Ellie’s Story Ch. 01

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Ellie stared at the casket, admiring the beautiful flowers and thinking of the once beautiful woman it contained. She looked over to where Claire was sitting and noted how pale she looked. The soft cheeks she had kissed a thousand times were track-marked by the ever present tears dripping silently from the corners of her brown eyes. Ellie sighed and walked over to her friend. She sat and held her hand until she sensed someone approach.

“Come on Claire the cars are ready.”

She turned and faced Paul Davidson as he spoke to his daughter. She saw grief etched on his face but could not shake another image from her mind. An image that had haunted her since she was 18…

Claire Davidson had been her best friend since they were 14. The two had been inseparable over the coming years and blossomed into beautiful young women. It was an incident one night at Claire’s house which had been imprinted on Ellie’s brain so strongly, that the memory of it made her thighs tremble. She had been staying over at Claire’s one weekend and had awoken from her slumber with a terrible thirst. Careful not to wake her sleeping friend she arose and tiptoed down to the kitchen in search or refreshment. As she closed the refrigerator door she heard the front door slam, making her jump. She had forgotten that Mr and Mrs Davidson had been out to dinner that night and when she heard their voices, she awaited them at the table.

The seconds turned to minutes with no sign of the Davidsons, though she could hear something… She crept towards the door peering out into the darkened hallway. The sight that met her eyes took her breath away. Selina Davidson was on her knees in front of her husband, her tight skirt pulled up around her waist. She was wearing black hold-ups and a lacy thong which Paul was reaching down and pulling up tight between her legs. As he pulled them up again they ripped and gave way in his hands. Selina moaned and then began to scramble with the buckle on Paul’s belt. As it came open, his trousers fell to reveal tanned muscular legs and a pair of white briefs bulging to what Ellie thought was an implausible size. Paul had meanwhile lifted his wife’s torn panties to his face and was smelling them, almost like her own Father smelled his fine Brandy.

“God, you’re a wet girl tonight!”

“Oh baby, I’ve wanted you inside me all night, they were soaking all through dinner. I had to squeeze my legs together all night to stop from cumming at the table.”

Hearing her best friend’s mother talking like this was crazy, but Ellie then realised that she too was standing with her thighs tightly squeezed shut. Her nipples had risen and were tingling as her breath came quicker and quicker. She looked back to see Selina extract Paul’s cock and begin to slobber all over it.

“That’s right baby, suck that big hard cock! Make it throb in your pretty mouth. OOOH YEAHHH…”

“OH God it tastes so good!!”

Selina continued sucking that monster cock for what seemed like hours to Ellie, sliding her mouth up and down it one moment, and then licking it all over like a giant lollipop the next. Ellie had never really liked the idea of sucking her boyfriends, it seemed so dirty, but watching Selina made her mouth drool. Paul’s cock was different to the others she had seen and then she realised that he was circumcised. It seemed to increase his sensitivity as he swore out loud,

“Oh FUCK baby, that’s it, lick it there!! OH GOD, you’re going to get such a hard fucking my beautiful cocksucking little whore!”

Ellie’s face flushed and she felt the heat spreading through her body, over her neck and chest making her head spin. She was abruptly shaken to reality as Paul dragged Selina up,

“Get in the kitchen; I wanna fuck you on the table!”

Her heart was pounding out of her chest as she hurriedly looked around for escape, but there was none. She could hear them kissing passionately in the hallway, slurping and sucking each other with abandon. Instinctively, she dived on the floor and crawled under the table. She watched as the Escort Bayan Gaziantep door swung open and saw just their legs as they approached the table. Selina had great legs for her age, she thought, as she saw her perch on the edge of the table. As Selina opened her legs she got an unobscured view of Paul’s cock swinging between his legs. She almost gasped as she saw it in all its glory. The helmet was swollen and leaking pre-cum as he wanked it lazily up and down. His balls were also very large and looked heavily laden with his spunk. Her legs twitched and she felt a trickle of juice escape her pussy and soak into her cotton panties. Her eyes remained fixed on the sight.

“Show me how wet you are for me, pull it open and show me!”

“Its soooo wet for your cock baby. Can you hear it? Can you hear how sticky it is around my fingers huh? All for you baby!”

“What do you want?”

“I want it inside me baby. Please put it inside, I can’t wait anymore!”

As Ellie listened, her fingers had moved between her legs of their own accord and she was stroking the taut fabric over her mound. Her panties were slick with her juices as she worked her finger up and down her crease.

“BEG ME!!!!”

