Emaline Ch. 2

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Emaline licked her lips, remembering the taste of her father’s cum as she sat in her economics class. Within twenty-four hours, she had given her father two blowjobs. She had given him one yesterday when he drove her home after school and another one this morning, getting a mouth full of daddy’s thick “milk,” as Arthur Lynch, her father, had called it. Emaline was a very sexual girl with an oral fixation. Her sexuality illuminated from her young, hot body.

Knowing the effect her smooth, long legs had on men, she would always wear short shorts or revealing, teasing skirts. Her economics teacher, Mr. Robinson, could not help but stare at her from time to time with her in her white, tight spandex shorts that she wore sometimes. He knew it was warmer than usual, but he began to notice a prominent wet spot form between Emaline’s legs.

The school bell rang, interrupting Emaline’s memory of what happened this morning. She awoke to the feel of a cock rubbing against her face. When she opened her eyes, she saw her father, with a knee of either side of her chest, stroking his cock up and down with his fist. She immediately inserted a finger into her pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb. She was unbelievable horny, having a cock right in her face, and with the pre-cum oozing out, a cock she knew would soon explode over her face.

“I’ve been thinking about you all night. I went to sleep with a hard-on and I woke up with an even stiffer hard-on. I need you to take care of it, but we have to be quiet cause I don’t want your mother to catch us.”

“Oh, poor daddy, did you wake up with this swollen thing?” Emaline said while smiling, wrapping her hand around it and reaching with her tongue to lick the pre-cum off. “How can I help daddy? Would it help if maybe I kissed it a little?” With that she placed quick, light kisses all over his dick. “Or would it be better if I pretend it’s a nice, yummy lollipop just for me,” after which she wrapped her lips around the top of his cock, licking it inside her mouth.

Arthur could only reply with a moan, placing his hand behind her head and telling her, “this is where daddy’s hand belongs when you suck him off.” Emaline responded with nodding her head, never taking her lips off his cock. Arthur had never been assertive or controlling when he was with Emaline, but he began to think that Emaline liked the idea of being submissive.

Having been thinking of fucking Emaline’s lovely mouth for hours, it didn’t take long before Arthur Lynch could feel himself about to cum. He pulled Emaline’s face until his cock touched the back of her throat. He commanded her to look up at him, which she did obediently. It made Emaline so horny staring right into her father’s eyes, his cock filling her mouth, knowing that she was going to be fed her daddy’s yummy cum, that she came hard, soiling her bed sheets.

With a grunt, Arthur came in his daughter’s wonton mouth, telling her, “swallow all of daddy’s milk Emaline.” After he pulled out, Emaline swallowed and opened her mouth wide, showing her daddy that no evidence was left in her mouth. That was what Emaline was thinking about just before the bell rang. It was what made her white spandex shorts all sticky and wet.

Mr. Robinson had a sense of Emaline’s situation. He could tell from her attire and daydreaming that she was a horny young teenager who was probably thinking of some sexual fantasy. He thought that maybe he should fulfill one of his own fantasies, fucking a naïve, young student and teaching her how to be a good girl.

“Miss Lynch” said Mr. Robinson, “could you stay in here for a minute after class? I’d like to speak bursa eve gelen eskort bayan to you about something” Emaline stayed in her seat, and once the rest of the class had left, Mr. Robinson walked right in front of her desk. Mr. Robinson was a tall man, and Emaline couldn’t help but notice that in her position, her face was directly level to Mr. Robinson’s crotch.

“Miss Lynch, I have a feeling that you’re wanting something. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it all day. Let me just suggest to you that I might have what you’re looking for. More than enough of it actually, if I may say so. If you want it, then come back to my classroom after school.”

Emaline laughed on the inside about Mr. Robinson’s offer. It humored her to think about the round-a-bout way Mr. Robinson was telling her that he wanted to fuck her. He was a handsome guy, even though he was a little older than her father. She thought of him as a dirty old man, and knew that all he wanted was to fuck some young flesh before he couldn’t get it anymore. Emaline did however, kind of like the idea that an older man wanted to fuck her. He might even be controlling, an idea which made Emaline even hornier.

Having already decided that she would take him up on his offer, Emaline brought her face closer to Mr. Robinson’s body, or more precisely closer to his crotch, licked her lips and told Mr. Robinson, “maybe.” She then stood up and walked out the door, allowing Mr. Robinson to watch her ass twitch and hair sway.

