscles had just seemingly been washed away. He was so loose he could hardly keep himself standing. After he finished washing away the last of the oil that had reduced to a tingle, he pushed open the door, stepped out and grabbed the massive towel laying folded on the bench.

This place was certainly unique, as he dried himself with the towel then staggered back into the room and picked his boxers off the pile of his clothes and slid them on. He dressed when Carrie re-entered the room, “Let’s get you out into the waiting room, your muscles need to wake up a bit more before you’ll be able to leave,” she said grabbing a hold of his arm.

He grunted and accepted her help, hobbling out to the waiting area where a cop was entering the building. He almost collapsed into the comfortable padded chair as Carrie looked at him and said “Now I hope you found that more than just plain relaxing, our normal rates are $150 an hour,”

“Sounds good, I think I might be able to manage that every once in awhile,” he said.

“Good, hope to see you again sometime Aaron,” she said before moving off to greet the cop and escorting him down the hall.

That cop was in for a wild ride he thought as he rested back into the chair waiting for the dreamlike fog to lift from his body.

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