“PLEASE Paul I’m BEGGING you, give me that COCK!”

Ellie watched as Paul walked towards her and paused just inches from where she was hiding. He guided his cock up out of sight, but she could see his huge balls dangling under the edge or the table.

“Oooh that’s it baby, rub it up and down. Yeah just there OHH OHH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!”

The table shook and Ellie cried out as Paul sank his cock deep into his wife. She clasped her hand over her mouth thinking she would be discovered, but Selina’s moans had drowned out her feeble cry. The scent of her own juices on her fingers struck her and she pushed them into her mouth sucking them deep and hard. Her pussy was on fire as she hastily pulled aside the sopping gusset and plunged them into the wetness. Selina’s moans filled the room, and the table shook even more under the onslaught. Her legs had disappeared above the level of the table and Ellie pictured them being held high and wide by Paul as she watched his balls hit the table edge over and over. They were no longer slack, but hard and tight. In the half-light she could see they were covered with Selina’s sticky cream which had begun to drip onto the tiled floor.



Ellie was sweating, three fingers stuffed up her tight wet little pussy, and she was on the brink. Just then, Paul gave an almighty thrust and the table went still as the room was filled with the sound of grunting and moaning…


A white hot heat spread out through Ellie like a lightning bolt and she moaned as she lost consciousness…


Ellie opened her eyes to see Paul looking down at her concerned.

“I’m fine. I was just… remembering Selina, I mean Mrs Davidson”

“I understand. I miss her too. Come on, we’re leaving for the cemetery.”

She stood up and almost fell immediately as her legs trembled beneath her. Paul put his arm around her and led her to the car. The graveside scene was a daze as she stood looking down at the floor. She needed a drink badly or at least a cigarette but this was not the time or place. Back at the house she and Claire managed to steal a moment from the others in the kitchen.

“Are you ok babe? I’m so proud of you, you were really brave today.”

“Oh Ellie I don’t think I’ll ever be ok. Why did it have to be her? Why?”

Claire’s shoulders began to shake as her sobbing grew louder. Ellie moved over to the table and pushed Claire back against it as she took her face in her hands.

“Shhhh baby. Its ok, I’m here with you. I’ll always be here”

Ellie lifted Claire’s chin and wiped her tears gently. Claire looked up at her as their mouths met in a kiss. They held in an embrace oblivious to time.

“Just hold me babe. Hug me tight.”

As Ellie eventually opened her eyes, she saw the table…

How long had passed? Ellie wondered as she had crawled from beneath the table, the room in total darkness. She felt the wetness on her knees and realised that the room reeked of sex. She began to giggle as the levity of the situation struck her but as her eyes became accustomed to the light she was suddenly silent. The table; It was dripping the combined juices of the Davidsons into a small pool on the floor. She bent down and inhaled the aroma. It was musky and sweet. Her finger automatically dipped into the fluid and she brought it to her lips. As the tang spread across her lips and tongue she felt her own pussy once again spill its nectar down her sticky thighs.

She quietly climbed the stairs and went into the bathroom to clean herself up. As she emerged she almost stumbled into Paul who was standing bleary eyed on the landing.

“Sorry Ellie, didn’t mean to scare you. Had a bit too much to drink last night and I keep needing to go.”

He laughed as he went past her into the bathroom. Ellie stood for a while imagining his big hard cock which had been so close to her a short time ago and then crept into Claire’s room. She slid into bed and tried to sleep but it was to no avail. Her mind swam with the sights and sounds she had witnessed earlier and her hands began to stroke her breasts softly. Her fingers found their way to her crotch which was wet and throbbing. A low moan escaped her lips and she felt her nipples ache and then shuddered at the feeling of a hot wet mouth sucking one of them through her nightshirt. She opened her eyes and saw Claire’s dark hair across her chest. She looked up at Ellie with her fathers dark eyes,

“Do you want this?” she whispered

She knew then that this what she had always wanted. Opening her legs instinctively she pulled Claire on top of her. Electricity shot through her as their nipples grazed over the others. Their mouths met and began a slow languorous dance, taking turns to suck on each others tongues and moaning softly into each others mouths. They were naked in seconds and so began their exploration of each other. Ellie just let herself get carried away on this amazing wave as orgasm after orgasm thrashed her young body. Claire quickly asserted herself as the dominant partner and Ellie simply submitted. By dawn they were exhausted, their aching bodies covered in a sheen of perspiration. They then tumbled into sleep in each others arms…

That had been three years ago. Over time their bond had deepened. They became secret lovers as well as remaining best friends. College took them their separate ways but they always came together like long lost lovers on visits and at holiday times. The rest of the time they had an unspoken agreement to take lovers as they saw fit. There was no jealousy, for both harboured desires for men and to have children one day. They knew that their love would remain special for ever.