Emaline could easily get Mr. Robinson in trouble for his sexual innuendoes, but she was actually looking forward to the afternoon. She liked the idea of being the girl in guy’s sexual fantasies. She thought she might as well make Mr. Robinson’s fantasy even better, so she went to find her friend Julia, who was a cheerleader and just as experienced as she was. Emaline found her in the hallway and took her aside.

“What’s up Em?” asked Julia.

“Mr. Robinson’s cock apparently.”

“What? Are you kidding me? What happened?”

“I’ll have more of a story tonight. But what I need right now is your cheerleader outfit, could I use it and return it later?”

“Sure thing Em. Just don’t get any cum stains on it,” Julia joked. She opened up her locker, took the outfit and gave it to Emaline. Julia knew that the cheerleader skirt and top would make Emaline even more irresistible to the hungry cocks in the school. ****

Mr. Robinson closed the blinds, making sure passing by students couldn’t see the type of teaching that would be happening in the classroom. Watching the clock near dismissal time, his cock twitch in anticipation. The final bell rang and he could hear the crowd of students rummaging through the hallways. Several minutes passed and Mr. Robinson began to get disappointed that Emaline still wasn’t there. “Oh well,” he thought, “it was only a fantasy anyway.”

Mr. Robinson walked towards his desk to get his things when he heard the door open. After he turned around he found Emaline in a cheerleader outfit. She even had her hair in pigtails to make her look more innocent. The hem of the skirt was high enough that if she bent over the slightest bit, her panties would be seen by anyone passing by. After she closed the door, Emaline began walking seductively towards Mr. Robinson, her skirt swaying with the movement of her legs, giving Mr. Robinson glimpses of her white cotton underwear.

“So Mr. Robinson, you say you have enough of what I need?”

“Tell me, Miss Lynch, what is it that you need more of?”

Biting her lip, she replied, “more cum, Mr. Robinson. bursa eskort bayanlar I don’t care which hole you use, as long as it’s my mouth you fill up, but I need a lot of it. Do you think you have enough cum to fill me up?”

Mr. Robinson ran his fingers through her hair and asked her, “do you promise to be a good girl and follow orders?”

Realizing how much of a dirty old man Mr. Robinson really was, Emaline began to understand Mr. Robinson’s fantasy a little more. He wanted a submissive young girl to teach sex to in a physical and personal manner. She wanted to be ordered around.

In her cutest voice, Emaline replied, “I promise to be a very good girl mister, just teach me how to make you cum real good. I’ll do whatever you ask me to.”

Happy that Emaline was perfectly fitting the role of the girl in his fantasy, Mr. Robinson commanded her to show him her pussy. Emaline obliged and lifted her skirt up and pulled her white cotton panties to the ground. She kicked them away and held the hem of the skirt up, exposing her trimmed cunt to Mr. Robinson. “Am I doing a good job mister?” Emaline said, still in her innocent voice.

“Yes you are. Now what I need you to do is to take my pants off so I can show you something.”

Emaline smiled, playing the game with Mr. Robinson, unzipping his pants and letting them fall to the floor. She proceeded to pull down his boxers and licked her lips at the sight of Mr. Robinson’s erect cock. It was slightly shorter than her father’s penis, but her father’s penis was huge to begin with. Seeing her reaction, Mr. Robinson asked her if she liked his penis. Emaline nodded her head enthusiastically.

“You want to be a good girl right Emaline?” Again, Emaline nodded her head.

“Well Emaline, good girls are always willing to make a man’s penis feel good. Do you want to make my cock feel good?”

“I want to be a good girl for you Mr. Robinson.”

“Okay then Emaline, I want you to kneel down.” She dropped to her knees in front of him, looking up at him for further instructions. “Have you ever sucked a boy’s penis before Emaline?”

“No I haven’t mister.” Emaline lied. She had sucked off just under ten different men at least a dozen times each. She thought she might as well play the cute and innocent girl in Mr. Robinson’s fantasy. “Will putting your thing in my mouth make it feel good? I’m not sure how to though mister, will you teach me?”

“Why don’t you try kissing it a little and give it a couple of licks so you get a taste for it?” Emaline took his suggestion and licked the underside of the cock in front of her. She made sure to get some of her saliva around the sides of the shaft too before she began kissing the head. After a minute of so of her exploration, a drop of pre-cum came out. Acting surprised, Emaline asked Mr. Robinson, “what’s that white stuff?”

“It’s called cum Emaline. When a cock feels good, this white stuff will come out. “

“Is this all that your thing makes?”

Mr. Robinson laughed. “No, it makes a lot more my dear, but only when you make it feel good long enough.”

“Does it taste good?” Emaline asked, trying to be as naïve as she could.

“Why don’t you try Emaline?” With that Emaline reached forward and touched the drop of cum with her tongue. “Mmm, it tastes good Mr. Robinson.”

“I’m glad you like it Emaline, because I’m going to give you a lot more. But first I want you to stand up and bend over, using the desk to support you.” Emaline obediently got up but not before she gave his cock one last kiss. She bent over, her skirt rising enough to expose görükle escort bayanlar her round, firm ass. Emaline looked over her shoulder back at Mr. Robinson, who was then standing right behind her.

“Now it’s my turn to make you feel good. What I want you to do though, is to tell me how you’re feeling while I do what I’m going to do okay?” Not waiting for a response, he placed the head of his penis by the entrance of her wet pussy. He pushed himself in a couple inches, causing Emaline to moan. “Talk to me Emaline.”

“Oh Mr. Robinson, you’re thing, it’s opening me up. It’s filling me up…”

“It’s called a cock Emaline, and it’s filling your cunt.”

“My cunt, it’s getting split open with your cock…” Emaline gasped in between moans. Mr. Robinson began to slide in and out of her with the entire length of his cock. He held onto her piggy tails, beginning to thrust in harder each time.

“Ohhhh Mr. Robinson. Your cock feels so good inside my cunt. It’s making my cunt very wet. I feel like I have to pee.”

“You’re not going to pee, you’re going to cum. It’s okay Emaline, cum on my cock.” With that he really began pounding her, his leg banging against her cushioned ass with every thrust. “Ohhhh Mr. Robinson, I’m cumming.” An orgasm erupted throughout her body and Emaline couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. Mr. Robinson continued to fuck her through her orgasm, causing several other ones to follow.

Feeling his own orgasm building, he pulled his cock out, which was covered all over with Emaline’s cum juice. He walked over in front of her and ordered her to lick his cock clean. Still recovering from her orgasm, Emaline practically slobbered all over Mr. Robinson’s dick. Sure enough though, she sucked all of her cum off of it.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue Emaline.” She obeyed, looking right into Mr. Robinson’s eyes, knowing that he was going to feed her. “You’ve been a good girl and now you’re going to get your reward.” Mr. Robinson placed the tip of his cock on her tongue. He took her hand and place it on his dick, making her jack him off to an orgasm. Emaline felt the first couple of spurts hit the back of her throat and tongue. When the last measly spurts were done, he pulled out and told her to swallow her prize.

Still bent over the desk, her ass exposed and her mouth full of cum, Emaline happily gobbled it all up. Mr. Robinson put his clothes back on but when Emaline went to get her cotton underwear, Mr. Robinson took it and put it in his pocket.

“No Emaline. You’re going home without wearing any panties. You’re going to go home, knowing that every guy might catch a glimpse of your well fucked cunt.” Emaline liked the idea of exposing herself, being a slut. She went up to Mr. Robinson and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you mister, I want to be a good girl and do what you tell me to,” she said before she left, still wearing the cheerleader outfit.

“That was the best fuck I ever had,” thought Mr. Robinson as he once again watched Emaline’s ass as she walked away.


“So how was it?” asked Julia, putting the cheerleader outfit in her schoolbag.

Emaline giggled, “Mr. Robinson’s a dirty old man.”

“Did you like fucking an older man Emaline?”

“I’d fuck any man that is willing to feed me his cum.”

“Hey Em, I have a tiny secret to tell you and a favor to ask.”

“Sure thing Julia, what is it?”

“Well, I’ve kind of had this crush on my dad for a little while. I know it’s wrong, but…”

Emaline interrupted her, “but your dad is way good looking. I’d fuck him in a second.”

“Well actually Em, that was kind of the favor I wanted to ask you. You see, I think my dad wants to fuck me too, except he feels to guilty over it. I think that if he was able to fuck you, he’d be more open to fucking me since we’re the same age and all. So what do you say?”

“Try to seduce your dad huh?” Emaline didn’t hesitate when she said, “I’ll do it…and him too.”

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