As the evening wore on, the various mourners gradually diminished until only Claire, Ellie and Paul remained.

“Well I’m gonna go to bed. I’ve had enough of today. Maybe I’ll sleep tonight.” declared Claire as she stood up and yawned, stretching her arms and legs. Even in this state she was beautiful thought Ellie.

“Goodnight Daddy.”

“Night sweetheart.” She bent down and kissed her Father then tuned to face Ellie,

“You comin’?”

“In a little while, I’ll just finish up this wine.”

“OK, See you soon. Night.”

Claire turned and headed out of the room. Ellie heard her soft footsteps disappearing up the stairs and she turned to Paul,

“Are you OK?”

“I’ll be fine Ellie darling. Its gonna be hard but I just have to get through it somehow.” Tears began to well in his eyes and Ellie moved closer beside him.

“Don’t worry Paul, Claire and I will be here for you. We’ll all get through this together.”

She reached up and stroked his cheek softly as she spoke. She looked into his eyes, Claire’s eyes and she realised that the tears had gone, replaced with something more… She brought her hand down abruptly,

“I think I’d better go to bed now Paul.”

“Of course my dear, go on up. I’ll just tidy up a little, I cant face this mess when I get up.”

“Well why don’t I help you and then we can both get to bed a little quicker?”

“Thanks Ellie. You always were a kind girl.” He smiled.

They cleared up in virtual silence. Ten minutes later they were standing in the kitchen and Paul had just put away the last dish. Ellie was perched on the edge of the table as she watched Paul reach up and put a glass away. She admired his still muscular arms, and noted his tight butt in his sober black trousers. As he turned she was still staring and the sight of his bulge made her shiver.

“You OK Ellie?” he said as he walked across to her.

Ellie was mesmerised by the sight. Maybe it was the wine, or the stress of the day but she knew that she wanted him to hold her close to him, closer than ever before.

“Ellie! Ellie?”

She looked up at him and the lust in her eyes instantly betrayed her. He stared back almost in disbelief and then in an instant he began to smile mischievously.

There were no words to say as they came together. He pushed himself between her legs, her black skirt bunching up around her waist exposing the tops of her stockings and her creamy white thighs. Their tongues lashed against each other and their moans were guttural with lust. Her panties were a wet mess between her legs and she gasped as she felt his thick fingers pushing their way inside her. She sucked hard on his tongue as his other hand squeezed her sensitive breasts. She unzipped him and almost screamed as his thick cock sprang into view. She wrapped her fist around it, unable to make her fingers meet and began stroking it up and down.

She had never felt anything like it. Even though she had fantasized about this moment for years, nothing had prepared her for the intensity of it all. The iron hard cock in her grasp was so hot that she thought it would burn her insides as she edged the massive head towards her sex. The instant it touched the outer lips her juices began to flood out. Then she felt it. As he began to slide into her she began to tense up as she was stretched further and further, squeezing the air from her lungs, probing deep inside her where no one had ever been before. The tip of his cock was throbbing deep inside her, and as it rubbed against the opening of her womb she began to shake. He withdrew his cock and then slammed into her again and again, each time she felt it swelling more and more until she knew he was ready.

Their eyes locked for a brief second before he gritted his teeth and began to fill her with his seed. It felt like thick molten coils being spat out deep in to her belly, over and over, his cock never softening for a moment and at that point Ellie knew that she had been born for this. Her climax ripped through her with the ferocity of a supernova, transporting her to an uncharted place where her every atom was split asunder and the energy flowed through her body as if it were a conduit. They bucked and moaned and grunted through the remainder of their climaxes until she finally felt Paul lift his weight from her, his breathing as ragged as hers. As his softening cock slipped out of her she felt their combined juices begin to pour out of her sore and tender pussy. He gently pulled the gusset of her soaking panties back over her sex and flimsy fabric began to soak up the remnants of their juices.

“Thank you! That was amazing.” he whispered, lowering his mouth to hers and gently kissing her.

She watched as he stood up and silently did up his trousers and walked away hearing his footsteps going up the stairs. As she looked down she saw the edge of the table was covered in their sticky fluids which had begun to pool on the floor and a rueful smile played upon her lips.

As she climbed the stairs to bed, her legs still shaking like a new-born calf’s, she knew that this was just the beginning…

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